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Downloadable Content

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide

Downloadable Content

If you are playing Oblivion on the Xbox 360 and have access to Xbox Live, additional content can be downloaded via the Xbox Live Marketplace. PC users can visit Bethesda's webstore at:

Unfortunately those playing Oblivion on the PS3 cannot access this additional content.

Note: For information on the Knights of the Nine downloadable questline, refer to the 'Knights of the Nine' section of this guide.

This page contains the following sections, just scroll down to read, or use the anchor links in the list below to jump straight to the section you are interested in.

Horse Armor
Repairing the Orrery
Frostcrag Spire
Dunbarrow Cove

Unearthing Mehrunes Razor
Deepscorn Hollow
Battlehorn Castle

Below is a list of each download, which includes the price at the time of writing, and a short description.

Horse Armor Pack
Cost: 200 MP/$1.99 USD
Description: Adds the 'Horse Armor' quest. Allows you to outfit your mount with either Elven or Iron armour.

Cost: 150 MP/$1.89 USD
Description: Adds the 'Repairing the Orrery' quest. Allows you to access the Orrery in the Arcane University, Imperial City.

Wizard's Tower
Cost: 150 MP/$1.89 USD
Description: Adds the 'Frostcrag Spire' quest. Allows you to furnish and inhabit a wizard's tower.

The Thieves Den
Cost: 150 MP/$1.89 USD
Description: Adds the 'Dunbarrow Cove.' Allows you to recover and furnish a thieves den below Anvil.

Mehrunes' Razor
Cost: 250 MP/$2.99 USD
Description: Adds the 'Unearthing Mehrunes' Razor' quest. Adds a huge new dungeon that includes some great equipment.

The Vile Lair
Cost: 150 MP/$1.89 USD
Description: Adds the 'Deepscorn Hollow' quest. Allows you to furnish and inhabit a lair geared toward evil characters.

Spell Tomes
Cost: 80 MP/0.99 USD
Description: Adds Tomes, a new type of item, to the world's random treasures. Each tome contains a spell; upon reading a tomb, that spell will be added to your character's spell book.

The Fighter's Stronghold
Cost: 150 MP/$1.89 USD
Description: Adds the 'Battlehorn Castle' quest. A giant, ownable castle is added to the game. Geared toward fighters and archers.

As soon as you purchase one of these mods and load a save game, the quest pertaining to that mod should instantly become available.

Horse Armor

Make your way to the Chestnut Handy Stables outside of the Imperial City. Enter the small house here and speak to Snak gra-Bura inside. Tell her that you're there about the horse armour. If you don't have a horse, tell her that you want one, and are willing to take anything. She'll give you a free horse equipped with Steel armour. From now on, you can return to Snak gra-Bura at the Chestnut Handy Stables and have her outfit any legally-owned horse with Steel or Elven armour for 500 gold.

Warning: Once horse armour has been applied, it cannot be removed. Do not apply horse armour to Shadowmere, as risk losing her by doing so.

Repairing the Orrery

The note from Bothiel asks that you recover several Dwarven artifacts that have gone missing. Stop by Camp Ales first. Have 'Repairing the Orrery' set as your active quest to speed things up. Travel to Camp Ales, locate the Bandit Carrier, kill him, and remove the Undelivered Letter and the Dwarven Artifacts from his corpse. The letter lists each camp that contains a Bandit Carrier with a Dwarven Artifact.

The camps that contain a Bandit Carrier are Brotch, Bodean, and Varus. The three camps are not too far from each other. The Bandit Carrier at each camp will likely possess powerful enchanted items, so be sure to search through their equipment after making the kill.

Once you have acquired two Dwarven Cogs, a Dwarven Coherer, a Dwarven Cylinder, and a Dwarven Tube, fast travel to Arcane University and head inside. Speak to Bothiel once inside and she will take the artifacts from you. It will take her 24 hours to fix up the Orrery. Once a day has passed, you can then enter the Imperial Orrery in the Arcane University. Enter the Orrery once it is repaired and proceed up the steps. Activate the Imperial Orrery Console at the top of the steps, and then activate it again to receive a new power.

Below is a list of each power and the effects that occur when the spell is cast. The power received is dependent on the current moon phase, which changes to the next every three days. Each power lasts for 60 seconds when cast.

