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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC Cheats and Tips

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A collection of cheats that includes console codes, getting gold fast and getting good items from the shop for free.

More The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion PC Cheats and Tips

We have 24 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 3

You can also ask your question on our The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Questions & Answers page.

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Console Codes

During game play hit the tilde key '~' to bring up the console to enter the following codes. There are multiple commands, some that require targeting by selecting an object with the mouse while the console is open.

God Mode:

Without targeting type 'tgm'

Completes ALL Quest Stages:


Adds 100 Points to the Skill:

Modpcs skill 100

Adds the desired amount of gold. Replace the 'XXX' with the amount wanted:

Player.additem 0000000F 'XXX'

Advances specific quest to specified stage:

Player.setstage (QuestID) (Stage)

Change your Birth sign:


Change your Class:


Change player Hair Colour:

Hairtint (red/green/blue)


No Bounty

If you have a bounty enter Third Person mode and select yourself. Then enter 'payfinethief' (without the quotes) as a code to clear the bounty.


During game play press the tilde key [~] to bring up the console menu. Some of these codes require targeting by selecting an object with the mouse while the console is open.

Unlock Freeflyng Camera:


Add ALL Spells to Player:


Adds 100 Points to the Skill

Modpcs skill 100

Advances Specific Quest to Specified Stage:


Allows you to Change your Class:


Changes Player Level to Desired Number (1-255):

Player.setlevel 1

Changes your Gender:


Completes ALL Quest Stages:


Creates a Window with the Full Game Scene Graph:


Exit Game without using Menus:


Unlock Codes

During game play press the '~' (tilde) key to display the console window and then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding effect.

Toggle AI:


Toggle combat AI:


Toggle AI Detection:


Set Player Level:

Player.setlevel (1-255)

Set Character's Fame:


Set Character's Infamy:


Show Name, Race, Appearance Selection Screen:


Change your Class:


Invincibility (If Nothing is Targeted):


Give ALL Spells to Player:


Get Indicated Spell:

Addspell (Spell Code)

Force a Level Up:


Force Skill Level Up:..

Lightning Bolt Spell

Enter 000A97F8 with the 'player.addspell' or 'player.removespell' codes to cast a lightnning bolt.

Unlock everything

To unlock all armour, weapons, and misc items nd basically any other item in the game type in this code - COC testinghall

Weather Codes

Enter the following codes with the 'fw' or 'sw' codes to get tje corresponding weather. Add 1 after the code (the weather override switch) to make the weather stay like that until you either change it manually with 'fw' or 'sw' again or you enable the code 'releaseweatheroverride'.


Enter 0000015E


Enter 000370CE


Enter 00038EEE


Enter 00038EFE


Enter 00038EEF


Enter 000836D5


Enter 0006BC8B


Enter 00038EEC


Enter 00038EF2


Enter 00038EED

Move any where and good items out of shop for free

Push the button left of number one then push tcl to move any where

When in this mode if you go into a shop and go under it you can see chests these hold the shops most valuable items you can get into them by pushing the button left of one (sorry I don't know the name) and clicking on the chest then type unlock

Cheat mode

Press ` (button below esc) during game play:


Set hair color/hairtint [red] [green] [blue]

List console commands/help

Kill selected NPC target/kill, (click on npc to get it's id)

Moves to current quest target/movetoquesttarget

Spawn indicated item/player.additem, [item code] (amount wanted)

Teleport/player.coc [destination name]

Set player level/player.setlevel, [1-255]

Give all spells to player/psb

Quit game immediately/qqq

Change your gender/sexchange

Change your birthsign/showbirthsignmenu

Show sign selection screen/showbirthsignmenu

Change your class/showclassmenu

Force a level up/advlevel

Force skill level up/advskill [skill]

Complete all quest stages/caqs


Fast gold/same items? Read up

This can be use by pressing the the botton above the [tab] and next to the [1]its the little [~].


For fast gold and double your items use the idea listed below

This is very easy. All you have to do is get in a (confound area/small room/space or your house if you have one.) and use the following cheats



Kill all

And pick up your stuff not joke realy I mean your stuff

Lose you're horse

Now I'm not sure if this is a cheat or not but...

If you lose you're horse most of the time you will NEVER find it again so, if you lose you're horse and you can't find it all you hav to do is go back to the castle enter then go to the stables you're horse will be their...

Exept with shadowmere... If you hav shadowmere you must do the same thing but instead of going to the stables go back out of the city and go to the ruined fort and shadowmere SHOULD be their...

This does not always work with shadowmere.

All cheats

To get all the cheats in oblivian all you have to do is type in the same ones as the 3 elder scrolls.

Floating Paintbrushes

Ever needed, or just wanted to get to a higher place, or somwhere unreachable? No stairs leading up to that place? I have the solution. In The elder Scrolls: IV Oblivion for the PC, Paint brushes float! Yup you heard me! Ok, find a paintbrush, any piantbrush.

Simply Shift+click on that paintbrush whilst in your inventory, and wa-lah! You now have a floating paintbrush! Use it as a stepping item for you can't fall through it, and keep dropping them a little higher every time! Perfect steps to any place!

Training by Watching

In a couple of spots, you can raise your skills free of charge by simply watching NPCs practicing combat.

One is a small pavilion North of the Arena, where gladiators Branwen and Saliith practice hand-to-hand combat from 6 a.m. To 1 a.m. Get up close to the fighters for a minute or so. You'll soon get a message that you've picked up some tips and that your Han-to-Hand skill has risen by five points.

