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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

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A huge collection of cheats for you to look through and includes level ups, repair and recharging weapons, easy money, getting arrows and item duplication.

More The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 53 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox 360

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Easy Lockpicking

When you unlock a door press Up on a key and then immediately pause gameplay afterwards. Look at the tab you raised up and if it is mostly up and about to reach the top resume the game and do it again. If it is mostly half-way or mostly down resume the game and immediately press X. That tab will now be done and you can move onto the next one. Keep doing this until the door is unlocked.

Item Duplication

Items in the PS3 version of the game are duplicated by getting two magic scrolls of the same type (they cannot be stolen) and clicking on the scroll twice. Drop the item from your inventory that you want duped and then collect it by exiting the inventory. This won't work on certain weapons and armour and the health of the item must be 100 (repair it by an NPC). Also Magical items must be fully charged.

Defeating Dread Zombies

Dread Zombies can be easily killed if you use a weapon enchanted with some sort of Fire attack (Longsword Of The Blaze or the Fire Blade). A weapon with this enchantment can dispose of Dread Zombies easily within three hits.

Multiple Summoning

To do this summon a creature and have Wabbajack in hand. Cast Wabbajack on the creature when it has been summoned and change it to something else. When you then summon it again the first creature will remain.

Getting Rid of Bounties

This can be done when you are a Mage with high Illusion. At the Arcane University make a Charm spell with magnitude 100, and time about 5 to 10 seconds. When you have a bounty look for a guard and resist arrest. Then at the first opportunity charm him with the new spell and get him to yield. When you do this you will have no bounty and most of the time no infamy.

Unlimited Arrows

At the Inn of Ill Omen there will be a man outside practising his archery with steel arrows. If you go in front of him you can pick up his arrows. Don't worry about getting hit by arrows as he will wait until you move out of his way. You can pick up as many arrows as you desire and you will not get into trouble with the guards.

Funny name!

When you get the game you will get a map in the box. Take a look in the bottom left hand corner of the map. One of the places, not in Cyrodil, is called Elsweyr. Like elsewhere. You know like somewhere else. When I first noticed this I thought what does that spell? But when I figured it out I was like HA HA HA. Anyway this is my first submission for this game so please rate well.



Drop a silver weapon in every inn you sleep in if you want to avoid having trouble with ghosts, ghouls or other similar things that appear when you sleep. That way when you get attacked by the monster you can pick it up and use it. Remember to drop it again when you have finished using it. This is especially useful if you get expelled from the Dark Brotherhood.

Yielding cheat

You will need to be in Imperial City to do this. Go and steal something valuable and then talk to an imperial guard. He will tell you that you're going to jail, so click on 'resist arrest' and he will attack you. Hold up your shield.

And try to talk to him again. Keep doing it until you see a screen that says the guard has accepted your yield. Now you can sell your stolen goods without getting in trouble.

Easy daeric and glass armor

Once you are level 20(really easy to get to, just kill alot of guards and then sleep), travel to the Roxey Inn, which is about a 3 minute run from imperial city to here. It is roughly northeast of imperial city. Once you are there go inside and just kill everyone in there. Two people have glass armor and one girl has daedric armor. But watch out becasue there is a legion soldier in here as well. (If you are not level 20, they'll all have only steel armor)Have fun!

Funny Place Name!

When you buy the game, you get a map for like your wall or something. So take out your real life map and look to the bottom left hand corner. There is a place (not Cyrodil) but it's next Cyrodi land it's called Elsweyr, geddit like Elsewher.

P.S. This is not a cheat it's an Easter Egg! BUNNIES!

Master sneak at start of game

Ok this will take a while to do but if you face the corner of the first room and start sneaking while walking into it then rap an elastic band around the analogue stick and then round the controler so that you keep walking forward if done correctly you will keep sneaking into the wall and in a few hours you will have master sneak hope this helped all of you who want to be a thief on the game it worked for me

Money and Arrows

Go to the fighting arena. In the training area a person is firing some arrows at a target. She will 5 or 6 arrows at the target and pick them up. Well before she picks them up you pick them up and she will fire some more. Keep doing this until you have the desired amount of arrows or just sell them for gold.

I hope this helps. Smile

Never die or run out of magic or damage stats

1st you need access to the mages guild grand soul gems and a paralyze spell find dorian in talos district imperial city bribe him paralyze him and pickpocket him while hes paralyzed you need a lot of gold 2nd you need duplicate glitch forthis 2 scrolls of samme type and 3scrolls of same type i cant remember permanet enchantmant but you also need a spell for these things shield fortify health fortify magicka fortify stamina then use duplicate and make a lot of wearable items enchant them with spells and permanet enchant ment until stats so high they recover too fast to be depleted

Easyest way ever to steal items

Do the item duplication magic scrolls cheat on invisibility potions(easyer to just buy in imperial city potion shop the one with the girl)then drink it and steal the item you will be visible again after that but your bounty wont go up and no one will catch you even if they are lookin at you

P.S. The item you steal will be a stolen item so do this cheat for the theives stuvs like the fencing so yea peace on

Free Arrows & Easy Pickpocket

Free Arrows: Go to the back of the Fighter's Guild in Chorrol (It might work in another town) and depending on what time of day, you'll see an Orc Marksman training. He'll be shooting arrows & hitting a target. He'll shoot a few arrows then take them back. If you steal the arrows before he picks them up, you can keep them!

