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Chapter 7 : Field of the Eagle and Lion

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Chapter 7 : Field of the Eagle and Lion

Last Updated:

Wyvern Moon: 10/05

Events and Announcements:
* Fishing Tournament
* House vs House Sword Tournament (Reward: Intermediate Seal)
* Blessing of the Land (Increased Yield from Gardening)
* Harvest Festival (Effects enhanced when dining with persons who loves veggies)

New Quests
* Fishing Tournament
* Carried Away
* Banish the Bandits
* The Best of the Best

Additional notes:
* New items can be found scattered throughout the monastery.
* New Mission Assistant can be hired.
* Merchant inventories have been restocked.
* Paralogues are now unlocked. You can unlock more paralogues when you’re able to Recruit the required characters and once you’ve progressed in the main story.

Since this is the start of the month, with new quests, events, and other stuff to do, it’s recommended to explore the monastery.

While the Fishing Tournament is active (before showing the fish you've caught to Flayn), you can talk to all the participants around the pond and compare your catch to theirs. If you've caught a fish with a star-ranking better than them, they'll give you bonus rewards. (For example, you can get a Steel Sword from Catherine if you've caught a 4-star fish or above). The Fishing Tournament will end once you've caught and showed Flayn the fish she wants.

Wyvern Moon: 10/12

Strongly suggest to go to battle during this weekend. Since paralogues should be available at this point, you should try doing them. Otherwise, do the battles related to the quests (Banish the Bandits and The Best of the Best)

Wyvern Moon: 10/19

Events and Announcements:
* Golden Fish (higher chance of encountering golden fish when Fishing)
* Bonding Bites (Enhanced effects when dining with students from your own house)
I strongly recommend exploring during this weekend, especially if you went to battle last week. This will allow you to restore your students’ motivation and do other activities.

Wyvern Moon: 10/26

No events this weekend so I suggest going to battle this weekend. Like before, you can opt to tackle paralogues or quest battles. Take note that the following day is a story mission so do what you can during this weekend to farm exp for your units.

Wyvern Moon: 10/27

Today is the End of the War of the Eagle and Lion festival. You can participate in the festivities to have randomly selected students from your class to dine together. You'll get the normal benefits including Support points and free professor EXP. (This festival might be available only for Blue Lions and Black Eagles route)

Today is the mission day so do the usual last minute certifications, marketplace purchases/maintenance, Support viewing, etc. Select Mission and deploy for the battle. After the scene, you’ll be in the Battle Preparation screen next.

Battle: Battle of the Eagle and Lion

Battle of the Eagle and Lion Strategy

This is a three-way battle, involving the three houses. You’ll earn a reward if you defeat more enemies than the other classes. The best (but risky) way of achieving this is by storming through the middle and take out members of the other two classes as they move towards each other. You don’t need to divide your forces in this battle, unless you’re confident that they can take out enemies alone or with minimal Support.

To start off, you should prioritize taking over the central position. This location has a ballista that has exceptional Range and can deal huge amounts of Damage. However, this can only be operated by a unit with the Bow Skill rank D or higher. Once you’re able to operate it, use it to soften heavily armored targets or finish off weakened enemy units.

There are vanguard units from both rival houses near your position. You don’t need to go to them; instead, have them come to you. Just keep your units in formation so that they couldn’t focus on one allied unit and you can easily Support each other.

After two turns, the retainer of the house occupying the southeast corner of the Map will attempt to draw the opposing army to the southwest. You can intercept this movement so that the SW army will not move and catch your army in the middle.

The house leaders will stay on their strongholds until any of your own units or other hostile units get into their Range. They’re incredibly powerful so it’s recommended to systematically wipe out their minions before luring them to the open. There’s a heal tile in the lower-middle position which can help you secure that position safely.

Just do the basics; lure enemy units towards your main force, avoid overextending, keep your healers close, and focus your attacks if necessary. Once you wiped out almost all units of a house, you can have your house leader defeat another rival house leader to trigger a special dialogue before combat.

Don’t forget to loot the Killer Lance from the chest beside the house occupying the southwest corner.

After defeating a house leader, you can now focus on surrounding the last rival house leader. Like before, have your house leader attack the rival leader for another pre-combat dialogue or just finish them off. Since there are no demonic beasts in this battle, don’t hesitate to use your Gambits against the house leaders to maintain the advantage. After finishing the house leader off, the battle will end.

After a few more cutscenes, the chapter will be over.

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