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6: The Lonely Wanderer

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Dark Brotherhood

6: The Lonely Wanderer

Vicente is out of contracts, so you'll have to see Ocheeva for work from now on. If you speak to Vicente again, he'll offer to bite you, which would effectively turn your character into a vampire. Being a vampire has its pros and cons, but the cons seem to outweigh the pros by a fair amount, and the novelty definitely wears off quite quickly. If you do accept Vicente's offer and end up regretting the decision, vampirism can be cured by completing a side quest. 'Darkness Eternal' will be added to your quest list; Vicente's offer stands if you don't accept, so there's no need to decide right away.

Locate Ocheeva in the Dark Brotherhood Cheydinhal Sanctuary and accept a contract from here. A High Elf named Faenlian, who resides in the Imperial City, is your next target. While Ocheeva can't tell you exactly where Faenlian can be found, she does divulge that he enjoys taking long walks, which is a highly useful piece of information. Make the killing look like a simple murder to receive a bonus reward upon completion of the contract. To accomplish this, there must be witnesses, and Faenlian must be killed in an indoor environment.

Travel to the Imperial City when you're ready to get started. To learn of Faelian's whereabouts, just speak to any High Elf in the Imperial City and ask about him. There are quite a few High Elves in the city, but if you don't feel like searching, look for a character named Areldil in the Waterfront; he can most likely be found walking along the docks.

Ask any High Elf in the Imperial City about Faelian to be pointed to the Tiber Septim Hotel in the Talos Plaza District.

Once you've found a suitable character, inquire about Faelian. If he or she refuses to give you any information, raise their disposition via the persuasion mini-game, or by simply bribing them. Whoever you ask, you'll learn that Faelian lives in the Tiber Septim Hotel in the Talos Plaza District. With this information, make your way to the Tiber Septim Hotel and speak Augusta Calidia at the counter.

Ask Augusta about Faelian; she'll tell you that he's hardly ever home and is heavily addicted to Skooma. Next, speak to his wife Atracna, who also resides at the Tiber Septim Hotel, and ask about her husband. If she refuses to give you any information, you'll have to raise her disposition by playing the persuasion mini-game, or by simply bribing her.

Atracna explains that Faelian is alone every day for several hours at Lorkmir's House in the Elven Gardens District, where he uses his Skooma. This is an ideal time to kill Faelian, since it is an indoor environment and there won't be any witnesses. Make your way to the Elven Gardens District and locate Lorkmir's House. If you enter the house around 11:00AM, you should find Faelian inside. Search the entire house; if he isn't inside at the moment, wait for a little while.

Enter Lorkmir's House in the Elven Gardens District at 11:00AM to find Lorkmir inside.

Once you're alone with Faelian in Lorkmir's House, you are free to carry out the contract. When Faelian is dead, return to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and speak to Ocheeva. If your killing of Faelian was not witnessed, Ocheeva will reward you with the Shadowhunt bow. 'Enter the Eliminator' will be added to your quest list, and can be completed by accepting another contract from Ocheeva.

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