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9: Taking Care of Lex

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide - Thieves Guild

9: Taking Care of Lex

Make at least 500 gold by selling stolen goods to a fence to unlock this quest. Once you have reached the required amount, travel to Bravil and speak to S'Krivva there. It's time to get rid of Hieronymus Lex once and for all. No, you're not going to kill him, but just send him away.

Countess Umbranox of Anvil is currently looking for a new Captain of the Guard. You'll need to steal the letter of recommendation that has already been sent to the Imperial Watch Guard and replace it with a forged letter recommending Hieronymus Lex. The original letter is stashed away in steward Dairihill's desk in Castle Anvil.

Fast travel to Anvil, find any beggar on the street, and select the 'Dairihill's Office' dialogue option while speaking to them. You'll be pointed to a blacksmith working in Castle Anvil. Travel to Anvil Castle and locate Orrin, who will be in the forge area or eating dinner. Speak to him, and he will show you a secret passage that leads into the Castle Anvil Private Quarters, which will make it easier to get past the guards without being seen.

See Orrin the blacksmith about a secret passage in Castle Anvil.

Before going through the passage, ensure that it is at least 9:00PM, as Dairihill will be having dinner with the Countess from 8:00PM to 11:00PM and thus won't be there when you break into her office. At around 9:00PM, proceed through the secret passage and enter the Castle Anvil Private Quarters. Activate the Moveable Pillar on the left, and then use a lockpick to unlock the door to your left and head through. Open the desk at the other end of the room, and remove the List of Candidates. Once you have the list, leave the Dairihill's office and head back through the secret passage.

Exit Castle Anvil, and look around for another beggar. Ask the beggar about the Master Forger. Hand over some gold coins if necessary, and you'll be pointed to the forger. The Stranger lives in Anvil, and is only at home in the afternoon and at night. Locate the Abandoned House in Anvil, and speak to the Stranger when he is there.

The forged letter costs 500 gold coins, and will be ready in a day. Use the wait menu to pass 24 hours, and then speak to the Stranger and ask about the letter. He'll give you the letter and collect his pay. Don't worry if you're low on funds, as S'Krivva will pay you back once you've finished the quest.

The Stranger who lives in the Abandoned House in Anvil can forge a new list of candidates.

With the Forged Letter in hand, all that is needed now is the official seal of the Legion Commander. Fast travel to the Imperial City Prison, and make your way to the office marked on your map. There shouldn't be anyone inside at around 12:00AM. Ensure that Sneak Mode is toggled and that the sneak icon is faded before entering. The stamp is on the desk in the other room, so creep over to the locked door in the top-right corner of the room, unlock it, and use the stamp to make the forged letter look authentic.

Return to Castle Anvil once the Forged Letter has been stamped. Speak to Countess Millona Umbranox while she is in the throne room, and select the 'New Guard Captain' dialogue option. Report back to in Bravil, and select the 'Hieronymus Lex Reassigned' dialogue option. Your reward is 1000 gold coins, and you can now use Orrin of Castle Anvil as a fence.

Forging a recommendation letter and delivering it to the Countess.

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Comments for 9: Taking Care of Lex

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Jun 24th 2013 Guest
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Sep 6th 2011 Guest
i have killed all the beggars in anvil b4 this quest and now i cant ask any1 can i go directly to orrin?
ID #73054
Aug 26th 2011 Guest
I cant find the forger i have been all over anvil and in the abandoned house many different times but he isnt anywhere to be found any suggestions?
ID #70287
Feb 7th 2011 Guest
the countess wont take the list of candidates what should i do i think i might of lost it
ID #28352
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