Masser's Might
Fortify: Strength 20
Drain: Speed -20
Moon Phase: New

Masser's Grace
Fortify: Agility 20
Drain: Endurance -20
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent

Secunda's Will
Fortify: Willpower 20
Drain: Intelligence -20
Moon Phase: First Quarter

Secunda's Opportunity
Fortify: Luck 20
Drain: Personality -20
Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

Masser's Alacrity
Fortify: Speed 20
Drain: Strength -20
Moon Phase: Full

Secunda's Magnetism
Fortify: Personality 20
Drain: Luck -20
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Secunda's Brilliance
Fortify: Intelligence 20
Drain: Willpower -20
Moon Phase: Last Quarter

Masser's Courage
Fortify: Endurance 20
Drain: Agility -20
Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Frostcrag Spire

The Wizard's Tower downloadable tower is a house mod, meaning you are given an additional residence more interesting than those typically found in Oblivion. Frostcrag Spire is a colossal tower east of Bruma, and is mostly geared toward magic based characters.

To get started, travel to your newly acquired home and enter. At the center of the entrance room is a book entitled 'Frostcrag Spire Memoirs.' Read the Frostcrag Spire Memoirs to open up the main room. The book explains that furnishings for the tower can be purchased from Aurelinwae, who works at the Mystic Emporium in the Imperial City's Market District.

Travel to the Imperial City's Market District, locate the Mystic Emporium, and enter. Speak to Aurelinwae inside and barter. She'll sell you the Frostcrag Alchemy Lab, Frostcrag Bedroom Area, Frostcrag Library Area, Frostcrag Vault Area, and Magetallow Candle Boxes for the altars. These upgrades come at a reasonable price, considering you just received a giant tower for absolutely nothing.

Once you have purchased all of the upgrades, return to the tower. There are a few things you can do with your new home. For one, you have access to an Altar of Spellmaking and an Altar of Enchantment, allowing you to create new spells and enchant equipment without having access to the Arcane University's facilities. To activate the altars, approach each one with the Magetallow Candle Boxes in your inventory, and press the A/X button

Between the Altar of Spellmaking and Altar of Enchantment is an Atronach Altar. You can use this altar to summon an Atronach minion of Storm, Frost, or Flame. The Atronach summoned depends on the type of salt you submit to the altar. A Storm Atronach requires 3 Void Salts, a Frost Atronach  requires 3 Frost Salts, and a Flame Atronach requires 3 Fire Salts.

In the Frostcrag Spire Living Area is a botanical garden that contains each and every type of plant in Cyrodiil, including those found in the Oblivion realm. Look for the Pentamagic Loop in the jewellery box on the shelf next to the portal to the Main Level. This ring fortifies the Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism, and Restoration skills by 5 pts. There is also a vault accessible from the Main Area that contains several treasure chests, as well as a couple of rare bottles of wine.

Dunbarrow Cove

Dunbarrow Cove allows you to have control over a thieves den and crew. Fast travel to Anvil to get started. Below Castle Anvil is a door to Smuggler's Cave. With 'Dunbarrow Cove' set as your active quest, follow the arrow on your compass to locate this door, and proceed inside.

Upon entering Smuggler's Cave, head to the end of the tunnel in front of you to reach the door to Dunbarrow Cove. The caverns are packed with the animated skeletons of the Black Flag's fallen crew. You'll have to clear out the skeletons in Dunbarrow Cove before you can fix the place up. The skeleton of Captain Dugal is in the Captain's Quarters, which is the small cabin that overlooks the Black Flag.

Defeat Captain Dugal's skeleton, and an in-game pop up will inform you that upgrades for Dunbarrow Cove can be purchased from Dahlia Rackham of the Clarabella. You can also see her about hiring crew members. The Clarabella is stationed in the Anvil Docks. Enter the Clarabella, speak to Dahlia Rackham inside, and select the 'Dunbarrow Cove Upgrades' dialogue option. From this menu, you can hire a crew and upgrade the Captain's Quarters.

Once you have purchased everything, return to Dunbarrow Cove. Once a week, you can send a crew member out on a mission. At the end of the week, that member will return and share some of the acquired gold with you. There are some other interesting things about Dunbarrow Cove, such as the Training Chest that can be used to raise your character's Security skill level. Some of the crew members also sell items and train skills.

