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King Dedede

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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King Dedede

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He calls himself the King of Dream Land, but he doesn't have a lot of interest in ruling. He really loves to eat, so it's no surprise he's a heavyweight fighter. Despite his size and low speed, he can easily recover with his four jumps. His Jet Hammer will leave a mark on everyone he meets.

Move Guide

Neutral Attack / Special Press the attack or special button only without using the Circle Pad.
Side Attack / Special Hold the circle pad to the left or right then press the attack / special buttons
Down Attack / Special Hold the circle pad down and press the attack / special buttons
Up Attack / Special Hold the circle pad up and press the attack / special buttons
Up/ Side / Down Smash Hold the circle pad to the corresponding direction and press the attack button at the same time. Smash attacks can be charged. It can be released prematurely or the character will release it after charging the move enough.
Dash Attack Tap left or right to dash then press the attack button.
Air Attacks Similar to basic attacks and specials, most characters perform different air attacks by using similar button and circle pad combinations.
Recovery This is the recommended move to get back to the edge of the stage ledge if ever you get blown off but not KO'd
Final Smash After successfully destroying a Smash Ball, press and hold the special button to unleash your character's Final Smash attack.

Basic Attacks

Neutral Attack

Dedede swings his hammer twice, then thrusts it while spinning, before finally swinging it up to finish the combo.

Side Attack

Dedede spins his hammer horizontally

Up Attack

Dedede performs an upward-forward headbutt.

Down Attack

Dedede rolls to the side. You can keep him lying on the ground by holding the circle pad down.

Dash Attacks

Dash Attack

Dedede performs a belly drop.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash

Dedede slams his hammer hard, launching the opponent vertically. When fully charged, this smash can deal heavy damage and longer launch distance.

Up Smash

Dedede swings his hammer upward, launching the opponent high up in the air.

Down Smash

Dedede makes a full 180 degree swing, launching the opponent horizontally.

Special Attacks

Inhale (Neutral Special)

Dedede sucks in his opponent. While he has an opponent in his tummy, he can still move around but he can't attack or deploy his shield. When released, the swallowed enemy turns into a projectile star that can hit other opponents.

Gordo Throw (Side Special)

Dedede hits a spiky ball that bounces in a short distance. This can launch enemies and deal considerably damage. However, enemies can hit this projectile back with proper timing.

Super Dedede Jump (Up Special)

Dedede performs a high jump before landing heavily on the ground, causing good splash damage.

Jet Hammer (Down Special)

Dedede charges up his hammer before delivering a powerful swing. He can still walk and jump once while charging. Be careful not to charge too long or Dedede will get damaged.

Air Attacks

Neutral Air

Dedede spreads his arms, hitting anyone on both sides within his reach.

Side (Forward) Air

Dedede swings his hammer overhead then downward in mid-air.

Side (Back) Air

Dedede spins his body a bit then swings his hammer from below to the side.

Up Air

Dedede spins his hammer upward.

Down Air

Dedede slams his hammer downard

Final Smash

Dedede Burst

King Dedede will create a large, sucking vortex that can trap opponents. He then beats them up using his hammer before detonating a bomb as a finisher.


For a heavy character, King Dedede surprisingly can jump up to five times. The height of these jumps aren't that high but it's usually enough to get him to safety. KD's Super Dedede Jump has incredible height but this is quite a risky maneuver to pull off, especially if you'll use this to recover offstage. After the high jump, this move is automatically followed by a ground-shaking drop, which will cause self-destruction if you weren't able to land on the edge of the stage at least. During the jump, you can control the trajectory where Dedede will get launched to.


King Dedede is a solid-hitter and can withstand a good amount of beating before he can be launched. His attacks are slow but if they connect, they either result in heavy damage or getting knocked back. However, one thing unique about him is that albeit his size and weight, he can jump up to five times. This can be used in both attacking and recovery, especially when he's harassing characters recovering from the edge of the stage. His ordinary attacks can deal heavy damage and even if his Smash attacks take a while to fully charge, they boast incredible power and knockback potential. One example of this is his Jet Hammer special.

King Dedede has good range, thanks to his hammer. Gordo Throw is a bouncing projectile that will force enemies to be careful in their approach since it is a bit tricky to evade compared to a projectile or beam that has a straight trajectory. Super Dedede Jump is a good offensive move because of its two-phase attack. King Dedede's Inhale attack can trap one opponent at a time though it won't damage the trapped victim inside. However, since KD can still move while his mouth is full, this gives him a bit of tactical adjustment since he can spit out the trapped character as a projectile that can hit other players.

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