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Mii Gunner

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A Mii sporting a blaster arm, this fighter is a great choice for those who prefer to fight the battle from a distance. The Mii Gunner has a lot of special projectile moves available, so pick your favorites and use them when needed. Don't forget about standard and smash attacks!

Neutral Attack / Special Press the attack or special button only without using the Circle Pad.
Side Attack / Special Hold the circle pad to the left or right then press the attack / special buttons
Down Attack / Special Hold the circle pad down and press the attack / special buttons
Up Attack / Special Hold the circle pad up and press the attack / special buttons
Up/ Side / Down Smash Hold the circle pad to the corresponding direction and press the attack button at the same time. Smash attacks can be charged. It can be released prematurely or the character will release it after charging the move enough.
Dash Attack Tap left or right to dash then press the attack button.
Air Attacks Similar to basic attacks and specials, most characters perform different air attacks by using similar button and circle pad combinations.
Recovery This is the recommended move to get back to the edge of the stage ledge if ever you get blown off but not KO'd
Final Smash After successfully destroying a Smash Ball, press and hold the special button to unleash your character's Final Smash attack.

Basic Attacks

Neutral Attack

Swings the arm cannon twice before releasing an fire burst

Side Attack

A quick, short-ranged energy burst that has decent range.

Up Attack

This an uppercut with the arm cannon while releasing a weak, short-ranged fire barrage.

Down Attack

A downward fire blast attack that blows an opponent away.

Dash Attacks

Dash Attack

A running punch with the arm cannon, while releasing a short-range fire burst.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash

A rapid fire shot of projectiles.

Up Smash

The gunner swings his arm cannon upward, from one side to the other while release several fire bursts.

Down Smash

The Gunner fires his arm cannon to the ground quickly, once on each side.

Special Attacks

(These are the default Specials)

Charge Blast (Neutral Special)

The gunner will charge his arm cannon. Once fully charged, the power is stored and can be released any time by pressing the Neutral Special command again.

Flame Pillar (Side Special)

Fires a short-range projectile that bursts into a fire pillar

Lunar Launch (Up Special)

using the arm cannon, the gunner launches himself vertically to the air by firing on the ground.

Echo Reflector (Down Special)

Deploys a shield that reflects projectiles with increased damage.

Air Attacks

Neutral Air

An up-down side sweep using the arm cannon

Side Air (Front)

Fires a long-range projectile

Side Air (Back)

A fire burst aimed at the back

Up Air

An upward rapid fire barrage of projectiles.

Down Air

A powerful energy shot aimed at the ground.

Final Smash

Full Blast

The gunner fires a massive laser beam that covers the entire screen, further boosted by “options” or smaller wingmen laser blasters. These disappear after the beam dissipates.


The Gunner is the slowest of the three Custom characters and his jump height isn't that great as well. However, he makes it up with his good array of ranged moves. His main vertical recovery move is the Lunar Launch. This move can be used in mid-air so it's a good way of lifting out of a deep fall in case you exhausted your double jumps already. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any more similar moves so he'll need to rely on double-jumps most of the time.



You're free to edit the Mii Gunner's movesets. The strategy will depend and change accordingly on the chosen specials for your Mii Gunner. Also, since you can change your Mii Gunner's equipment as well, you should take into consideration the stat bonuses and bonus effects your brawler can derive from those.

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