Unearthing Mehrunes Razor

Before getting started, ensure that you have an abundant supply of lockpicks or Nocturnal's Skeleton Key. Then, with 'Unearthing Mehrunes Razor' set as your active quest, make your way to Sundercliff Watch, which has been marked on your map. At Sundercliff Watch, find the entrance and head inside.

Upon entering Sundercliff Watch, you'll encounter some Drothmeri soldiers. Proceed through the tunnel at the end of the area and look to the right of the Old Wooden Door to spot an Abandoned Knapsack. Open it and remove the Small Diary that's inside. The diary contains a password; uttering 'Chimer' before the Old Wooden Door will open it. There are plenty of Drothmeri in the fort beyond the door, so be extra careful. The Drothmeri are extremely reckless, and will charge you on sight. They're fast, too. Proceed with caution; there are many darkened sections in this area, so it's easy to be stealthy if that's your game.

Follow the arrow on your compass to locate the door to Sundercliff Village. All of the inhabitants of this underground community are hostile. Most of the enemies you encounter will have an impressive assortment of arrows, so be sure to stock up. Look for the door into the Jail (it's on the hill that you first come to, and by the fire) and head inside. Look for the Morag Tong Assassin in the cell and kill him. Search his corpse and take all of Morag Tong armour that he is wearing. This is an awesome set.

The Sundercliff Commune is through the village. The arrow on your compass is not pointing directly to this door, but following it should take you to it. Once in the Sundercliff Commune area, follow the arrow on your compass to Frathen Drothan's Quarters' Inside, read Drothan's Journal on the desk in front of you. Two quest arrows will appear on your compass, one pointing to the Forgemaster and the other to the Commander. Start with the Commander, who is in the Commander's Quarters next to Frathen Drothan's Quarters. Inside, kill the Commander, then head up the stairs and into the Commander's room. Look for an Enchanted Bezoar on the table next to the bed. This is one of the two that you need. Pick up the Enchanted Bezoar, and exit the Commander's Quarters.

When you have the first Enchanted Bezoar, make your way back to the Sundercliff Village area. Here, follow the arrow on your compass to the door to the Sundercliff Forge. You won't be able to reach the Forgemaster from this entrance; you'll have to travel through this area and enter the Sundercliff Mines first. In the Sundercliff Mines, look to the local area map and notice that the arrow is to the right of the entrance. There is a tunnel that you have to travel through to reach this door; the tunnel is on the top-right portion of this map. The door leads back to the Sundercliff Forge, but from this entrance you can reach the Forgemaster.

Once your back in the Sundercliff Forge through the entrance in the Sundercliff Mines, follow the arrow on your compass to the Forgemaster. Kill him, and enter Forgemaster Tent. Look to your right upon entering the Forgemaster Tent to spot the second Enchanted Bezoar. Back outside, follow the arrow on your compass until you come to a Pull Rope. Pull the rope to lower the rock wall before you.

Move past the rock wall, and head through the door to Sundercliff Village. From the village, locate the door to the Sundercliff Commune and proceed through. In the Sundercliff Commune area, you'll have to drop down to the lower level. Follow the arrow on your compass to the door Varsa Baalim. Place the two Enchanted Bezoars on the two Enchanted Pedestals to the left and right of the door. Do so, and the barrier will disappear.

When the two Enchanted Bezoars are in place, proceed to the Excavated Ruin. Make your way through the ruin and you will eventually come to the door to Varsa Baalim. There are both Vampires and Drothmeri in Varsa Baalim. They are hostile toward each other, so hang back and watch, and then pick off the winners. There is no arrow to guide you here, but it isn't too hard to find your way around. Ignore the doors to Cava Arpenla, and instead move to the opposite end of the first area and go through the door to Cava Belmeld.

Exit Cava Belmeld through the other door. You'll find yourself on the other side of the rocks that were blocking your path. Travel to the end of this area, and you will eventually reach the door to Cava Marspanga. Kill the Vampires and Drothmeri in the initial area, and then head up the stairs to reach the door back to Varsa Baalim. Upon entering Varsa Baalim, turn left, climb up the ramps, and approach the glowing crystal formation. Descend down the stairs and enter Nefarivigum.

In Nefarivigum, descend down the sets of stairs and eventually you will encounter Frathen Drothan. He is poorly armoured, so killing him shouldn't be a problem. However, he will more than likely be wielding a deadly enchanted weapon, so be careful. Once he is dead, look around for a bedroll and pick up the book next to it.

