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Seashell Collecting Hobby (Toddler)

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The Introduction of the new Seashell Collecting Hobby is one of those in-your-face Events considering that the introduction takes the form of a full-screen splash announcement! Still, that is good as it serves to focus our attention on a new hobby that the whole family can enjoy -- as long as when we say family we mean Toddlers and Preteens that is...

Things are about to get rather complicated -- but we will try to make them less so as best we can...

Unlike previous hobbies in the game the Seashell Collecting Hobby requires that you construct what is essentially a "Hobby Area" which, in this case, is the Public Beach, which you build on the Island.

Checking Out the Island

Whether you have a home or two on it or not, and regardless of how far into the Monuments System you have gotten, when you visit The Island you are going to Notice some new icon additions... Those are:

Our concern (in view of the new Hobby) is the Hobby Area -- which in this case is the Public Beach -- so let us take a look at what we need to do to make that a reality?

The Public Beach

Unlocking and adding the Public Beach is more than simply adding a new area to the game -- it is very likely to be your first meaningful foray into the new Destiny /Legacy System in the game... As macabre as it may feel at first, this new system has a point.

Bear in mind that in addition to the Seashell Collection Hobby building the Beach ALSO adds the Snorkling Hobby (once you build the Snorkle Shack on the Beach that is).

Another bonus action that the Public Beach allows is Fishing - which is really a good bonus if you have more than one Sim with the Fishing Hobby, since previously only one Sim could work on Fishing at a time at the Public Park Docks...

NOTE: You must complete the Life Dreams & Legacy Quest / Mission in order to build this Community Lot!

We strongly and seriously recommend that you back up to the Life dreams & Legacy Section of the WTG (the bit that comes just before this one) NOW and pay particular attention to the part of that page under the heading of "For Your Serious Consideration" before you do anything else in the game. Really. Seriously.

If you have decided to continue progress and add Death to your FreePlay, simply complete the previous Quest and then the very clear instructions for unlocking the Public Beach and you are good to go!

Seashell Collecting

To begin the Seashell Collecting Hobby your Sim will need to have completed the Life dreams & Legacies Quest, which requires Level 24 or better -- and of course have build the Public Beach!

The act of collecting is simple - get your Sim to the Beach and then simply tap the Shell location -- they change throughout the day and yield different results with each tap. The basic formula is:

Rows 1 & 2 -- 1200 to 1800 -- Re-Collection Delay = 40m

Rows 3 & 4 -- 0000 to 0600 -- Re-Collection Delay = 20m

Rows 5 & 6 -- 1800 to 0000 -- Re-Collection Delay = 1h

Rows 7 & 8 -- 0600 to 1200 -- Re-Collecting Delay = 30m

The Shell Intel

A reference list that will let you know when you should plan on hitting the beach to get the shells you actually need and want...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Name ($Value) Bonus Time + XP

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Blue Moon Scallop ($25) Bonus @ Night / 1500XP

Brightest Venus ($25) Bonus @ Noon / 750XP

Creeping Dawn Scallop ($25) Bonus @ Dawn / 3500XP

Crested Sun Clam ($25) Bonus @ Dusk / 2500XP

Days End Cone ($60) Bonus @ Dusk / 3000XP

Early Bird Paper Nautilus ($25) Bonus @ Dawn / 3500XP

Falling Golden Sky ($150) Bonus @ Dusk / 3000XP

Freckled Cowry ($20) Bonus @ Noon / 1000XP

Golden Tibia ($60) Bonus @ Noon / 1000XP

Horn of Daybreak ($150) Bonus @ Dawn / 4000XP

Magic Conch ($150) Bonus @ Noon / 1000XP

Midday Scallop ($25) Bonus @ Noon / 750XP

Midnight Ark ($25) Bonus @ Night / 1500XP

Mystical Limpet ($60) Bonus @ Night / 2000XP

Panther Black Cowry ($20) Bonus @ Night / 2000XP

The Speaking Conch ($150) Bonus @ Night / 2000XP

Speckled Cowry ($20) Bonus @ Dawn / 4000XP

Starlight Seasnail ($25) Bonus @ Night / 1500XP

Sundown Scallop ($25) Bonus @ Dusk / 2500XP

Sunkissed Sea Snail ($25) Bonus @ Noon / 750XP

Sunrise Venus ($25) Bonus @ Dawn / 3500XP

Sunset Spiral ($25) Bonus @ Dusk / 2500XP

Tigerstriped Cowry ($20) Bonus @ Dusk / 3000XP

Twilight Periwinkle ($60) Bonus @ Dawn / 4000XP

The Organizational Matrix of Seashell Collecting

While you can easily see this -- once you have revealed them all for the first time -- on the Collections Ticklist for the Hobby in the game, we present you the complete tier list here for quick reference!

Tier 1 -- Brightest Venus + Sunkissed Sea Snail + Midday Scallop = 750XP

Tier 2 -- Golden Tibia + Magic Conch + Freckled Cowry = 1,000XP

Tier 3 -- Midnight Ark + Starlight Seasnail + Blue Moon Scallop = 1500XP

Tier 4 -- Mystical Limpet + The Speaking Conch + Panther Black Cowry = 2000XP

Tier 5 -- Crested Sun Clam + Sunset Spiral + Sundown Scallop = 2500XP

Tier 6 -- Days End Cone + Falling Golden Sky + Tigerstriped Cowry = 3000XP

Tier 7 -- Sunrise Venus + Early Bird Paper Nautilus + Creeping Dawn Scallop = 3500XP

Tier 8 -- Twilight Periwinkle + Horn of Daybreak + Speckled Cowry = 4000XP

Seashell Collector's Ranking

As with the other Hobbies this one is highly structured and well-organized. There are a total of six levels of Seashell Collecting:

1. Amateur Beachcomber

2. Competent Comber

3. Avid Shell Collector

4. Hermit Crab Evictor

5. Conchologist

6. Lord of the Conch

Seashell Collection Prize Scheme

As with the other Hobbies there is a Prize Scheme unique to the Seashell Hobby, which consists of the following goal-oriented encouragment :)

Completing the Collection for the First Time = Seashell Earrings + Special Hats

Completing the Collection for the Second Time On = 3LP

Note that while the 3LP Reward Prize for each completion following the first go may not seem like a big deal it actually is... The LP-based rewards for completing collections is the best way for you to bank a sufficient amount of LP so that when new time-limited content is added via the Events System, you can quickly complete the Event Goals...

Keeping an eye towards repeating collections and hobbies between Events is not just a good idea, it is a really great idea!

Summing it All Up

In completing the main Quest and this set of Goals -- and activating this newest Hobby -- you have altered the very fabric of existence as well as the physics of the gaming world -- we just hope that you will decide that you made the right decision.

To Sum It All Up -- in this brave new world Death now glides along halls and through archways, his long list clutched in his hands as he seeks out the Sims who are now on His List. While this new reality has a painful element to it, you now live in a world in which every accomplishment is all the more valuable, where each rose smells that much sweeter, and a world in which the simple act of creating a piece of music forever makes the world a better place!

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Nov 1st 2014 Guest
What are the Times? Dawn and dusk are way too long, I have them all and not a single night time she'll and only one noon
ID #465859
Jul 2nd 2014 Guest
Funnily enough I am usually asleep between midnight and six am so 20 minutes to collect is a bit silly
ID #410481
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