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Green clothes? Pointy hat? Yep, it's Link, all right! In this game, his sword and shield make for effective attacking and blocking, and his bow, bombs, and boomerang will spice up any battle. He's even brought his Clawshot for grabbing enemies and edges. Jeez, just how much stuff can Link carry?

Move Guide

Neutral Attack / Special Press the attack or special button only without using the Circle Pad.
Side Attack / Special Hold the circle pad to the left or right then press the attack / special buttons
Down Attack / Special Hold the circle pad down and press the attack / special buttons
Up Attack / Special Hold the circle pad up and press the attack / special buttons
Up/ Side / Down Smash Hold the circle pad to the corresponding direction and press the attack button at the same time. Smash attacks can be charged. It can be released prematurely or the character will release it after charging the move enough.
Dash Attack Tap left or right to dash then press the attack button.
Air Attacks Similar to basic attacks and specials, most characters perform different air attacks by using similar button and circle pad combinations.
Recovery This is the recommended move to get back to the edge of the stage ledge if ever you get blown off but not KO'd
Final Smash After successfully destroying a Smash Ball, press and hold the special button to unleash your character's Final Smash attack.

Basic Attacks

Neutral Attack

Two slashes followed by a quick sword thrust.

Forward Attack

Downward overhead slash.

Up Attack

An upward sword slash.

Down Attack

A low, sword sweep.

Dash Attacks

Dash Attack

Link will run towards the target and slash his sword downward.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash

Link will perform a quick but heavy damaging downward slash in front.

Up Smash

Link slashes three times upward, the last blow capable of launching enemies far up.

Down Smash

Link performs a low sweeping slash consecutively on both sides.

Special Attacks

Hero’s Bow (Neutral Special)

Link fires an arrow from his bow. A quick tap on the special button which launch a quick but short-ranged arrow. Fully charging it will increase the arrow's range, power, and it will travel in a straight line.

Gale Boomerang (Side Special)

Link throws his boomerang which damages enemies when launched and will cause a tornado that can pull enemies back when the boomerang returns to Link.

Spin Attack (Up Special)

When used in the ground, Link will spin while staying in place, hitting enemies multiple times. If used in mid-air, Link will spin upward. This can be used as a recovery move.

Bomb (Down Special)

Link throws a bomb that explodes on impact or will explode automatically once the fuse runs out. You can throw it on any direction.

Air Attacks

Neutral Air

Link performs a generic jump kick.

Side Air (Front)

Link performs two slashes; one in mid-level followed by a low slash.

Side Air (Back)

Link performs a double spinning kick.

Up Air

Link thrusts his sword upward.

Down Air

Link points his sword downward while shifting all his weight to it. This has good launch capability and can bounce over enemies twice.

Final Smash

Triforce Slash

Link fires a beam of light across the stage. The first enemy that gets hit will be immobilized and Link will follow up with a devastating combo. Each hit will increase in range and will also capture and damage anyone caught.



Link's aerial Spin Attack is his main vertical recovery move. This allows him to recover average height but you only have a small angle to steer yourself to the edge. He doesn't have any reliable horizontal recovery move making it quite dangerous for him once he uses up his jump limit while he's still far away the stage's edge. His Grappling Hook grab has good range but it will only work when there are nearby enemies. It also requires proper timing; missing the timing will result in self-destruction, making this a poor and risky horizontal move substitute.


Link is a good overall fighter with average weight, speed and stats. He's very well-rounded in all aspects, making him a good variable fighter in the game. Thanks to his sword, he has good melee range. His shield also protects him from frontal damage as long as he is not attacking. He can still be damaged however from behind.

Link's special moves are long-ranged, giving him the option to hit the enemies from afar or pressure them to engage in melee combat. His Hero Bow, Bomb, and Gale Boomerang are all good projectile moves that deals decent damage and has decent range. His Down Air move packs a lot of punch and launching power as well as his other smash moves. Finally, Link fires his Grappling Hook when he's grabbing opponents, giving him a range advantage in closing the distance while locking down the enemy's movement.

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