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5: The Assassinated Man

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Dark Brotherhood

5: The Assassinated Man

A Chorrol man named Francois Motierre owes money, but is unable to pay up. This contract entails the staging of an assassination, so it will appear that Motierre has been killed and is therefore not able to recoup the borrowed Gold. Before you set out, Vicente provides you with the Languorwine Blade and an antidote, which can be used to bring Motierre out of his pseudo-dead state when the time comes.

Travel to Chorrol, locate Francois Motierre's house, and enter to speak to him. He'll inform you that an enforcer named Hides-His-Heart is on his way. Hides-His-Heart must be in the room to witness the faked assassination, so he can then return to his superiors and inform them of Motierre's death. For this reason, Hides-His-Heart must not be killed; he must be allowed to report the death to his superiors, otherwise they'll just send somebody else.

After speaking with Motierre, just sit and wait for the enforcer to arrive. Have the Languorwine Blade equipped, but keep it sheathed. You'll soon hear a knock at the door. Wait until Hides-His-Heart enters the house; once he is finished conversing with his target, run up to Motierre and slash him with the Languorwine Blade.

Slash Francois Motierre with the Languorwine Blade while Hides-His-Heart is there to witness the act.

When Motierre appears to be dead, the angered enforcer will turn to you. Remember, Hides-His-Heart must remain alive, so quickly leave Francois Motierre's house, make your way to one of the city gates, and leave Chorrol completely. As soon as you're standing outside of Chorrol, you're safe. Before Motierre can be revived, you'll need to wait 24 hours so his body can be discovered. He'll then be taken to the Chorrol Chapel Undercroft, where you can then locate him and apply the Languorwine Antidote.

Once 24 hours have gone by, return to Chorrol and enter the local chapel. Inside, head down to the Chapel Undercroft area. Find Motierre and administer the Languorwine Antidote. Unfortunately, Motierre's ancestors view his revival as a desecration to their tomb, and so won't let you leave as easily as you came. You must protect Motierre from his undead ancestors and escort him to The Grey Mare tavern to complete the contract. Take care not to accidentally strike him while attempting to fight off the zombies, because as with any other AI ally, he tends to get in the way.

When the both of you have made it safely out of the Chapel Undercroft, leave the chapel and lead Motierre to The Grey Mare Tavern. Then, return to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Cheydinhal and speak to Vicente there. He'll give you the Cruelty's Heart amulet as reward, and also advance you to the Eliminator rank. As well, you'll be given the key to the well behind the abandoned house. With this key, you can quickly gain access to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. 'My Brother's Keeper' will then be added to your quest list, which can be completed by speaking to Ocheeva and accepting a contract from her.

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