Read the journal to learn that by eating the heart of Dagon's champion, you can then obtain Mehrunes' Razor. Approach Msirac Faythung and remove the Beating Heart from him. You don't really have to eat it. Once you have the heart, attempt to open the gate to get to Mehrune's Razor. Defy Dagon's challenge and the gate will open.

Once you have Mehrune's Razor, you'll have to face Msirac Faythung. You can escape through the door to the Forgotten Tunnels. Swim under the water, go through the wooden door, and you will find yourself back outside of Sundercliff Watch. Mehrune's Razor has a small chance of instantly killing an enemy on strike. Not the best weapon, but it looks cool. If your character happened to contract Porphyric Hemophilia while in Sundercliff Watch, don't forget to pray at one of the chapels or down a Potion of Cure Disease.

Deepscorn Hollow

If your character is evil, Deepscorn Hollow is a perfect fit.  Deepscorn Hollow has entrance to been marked on your map, and as you can see, it's actually in the water south of Leyawiin. It can be difficult to see while underwater, especially during the night, so refer to the local area map to find the entrance. The entrance is at the end of a long, hollowed out log, if that helps. Once inside Deepscorn Hollow, get out of the water and turn right to spot Greywyn's Journal. Read the journal to learn where to purchase upgrades for the lair. Rowley Eardwulf at the Wawnet Inn, which is just west of the Imperial City, will sell you the furnishings.

Make your way to Wawnet Inn and speak to Rowley Eardwulf, who should be sitting on the steps by the entrance. The pricing on the upgrades are a little high, but you can purchase the Deepscorn Bedroom Area, Deepscorn Cattle Cell, Deepscorn Dining Area, Deepscorn Garden Receipt, Deepscorn Storage Area, Deepscorn Study Area, and the Ichor of Sithis from him.

Once you have purchased everything from Rowley, return to Deepscorn Hollow. There are a few interesting things you can do with your new lair. There are Chokeberry Vines, which are a new type of plant that acts very much like poison apples, growing in the middle of the lair. You have a Dark Minion, who you can send out to murder hapless civilians. When he returns, there may be items in the Victim's Loot Chest in the Minion's room.

In the Deepscorn Cloister area is a cattle cell with a prisoner that can be fed on if your character is a vampire. Through Deepscorn Bastion is Deepscorn Shrine; place the Ichor of Sithis in the altar, and you can then pray to the shrine. An evil character can pray to the Deepscorn Shrine to receive the same benefits as a righteous character who prays at a shrine in one of the city chapels.

Vampirism can be cured in Deepscorn Cloister; simple mine some Purgeblood Salts, jump into the pool in the middle of the chamber, and activate the Font of Renewal. This is surely easier than undertaking the time-consuming Vampire Cure quest. Know that by curing Vampirism, your character will not be able to contract Porphyric Hemophilia again.

Battlehorn Castle

The castle is west of Chorrol, so make your way over there. The place is currently under siege by Marauders, so aid the warriors outfitted in Steel Armor to put an end to the assault. When the Marauders have been defeated, Battlehorn Castle is yours! Yup, it's that easy. One of the warriors will hand you Lord Kelvyn's Will, which states that you can purchase furnishings for the castle from Nilphas Omellian at the Merchant's Inn in the Imperial City Marketplace District. From Nilphas, you can buy furnishings for the Battlehorn Barracks, Bedroom, Dining Area, Kitchen Area, Library Area, Training Room, Trophy Room, Wine Cellar, as well as some general Castle Upgrades and the Dwemer Forge. Nilphas' prices are steep, but you just got a gigantic castle for little effort, so it's worth making the purchases.

There are a few cool things you can do here. In the East Wing, you can commission Melisi Daren to create trophies of creatures you have killed. Melisi Daren is a taxidermist, and requires that you bring her supplies before she can get to work. Bring Melisi a Bear Pelt, Clannfear Claws,  Daedroth Teeth, Minotaur Horn, Lion Pelt, Ogre's Teeth, Troll Fat, or a Wolf Pelt and she'll have the trophy set up in the Battlehorn Castle Great Hall once 24 hours have passed. In the Battlehorn Castle Basement, you can give alchemical ingredients to Talan to create special wine.