Easy Pickpocket: Go to jail, go to sneak mode while your locked in AT THE beginning of your time locked in while guards pass by. You can steal items from them. If you use their prison keys, the imperial jailor WILL kill you bearing NO ill will. ESCAPE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Duplicating Items

I feel that people havent fully explained how to do the duplicating, as I tried to follow the instructions that they've given, but failed. I had to find out how on my own, so here is what I did:

First, I knew that I needed two magic scrolls of the same type. In this case, I used 2 starlight scrolls.

The hard part is finding two scrolls of the same type. I just stumbled across these two starlight scrolls in the bruma mages guild. Once you enter the main entrance, it's the room to the left of the desk. Once in the room, face to the right to find two starlight scrolls on the shelf. Beware! The only option is to steal them!

Once you have them, go into your inventory, and go to the starlight scrolls. Press 'X' twice on them, then go to an item you want duplicating, and dr..

Leveling up mercantile

If you have alot of arrows, sell them one at a time. When you get to choose how many you want to sell just click the L2 button and it will go to one. Just keep doing thesame thing over and over again. If you run out of arrows then just buy them back from the guy you sold it to.

Stolen items

If you have stolen stuff and want it to be "un-stolen", join the Thieves Guild and sell yur stolen equipment to a fence then buy it back. After buying it back, it won't be stolen anymore.

Super character

This isn't exactly a cheat but what you do is take some grand soul gems with grand soulds in them go to the arcane university if you are in the mages guild you will have to go to the enchanter and there you will enchant the armor you wear and the weapons you use with 25% chameleon no you can hit some one and they wont be able to hit you back so wail on them until they die.(fun to do this to umbra). If you are already the arch-mage just go to your room in the university and there is already one there.

Advanced dupe cheat

Get any number of scrolls instead of just two and you will get that mant items back for example if you have 4 snowball scrolls and a sigil stone just do the dupe cheat and you will get 3 more. And for the people who ont know how to do the dupe cheat all you have to do is click the scrolls twice and drop whatever you want dupelicated.

Training by Watching

In a couple of spots, you can raise your skills free of charge by simply watching NPCs practicing combat.

One is a small pavilion North of the Arena, where gladiators Branwen and Saliith practice hand-to-hand combat from 6 a.m. To 1 a.m. Get up close to the fighters for a minute or so. You'll soon get a message that you've picked up some tips and that your Han-to-Hand skill has risen by five points.

The other location is the plaza outside the Cloud Ruler Temple. Here are the Blades Pelagius and Fortis, the hours 5 a.m. To 8 p.m., and the skills gained Blade and Block (two points each).

Happy gaming

- Superstyle4

How to get high sneak skills

to get high sneak skill all you have to do is fing a bed where some one is sleeping and go into sneak mode and keep walking towards the bed. Whan the person wakes up wait 18 hours and start again. This is very boring so I suggest that you tap the left stick up so that you don't have to watch it.

Good luck.

Free lvl up in sneak!

If you walk in sneak all the time it automaticly lvls up whilse walking around.

Get Your Sneak Skill High!

All you have to do is

1)go to the Imperial City- Prison District

2)Enter the building at the center- called Bastion I think...

3)Once inside, go left, you shall arrive at a door which should be locked..pick the lock...Make sure the guard wont see you!

4)Go down the stairs and you will see jail cells on each side--one will have someone in it.

5)Go to him-use sneak mode- and start pickpocketing him, he has nothing to steal, but it will raise your sneak level anyway-he will never call the guards when he catches you-and the guards will never come down there

*unless your were arrested anyway and sent to jail*

Level ups

If you wish to level up certain stats, then you must become the Grand Champion of the arena so you can have the adoring fan to follow you around and have an armor (armor equipments) that will give you 100% camellion. After that, buy a house and bring the adoring fan with you inside. Tell him to wait and put the gameplay into maximum hard mode. Now begin hitting him with arrows, blades, blunt weapons, stealing, and any other things you wish to level up. If he tries to run then sorround him with paint brushes so you can keep on beating him. Also, if he is about to die, wait for atleast one hour so his health will regenerate. Now continue the process. You may also do it to the monsters in the arena, but you have no choice but to kill them.

Infinite Money

OK... Since i'm an Oblivion Master (and a nice guy) I'll tell you novices how to get infinite money on Oblivion for PS3.

FIRST: Get a paralyze spell/scroll/stafe/poison/enchanted weapon etc.

SECOND: Go to Dorian's house in the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City.

THIRD: Find a way into his house wether it's picking the lock or using a spell etc.

