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Cap. Falcon

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In the F-Zero racing scene, Captain Falcon uses his Blue Falcon to win big. His origin largely a mystery, he's made his way to the Smash Bros. battlefield to prove his worth outside the cockpit. He's got speed and power, and his distinct Falcon Punch leaves a dent. Start it in the air to surprise your foes!

Move Guide

Neutral Attack / Special Press the attack or special button only without using the Circle Pad.
Side Attack / Special Hold the circle pad to the left or right then press the attack / special buttons
Down Attack / Special Hold the circle pad down and press the attack / special buttons
Up Attack / Special Hold the circle pad up and press the attack / special buttons
Up/ Side / Down Smash Hold the circle pad to the corresponding direction and press the attack button at the same time. Smash attacks can be charged. It can be released prematurely or the character will release it after charging the move enough.
Dashing Attack Tap left or right to dash then press the attack button.
Air Attacks Similar to basic attacks and specials, most characters perform different air attacks by using similar button and circle pad combinations.
Recovery This is the recommended move to get back to the edge of the stage ledge if ever you get blown off but not KO'd
Final Smash After successfully destroying a Smash Ball, press and hold the special button to unleash your character's Final Smash attack.

Basic Attacks

Neutral Attack

Quick jabs that turns into a combo if the first strike connects.

Side Attack

A forward kick that can be aimed up or down.

Up Attack

A powerful heel drop that can launch enemies.

Down Attack

A powerful leg sweep that has good range and average damage.

Dash Attacks

Shoulder charge!

Cap Falcon will charge towards the enemy and deliver a potent shoulder ram.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash

Captain Falcon lunges forward with a powerful elbow strike.

Up Smash

Cap Falcon will perform a vertical spinning kick.

Down Smash

Captain Falcon delivers a heavy kick that will surely send enemies flying.

Special Attacks

Falcon Punch (Neutral Special)

Cap Falcon will charge up for a powerful punch that will take form of a fiery falcon. Tilting the circle pad to the back when he starts his charge can increase the power of his signature punch.

Raptor Boost (Side Special)

Cap Falcon will dash forward and launch enemies with a fiery uppercut. The drawback of this move is that he will fall to the ground if it doesn't connect; so be careful when using it near the edge of the stage. If it connects to an airborne enemy, it can launch enemies off screen.

Falcon Dive (Up Special)
Falcon Dive

This looks like a high-altitude jumping fire punch but if it connects, Captain Falcon will grapple the target and will throw him/her to the ground, causing a small explosion. This move is also good for fall recovery.

Falcon Kick (Down Special - Air)
Falcon Kick (Down Special-Ground)

If used in the air, Captain Falcon will perform a fiery kick downward at a slight diagonal angle. When used on the ground, he will unleash a long-range, fire kick.

Air Attacks

Mid-air, Up Attack

Cap Falcon will perform a jack knife kick.

Mid-air, Side Attack
Mid-air, Side Attack

While in the air, Cap Falcon will attack using his knee. He can also attack from behind by turning around and hitting an enemy with his arm

Mid-air, Down Attack

Cap Falcon will stomp an enemy that can cause a meteor effect.

Final Smash

Blue Falcon

Captain Falcon hops aboard his signature F-Zero craft and hits the target at full speed.


For vertical recovery, Falcon Dive can take Cap Falcon up to a favorable height and reach the edge of the stage, unless the double jump was off or he's well beyond range. Raptor Boost is his only sideway recovery move but take note that this will make him fall after the move ends so make sure you're in the right distance to allow him to grab hold of the stage edge.


Captain Falcon's moves are powerful. Even some of his basic attacks can launch enemies and deal a fair amount of damage. However, some of his moves can lead to his self-destruction if you're not careful; for example, a misplaced Falcon Kick can make him fall off the edge of the stage. His knockback attacks can be followed up with more moves while on the air. Falcon Kick and Raptor Boost enables him to close the distance quickly and deal considerable damage if it connects. His Falcon Dive is also kind of misleading since it looks like an ordinary upward attack but it turns out to be a potent grapple attack if it connects to a target. He is fast, agile, and with proper timing, his attacks can be devastating.

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