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Sim Stats 4-1-1

The Sims FreePlay Walkthrough and Guide by Team SuperCheats (Team SuperCheats) & CMBF
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Sim Stats 4-1-1

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When we speak of Sim Stats in the game and in this Walkthrough and Guide what we are referencing is the line of six small icons that appear below your Sim's Goal Ticker in the bottom left-hand-side of the Game Play screen, beside the head-shot of your Sim.

The six Sim Stats are:

  • Appetite / Food Need - Health
  • Bathroom / Toilet Need - Hygiene
  • Bed / Sleep Need - Strength / Power
  • Cleanliness / Hygiene Need - Hygiene
  • Conversation / Speech Need - Well Being
  • Action / Entertainment Need - Boredom

Each of the above six Stats will degrade (decrease their level) over time if a Sim is left idle and making no Sim Action. Over time each of these Stats can lower to the point of having a visible and often debilitating effect upon your Sim.

Idle time automatically leads to unparalleled levels of stat degeneration

Stat Degeneration FX

Normal degeneration of the six stats takes place when your Sim is sitting idle, with no active Sim Action queued up. Basically when your Sim is participating in an activity (Sim Action) all six of these stats are basically locked - they will not go down - and if the Sim Action is one that raises one (or more) of the six stats, they can rise (but not fall).

For that reason most veteran FreePlay and Sims gamers make it a point to always see to it that their Sims are doing something, even if unattended. Planning out the end of the game day by assigning your Sims a Sim Action that will keep them busy while you sleep is the best strategy to retain their high stat levels or Inspiration Marker.

When the game is left active as a background process and your Sim completes the last assigned Sim Action, if left unattended and not given a Sim Action all six of these stats will begin to lower as time passes. The more time that passes, the faster they will lower. The end result can be a condition that requires considerable effort on your part to correct it.

The following negative actions / Events can (will) occur should you allow the Stat Level to degrade into the Red Zone:

Appetite / Food Need
When this stat is lowered into the Red Zone your Sim will begin to move slower and slower until they reach a point where they shuffle and hardly move at all.

Bathroom / Toilet Need
When this stat is lowered into the Red Zone eventually the need to void the bladder will reach a point at which your Sim has no choice but to go - wherever they happen to be. The result of this is that your Sim will leave behind a puddle of urine on the floor or on the ground that must be cleaned up.

Bed / Sleep Need
When this stat is allowed to drop into the Red Zone the result is a combination of your Sim moving much more slowly to the point of a shuffling walk, and stooping over as if unable to support the weight of their own head.

Cleanliness / Hygiene Need
When this stat is allowed to drop into the Red Zone your Sim will appear to be filthy, this state being illustrated by fumes and vapors of a clearly unpleasant nature emanating from them. In the most extreme cases the Sim can take on a disheveled Appearance.

Conversation / Speech Need
Once this stat falls into the Red Zone your Sim loses a significant measure of their willingness to take direction, and in the extreme can cause them to refuse to undertake Sim Actions that relate to any activity that does not raise this stat level. Sims who have zero-stat for this stat level can exhibit signs of insanity.

Action / Entertainment Need
While this is perhaps the least of the Condition or Need stats that your Sim maintains, allowing this to drop into the Red Zone can cause your Sim to be instantly irritable, angry, or even mean.

Stat Improvement Actions

As stated above, leaving your Sim idle - meaning without a Sim Action underway - will result in the lowering (or degeneration) of the six Needs. With that in mind you may need to undertake specific actions in order to raise or top-off the six Needs, as needed.

The following list of Sim Actions (this is a general list, not all-inclusive) organized by Sim Stat/Need, will increase or improve the Stat Level for each of the listed Stats as follows:

Oddly your Hygiene stat will lower even when you are in a Swimming Pool!

Appetite / Food Need.
  • BBQ: Use BBQ Actions (Homes and Park).
  • Microwave Ovens: Various and Multiple Actions.
  • Refrigerators: Various and Multiple Actions.
  • Stoves: Various and Multiple Actions.
Bathroom / Toilet Need.
  • Home Toilets: Use the Toilet Action.
  • Community Lot Toilets: Use the Toilet Action.
Bed / Sleep Need.
  • Beds: Various and Multiple Actions.
  • Chairs: Various and Multiple Actions.
  • Coffee Machines: Various and Multiple Actions.
  • Park Bench: Various and Multiple Actions.
Cleanliness / Hygiene Need.
  • Bathtubs: Various and Multiple Actions.
  • Showers: Various and Multiple Actions.
  • Sinks: Wash Hands / Clean Under Fingernails.

