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As iconic as iconic gets, this gaming celebrity is known for saving the world from Bowser. He's got amazing jumping skills and makes use of a wide range of transformations. In his free time, he plays too many sports to count. In Smash Bros., he's a well-rounded fighter you can rely on. Say it with me: "It's-a me, Mario!"

Neutral Attack / Special Press the attack or special button only without using the Circle Pad.
Side Attack / Special Hold the circle pad to the left or right then press the attack / special buttons
Down Attack / Special Hold the circle pad down and press the attack / special buttons
Up Attack / Special Hold the circle pad up and press the attack / special buttons
Up/ Side / Down Smash Hold the circle pad to the corresponding direction and press the attack button at the same time. Smash attacks can be charged. It can be released prematurely or the character will release it after charging the move enough.
Dash Attack Tap left or right to dash then press the attack button.
Air Attacks Similar to basic attacks and specials, most characters perform different air attacks by using similar button and circle pad combinations.
Recovery This is the recommended move to get back to the edge of the stage ledge if ever you get blown off but not KO'd
Final Smash After successfully destroying a Smash Ball, press and hold the special button to unleash your character's Final Smash attack.

Basic Attacks

Neutral Attack

If you press and hold the attack button, Mario will unleash a flurry of punches. Once it connects to the target, he will punch the enemy twice before kicking him upward.

Side Attack

A side kick that has decent range.

Up Attack

A grounded uppercut.

Down Attack

A low sweep

Dash Attacks

Dash Attack

Mario slides on the ground, launching enemies when hit.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash

Mario unleashes an explosive blast from his palm.

Up Smash

A powerful overhead punch that can send enemies flying vertically

Down Smash

A low spinning sweep that has good reach.

Special Attacks

Fireball (Neutral Special)

Mario sends out a bouncing fireball that can hit multiple times.

Cape (Side Special)

Mario will swing his cape that will turn around an opponent it hits. With timing, this move can also be used to deflect projectiles. Additionally, this move will enable Mario to stay airborne for a split-second that can be used to throw your opponent's timing or potential air combo off.

Super Jump Punch (Up Special)

Mario's most recognizable move. This hits the enemy multiple times, knocking out coins off them. Its damage depends on the time it connects so hitting the enemy as early as possible once the move is executed deals greater damage.

F.L.U.D.D. (Down Special)

The acronym for Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device. This move doesn't deal any damage but it can be powerful enough to push enemies off the stage. First, you have to charge it first. The longer you charge it, the farther its reach becomes. Take note that you're vulnerable while charging so make sure to charge it only when you're not in danger of getting immediately attacked. Once charged, press the Special button again to unleash the stored water. FLUDD can be aimed up or down while firing and it can absorb several types of projectiles.

Air Attacks

Neutral Air

Mario performs a weak, short-ranged kick.

Side Air (Front)

Mario delivers a quick, overhead punch

Side Air (Back)

Mario delivers a drop kick.

Up Air

Mario performs a somersault kick.

Down Air

Mario performs a spinning move similar to Luigi's Cyclone but this can only be performed in mid-air. While spinning, this move deals multiple hits to the opponent caught within range. Near the end of the move, Mario will outstretch his arm, throwing enemies off at a distance.

Final Smash

Mario Finale

Mario will unleash a flurry of powerful fireballs that will travel horizontally. The close the target is, the more hits he/she will suffer. This move can also push targets while damaging them, perfect for punishing opponents already thrown off-stage.


Mario lacks reliable horizontal recovery moves so you have to rely on his double-jump to cover a good distance and let you back in the stage. His Super Jump Punch will be his main vertical recovery move as it has good height and reach.


Mario is a very balanced fighter with average mobility, speed, damage, and resistance. His variety of moves allows him to take on opponents at close range or farther. His Fireball is good for harassing opponents from afar and his Super Jump Punch deals tremendous damage if it connects at melee range. His FLUDD move requires a bit of mastery before anyone can use it effectively. This move is a two-step procedure (charging and releasing) but it can be quite potent when used at the right time. Aside from having pushing power capable of throwing enemies off the stage, the FLUDD stream can also swallow up several opposing projectiles. In the other hand, Mario's Cape is also a good deterrent against projectiles but this requires proper timing.

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