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11: The Wandering Scholar

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Fighter's Guild

11: The Wandering Scholar

Speak to Azzan in the Anvil Fighters Guild hall once you have reached the Warder rank and select the 'Contract' dialogue option. Elante of Alinor, a scholar who has an interest in Daedra, needs to be escorted through Brittlerock Cave, which is located far northeast of Anvil. You are to accompany Elante to Brittlerock Cave, and then protect her while she explores its depths.

It is rather dark in Brittlerock Cave, so be sure to have some way of creating light before setting out. The cave is quite a ways away from Anvil, so you may want to acquire a horse and take it along for the journey. When you reach the cave, head inside to find Elante eagerly waiting inside. Elante of Alinor is not considered an important character, so if her health happens to fall to zero, she will die permanently, and you will then have to inform Azzan of your failure.

Purportedly, a Daedric shrine lies within this cave. Since Elante is not an important character and can indeed die during this expedition, rather than following her and fighting off the Daedra as she moves through the cave, it would be wise to first run ahead of her and completely clear the cave of Daedra to ensure her survival.

The Daedric altar Elante is searching for is in the southwest corner of Brittlerock Cave.

There are quite a few Daedra in the cave, so clearing the way before allowing Elante to explore is likely the best way to avoid her being killed. Since Elante insists on leading the expedition, she will simply cease movement if you are not close to her. So, if you have already talked to Elante, you can just run ahead and she will stay where she is.

When you've completely cleared Brittlerock Cave of Daedra, return to the entrance and speak to Elante to have her lead the way. You will eventually come to an area that contains an altar, as well as a large, broken statue. This is the shrine Elante seeks. Once Elante has safely arrived at the Daedric shrine, she'll give you the '2920, Morning Star (v1)' skill book, which yields one Blade skill level when read.

Return to Azzan and tell him of your success to receive payment. If you have also completed 'The Fugitives,' speak to Azzan about your advancement to be promoted to Guardian.

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