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10: Turning a Blind Eye

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Thieves Guild

10: Turning a Blind Eye

Make at least 600 gold selling stolen goods to a fence to unlock this quest. See S'Krivva in Bravil to learn that you will now be accepting quests directly from the Gray Fox. When ready, travel to the Imperial City Waterfront. Use the wait menu to pass 24 hours, and during this time, you will be contacted by Methredhel. She has a message for you from Gray Fox; you are to meet him in Helvius Cecia's House in Bruma.

Fast travel to Bruma and locate Helvius' Cecia's House. Then, head inside and take the stairs down to the basement to spot the Gray Fox seated in a chair. Speak to him to receive your next job. You're tasked with stealing Savilla's Stone from the Temple of the Ancestor Moths, which is a monastery located in the mountains far north of Cheydinhal.  For this particular quest, Gray Fox has given you permission to kill.

You'll be accepting quests directly from Gray Fox from now on.

Unless you have discovered a location closer to the Temple of the Ancestor Moths, fast travel to the Black Waterside Stables outside of Cheydinhal to get started. Consider stealing one of the Black Horses in the stable before departing. When you have finally reached the monastery, you'll need to ask one of the monks there about Savilla's Stone.

Brother Holger seems to be the only monk that is willing to talk about Savilla's Stone, so locate him and either play the persuasion mini-game or bribe him to raise his disposition to at least 70. Ask Brother Holger about Savilla's Stone once his disposition is high enough to learn this it is being guarded by the blind monks in the catacombs. Then, select the 'Where are the Catacombs?' dialogue option and he will lead you there. Follow the monk into the Ancestor Moth Crypt, and then to the Catacombs entrance.

Once in the Crypt, head straight and then through the door that you come to on your left. Remember that you have been given permission to kill during this quest, but if you don't want to get your hands dirty be careful, as there are at least two monks in this room. Proceed through the wooden door and turn right as soon as you can. Follow this tunnel straight until you can turn right. Follow this path down to the Catacombs entrance.

At the Temple of the Ancestor Moth, persuade Brother Holger to let you into the Ancestor Moth Crypt.

In the Catacombs, continue heading straight until you can turn right, and then open the door there. Move through this room and use the door at the other end to enter the Caverns of the Moth. There's a trap near the start, so be careful. Follow the path until you come to a split, at which point turn left. Continue heading in this direction until you reach a room. Do not step on or near the blocks on the floor here, as you'll take some damage by doing so. Exit this room, follow the path, and continue heading straight at the split.

Watch out for a trip wire and over the logs, though you may want to activate them to avoid triggering the trap yourself on your way back out. Follow the path and turn right at the split. Use a lockpick to open the door to the Shrine of the Moth. If you have a bow, use it to hopefully take out the monk standing up ahead with a sneak attack. If you don't have a bow, you can't really sneak up on the monk as the sentry crystal in the middle of the platform will spot you. The crystal will emit projectiles, so you'll have to grab the stone quickly. Savilla's Stone is sitting on the platform, so run over and grab it.

Look for Savilla's Stone at the Shrine of the Moth.

Once you have Savilla's Stone, make your way back outside and return to Gray Fox in Bruma. Inform him that you have Savilla's Stone to be given a monetary reward.

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Aug 16th 2011 Guest
The shrine of Azura is really close to this location and if you have completed blood for daedra
quest for martin then just fast travel to Azura's shrine. See blood for daedra quest.
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