The other location is the plaza outside the Cloud Ruler Temple. Here are the Blades Pelagius and Fortis, the hours 5 a.m. To 8 p.m., and the skills gained Blade and Block (two points each).

Happy gaming

- Superstyle4

Master Armor Skill

During the tutorial theres a pit in the caves with three rats in it. Put on your armor and stand there and let the rats attack you it will increase your armor skill. I've been a master at both armors by the time I was out of the tutorial.

Cool magic weapons+ 3k coins and Elven Armor!

Note: Need to be a level 17 and need a lion pelt.

First, go to a man in the Bruma chapel that can train Conjuration with. After you train enough times with him he will say something like, "I cannot train you further, but I know a person that can. Here I'll mark the location of him on your map." The man you seek it at a location called "Molag Baal's shrine" go there and try and start the quest called "Molag Baal"(By starting to talk to the people there then offering a lion pelt to the shrine). He wants you to force a man to kill you with a cursed mace(Note: it's ok you won't die). There will be a little town marked nearby. Bribe one of the people into telling you where to find this man. After finding this man wait until he is at his wife's grave (near his house). Drop the curse..

Getting Shadowmere

Now are you getting sick of buying a horse only to go into battle and seeing it die? Well shadowmere is for you not only is he/she invincible and REALLY fast, he/she is not even that hard to get...

To get Shadowmere all you hav to do is become a member or the dark brotherhood, then do all the quests for them, you will get a message from one of the dark brothers saying to go see some guy.

(I can't remember his name), do 1 quest for this guy and he will reward you well with a few potions and the horse Shadowmere... The only downside... The quest you do for him... Is to kill everyone in the dark brotherhood!!!

Word Honkey!

Setscale number Makes objects change size. Click on object to enlarge or make smaller then enter cheat. Number ranges from .5 to 2. 1 is normal size. TFOW Toggles fog of war that hides the map

FOV # Change the angle of your point of view (default is 75)

Player.setcrimegold 0 Removes Bounty on your head. NOTE: If being chased by city guards, you must leave the city and go back for it to work on them. showSpellmaking Displays the spellmaking altar, which allows you to create custom spells anywhere. showEnchanting Shows the enchanting altar menu, allowing you to enchat items anywhere. togglemapmarkers Show all locations on map

Tws Toggle water

Pov [#] Set point of view angle (75 by default)

Setcamerafov [degrees] Set camera field of view (75 by d..

In the third mission you do for the dark brother..

In the third mission you do for the dark brotherhood you have to kill Valen Dreth. You can only do this part going through the sewers but you don't have to leave that way. After you have followed the map marker all the way to Valen Dreth by sneaking or running past guards kill him. Then go to the table at the end of the corridor (opposite end from the stairs) and pick up the key that was beside Valen Dreths cell key. Then go to the other end of the corridor and go up the stairs and through the door. Then you enter a small room. Turn to your right and go through the door back to the imperial city. And there you go your back into the open. It's much faster than going through sewers again.

Launch items by sitting on them

I was at a friends house and he had this game, so I played it (i've never played this until then). I'm only at level 2. I guess you could call me a noob. If you find a table with some stuff on it and it's next to a chair, jump onto it and try to kick something onto the chair (you may be able to just drop an item on one but I didn't try that), then sit on the chair. When the camera is in 3rd person view, you'll see the item go flying in one direction. Once it goes to 1st person, look in that direction and you should see it fall, unless you're outside.

Hardest posible character (for profesionals only)

For this to be as hard as possible during the whole game your not aloud to use magic, armor or weapons.when your making your character choose the khajiit race or if want to make even harder choose high elf.

When choosing skills choose hand to hand, athletics, security, sneak, acrobatics, mercantile and speechcraft(if you pick the weapons or armor for your major classes it will make it to hard to finish the game it's practically impossible).

Last but not least when your putting your attributes up choose strength, speed and endurance(your health is determined by your endurance and how much you hit is determined by your strength and your speed makes the game faster but not by that much)

You'll Love this Cheats

If you want this cheat follow the rules:

1.More Arrows....MORE!

Join the Dark Brotherhood and go to the training room. Wait until someone uses the target shooting arrow range and if he/she is shooting arrows.....get the arrows that he shot.

2.Follow this tips

Tip no:

1.Choose the argonian lizard as your race.

2.Join the evil forces to become strong...

2.Murder people and get their money.

3.The Guards will attack you and your Light/Heavy armor will increase,but BEWARE always use the Blood of the north spell to heal.Finished :D

3.How to get items from those people you cannot kill:

Unconscious people are people you cannot kill....Of course follow these rules:

1.Make those people unconscious


How To Cast Repeated spells faster in Oblivion (for repeating Sp

If you want to heal or sling fireballs at your opponents quicker than set your casting button to your mouse wheel click and block to right mouse button now when you have your spell set to cast just cast it while casting it hold down the cast button and the block button and your characters repeating Rate will be cut in half works gaurantee you I've do this all the time.

Cheat - Item Duplication (Post-S.I. Patch)

Use this cheat to duplicate if you don't want to look up the item code. To duplicate items after downloading Shivering Isles expansion pack do the following:

1. Equip a Scroll that you have multiple of (for example, Minor Heal Other x10). If you have ten scrolls you will get ten items.

2. Swing a weapon, and before the animation is over go to your inventory.

3. Click on the scroll twice. (you won't get a message)

4. Drop the item you want to be duplicated. Note: you can only duplicate things that you have less than the amount of scrolls you equipped. So for example with ten scrolls, you cannot duplicate a potion where you have eleven bottles of. To get around this just drop a few of the items you want to duplicate before you start this glitch s..

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