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Bonus Effect List

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Some equipment have Bonus Effects. To view the description of their bonus effect they provide, you can select them then press X to view the tooltip in the lower part of the upper screen.

Name Effect Description
Air Attacker Improved air attacks 1.15 attack power while airborne.
Air Defender Improved air defense 0.75x damage received when in midair.
All-around Trade-off Improved trade-off ability Start with 60% damage but slowly gain attack, defense, and speed.
Auto-Healer Auto-heal capability Heal damage gradually over time.
Beam Sword Beam Sword equipped Start battles with a Beam Sword. The stronger the attack, the longer the reach.
Bob-omb Bob-omb equipped Start battles with a Bob-omb. Just don't hold on to it for too long...
Caloric Attacker Improved attack after eating 1.4x attack power for 15 seconds after eating food.
Caloric Defender Improved defense after eating 0.5x damage received for 15 seconds after eating food.
Caloric Immortal Invincibility after eating Become invincible for 5 seconds after eating food.
Caloric Powerhouse Power up after eating Attack, defense and speed rise gradually for 15 seconds after eating food.
Caloric Speedster Improved speed after eating 1.38x speed for 15 seconds after eating food.
Countdown Countdown bonus Greatly improved launch power for the last five seconds of a battle.
Crash Lander Increased landing impact After landing, take more time to start moving again.
Critical Hitter Critical-hit capability Attacks get a 20% chance of dealing extra damage.
Crouch Healer Heal while crouching Slowly heal damage while crouching.
Desperate Attacker Improved attack in a crisis 1.7x attack power for 20 seconds when damage reaches 100%.
Desperate Defender Improved defense in a crisis Take 0.33x damage for 20 seconds when damage reaches 100%.
Desperate Immortal Invincibility in a crisis Gain 7 seconds of invincibility when your damage reaches 100%.
Desperate Specialist Powered up in a crisis Slowly increase attack, defense and speed for 20 seconds when damage reaches 100%
Desperate Speedster Improved speed in a crisis 1.55x speed for 20 seconds when damage reaches 100%.
Double Final Smasher Chance of double Final Smash After using a Final Smash, you have a 20% chance of being able to use it again.
Double-Jump Boost Improved double jump 1.3x midair jump height.
Escape Artist Improved escapability Escape more easily from being grabbed, stunned, etc.
Final Smash Healer Healing final Smash Heal damage gradually while you have the Final Smash glow.
Fire Flower Fire Flower equipped Start battles with a Fire Flower. Roast your enemies!
First Striker First-strike advantage If you land the first strike of the battle, you will be invincible for 10 seconds.
Food Lover Increased healing from food 1.5x damage healed when eating food.
Glider Increased lateral air movement 1.25x lateral air movement speed.
Gluey Edge Easier edge grabs Increased range for grabbing stage edges.
Hasty Edge Decreased edge-grab duration Hang on to the edges of stages for half as long.
Hi-Jump Improved ground jumps 1.3x jump height from the ground.
Home-Run Bat Home-Run Bat equipped Start battles with a Home-Run Bat. Use smash attacks and aim for the stands!
Hyper Smasher Hyper smash attacks Charge smash attacks for longer to get 1.3x power.
Insult to Injury Prone damage dealer 1.4x damage when hitting a prone opponent.
Item Hitter Battering item boost 1.5x attack power to battering items.
Item Hurler Stronger item throws 1.5x attack power to throw items.
Item Lobber Weakened item throws 0.7x attack power to thrown items.
Item Pitcher Throwing item boost Item-throwing range increased.
Item Shooter Projectile item boost 1.5x attack power and ammo for items that fire projectiles.
KO Healer KOs heal damage Recover damage when you KO an enemy.
Leaper Improved jump 1.2x jump height.
Lingering Edge Increased edge-grab duration Hang on to the edges of stages for twice as long.
Lip's Stick Lip's Stick equipped Start battles with a Lip's Stick. Hit an opponent to plant a damaging flower.
Meanderer Decreased walk speed 0.8x walking speed.
Meteor Master Improved meteor effect 1.5x power when using moves that launch opponents downward.
Moon Launcher Improved launch ability 1.3x attack power when launching enemies upward.
Mr. Saturn Mr. Saturn equipped Start matches with Mr. Saturn. He does huge damage to fighters' shields.
Nimble Dodger Improved dodge ability Gives a little extra time to dodge an enemy attack.
No-Flinch Smasher No-flinch charged smashes You cannot be launched by standard attacks when charging a smash attack.
Perfect-Shield Helper Easy perfect shield More easily nullify attacks when blocking at the last second.
Picky Eater Decreased healing from food 0.7x damage healed when eating food.
Pity Final Smasher Respawn final Smash After a KO, return to battle ready to use your Final Smash.
Quick Batter Quicker bat swing Faster smash attacks when using the Home-Run Bat.
Quick Smasher Quick smash attacks Charge smash attacks fater when holding the attack button
Ray Gun Ray Gun equipped Start battles with a Ray Gun. Blast your foes with lasers!
Risky Respawner No respawn invincibility Get no invincibility after being KO'd.
Safe Respawner Extended respawn invincibility Invincibility will last three times as long after being KO'd.
Shield Degenerator Weakened shield regeneration Recharge your shield more slowly.
Shield Exploder Explosive perfect shield Shield against an attack with perfect timing to create an explosion
Shield Healer Health-restoring shield Recover health when shielding relative to the power of received attacks.
Shield Reflector Mirror shield When shielding, reflect some damage back at your attackers.
Shield Regenerator Improved shield regeneration Recharge your shield more quickly.
Smash Ball Attractor Smash Ball gravitation Automatically draw Smash Balls to you.
Smooth Lander Reduced landing impact Start moving again more quickly after landing.
Speed Crasher Crash run Do damage to an opponent if you crash into them while dashing.
Speed Skater Skating traction 1.5x movement speed on land, but watch that you don't slip!
Speed Walker Increased walk speed 1.3x walking speed.
Sprinter Increased run speed 1.3x running speed.
Star Rod Star Rod equipped Start battles with a Star Rod. Wave it to fire star-shaped projectiles.
Sudden Death Gambler Chance of lucky Sudden Death Get a 50% chance of going into Sudden Death with only 100% damage.
Super Final Smasher Powered up Final Smash Attack, defense, and speed rise gradually wile you have the Final Smash glow.
Super Scope Super Scope equipped Start battles with a Super Scope. Attack with charge shots or rapid fire!
Thistle Jump Floaty jumps 0.6x speed when falling.
Trade-off Attacker Improved trade-off attack 1.15x attack power from the start of the well as 30% damage.
Trade-off Defender Improved trade-off defense Start the match with 30% damage, but take only 0.8x damage from attacks.
Trade-off Speedster Improved trade-off speed 1.3x speed from the start of the match...aswell as 30% damage.
Unharmed Attacker Improved attack at 0 damage 1.5x attack power while damage is at 0%.
Unharmed Speed Demon Improved attack/speed at 0% Attack and speed gradually increase while damage is at 0%.
Vampire Damage-stealing capability When directly striking an opponent, may recover health relative to damage inflicted.


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How do you get the bob-omb badge?? Im trying everything but nothing
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The is 93 total, this is not the full list.
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