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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Super Smash Bros. Walkthrough

We have 22 cheats and tips on 3DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS please send them in here.

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Balloon Fight Screen Wrapping

The borders of the Balloon Fight stage are designed to wrap around each other and successfully crossing the borders without being hit by an attack will enable you to be transported to the opposite side of the screen instead of self-destructing. The Balloon Fight stage is the only stage in the game that you are able to do this.

Turn Gold in Golden Plains Stage

You will temporarily turn golden, have stronger attacks and not flinch when you have collected 100 coins.

Unlock Alternate Stage Music

If you hold R when selecting the stage the background music you hear during battle will be different.

Auto-Arrange Trophies

Holding the indicated directions on the D-pad or Circle-pad after selecting 'Hoard' in 'Trophies' section of the Vault will arrange the trophies in the indicated pattern.
Hold Right.
Hold Up.
Inverted Triangle:
Hold Down.
Hold Left.

Recover from Falling

If you get thrown off an edge while playing as Link, Toon Link, Samus, or Zero Suit Samus there is a chance that you will be able to recover and save using up a Special Attack if you use their Hookshots, Grapple Beam, and Plasma Whip grabs at the right moment to latch on the edge and pull yourself up.

Unlock Monochrome Dream Land

Hold down the L button before selecting the Dream Land stage to change it to a monochrome colour palette instead of the default green.


The following stages become unlocked when you complete the corresponding task.
Balloon Fight:
Play as the Villager three times.
Mute City:
Win three Smash mode battles as Captain Falcon.
Flat Zone 2:
Play 90 matches in Smash mode to fight Mr. Game & Watch and defeat him.
Dream Land (Pupupu Land):
Execute Kirby's Final Smash special attack in a Smash mode battle.
Pac-Man Maze:
Execute Pac-Man's Final Smash special attack.
Complete 10 matches to unlock Ness.
Complete 30 matches to unlock Wario.

Unlock Mii Fighters

Create a Mii Fighter and save it. Then type the following to unlock it as the desired class.
Mii Brawler:
Create a Mii Fighter and then type 'Brawler' to unlock it.
Mii Gunner:
Create a Mii Fighter and then type 'Gunner' to unlock it.
Mii Swordfighter:
Create a Mii Fighter and then type 'Swordfighter' to unlock it.

Unique Victory Screens

When you win a one-on-one battle with the following opponents you will be able to see a unique victory screen which has specific dialogue and animations.
* Dark Pit defeating Pit.
* Lucina defeating Marth or Ike.
* Fox defeats Falco (and vice versa).
* Male or Female Robin defeating Lucina.
* Palutena defeating Pit or Dark Pit.

Unlock Challenge Bonuses

Complete the following challenges to unlock the correspondng bonus. Only the first 35 Challenges are available to begin with. The next set unlock after completing the first 35. The third set unlocks after completing 60 Challenges. Hammers do not carry over from page to page.
1 - (Trophy) Toad:
Obtain 30 Trophies.
2 - (Item) Horizontal Beam Level 1:
Complete Smash Run in 1st Place.
3 - (Trophy) Epona:
Complete All-Star mode on Easy difficulty.
4 - (Mii Equipment) Football Helmet:
Create a Mii Fighter.
5 - (Trophy) Peach+Birthday Girl:
Play 3 matches on the Rainbow Road stage.
6 - (Stage) Dream Land:
Use Kirby's Final Smash.
7 - (Trop..

Unlock Alternate Boxing Rings

The following Boxing Rings are normally selected randomly when the match starts but they can be chosen manually by entering the corresponding code.
Punch-Out Boxing Ring:
Hold Y while selecting the Boxing Ring stage to play it with the Punch-Out theme.
Smash Bros. Boxig Ring:
Hold L while selecting the Boxing Ring stage to play it with the Smash Bros. Theme.

Star Fox Character Conversations

If you tap the D-Pad quickly during the Corneria stage while playing as Fox or Falco your character will skip his regular taunt and instead have a brief coversation with the other Star Fox characters.

Unlock Characters

The following characters become unlocked when you have played the indicated amount of Smash matches and defeated the challenger that appears.
Bowser Jr.:
Play 100 Smash matches or beat Classic mode on Normal difficulty as Bowser.
Dark Pit:
Play 50 Smash matches or beat Classic mode on 5.0 difficulty.
Dr. Mario:
Play 60 Smash matches or beat Classic mode on Normal difficulty as Mario.
Duck Hunt:
Play 110 Smash matches or beat Classic mode on Normal difficulty as Luigi.
Play 20 Smash matches or beat Classic mode 1 time.
Play 80 Smash matches or beat Classic mode on Normal difficulty with Link.

Star Fox Dialog in Corneria Stage

When you play as Fox or Falco on the Corneria stage and tap the D-pad quickly your character will have a short conversation with the rest of the Star Fox crew.

Unlock Additional Rules

When you get a total of 200 KOs in the game the 'Additional Rules' option will become available in the 'Rules' menu.

Power Pellets In Pac-Maze

Make sure you collect as many Pac-Dots as possible when you are in the Pac-Maze stage because if you manage to get 100 you will be rewarded with a Power Pellet which boosts your character's abilities, especially attack power. Also, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde will also turn blue and become vulnerable to your attacks.


The following milestones become unlocked when you complete the corresponding task.
Battled 1000 Times Now!:
Battle a total of 1000 times.
5000 Blocks Blown Up in Trophy Rush!:
Destroy 5000 blocks in total in Trophy Rush.
Blew Up 5000 Targets and/or Obstacles in Target Blast:
Destroy 5000 objects cumulatively in Target Blast.

Achieved a High Score of 100 in Rival Smash:
Die in Rival Smash with at least 100 more KOs than your rival. This can be completed by repeatedly using Kirby's Stone ability.
Defeated 10 Enemies in Cruel Smash:
Die in Cruel Smash with at least 10 KOs (this can be completed using Kirby's Inhale ability to spit out Miis beneath the stage where they ..

Link's Hylian Shield

Although you cannot attack while doing this you can always use Link's Hylian Shield to block projectile attacks.

Gold Fighters On Golden Plains

Make sure you collect as many coins as possible on the Golden Plains stage because if you manage to get 100 of them your character will temporarily turn golden and have stronger attacks and flinching immunity.

Unlock True All Star Mode

This mode will become available when you have unlocked ALL the characters. True All Star mode is identical to All Star mode except it contains all of the characters.

Final Smash Challenge Done Easy

Some of the challenges that are in the game are like getting a "Final Smash" with a specific character... However this can sometimes be difficult as smash balls do not come around that often... A VERY SIMPLE WAY to BIPASS this necessity is to select that character and use it in training. Here, on the bottom screen, you can spawn a smash ball, use it, and once you exit, the objective will be complete...
I hope this helps you out and remember to thumbs up this cheat...
And Remember To:
Have a SMASHING Good Time...

What Does The RACOON LEAF Do????

Once thought to be a simple decoration by some, I have figured out that the raccoon leaf, can be used to FLOAT (cannot fly like in NSMB2 but it can stay airborne and walk side to side...) once you jump high enough, by pressing a certain button, you can stay at that height for a short time while also being able to move across horizontally. This can also be useful if you find that your ' up + B ' can get you high enough but you're too far over from the edge...
Hope this Helps and Happy Smashing Everyone...

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