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Stage List (M-Y)

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Origin: EarthBound

Unlock Ness

The main platform remains the same in the match, except for the occasional obstacles that fall or grow in the stage. However, the most interesting aspect of this stage is the Flying Men. These cartoon, bird-luchadors appear on the upper right platform. They will become allies to the first player that hits them and will stay active until they are defeated. They are invaluable allies, capable of striking hard and launching opponents. Only one Flying Man can be active at a time, and the stage can spawn up to 5 Flying Men in a battle.

Form version

Mushroomy Kingdom

Origin: Super Mario Bros.

This is a continuous, side-scrolling stage that contains the elements of the Classic Mario games. Hitting the "?" blocks reveal items that can be used by any fighters. There are also destructible blocks, hidden items, obstacles, and falls. Just keep along the active screen while fighting.

Form version

Mute City

Origin: F-Zero

Unlocked by: Using Captain Falcon to win three or more Smash battles.

The safest place to fight are the fixed floating platforms. You can temporarily use the racing vehicles below as platforms but you have to watch out if they have "Check" displayed over them. A vehicle with this marker is about to get blown off the track and will carry you with it if you don't get out of the way. Falling to the track won't instantly KO you but will deal significant damage.


Origin: PAC-MAN

Unlocked by: Performing a Final Smash while playing as PAC-MAN.

The stage has roaming ghosts and collectible pellets. Avoid the ghosts but collect the pellets as much as you can. After collecting 100 pellets, a Power Pellet will appear in the screen. This can only be collected by the player who spawned it (players can destroy the power pellets other than their own). Collecting a Power Pellet will temporarily boost the player's stats. The roaming ghosts will also turn blue and become vulnerable while a player is under the benefits of the power pellet.

Paper Mario

Origin: Paper Mario

This stage has three main transitions. The first one's hazard is a giant fan that can blow players away. While the wind is blowing, avoid the windmill on the right as your character can get caught by the wind blades and prevent you from recovering.

The second screen takes place on a ship. The ship can be raised by whale underneath, giving players a small elevated area to recover after falling off the ship. The last one features a giant squid that will violently trash the ship around and produce giant waves.

Finally, the last transition (and the most dangerous one in this stage) features a castle with Bowser's head. You can use use this as a middle-platform but it will rotate from time to time. You can also get inside the head's mouth but don't stay there for long since it will snap shortly after. After this area, the stage will transition back to the first one.


Origin: PictoChat

This stage will feature doodles that "come to life" and can serve as obstacles, platforms, hazards, or helpful objects. The drawings don't last long so players need to watch out for this constant changes.

Prism Tower

Origin: Pokemon X/Y

This stage will start off at ground level, in front of the Prism Tower. After a short while, a platform will form on the ground. Players must hop on it as the platform flies off and stops at the middle of the tower. Temporary platforms will form above the main platform which players can use.

The main platform will move again shortly and stop at the top of the tower. There are only two temporary platforms players can use on both sides of the screen. Finally, the main platform will fly as it turns to night and returns back to the base of the tower to start the cycle again. Aside from the regular, changing locations, there are no other hazards players should worry about.

Rainbow Road

Origin: Mario Kart 7

Players will be riding on a platform while battling it out. The stage will transition to various locations of the complex track and stops on specific spots where players can battle it out using temporary platforms. During this stops, players must look out for racers coming in from the background. Getting run over by these cars can cause damage and potentially knock off players.

Form version

Reset Bomb Forest

Origin: Kid Icarus: Uprising

This stage starts off a normal stage until a meteor falls on the background and turns everything to a hellish sight. The first part of the stage has no transition, effects, or hazards (except the usual falls). After the blast, the stage will contain several platforms, some of which can be destroyed.

There's also a bony creature floating underneath. Avoid falling or touching this creature while it is moving underneath. After a short while, the stage will revert back to its pre-explosion state and repeat the process again.

Form version

Spirit Train

Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Players will battle it out in a high-speed train. Throughout the match, temporary platforms and train cars will appear. Falling in front of the tracks won't cause instant KO but can deal significant damage. However, falling behind the train or getting carried off by the temporary cars will result to instant KO.

Form version

Tomodachi Life

Origin: Tomodachi Life

This is a simple yet interesting stage comprised of three floors and the rooftop of the apartment where players can fight off. There are no real hazards, transitions, or effects players have to worry about. As a bonus, players can see their Mii and their friends minding their own "lives" in the background.

Form version

Tortimer Island

Origin: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

There are no hazards in this stage and you can knock the fruits in the trees. Eating these fruits will reduce your damage. Avoid falling to the water to prevent instantly getting KO'd. From time to time, Kapp'n will arrive with his boat. This serves no other than a temporary platform. Just make sure to leave the boat when he departs.

Form version

Unova Pokémon League

Origin: Pokémon Black and Pokémon White

The stage transitions primarily happen in the background and random Pokemon will be watching in the background as well. The hazards you should look out in this stage are the attacks made by either Reshiram or Zekrom. Fires, destroyed platforms, and tilted stages are the ones you should look out for.

Form version

WarioWare, Inc.

Origin: WarioWare, Inc.

Unlocked by: Unlocking Wario

This is an interesting stage where the main battle takes place in the elevator background. Whenever the elevator door opens, players are taken in to different screens with different challenges. Usually, the game will give instructions on what to do AFTER the timer runs out. Successfully completing some challenges prevent damage to the player or boost their abilities.

For each mini-game / challenge, players are returned to the main screen where they can resume their battle.

Form version

Wily Castle

Origin: Mega Man 2

This stage looks almost like a Form version with the absence of platforms in the main area. There are small, moving platforms in either side of the main stage but they don't have that much significance. The large yellow robot will appear from time to time and will cause havoc to all players.

It is possible to damage and destroy it. It will explode and cause damage to anyone caught in the slow blast.

Form version

Yoshi’s Island

Origin: Yoshi’s New Island

This is yet another simple stage where the action will mostly take place in the middle platform. There are temporary platforms that will appear on either side of the stage but they're just there as your emergency platforms if ever you get launched far from the main stage. There are no hazards but you have to watch out for the flying guys that carry food. Hitting them will cause them to drop their food which you can eat to lower your damage.

Form version

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