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Item List

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Item List

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All of the available items in the game are listed in this page. They are arranged in alphabetical order.

Assist Trophy

Origin: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Description: This allows players to temporarily summon random allies. Some of them directly attack other players while some use their Powers to produce beneficial effects to their summoner.

Back Shield

Origin: Kid Icarus: Uprising
Description: Deploys a shield that will protect the player from back attacks. The shield has a considerable damage tolerance before getting destroyed.

Banana Peel

Origin: Mario Kart
Description: Any player who steps on this or gets hit directly will fall over.

Beam Sword

Origin: Super Smash Bros.
Description: Like other battering weapons, this replaces your side attacks while equipped. It also has longer range compared to other battering weapons and can extend its reach even more using stronger attacks.


Origin: Animal Crossing
Description: When thrown to a fighter, these bees will continuously attack him/her, dealing constant but small amount of damage. If the beehive didn't hit any fighter, the bees will be on standby where the beehive is and will attack any player that makes contact with them.


Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Description: As the item's in-game description goes, this a potent throwing item for unsuspecting, heavily damaged opponents. When this item hits them and they're unable to escape, they'll be carried offscreen for a quick KO.

Blast Box

Origin: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Description: This item can be carried and thrown, similar to Containers but will explode once enough damage is dealt immediately. One thing though; hitting a Blast Box with a fire attack can make it detonate instantly. The explosion can also damage you so be careful not to get caught in the blast.


Origin: Super Mario Bros. 2
Description: Primarily, these guys can be thrown to opponents to cause direct, explosive damage. Be warned though; these guys will activate and explode automatically if you hold them too long. Leave them alone in the battlefield and they'll walk around, detonating on any fighter that makes contact with them.


Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Description: When thrown, Bombchus will follow the surface where they landed and will explode until their fuse runs out or hits someone.


Origin: Super Mario Bros. 3
Description: As the description suggests, a good way of increasing its power is by throwing it, land a few hits on your target and catch it. Repeat until it degrades.

Boss Galaga

Origin: Galaga
Description: Any opponent who gets caught in its tractor beam will be whisked offscreen. The captured player can escape as long as they haven't sustained too much damage. You can also force players into the beam by smashing them and launching them towards the beam.

Bullet Bill

Origin: Super Mario Bros.
Description: This turns the user to a giant bullet that travels in a straight line and pummel anyone in its way. Players must be cautious when using this since they can't change direction while the bullet is traveling, which can take them offscreen. After using the bullet, users revert back to their original form and if they're too far from edge of the stage, they have a risk of falling to their KO.


Origin: Super Mario Bros.
Description: As the description says, once deployed on the air or the ground, anyone who touches it will bounce. Placing this near the edge of a stage and launching enemies to that direction sounds like a good deterrent.

Bunny Hood

Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Description: With this equipped, the jump height of the user will be significantly increased.


Origin: N/A
Description: Containers may contain other items inside when destroyed. There's a small percentage that these containers will explode upon destruction as well. These can be picked up and thrown towards enemies. Like Helping items, the selected stage affects what containers you'll get.


Origin: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Description: These guys will wander the stage and when attacked, they'll retaliate by gangbanging the attacker with a bunch of chickens.


Origin: Kid Icarus: Uprising
Description: This is composed of three parts. If you managed to pick them all up, this weapon will be automatically assembled, and will allow you to fire a large, powerful beam that's capable of dealing heavy damage and launching enemies offscreen.

Deku Nuts

Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Description: Anyone hit by these nuts will either be dazed or launched, depending if they're on the ground or in mid-air.

Dragoon Parts

Origin: Kirby Air Ride
Description: This is composed of three parts. Collecting all three will automatically activate the weapon. The user must aim carefully and the Dragoon will sweep down and hit where the cursor was placed.


Origin: Kid Icarus: Uprising
Description: When fired, the drill bit will keep pushing the enemy across the stage while dealing repeated damage. The handle will still be left behind so you can throw this to your opponents.

Fairy Bottle

Origin: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Description: This item can only be used by fighters with more than 100% damage. If your damage level is way lower than that, you can use the bottle as a throwable weapon. Otherwise, make sure to pick it up and throw it off stage to prevent your opponents from using it.

Fire Bar

Origin: Super Mario Bros.
Description: This weapon has average damage and reach but it grows shorter as it degrades. Once it is down to 2-3 fireballs, it is recommended to just throw it away.

Fire Flower

Origin: Super Mario Bros.
Description: This becomes a flamethrower when used. The fire does push enemies a bit but it doesn't burst one, continuous fire. You have to keep pressing the attack button for it to spew flames.


Origin: N/A
Description: One of the common recovery items you'll find. However, the amount of damage they heal varies per food item.

Franklin Badge

Origin: EarthBound
Description: Equips itself to the user, capable of reflecting all projectile attacks.


Origin: Mario Bros.
Description: (see image)

Golden Hammer

Origin: Wrecking Crew
Description: This hammer can launch any enemy it hits. Unlike the ordinary Hammer though, this one lets you float in the air by pressing the jump button repeatedly.

Gooey Bomb

Origin: Super Smash Bros.
Description: This is basically a sticky bomb that can only be removed by rubbing it to someone else. The explosive detonates after a short while.

Green Shell

Origin: Super Mario Bros.
Description: When thrown, this shell will continue sliding on the surface and will bounce if it hits a solid wall.

Gust Bellows

Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Description: When carried, this item serves as a gun that fires powerful gusts of wind that pushes enemies away. When deployed on the ground, it will blast gale-force winds in random directions.


