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Stage List (A-L)

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Stage List (A-L)

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3D Land
Origin: Super Mario 3D Land

This is a scrolling stage; make sure you don't get left off. Well-known elements of Super Mario stages can be used to your advantage here like destroying "?" boxes to get items. You also have to be careful of certain hazards, like the holes and the free-falling blocks. After reaching the end of the actively moving screen, players will be taken to a series of tilting, multi-colored platforms. Players need to play carefully since falling out of the platforms mean instant KO. After the platforms, the stage will return back to the starting area and loop the transition all over again until the match is finished.

3D Land Form Version

The Form version of the stage is a small one, which will make it a riot for a four-player, free-for-all game.

Arena Ferox
Origin: Fire Emblem: Awakening

Arena Ferox starts off as a simple stage. However, it can turn to a elaborate set of contraptions and platforms. Some of the platforms can be destroyed as well. The purple mist is the signal for this stage transformation. The stage doesn't have any environmental hazards that players must be aware of.

Form version

Balloon Fight
Origin: Balloon Fight
Unlock: Use the Villager three or more times in Smash.

You only have to be concerned of the water in the middle. If you get too close, a giant fish will grab and drag you down. You have a very small window to escape its grasp and make it back to the surface. The two red installations in both sides of the stage will spin when hit. If you get hit while they are spinning, you'll be knocked off with small damage. This stage also allows players from moving past the edge of either side of the stage and they'll appear on the opposite side.

Form version

Origin: Super Smash Bros.

This is one of the game's simplest stages. There are no hazards, no transitions, no special effects. The stage will remain unchanged throughout the entire match and players just need to concentrate on fighting their rivals without worries.

Boxing Ring
Origin: Punch-Out!!

There is only one hazard in this stage and that's the overhead lighting platform. You can reach it by double-jumping and using your character's air special move. Or simply use the ropes to bounce and jump. You can fight on that platform. After enough damage is dealt, it will fall down, knocking off any characters underneath it. The ramps on both sides of the stage are where you need to knock off your enemies to score a KO.

Origin: Metroid

Brinstar starts off as a normal stage. There's a spot on the main platform which gets destroyed when damaged. This is a bad spot for characters will "meteor" air attacks as they can go through that soft spot. The spot regenerates itself after a few seconds.

Acid occasionally fills the cavern and will submerge the lower platforms. If players weren't able to reach high ground, the acid damage will launch them to the air. The background will always display the amount of acid in the cavern so use that as your cue to know when to go to the topmost platform.

Form version

Origin: Star Fox

The battle takes place on top of this ship. There are no hazards and no platforms that players can escape to. If a player is thrown off on the front end of the ship, he/she can grab hold of the front cannons and propel back to the main stage. However, this cannon fires occasionally and if your timing is unfortunate, you'll be knocked off instead. From time to time, smaller planes will fly alongside the main ship. You can hop on these and use them as platforms temporarily.

Distant Planet
Origin: Pikmin

There are two main environmental hazards in this stage. First, is the giant snail/slug creature on the right side of the stage. Normally, you can use its head as a temporary platform. However, with its mouth open, you can force opponents to it for a sure KO. The second hazard in the rain. When it rains, water will come rushing in on the slope to the left. Stay clear of this area while its raining and you'll be good. The stage also features numbered flowers. Hitting them will drop these number pellets which you can hurl towards enemies to deal damage. The higher the number, the higher the damage.

Dream Land
Origin: Kirby's Dream Land

Seen from the screen of the original Gameboy, this stage features scrolling areas and stage transitions. Be watchful of the surroundings. If you see a pointing hand, move towards the same direction it is pointing to avoid getting offscreen.

Final Destination
Origin: Super Smash Bros.

The stage is where you'll find the Hand bosses in Classic mode. This is a very simple stage. No hazards, no platforms, no transitions, no special effects. Just you and your rival(s).

Find Mii
Origin: Find Mii

This stage features two separate platforms; the main one to the left and the smaller one to the right. If you have Find Mii Streetpass mini-game, you should see your main Mii's female version captured on the dangling cage above. You can hop on top of the cage to use it as a platform. The only hazard here is the Dark Emperor.

This enemy can temporarily power up or weaken players. It can also destroy one of the two platforms. To know which one is safe to jump unto, look for the sparkling lights under the platform. The other one without the sparkles will be destroyed. The Dark Emperor is a hassle since it can launch players out of the platforms. To force this third-party enemy out of the stage, you can destroy the cage to free the imprisoned Mii.

Flat Zone 2
Origin: Game & Watch
Unlock: Unlock the Mr. Game & Watch and complete the first Challenge panel.

This stage features some of the Game & Watch games. Players are subjected to randomly selected screen transitions. Though most of the objects in different screens are harmless, you have to watch out from falling food and ingredients from the kitchen screen or the chair-wielding NPCs in the animal cage screen since they can launch and make your character bounce in the small area if you make contact to them.

Gaur Plain
Origin: Xenoblade Chronicles

This stage has no real hazard or screen transition. The only change here is the regular day/night cycle and the long drop in the middle.

Form version

Gerudo Valley
Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The stage is practically two areas connected by a single bridge. This bridge can be destroyed (but it will get destroyed on its own if left alone) but fallen characters can still make it safely by using the wooden footholds on either side of the chasm. Some of these footholds contain spikes and are very fragile so make sure you don't hang around that long. Take note that it is possible for characters to get trapped in the chasm once it repairs itself so be careful not to stay there for long.

Everytime the bridge is broken, two witches can be seen flying around. One of them will always retreat while the other stays to initiate an elemental spell. Either the left side of the stage erupts in flames or the right side gets covered with ice that freezes any player that touches it. While these elemental effects are in place, players will be forced to fight in the other side of the bridge.

Golden Plains
Origin: New Super Mario Bros. 2

This stage has moving areas but it won't be continuous. Players can collect the coins scattered in the area. Collecting 100 coins will temporarily turn your character into gold which increases the character's attack power and is immune from getting launched. Hitting P-switches will display hidden blue coins while passing through Red Rings will reveal red coins. Red coins are worth 5 coins so collecting them will allow you to turn to gold faster.

Green Hill Zone
Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog

The stage's curved stage prevents some straight-line attacks from being effective. There are also occasional markers that will appear. When hit, this markers spin around, capable of launching players in a short distance. The main hazard in this stage is the chasm that will form in the middle. Once you see the ground crumble, quickly get out of the way.

Jungle Japes
Origin: Donkey Kong 64

The stage's main hazard is the river rapids below. If you fell down the water, you only have a split-second to react and jump out before it carries you out of the screen. The hut in the middle serves as the main platform. There are also a fish that leaps out of the water which can instantly KO any character it hits.

Form version

Living Room
Origin: Nintendogs + Cats

Don't get fooled thinking this is a wide, safe-looking stage. It may seem like that at the start of the match but shortly after, shape blocks will fall from above. These blocks can damage and launch damaged characters so be careful not to get hit. These blocks disappear eventually but will repeat the process and drop again. Watch out for the shadows and don't stand on them!

Form version

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