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Chapter 14: The Alliance Leader’s Ambitions

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Chapter 14: The Alliance Leader’s Ambitions

Last Updated:

Guardian Moon: 01/04

Events and Announcements:
* Ingrid’s Birthday
* Morale Meals (Enhanced effects when dining with an ally)
* Sword Tournament (Reward: Silver Sword+)
* New Battalions available for hire.
* New items available in the Item Shop
* Brave Weapons now available for purchase from the Armory.
* Advanced seals can be bought without limit.
* Master Seals now available for sale, up to 5 per month.

New Quests
* Supply Run
* Fishing for the Big One
* Dealing with Deserters
* Pirates of the North
* A Piece of History
* Floral Tribute

It’s obviously the best choice to explore the newly rebuilt monastery now. Don't forget to check out the new weapons and hiring the new, more powerful Battalions.

Two new quests, Dealing with Deserters and Pirates of the North are battle missions so make sure to talk to the requesters to accept the quests so you can tackle them in the following weekend.

Students from Other Houses
If you managed to Recruit every other students from the other houses prior to the timeskip event, you’ll see them in the monastery at this point. However, Ashe won’t be in the monastery as part of the story but you’ll have the chance to recruit him again during a story mission later on.

Planning for your preferred Ending Pairs

There’s also a lot of new Support scenes unlocked at this point. Take time to view them all. If you’re planning to pair up specific characters for their endings, have them reach their A-Support and avoid viewing the A-Support Level of the characters you don’t want to be paired up with. This is because if a character has attained A-support with several characters, those characters will become potential partners for that character’s ending. If the pair you want to end with has A-support only for each other, then that will pretty much lock their position as their closest ally.

You still have to make sure that the characters you want to have a Paired Ending work together often as Adjutants or Linked Attacks in the battlefield, so they’ll still earn Support points for each other and end up as the top pick as their closest ally in both of their lists.

What if I want to view the other A-supports for that character?
There's a trick to view these A-Support cutscenes and record them in your archive without ruining your preferred ending. You can refer to our Archive Trick page for more information.

If your former students have higher skill levels of the Skills they’re proficient with, they will be able to teach you and boost your skill exp. Similar to Faculty Training, this will cost one Activity Point as well. Students with lower skill exp than your own won’t be able to give you Advanced Drills instructions. This will also apply to former Instructors that became your allies/students prior to the timeskip. Your former instructors will be affected by this new system and the skills they can teach you will be reduced depending on your skill levels. You’ll still earn Support points from your students during Advanced Drills.

The Learning Never Ends
You'll still have your weekly Lessons in the form of War Council trainings. Here, you can still manually instruct your students, modify their Goals, assign them to Group Tasks etc. The mechanics of the study sessions you gave when they're still students will remain the same. Only the setting and some minor terms are changed.

Guardian Moon: 01/11

Events and Announcements:
* Saint Seiros Day (Free recital at the cathedral, with random participants)
* Rare Monster Sighting
* Blessings of the Land (Plants will have more yields)

To celebrate Saint Seiros Day, participate in the hymn recital to get significant Support point boost, faith experience, and professor EXP and authority experience for Byleth, all for free. The participants are decided randomly but this is nevertheless an opportunity you shouldn't pass up.

Since you explored last week, going to battle this week is recommended. If you accepted the quests for Dealing with Deserters and Pirates of the North, it will be best to tackle them now as well. Take note that the enemy levels have increased so it’s a great time to farm for EXP.

Guardian Moon: 01/18

Events and Announcements:
* Sweet-Tooth Week (Enhanced effects when dining with those who loves sweets)

If you went to battle last week, you can explore this week. There’s also a Lesson session next Monday so you can use this weekend to replenish your students’ motivation.

Guardian Moon: 01/25

Events and Announcements:
* Rare Monster Sighting
* Lots of Large Fish (Higher chance to catch large fish)

There’s a story mission next week and there’s no Lesson session in the following Monday as well. There’s also a rare monster sighting so training and farming this weekend can be a good option.

Guardian Moon: 01/31

This is the day of the mission. As always, complete any available certifications, Repair/Forge your equipment, view your pending Support conversations, arrange your items, etc. When ready, deploy for battle.

Mission: Protecting Garreg Mach

Protecting Garreg Mach Strategy

In this mission, you’ll have to defend the monastery again from the Imperial army led by General Randolph. This a scaled-down version of the Map where you defended the monastery five years ago. You have to defend the highlighted positions and prevent them from breaking through.

Start off by properly assigning units on each flank. The majority of your forces will be located to the west so they can face off with the enemy’s main force head on. The eastern flank only has three units, including Byleth. Place at least one tank and/or healer there, depending on Byleth’s equipped class. If Byleth can perform multiple roles like Healing and attacking, you can assign a high HP/high def unit and a dancer with you to take care of this flank. Move your eastern flank and have them engage the enemies there.

Next, carefully hold the position of your main units to the west and let the enemies come to you instead. Imperial Fliers and Mounted units will be the first wave to reach your group so keep your softer units behind your melee units. Otherwise, you can be on the offensive and pick off the nearby enemy units, as long as you don’t overextend your units.

In the following turn, an allied Swordmaster will arrive on the eastern flank. Have your units there escort him as he makes his way towards the ballista to the southeast. Maintain the careful momentum of wiping out the enemies along the way on both flanks until the allied unit reaches the ballista.

Once done, Claude will gloat on Randolph, which will make the latter move his heavy units to the middle of the Map. After this movement, Claude will order for the fire attack to commence, which will turn a large number of floor tiles to be set on fire. These tiles will Damage occupants each turn, except for Fliers. Sadly, this will also include your own units. If you’ve been moving south, your units will have access to nearby safe spots away from the fiery ground. Use this chance to pick off the imperial armored knights.

The escape points on the Map will also be revealed where the enemies will attempt to escape to. If you’ve been moving your army down, you should be within Range to intercept them and prevent their escape. Continue destroying Randolph’s forces before finally cornering him and finishing him off. Mission complete.

After a few more cutscenes, the chapter will be complete.

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