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Chapter 5: Tower of Black Winds

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Chapter 5: Tower of Black Winds

Last Updated:

Verdant Rain Moon: 8/3

Long cutscene will follow. You’ll also skip this weekend. Today is Manuela’s birthday. You can give her flowers or invite her to tea. The latter is a better option since you’ll get a chance to raise your charm without spending an activity point.

Verdant Rain Moon: 8/10

Exploring during this week is recommended so you can accept new quests, including two new quest battles.

Events and Announcements:
* House vs House Lance Tournament
* Fistfuls of Fish (more fish that can be caught in the pond)
* Fish Bounty Festival (Enhanced effects to characters who love fish dishes, when you dine with them in the dining hall)

New Quests
* A Visit to Jeralt
* Tending to the Saints
* Forge the Way
* Herbal Remedies
* Maintaining Your Training
* Clearing the Way

Due to the several weeks that passed and possibly a lot of changes (level ups, increased supports, etc), it’s highly recommended to go exploring now. You can also select another student from another house to assist your in this month’s missions.

Best time to farm Professor EXP by Fishing
Due to the Fistful of Fish event, this is the best time to use up all your baits. During this event, you can catch up to 2-4 fish per bait, which also means you’ll get twice or up to 4 times the amount of professor EXP per catch.

A new instructor (Gilbert) is available. He can help level up your skill level at the following subjects: Lance, Axe, Heavy Armor, Riding. You can find him in the Entrance Hall.

If you decide to explore this weekend, don’t forget to harvest your plants, then Cultivate a new set. If your Professor Level has increased to C at this point, you can plant up to three plants and select a new type of Cultivation method.

Complete the quest “Forge the Way” to permanently unlock the Blacksmith in the marketplace where you can forge (improve) equipped weapons or Repair broken ones.

Complete Flayn’s quest “Tending to the Saints” so you can Trade Renown (points you earn from doing various activities and completing quests in the monastery) to the Saint Statue Artisan in the Cathedral. The selected boosts are permanent and we strongly recommend to buy the bonuses as early as today. You may also want to balance out your selections, preferably up to the EXP+5% boost. The bonuses here not only affects your students but also the EXP you gain from receiving instructions from other Instructors.

Verdant Rain Moon: 8/17

If you explored last week and accepted the quests “Clearing the Way” and “Maintaining Your Training”, then the best option for this week is to go into battle. There’s also no ongoing event this weekend it’s worth going to battle, farm some gold and exp, then complete the necessary battles for the related quests so you can enjoy exploring next week.

If you only have Battle Activity Point at this period, you can only complete one of the two quest battles mentioned above. We suggest prioritizing “Clearing the Way” first since this will permanently unlock two new Merchants in the Marketplace that will help make your life a lot easier later on. Don’t worry about “Maintaining Your Training” since it can still be carried over and completed in the following month.

Verdant Rain Moon: 8/24

If you went to battle and completed “Clearing the Way” last week, the best action to do this weekend is to Explore since the Southern and Eastern Merchants will be unlocked in the Marketplace, where you can buy more baits. There’s a fishing event (Fish of Mystery) this weekend as well, making it ideal to try catching some fish. Make your preparations since there will be a story mission next weekend.

Verdant Rain Moon: 8/31

You only have the mission available as an action. Check the certifications available for your units and change/improve their classes. Once ready, deploy for battle. After the cutscene, you’ll be in the Battle Preparation screen.

Battle: The Gautier Inheritance

The Gautier Inheritance Strategy

There’s a Locked Chest near your starting position but the enemy guarding it has the key. Gilbert will also be an independent ally. He’s a pretty sturdy unit with his own Battalion so you don’t need to worry about him. There’s only one path to the target which will force your army to circle around counter-clockwise.

Start off by turning on the Danger Radius. This will allow you to avoid stepping on the spaces within the Range of the enemy archers and mages from in the inner wall. Take out the enemies along the way then open the chest in the corner to get the Armorslayer weapon. A couple of enemy reinforcements will also arrive to the west of your starting position.

Continue moving your army to the northeast. As you reach it, more reinforcements will appear from that corner. Deal with them and continue moving west. There’s a heavy knight in the northwest corner who is carrying an Accuracy Ring. Defeat it using magic since it has exceptional physical defense to obtain its loot.

Finally, you’ll have to fight your way through the final batch of resistance on the western side of this Map. They’ll be moving aggressively so don’t overextend your units, heal up your frontline fighters and use them as bait to lure most of the enemy units. Systematically wipe them out afterward. A lot of them are carrying loot items as well.

Move your army to the stronghold where the boss is located. He has only a one-space Range but he’ll be really tough to take head on. A good strategy is softening him up with your archers and spellcasters. (Save your Gambits!) Fortunately, he won’t be moving out of his position so it’s really easy to surround him, land free potshots using ranged attacks, before finally finishing him off with a Linked Attack. After defeating him, a cutscene will trigger and the next phase of the battle will start.

Battle: The Black Beast

The Black Beast Strategy

This will be your first encounter with a Demonic Beast. To take it down, you’ll rely heavily on your army’s coordinated attacks and Gambits. The Beast is large enough to occupy four spaces so position your melee fighters and tanks in a way that you can surround it while also protecting your spellcasters, archers, and healers. Make sure to prioritize Healing your units (as well as your allied tank, Gilbert) since it can heavily Damage anyone through its normal attacks and counterattacks.

Next, get into position and prepare to use an offensive Gambit. If you have nearby allies that can provide a Linked Attack, it will turn the Gambit to what we call a Gambit Boost. This enhancement increases the might (Mt) and hit rate of the gambit. This boost will increase based on the number of participating units and their respective Support levels to the user. If done correctly, this should be powerful enough to break one of the Beast’s shields and Damage the others. Once you break one of the beast’s shields, try to target that opening with succeeding attacks and Gambits. This will allow you to deal more damage.

The Beast has multiple HP bars and becomes increasingly dangerous as its HP goes down. If you think you can’t defeat it in your current turn, make sure to have your toughest/healthiest tank/melee unit use a Gambit to draw its attention to him/her since the beast’s powerful attack can hit multiple units at once.

Finally, repeat the process until you land the finishing blow and to complete the mission. Once done, watch a few more cutscenes and the chapter will be complete.

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