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Teen Idol (Teen)

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The Teen Idol Hobby is a special hobby that has a number of unique issues and restrictions that are associated with it that the player must carefully observe in order to obtain the maximum benefit and success from it. To help you in attaining maximum satisfaction we will be addressing each of the unique aspects in the order of their significance in this section.

Limits on Participation

The Teen Idol Hobby is available ONLY to Teen Sims. This hobby can only be actively pursued by ONE Sim at a time!!

What that means is simple - while you are working towards mastery of the Hobby whatever Sim you have chosen - whatever TEEN Sim you have chosen - is the ONLY Teen Sim who can do the hobby at that time.

Mastery of the Hobby Changes that. Once you have attained Mastery of the Teen Idol Hobby - that is to say your Sim has reached and unlocked Rank Level 6 (Em-TV Award Winner) you can then have another Teen Sim begin the hobby. Note that doing that will technically remove the flag for Teen Idol from the first Sim, but that Sim can continue to use the instruments and participate towards the collection if you so desire.

Due to the Introduction of Finite Life Spans, and the eventual evolution of your Teen Idol Teen Sim you may want to make maintaining the supervised targeting of this Hobby part of your daily FreePlay strategy.

The Sim Sign

Another consideration is construction of the Sim Sign - which is found on the map screen in the upper right hand side of the map.

Construction of The Famous Sim Town Sign is accomplished in Levels, and is completed through the completion of the Teen Idol Hobby collection, which provides the required resources for its construction. Note that other random tasks ALSO provide some of those resources - for example the Lights and Microphone Resource - but the Clack Board is generally rare and usually obtained via the Teen Idol Collection.

Starting Out

To initiate the Teen Idol Hobby you need to purchase a keyboard from the "Teen" section of the home store and then place that anywhere in the house that your Teen lives in.

The Teen then uses that to practice until they have collected the three music notes that are part of the collection - specifically the Keyboard part - and that will result in unlocking the next musical instrument.

You then purchase that instrument via the store and complete its three notes, unlocking the next, and so on until you have completed the collection.

You then rinse-and-repeat this process until you have capped the rank at Rank 6 at which point technically your Teen has won.

Ranks and Levels

The following Ranks and Levels are part of this Hobby and the Teen Idol Event:

  • Rank / Level 1: What's an Instrument?

  • Rank / Level 2: Karaoke Specialist

  • Rank / Level 3: Support Act

  • Rank / Level 4: Triple Threat

  • Rank / Level 5: Virtuoso

  • Rank / Level 6: Em-TV Award Winner

Once you have reached Rank 6 you can think about having a new Teen do this Hobby if you want to...

The Collection

The collection is completed via the instruments:

  1. Keyboard 1-Star $650 / 2-Star 5LP / 3-Star $6,000 or 10 LP

  2. Bass 1-Star $650 / 2-Star 5LP / 3-Star $6,200 or 10 LP

  3. Drums 1-Star $650 / 2-Star 5LP / 3-Star $6,000 or 10 LP

  4. Electric Guitar 1-Star $650 / 2-Star 5LP / 3-Star $6,500 or 10 LP

  5. Microphone 1-Star $650 / 2-Star 5LP / 3-Star $5,500 or 10 LP

The following collection ranks make up the Teen Idol Collection - each three notes are based on a specific instrument and you will need to have your Teen own or have access to all of them to complete the collection:

  • Set 1: Basic Melody + Ballad + Tear-Jerking Key Change (1,000 XP)

  • Set 2: Slappin' Rhythm + Finger Pickin' Good Lick - Flyin' Fingers of Funkstown (1,500 XP)

  • Set 3: Drum Roll + Cymbal Choke + Heartfelt Solo = 1 TV Cameo Resource (Clack Board)

  • Set 4: Bar Chord + Blues Riff in "B" + Heartfelt Solo = 1 Radio Interview (Mic)

  • Set 5: Vocal Melody + Backup Vocal + Vocal Overdub = 1 Magazine Photo-shoot (Light)

After completing the collection for the first time each subsequent completion earns you 3LP. Completing the collections also has the effect of adding additional actions for Teen Sims who interact with the Teen Idol.

Completing the collection unlocks building of the Town Sign, which in turn unlocks the Teen Idol Mansion (requires you to be at Level 25 or above).

The Issues of Time

Due to the addition of Finite Life Spans and Death in the game, time has become something of an issue for most players - fortunately though the Teen Idol Hobby is part of the Teen life span, and as such it is relatively safe to pursue as long as you do not allow it to interfere with seeking to fulfill the Life dreams Meter.

That being so there is one other consideration to be addressed and that is the need to retain a Teen Idol at all times... Thanks to creative special and holiday Events it is almost a certainty that eventually you will need the skills that your Teen Idol has to complete a special Mission or Quest - which means that sacrificing your Teen Idol to the Adult stage of life may not be in your best interest.

There are a number of ways to address that concern - either create a pattern in which you prepare a new Teen to fulfill the role of Teen Idol when the existing one reaches the point where they must become an Adult, or you can spend LP to ensure that they remain a Teen Idol.

There is one other alternative, and that is to place the Teen in a protective house - that is to say a house on Mystery Island where the various Sims who have critical mastery levels you do not want to lose. The Sims in this house do nothing - they are basically parked in storage so to speak, and perform no task that will impact their life span time meter. It is a pitiful existence but it does solve your problem.

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15 comments, latest first.
Oct 17th 2015 Guest
Is there a different diving life dream for teens then for adults? When I take my teen to the pool the life dream cloud doesn't appear. Any ideas? Thanks
ID #617292
Jul 14th 2015 Guest
It won't let me get the next instrument and I'm not sure how to contact EA. Anyone had any luck?
ID #584530
Jun 24th 2015 Guest
Where on earth do I buy the magazine photo shoot thing I forgot to read where?? HELP
ID #574722
May 9th 2015 Guest
I can't find where to get the microphone?
ID #553996
Apr 21st 2015 Guest
I had my teen idol maxed 100% at lvl 6 and it still won't let me have 2 teens using the instruments like it says above. Now I have to start it all over again
ID #546206
Apr 19th 2015 Guest
I can never complete the drums for 9 pieces of music....... It always gives me 2 of the 3 symbols I need but never the third one, this is such a scam
ID #545211
Mar 2nd 2015 CMBF
all you can do is have them keep playing it over and over until you get them.
ID #523510
Feb 12th 2015 Guest
I can not get my teen to get the notes on the bass guitar. Please need help! Mysticmom54
ID #514961
Jan 31st 2015 1234heyyy12345
How much money and lps should I start saving for that quest?
ID #509970
Dec 16th 2014 CMBF
For the information about the Teen Idol missions go to the URL below...
ID #485415
Dec 8th 2014 lauren_smyth
How do I get the teen idol to go on the magazine photohoot?
ID #482213
Dec 5th 2014 Guest
Toddlers are good for getting LPs. Just get them to do the Playhouse task again and again. 6 LPs each time. You can even buy an extra Playhouse for 20 LPs that will pay for itself in no time.
ID #480867
Nov 24th 2014 CMBF
Mostly via hobbies - once you have mastered a hobby in place of its special reward it offers various amounts - usually 3 to 5 LP - for completing it again and again.
ID #475969
Nov 22nd 2014 Guest
How do I earn lps
ID #474723
May 5th 2015 Guest
Cooking gives you the most Lps. I have 8-10 sims cooking at the same time. They give me 5 Lps very often!
ID #552242
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