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18: Confront the King

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Mages Guild

18: Confront the King

After completing 'Ambush' and having given the Colossal Black Soul Gem to Traven, speak to him and select the 'Tasks' dialogue option. A short chat will ensure, and then the Arch-Mage will sacrifice himself. Search his corpse and remove the Filled Colossal Black Soul Gem from his inventory.

You now must travel to Echo Cave to face Mannimarco, the King of Worms. Echo Cave is northwest of the Bruma, so leave Arcane University and make your way to this location. You will be greeted by Bolor Savel upon your arrival. He holds the key to Echo Cave, so you'll have to kill him to get it. Kill Bolor Savel, remove the key from his inventory, and use it to open the door to Echo Cave.

Necromancers and an array of undead creatures occupy Echo Cave. With 'Confront the King' set as your active quest, you can simply follow your compass through the cave to reach Mannimarco. The King of Worms is somewhere in the 'Echo Necromancer's Chamber' area. The path to the Necromancer's Chamber is rather straightforward, so simply follow your compass to reach the door there. There are plenty of necromancers inside Echo Cave, however, and you'll have to travel through the Echo Passages area to reach the chamber.

Enter Necromancer's Chamber, and kill the Necromancer Adept by the entrance. Mannimarco is in the middle of chamber. It would be wise to save your game at this point. When prepared, cross the bridge and step onto the platform. Mannimarco's character model is rather unremarkable for one who is the so-called 'King of Worms,' but he is a foe worthy of caution nevertheless.

Face Mannimarco in the Echo Cave Necromancer's Chamber.

Approach Mannimarco; he will cast a paralyze spell, and then initiate a conversation with you. You can try to hit him with a sneak attack, which is quite easy when using a bow. When Mannimarco is finished speaking, immediately attack.

When he finally falls, search his remains and remove the Staff of Worms and the King of Worms' Robe. With the dreaded King of Worms defeated, all that is left for you to do is return to Arcane University to take your rightful place as the Mages Guild's new Arch-Mage. Follow the active quest marker on your compass to locate a Trap Door back to the main Echo Cave area. Leave the cave, and travel back to Arcane University. Raminus Polus will approach you as soon as you enter the Arch-Mage's Lobby to acknowledge your position as the new Arch-Mage!

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Comments for 18: Confront the King

8 comments, latest first.
Feb 27th 2012 Guest
r u able to use the colossal black soul gem to recharge magical weapons or use it to make spells
ID #118841
Jul 30th 2011 Loki846
I've been trying to kill mannimarco, but I cannot hit him with a weapon or spell..... How do I complete?
ID #62710
Apr 15th 2011 Guest
The guy with the key is not there how do i fix it?
ID #37647
Mar 25th 2011 batman4562
I cannot get into echo cave because I do not have the key and the guy who has the key cannot be found what do i do
ID #34130
Mar 25th 2011 Guest
I cannot get into echo cave because I do not have the key and the guy who has the key cannot be found what do i do
ID #34128
Dec 9th 2010 Guest
I've been trying to kill mannimarco, but I cannot hit him with a weapon or spell..... What can I do??????????????
ID #20602
Oct 11th 2010 Guest
I think u have to reload an old save or start
ID #14997
Jun 20th 2010 Guest
Killed king of worms earlier before the quest confront the king now i can't complete the quest. What do i do?
ID #1216
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