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Chapter 16: The Rose-colored River

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Chapter 16: The Rose-colored River

Last Updated:

Lone Moon: 03/02

Saint Indech Day recital; random participants will be selected and receive faith EXP and Support points. You’ll also get free professor EXP and authority EXP.

Lone Moon: 03/08

Events and Announcements:
* New Paralogue available
* Fistful of Fish (more fish that can be caught in the pond)
* Bow Tournament (Reward: Silver Bow+)

New Quests
* Taking Care of Business

This is the first weekend of the month so Exploring is the best option. While exploring, don’t forget to accept the quest “Taking Care of Business” since it is a quest battle mission.

Best time to fish!
Due to the Fistful of Fish event, this is the best time to use up all your baits. Since you’ll catch up to 2-4 fish per bait, which also means you’ll get twice or up to 4 times the amount of professor EXP per catch. Don’t forget to buy a new batch of baits since they have been restocked as well.

Lone Moon: 03/15

Events and Announcements:
* Rare monster sighting
* Fish Bounty Festival (Effects enhanced when dining with a fish enthusiast)

It is recommended to go to battle this week since the quest Taking Care of Business will require clearing a battle.

Lone Moon: 03/22

Events and Announcements:
* No events
If you completed “Taking Care of Business” in the previous week and explored during this week, the Dark Merchant’s Shop will now be open for business. This merchant sells Arcane Crystals, new Gifts, rare tea leaves, and Cooking ingredients.

Lone Moon: 03/29

Events and Announcements:
* Rare monster sighting
* Morale Meals (Enhanced effects when dining with an ally)
There's no training session the following Monday so you can do whatever you want this weekend. This is a good week to go to battle if you want to train before the story battle at the end of the month.

Lone Moon: 03/31

Like always, do some last-minute certifications, view supports, and other preparations needed. Once ready, deploy for the mission.

The Great Bridge Coup

The Great Bridge Coup Strategy

Claude’s Barbarossa class will be unlocked at this point so you should switch to it. This is his unique class which is practically a better version of a Wyvern Master, while maintaining his capacity to use the bow. If you have additional Flier or two, preferably at least a Falcon Knight or Pegasus Rider, you can send them to escort him to maintain an even larger Map presence.

There’s a ballista near your starting position, with a treasure chest in front of it. Enemies will attempt to capture it and use it against you so sending your Fliers there early in the battle to decimate the enemies will give your army the much needed advantage. Don’t forget to have one of your fliers carry a Chest Key as well to open the chest.

Ladislava is the enemy general that will lead the enemy army. She has an Aurora Shield equipped, which nullifies the Bonus Damage dealt by enemy weapons, Combat Arts, or spells against Fliers. She’s also a Wyvern Lord which makes her a very potent enemy to face alone. Thankfully, she will not act until your army gets within attacking Range. As soon as the battle starts, she will also send a messenger to ask for reinforcements to Acheron. Acheron and his men will appear from the southeast corner of the Map.

Enemy reinforcements will also spawn from the central fortress to the south. You have to kill the four soldiers surrounding it as well as the Archer in the middle in order to capture it. Reach and clear with your main force as soon as you can to stop the flow of reinforcements.

Start off by sending your Fliers to the ballista. You can block their path to force them to pile up in a single line, which will allow you to whittle down their numbers without issues. Decimate the enemies there with your fliers, using hit-and-run tactics with the help of their Canto Skills. Loot the Critical Ring from the chest. Keep your fliers in that area to get rid of any reinforcements.

Move your army to the south and deal with the opportunistic traitor Acheron. You’ll be able to kill him permanently in this battle. Continue moving your units while clearing out enemy units until you reach the central fortress.

If one of your mages have access to the Warp spell, you can teleport your toughest unit in the middle of the fortress to take out the Archer and force its guards to converge and fight you in the narrow paths inside the fortress. Otherwise, just pick them off individually. Don’t forget to get the Talisman from the chest south of the central fortress as well.

More reinforcements will arrive from the northwest, including an enemy Archer spawning on the ballista itself. Keep your Fliers around that area so you can easily deal with surprise threats like this. Take out the archers and the other reinforcements as your main army marchers towards Ladislava’s forces to the southwest.

There’s an artificial Demonic Beast that you have to deal with before reaching Ladislava. Move your units near its Attack Range then lure it towards your position so you can isolate it without getting the aggro of other imperial forces nearby. Coordinate your attacks to finish it off.

Continue mopping the remaining enemy forces before landing the finishing blow to Ladislava. After finishing her off, the mission will be complete.

After completing this mission, watch a few more cutscenes and the chapter will conclude.

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