FOURTH: Once you meet Dorian get your paralyze effect ready... Go into sneak mode, use the paralyze effect on Dorian, once he becomes stiff, pickpocket him. DONT TAKE ALL!!! Ignore everything he has except his money (like a golddigger haha) take his money and if you did all the steps correctley the amount of coins will freeze and you can keep taking it for unlimited money.


Infinite Money

Do The quest for the order of virtuous blood making sure you do not kill the guy in the hut talk to him after wards in the orders HQ and he'le tell you that for every sample of vampire dust you give him he will give 250 gold. Now find one sample of vampire dust and use the duplication trick on it (have atleast 2 identical scrolls, click on them 2 times in the inventory menu then drop the item you want to dupelicate) then give him every sample of it un til you have 1 left then repeat the process until you get the amount of Gold you desire (I used it to buy rosethorn mannor and do all of it's quests)

The Simple way to raise a few skills....

A few skills can be easily raised with a little patience....

Alchemy: Get the ingredients of one potion, and duplicate them all loads of times (at least 300). Then make the potions using a mortar and pestle.

Conjuration: Summon skeletons all the way to level 100! To make this slghtly easier and quicker, get a strong potion of sorcery, duplicate it about 100 times, and hot key it for easy access. Conjure skeletons until you run out of magika, then drink a potion. Rinse and repeat.

Alteration: Using the same potion technique, just cast open easy lock on a door. You may want to use open very easy lock for very low levels...

Illusion: Again, using the potion technique, keep casting the spell 'illuminate'.

Mysticism: Yet again, use the po..

Vamporism cure& mage guild suspension at the same time !!

Hey everyone, I recently got turned into a vampire and I know how to get the cure but I am wondering if there is a faster way than the guy at the arcane university at imperial city. Plus, I need to get 20 dragons tounges and 20 redwart flowers to talk to him!! I thank anyone who helps me in advance and this is really annoying me cause I can't go out in daylight!!!!

Quick and Easy Training Methods

1. Training any magic skill is easy, make a spell at the Arcane University

That uses very little magica, It WILL be a crappy spell.

Then cast it repeatdly, Ive done this with every magic stat except destruction and restoration.

(I recommend training in your house)

2. Get the staff in the quest WHOM GODS ANNOY and the scamps will never go away no matter how many times you kill them. (Just stay in her house or go to yours)

You can train most stats on them, I recommend crouching when you hit them to it helps boost sneak

Too. You can train all combat skills including destruction and marksman. (May require a lot of arrows)

You can also train armorer (Fix you weapons when they break) and

Possibly light and heavy armor too? Just let them attack you.

Whats the point!!!

Whats the point of droping things: go the local or closest store and sell the scroll,wepon or crastal.

strenth level advise

If you have a big strenth lvl don't use a wepon use your fists.sell your wepon for the cash you can still use your money for spells.

Beging money

In the jail at the begging theres some stuff on the table at the side of you pick up all the stuff escape from the sewer atack the bandit at the other side of the river go to a store and sell sell sell!!!!!!!!!

Go to bed it makes you stronger!!!!

At first you are sort of weak esape from the sewer and the passage daylight at last. Look over the river bandit camp never mind of this one run behind you to the priory find a bed sleep for 5-10 hour leavel up!!!!!!!!

Stealing with syle

On oblivion,i have discovered that you can steal and pickpocket right in front of someone.Simply go up to the item and switch to the sneak mode. While changing to the sneak mode, grab the item you want to stael and no one will spot you. You will have to be quik so I sugest you save your game before as you may be too slow or quick.

Steal wisely!

Get away with murder

Once you have obtained the grey fox cowl you can commit any crime and get away with it. All you have to do is,just before you steal,kill or whatever you intend to do,equip the cowl,then when you have finished simply remove the cowl. All fines and infamy is allotted to the grey fox,so you keep yours clean.

Enchantment Forever!

There is a way to make an enchantment on a wearable object stay on your character! This requiers the dupe cheat. 1.You get an item with a good enchantment and 2 sets of scrolls with on of greater value or more than the other in number of scrolls. 2.Dupe the item with the set with the LEAST amount of scrolls. 3. Equipt the item and dupe the one not equipt with the set of scrolls with the GREATEST amount. If all went well you should have the item off ,the enchantment on ,and you shouldn't be able the wear the item. NOTE: this still works under the grounds of the dupe cheat so see that for more detail. EXTRA NOTE: This can be used multipil times ,but with differt objects, so have fun having a character that is the fastest ,strongest ,smartest ,and the list goes on and on. P.s. If you have a..

Extra to the "Dupe Cheat"

As most of yall know, with the dupe cheatyou get two of the same scroll, select it twice, and drop the item that you want another of. But I found by accident that if you have say... Sixteen of the same scroll you will get fifteen more of that one item IF you have one of that item. If you have fifteen of something and use the sixteen scroll dupe you should have a total around thirty.

Suicide troll

This is not a cheat, but is quite fun to do.

Go to the mouth of the panther and go a bit down the river to the bridge. Go under it and you should see a dead troll. Search it and you will find a suicide note.

This kept me laghing for ages :p

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