Provided you have purchased all of the upgrades from Nilphas Omellian in the Imperial City, you can find Lord Kelvyn's Bulwark in the treasure chest at the foot of the bed in the Battlehorn Castle Private Quarters. This shield boasts levelled Fortify Health, Fortify Endurance, and Fortify Block enchantments.

Battlehorn Castle also holds many secrets, one of which can be found in the Private Quarters. There's a Moveable Pillar near the round table straight across from the door back to the Battlehorn Castle Great Hall. Activate this Moveable Pillar to reveal a secret room. In it are two storage chests, a jewellery box, and Lord Jaren's Journal. Read the journal to learn of another secret in the Battlehorn Castle training room. Make your way to the training room in the Battlehorn Castle Basement. Behind the archer target is a Candlebra; activate it to reveal a secret passage. Follow the passage to a door to the Battle Horn Castle Grotto.

Travel down the path and activate the Moveable Pillar at the end. Deeper in the Grotto, you'll encounter the Lich form of Arielle Jurard and the skeleton of Lord Kain. Kill the both of them, and loot their corpses for some special equipment. Lord Kain wields the Dragonsword of Lainlyn, which boasts levelled Fire Damage and Absorb Fatigue enchantments, as well as Lord Kain's Shield. Arielle Jurard holds a Decrepit Note and a Lich Key, which can be used to unlock the submerged chest along the west wall of the Grotto.

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Jun 15th 2014 Guest
A few things to add: In Deepscorn Hollow, there are four caches of jewels and other valuable items. One is under the water near the Font of Renewal, and another is up on the left-hand wall when you are going down to the shrine of Sithis. Also, be sure to check out the small box in front of the statue of Sithis. It holds a very, very nice dagger, with multiple enchantments, and in addition extremely light (2, as opposed to 6 for regular daggers). Once you buy ALL the upgrades, you'll find an excellent suit of vampire armor in the bedroom wardrobe. Furthermore, the cattle cell is far more useful than just being a vampire snack bar: the enchanted victim cannot be killed, so you can practice your various martial arts on him to level up.
ID #400144
Mar 2nd 2013 nurkuti
I have somehow acquired the DLC Battlehorn Castle. I have put the esp file in the Data directory and marked it under data files in the Launcher screen. I know where the castle is but no matter how much I look around I cannot find it. Did I do something wrong. Please help and thank you. Nurkuti
ID #260009
Mar 2nd 2013 Guest
I have somehow acquired the DLC Battlehorn Castle. I have put the esp file in the Data directory and marked it under data files in the Launcher screen. I know where the castle is but no matter how much I look around I cannot find it. Did I do something wrong. Please help and thank you.

ID #259998
Nov 2nd 2012 Guest
I have purchased all the above expansions for PC and still have the expansion codes along with the original sales receipt/email!

But do not see any customer support to help with downloading them online again or a hard(CD)copy available to install them (to my new computer)...

I hope that x-box people don't pay good money for Oblivion add-ons, and lose their money like us PC customers did :-(

"Dishonest & Real Poor Customer Service"!!!
ID #204267
Oct 20th 2012 Guest
can you still buy plugins for the pc? when i go to the elder scrolls website and go on the oblivion dlc section all the links go to the x-box market place. :( how do i get them on pc?
ID #198561
Jan 1st 2012 Guest
hi i have a xbox 360 and i have oblivion that has an expansion pack of knights of the nine and shivering isles(which what you install the expansion from a second disc and after i install it do i continue playing on disc 1 (with out expansion pack) or do i now play off disc 2 (one that i installed it from).i do not have xbox live. email me thanks. [email protected]
ID #101744
May 11th 2011 Guest
is it too late to get battlehorn castle download?i mean is it in xbox marketplace anymore?is it cheap?
ID #42438
Jan 19th 2011 tammy southern
how do you activate the dwemer forge?
ID #26053
Dec 27th 2010 Guest
This is very good guide i haye when syuff gktchee

ID #22719
Aug 24th 2010 Guest
Does anyone know if this content will work with a Steam version of Oblivion or if there is a version of this content that will?
ID #10182
Jun 13th 2010 Ghrim Wolf
Please help me, Deepscorn Hollow doesn't want to work, Every time I try to go buy the furnishings from Rowley it doesn't work, he only sells some weapons and armor, it won't let me buy the furnishings during the day or after midnight!! someone help me!!
ID #439
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