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Horse Vaulting (Adults)

The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough and Guide by Team SuperCheats (Team SuperCheats) & CMBF
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Horse Vaulting (Adults)

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First and before we do anything else we here at SuperCheats would like to extend to you our most hearty and sincere praise on making it this far in the Horse-related Hobbies. To be frank, the vast majority of players have already thrown in the towel in terms of the Horse-related Hobbies before they even begin to scratch the surface in terms of any significant progress.

If the first thought that popped into your head upon reading this is to ask yourself the question "Why?" then additional praise and kudos to you! Because asking that question pretty much means that you were both undaunted and perhaps more significantly not intimidated by the challenges that come with the Horse hobbies that are par for the game.

The semi-official Promo Reel for the Stables and Need for Steed Event & Mission created by Interns at Australia's premiere game studio - FireMonkey!

It has been our experience (for whatever that is worth) that the same players who find themselves not very intimidated by the challenges faced with the mastery of the Horse-hobbies are the very same players who tend to be the ones who prefer to spend time rather than money for advancement.

So again - the facts that you got this far in the game without throwing in the towel, and your willingness to succeed and continue what is, for most players, a monumental struggle, speaks very well of you indeed!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just the Facts, Ma'am!

The Horse Vaulting Hobby

So sticking to just the facts as Sergeant Friday often urged us, we can say without reservation that the Horse Vaulting Hobby - in fact all of the Horse Hobbies on the other side fo Horse Tricks - numbers among the most difficult and challenging hobbies in the game largely due to the fact that with only one (1) Sim able to actively participate in the hobby as an active participant it is, without question, a hobby with speed akin to watching paint dry!

So hey! Good on ya! We are Impressed because the following limitations tend to send the typical player running for the hills screaming for bloody murder!

To be clear, only one (1) Sims can work the Horse Vaulting Hobby in the Horse Vaulting Ring at any time.

While you can have more than one Sim who has and is leveling the Hobby Horse Vaulting, there really is very little point to it since only one (1) Sim can work that hobby at any time due to the limitations of the actual practice arena / ring!

While the game appeared to suggest that the Horse Vaulting Hobby was open to both Teenagers and Adult Sims, we have only been able to have Adult Sims work the hobby - so no, no it is not.

Teenagers can Ride the Horses, they can feed them, they can even talk to them. If they so desire they are allowed to Pet and even Groom them, but the one thing that they can not do with those horses, no matter the level, no matter the attitude - is participate in the actual Hobby of Vaulting!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To gain access to the Horse Vaulting Hobby you first need to complete the Need for Steed Mission, and then repair the Stables fully.

Doing so then permits you to rehabilitate the individual stable Horse stalls as well as restore the various exercise and training rings, and of course the actual stable yards.

Bearing in mind that those individual training rings are absolutely necessary for the practice of all of the new and related Horse-centric hobbies, the repairing of them should be therefore a priority for you and your Sims.

You should also remember that during the repairing portion of the rehabilitation of the training rings you cannot repair any other area of the facilities - including the stalls - since you can only have a single repair action active at any one time.

Horse Vaulting Hobby Collection
As with the other Hobby-based collections, these include collections that contain four horizontal ranks with a total of 12 unique collection Objects - in this instance those are either Tricks or special actions - spread over six Levels.

Each of the horizontal arrays of collectibles offers the player a set reward (that may change after the first complete collection)...

For example the first time that you complete the full collection for the Horse Vaulting Hobby, you will receive the stated XP for each horizontal rank, and you will unlock the 3-Star Horses for purchase (those being required in order to continue the Quests and missions for the Stables.

The Vaulting Hobby Collection Set
The following sets of collectibles are present for the Horse Vaulting Hobby, first presented by Levels, then by the obvious four ranks in that order.

(1) By Level

  1. Level 1-1: Handstanding
  2. Level 1-2: Super Side Hanger (Rare)
  3. Level 2-1: Flag Flyer
  4. Level 2-2: King of the Mill (Rare)
  5. Level 3-1: Scissor Rider
  6. Level 3-2: Kick Stander (Rare)
  7. Level 4-1: Flank
  8. Level 4-2: Swing Off (Rare)
  9. Level 5-1: Horse Surfer
  10. Level 5-2: High Hoof
  11. Level 6-1: One Hand Fluke
  12. Level 6-2: The Saddleless Sally

(2) By Rank

  • Rank 1: Handstanding / Super Side Hanger / Flag Flyer (Reward = 750 XP)
  • Rank 2: King of the Mill / Scissor Rider / Kick Stander (Reward = 1,000 XP)
  • Rank 3: Flank / Swing Off / Horse Surfer (Reward = 1,500 XP)
  • Rank 4: High Hoof / One Hand Fluke / The Saddleless Sally (Reward = 2,000 XP)

Completing all four of the above Ranks rewards the player with unlocking the 3-Star Horses for purchase via the Stable Horse Stalls, with the understanding that a free and restored stall is required to purchase a new horse.

After the player completed the first full collection there are several anticipated results - first, the next Hobby in the line is accessible, and the final reward Changes to LP.

Some Notes About Completing the Collection Once
If you find it odd that our choice for this bit of the page is about completing the collection once, well then you haven't started trying to do it yet, so you do not get why it is an issue!

To be blunt you are going to easily Master this Hobby - that is to say you will attain Level 6 of Horse Vaulting long before you complete the collection!

We've been working on this Hobby for six weeks now - we actually mastered the hobby in less than four of those six weeks - but we are still missing two Collection Objects: Scissor Rider, and Horse Surfer. Earlier today we unlocked High Hoof after having no success at unlocking a new object in over 8 days.

Needless to day any new object is cause for celebration!

There is very little in terms of Tips or guidance that we can provide to you other than this: Don't Give Up.

Seriously. Stick with it. Eventually luck will fall with you and you will complete the collection. You have to believe that, as otherwise you may go slightly insane.

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Comments for Horse Vaulting (Adults)

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4 comments, latest first.
Nov 30th 2015 Guest
My sim isnt allowed to vault with her horse. It was i need to fix the padlocks when the icom is there. I fix and cleared the vaulting arena but theres bo icon that appeared. What do i need to do to make it come back up?
ID #629852
Nov 3rd 2014 CMBF
Try using the horse from a different position. That was how I fixed that bug.
ID #466782
Nov 2nd 2014 Guest
I am trying to do horse vaulting. I have the 2 star horse, my vaulting ring is all fixed up and I have an available sim. However, it will not let me enter the vaulting ring? I get the blue footprints that mean it can't get to it? Any suggestions? I can walk right up to the gate on my horse but it won't step foot into the ring. I'm at a loss. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!
ID #466313
Jun 25th 2014 Guest
If you actually wish to attempt Vaulting in real life:
-Do not trust your horse to move in circles around the roundpen. Have your horse on a longe line, held by another person.
-Use a surcingle, not a saddle, to provide a flat surface for performing tricks.
-Wear flat sneakers or shoes, not riding boots, as they may jab into the horse.
-Do not attempt to stand on a moving horse without proper training.
-Practice at the Walk first, the Trot second, and the Canter third. The Canter is the fastest but smoothest gait and is easiest for vaulting while the Trot is the most difficult.
-When dismounting, swing your leg over the back of the horse so you slide off on your stomach. Do not pull your leg underneath your arm into a sitting position, then jump off.
-Always remember that, while docile most of the time, horses are still prey animals that weigh ten times more than you and that they are physically capable of killing you.

Remember kids, don't do it like they do in video games.
ID #406141
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