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11: Boots of Springheel Jak

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Thieves Guild

11: Boots of Springheel Jak

Fence over 800 gold worth of stolen goods to unlock this quest. When you have achieved at least that amount, fast travel to the Imperial City Waterfront. Use the wait menu to pass 24 hours. During this time you will be approached by Amusei, who has a letter for you from Gray Fox. This time, Gray Fox is hiding in Ganrendel's House in Cheydinhal. Fast travel to Cheydinhal, locate Ganrendel's House, and head inside to see Gray Fox.

You're tasked with retrieving the Boots of Springheel Jak. First, you'll need to find where Springheel Jak is buried, as it is rumoured that he was buried wearing those boots. Jakben, Earl of Imbel, is a descendent of Springheel Jak, so you'll want to speak to him to learn more. Fast travel to the Imperial City, locate a beggar on the street, and select the 'Finding Jakben, Earl of Imbel' dialogue option. For a small number of gold coins, the beggar point you to Jakben Imbel's House, which is located in Imperial City's Talos Plaza District.

Look for Jakben Imbel in his home in the Imperial City's Talos Plaza District.

Travel to the Talos Plaza District and locate Jakben Imbel's House. You can find Jakben Imbel there during the day. Check in before dark, and he should be there. You'll have to use a lockpick to gain entrance, so ensure that Sneak Mode is toggled and that the sneak icon is faded before breaking in.

Once inside, head up the stairs to Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters. Speak to Jakben, and ask about Springheel Jak's Tomb. He'll give you the key to the Catacombs in the basement of his house. Head back downstairs with the Imbel Family Crypt key and enter the basement. In the basement, use lockpicks to unlock the wooden door, and then use the key to open the door into the Catacombs.

The Catacombs are crawling with vampires. Your character may contract Porphyric Hemophilia—also known as the 'vampire disease'—if you aren't careful.  If your character retains this disease for three days, he or she will be turned into a vampire. If that doesn't sound cool to you, use a Cure Disease Potion or visit a chapel to dispel the disease before it's too late.

The way to Springheel Jak's Coffin is close to the Catacombs entrance. Just head straight through the door, turn left, and then take a right. Go straight here and open the locked door. In this room, open Springheel Jak's Coffin to discover that the boots are not there. Remove Jak's Diary from his coffin and read it. Then, Jakben Imbel will appear. If he doesn't appear right away, use the wait menu to pass a few hours. If you can't because there are some enemies close by, clear the Catacombs of enemies and then try again. When Jakben appears, kill him, and then remove the Boots of Springheel Jack from his corpse.

Jakben Imbel will appear as Springheel Jack after you search the coffin.

When you have the Boots of Springheel Jack, exit the Catacombs and return to Gray Fox in Cheydinhal. Inform him of your success to receive your payment.

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Comments for 11: Boots of Springheel Jak

4 comments, latest first.
Apr 28th 2013 Guest
I questioned him on the grey fox and he said the cowl is handed down and all he says is not now i need to think
ID #278414
Aug 19th 2011 Guest
After i give the gray fox the boots he keeps saying
Not now i need to think
What do i do?
ID #68464
Jul 18th 2011 loluxury05
i have a quest that is done before this quest that is not in the walkthrough called arrow of extrication for the grey fox has anyone else come accross this as i'm having trouble completing the quest
ID #58844
Mar 14th 2011 Guest
What happens if u stole them from jakben before u were aloud to start the quest
ID #32654
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