Origin: Donkey Kong
Description: Upon picking this up, the user will just keep smashing the hammer. They can control horizontal movement but they can't jump so be careful when using this near holes and edges of the stage.

Heart Container

Origin: The Legend of Zelda
Description: (see image)

Hocotate Bomb

Origin: Pikmin 2
Description: Aside from launching and returning to explode, any unfortunate player that gets caught by the rocket during the takeoff will be launched offscreen for a KO.

Home-Run Bat

Origin: Super Smash Bros.
Description: Use Side Smash to launch opponents. A fully charged side smash can launch an opponent even farther while dealing heavy damage at the same time.


Origin: Super Mario World
Description: This portable sun-like item will travel around the surface it was thrown on. Hitting it will also increase its size.

Killer Eye

Origin: Kid Icarus: Uprising
Description: When deployed on the ground, it will fire blasts on the direction it was deployed on. Players can hit it to change the direction it is firing.


Origin: Mario Kart
Description: Upon touching it, it will shrink a random enemy. However, there will be times that it will shrink you instead.

Lip's Stick

Origin: Panel de Pon
Description: (See image)

Master Ball

Origin: Pokemon
Description: Summons a random rare or legendary Pokemon. Similar to Assist Trophies, summoned Pokemon produce different effects.

Maxim Tomato

Origin: Kirby’s Dream Land
Description: (see image)

Metal Box

Origin: Super Mario 64
Description: (see image)

Motion-Sensor Bomb

Origin: Super Smash Bros.
Description: This can be used as a landmine that explodes of someone gets too close - including you!

Mr. Saturn

Origin: EarthBound
Description: (See image)

Ore Club

Origin: Kid Icarus: Uprising
Description: (See image)


Origin: Animal Crossing
Description: Once this hits an opponent, the target is buried instantly and will allow anyone to land attacks on him/her while vulnerable.

Poison Mushroom

Origin: Super Mario All-Stars
Description: Upon contact, this item makes the user shrink. Shrunk characters are easier to launch and their damage is reduced.


Origin: Pokemon
Description: Similar to Master Ball, this item summons ordinary Pokemon randomly.

POW Block

Origin: Mario Bros
Description: HIt or throw it to launch anyone standing on the ground. Three uses only.

Ray Gun

Origin: Super Smash Bros.
Description: (See image)

Rocket Belt

Origin: Pilotwings
Description: The user can reach greater heights by holding up or Jump button. You can do this again after landing on a platform or ground. This will last as long as the item has fuel / charge.


Origin: Super Smash Bros. Melee
Description: This item drops recovery items when hit repeatedly. It will keep dropping items until it sustains enough damage where it will be launched off the stage quickly.

Screw Attack

Origin: Metroid
Description: (See image)

Smart Bomb

Origin: Star Fox
Description: Upon hitting, the bomb will erupt into an increasingly massive explosive, damaging everyone caught within the blast.

Smash Ball

Origin: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Description: Destroying this item will grant the player who destroyed it the capability to execute their ultimate attack called the Final Smash. This is the only method in the game that allows you to do it so once you see it floating around, go ahead and prioritize destroying it!

Smoke Ball

Origin: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Description: Characters hit by this ball will be covered in smoke, making it harder to see what's going on.

Soccer Ball

Origin: Super Mario Strikers
Description: This is one of the items you can't pick up; to use it, just hit it with your attack. Anyone can use this, even your opponent(s).

Special Flag

Origin: Rally-X
Description: When used, the player must hold it still until it is fully activated. In a Stock battle, this restores one life/ stock count. In a Timed battle, this adds one KO count to your KO total. You'll be vulnerable while holding this item so use this only after launching your enemy, or trapping them or restricting their movements.

Spiny Shell

Origin: Mario Kart 64
Description: When used, this targets an opponent and floats over his/hear for a while, before hurtling down, launching or heavily damaging the target.


Origin: Donkey Kong Jr.
Description: This can be used to boost your jump. You can also throw this against enemies to push them at a short distance.

Star Rod

Origin: Kirby’s Adventure
Description: Fires star-shaped projects when using side smash and side-tilt attacks. Limited charge.

Steel Diver

Origin: Steel Diver
Description: Used as a gun, this weapon fires projectiles that has a one-second delay after leaving the weapon before blasting away at high speed.

Super Leaf

Origin: Super Mario Bros. 3
Description: Holding up or Jump button will allow the user to hover in mid-air

Super Mushroom

Origin: Super Mario Bros.
Description: Upon touching this item, the player will temporarily increase in size, making him/her harder to launch while being to inflict higher damage.

Super Scope

Origin: SNES real-life accessory
Description: (See image)

Super Star

Origin: Super Mario Bros.
Description: (See image)

Superspicy Curry

Origin: Kirby’s Dream Land
Description: After eating this dish, it allows the player to breath fire continuously while having the capability attack normally.

Team Healer

Origin: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Description: (See Image)


Origin: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Description: When picked up, everyone except the player who activated it slows down.


Origin: Clu Clu Land
Description: (See image)

Warp Star

Origin: Kirby’s Dream Land
Description: Upon using, the user will fly in the air and will land a second later, capable of heavily damaging and launching anyone caught in the devastating attack. It seems to be homing but players can adjust their landing point by aiming to the left or right.


Origin: Kid Icarus: Uprising
Description: This bomb will release straight blasts in four different directions. Take note of its angle and stay clear of the possible direction of the blasts.

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