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Gameplay Basics

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Smash Bros sets itself from the traditional fighting games with its simplicity. There are only two attack buttons which the variety of attacks will depend on the combination of direction where the analog stick is tilted. Battles are not decided by the players' skills alone; there are multiple factors that come at play. Like for instance, stages are not linear. Players can be thrown off the stage and can be KO'd if they weren't able to grab hold of the edges of the stage. Not only that, there are ever-present hazards in each stage that can turn the tide of battle even against a very cautious foe. The game also throws in various items and assist trophies. Any character can use them and will greatly help in setting the advantage on their end with proper use and timing.

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The control scheme below is the default setting. You can freely edit this as you please by accessing "Games & More" then "Options"

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Circle Pad Movement, (Press Up to jump if enabled)
X / Y Jump
A Normal Attack
B Special Attack
L shoulder button Grab
R shoulder button Shield


Characters don't have HP bars. Instead, the game uses damage percentage. Getting damaged by enemy attacks, items, or environmental hazards will increase the character's damage. The higher the damage, the easier a character is launched off screen. This is the basic way to earn a KO in most matches in the game.

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While getting launched off screen is the way to earn KO, if the damage isn't that high enough, the character's small icon will appear in the direction they're launched off to. With proper timing and use of their aerial skills, they can still grab the edge of the stage and go back to action.

Guide Image


There are two attack buttons: The normal attack and the special attack. Performing combos can be done by either holding the attack button or repeatedly pressing it. As simple as it looks, button mashing is discouraged since the battle is more about timing and using the proper attacks. A character's attack will vary with the combination of the circle pad.

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For example, holding up while pressing the attack button will allow a character to attack upward while holding down will allow the character to use a low attack. Same goes with dashing attacks, air attacks, etc. Tapping the circle pad then quickly pressing the attack button unleashes a powerful smash attack that launches off enemies. Smash attacks can be charged; with proper timing, it can deal heavy damage while launching off the target. Each character has their own set of attacks and it's up to the players to find who they're most comfortable playing with.

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Defensive Moves

You can protect yourself from most attacks by deploying a shield. This shield can prevent further damage or potentially getting knocked off. While deploying the shield, the player is immobile. The shield also diminishes over time, the longer it is deployed.

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An character that's protected by his shield can still be grabbed and attacked. Use this to your advantage and expect the same thing to be done against you.

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Another defensive move is evading. You can do this by pressing the shield button this move your character forward or backward. Take note that you'll still be a bit vulnerable when evading but this will allow you to get behind the enemy and give you a brief opportunity to counterattack. Be warned though; advanced enemies (AI or humans) will evade after you get behind their back, in an attempt to use the same method against you.

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You can also perform a "static dodge" by pressing your Shield button as you tilt your circle pad up or down. This allows you to avoid getting damaged while staying in your position, perfect against quick attacks. When jumping, you can also press the Shield button to render your character invulnerable for a couple of seconds. Upon activating, you'll notice that your character will glow faintly. This is great for avoiding damage in mid-air.

Tip: Pressing down while in mid-air will allow you to land quickly. This is good for evading an airborne attack

Aerial Recovery

If you get thrown off the ledge, your can grab the edge of the stage. Only one player is allowed to grab on an edge at a time. If a player attempts to grab the edge where another player is already hanging, he/she won't be able to grab it and fall instead. If the player haven't used up his jump and air special limit, he/she can use that to escape.

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While hanging from the edge, you can perform various recovery options, like pulling yourself up, activating your shield so you character will roll back to the platform, press the Jump button to propel yourself in the air and control your landing, and simply release from the edge.

Final Smash

There are certain items (and skills) that guarantee an instant KO, regardless of the target's damage level. One of the sure ways to do this is by using a Final Smash attack that can be acquired only by successfully destroying a Smash Ball when it appears. If you successfully acquired its power, you'll see your character's distinct glow.

Guide Image
Guide Image

Each character has their own, unique Final Smash. Some can be conveniently activated without too much hassle to control, some requires direct control in order to hit the enemies. Unfortunately, there's no way to preview a character's Final Smash easily. However, you can use the Training option and turn off all other items and leave only the Smash Ball as the one available.

Guide Image
Guide Image

Items and Assist Trophies

These items are dropped randomly in the battlefield, each with their effect. Some of the items only damage enemies, while some can backfire and damage you as well. Also, some items can even put you in disadvantage if you're not careful. For example, the Hammer item can launch any character it hits but it won't allow you to jump if you fall in a gap or from the edge of the stage. To sum it up, be careful what items to pick and learn how each of them work.

Guide Image

To use an item, just step on it and press the attack button to grab it. Use the attack button again to use it. Some items will activate continuously even if you just activated it once, while some items (like guns) will be used only when you fire the shots. Most of the items are single-use only and will disappear after getting the effects.

Tip: Picked an item you don't want or almost out of charge? Throw it away by pressing the Grab button (L shoulder button by default)

The Smash Ball is probably one of the most coveted items in a match since its the only way for a character to unleash his/her Final Smash, which can immediately turn the tide of battle to his/her favor.

Guide Image

Assist trophies are one of the most helpful pieces of items available in the game. However, the catch is that you don't know what type of character will be summoned. These characters have different abilities; some will attack the other players in your behalf, some produce stage-wide effects (slowing down time, altering the stage, etc), while some provide healing items. Fortunately, once summoned, you'll be immune to their attacks or negative effects. For assist characters that provide positive effects, your enemies can take advantage of them, too.

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