Conversation / Speech Need.
  • Pets: Praise Action.
  • Pets: Shake Hands Action.
  • Sims: social Interaction / Multiple Actions.
  • Telephones: Multiple Actions.
Action / Entertainment Need.
  • Computers: Check Email / Play Games.
  • Garden Patch: Plant Seed Action[.
  • Stack of Magazines: Read (4 Different Actions).
  • Stereos: Play Music.
  • Swing Set: Play on Swing (Adult and Child).
  • Televisions: Watch (Multiple Options).
  • Trampoline: Children Only.
  • Trash Can: Kick Over.

Children turned out to be one of the most loved additions to the game.

While the above list is not an exhaustive and complete one, it should provide you with the idea about what you can do to correct degraded stats...

Note: You should be aware that some Sim Actions can have positive stat effects while at the same time having negative effect on a different stat, and some actions have ONLY negative effects. For example, kicking over the Trash Can in front of your Neighbor's House will have a positive if small effect on Entertainment, but cleaning up the kicked-over Trash Can will have a disproportionate negative Hygiene effect on that stat.

Inspired State

The idea behind keeping your Sims healthy, happy, and sane, is to keep them well occupied. In fact there are specific benefits to doing so. For example did you know that if you keep all six of your Sim Needs stats topped-off and in the max green state, that Sim will be in what is called the "Inspired State" and as a result will actually gain improvements in the benefits received from different Activities, while some Sim Actions will also complete faster!

There are two ways to place your Sim in the Inspired State:

Top-Off the Six Sim Needs Stats: Put simply, undertake the various stat-raising Sim Actions to keep your Sim Need States topped-off and you will automagically find them in Inspired Mode.

You will know that they are inside the range of levels that makes then Inspired because the Cupcake Icon on the upper-right corner of the stat meter and Goal window will be whited-out (meaning you cannot purchase a Cupcake to Inspire them).

The Inspiration Cup Cake: In the top-right-corner of the Sim Needs and Goals Window situated in the bottom left-hand corner of the Game Play window you will find a round medallion inset that, when your Sim has negative levels in some of the Needs stats, will display an Inspiration Cupcake.

When the Cupcake is revealed you can spend Life Points (LP) to purchase the Cupcake and thus instantly raise ALL of the Sim Needs Stats to Maximum Green all in one go.

The effect of this is to give your Sim the Inspired State, which can have positive effects on whatever Sim Action you have assigned them to complete.

When your Sim is in the Inspired State you will know this by the fact that they are surrounded by Green Sparkles.

Note: If you are working towards one of the Goals associated with the Inspired State in the game, you should be aware that re-inspiring the same Sim does not count when the Goal you are working on is to Inspire X number of Sims. That Goal series actually requires that you have X number of Sims in the Inspired state simultaneously.

If you do not have X number of Sims in your town and thus available to be Inspired, you will need to level your Town up until you have the Population capacity that will allow you to have X number of Sims.

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Aug 29th 2015 Guest
My social task tells me to dive in a neighbors pool, but none of my neighbors have a pool.What should i do? How do i complete this task?
ID #603408
Jul 24th 2015 Sandrift
Everytime i visit my neighbors on the party boat, my sim lraves the neighbors town and all the needs of the sim i sent has been lowered to red, is this a bug, i sent a different sim, and the same thing happened, is there anyway to fix this?
ID #588865
Jul 12th 2015 Guest
Where is a Magic wand?
ID #583588
Jun 6th 2015 Guest
How do I get out of the red zone for the bathroom/toilet stat for an infant?
ID #566466
Jun 11th 2015 Benso
Once you're far enough into the redzone, it'll tell you that the baby has soiled the diaper; you'll be given the option to change the diaper. Changing the diaper -before- it's soiled won't raise that stat but it will raise the cleanliness stat.
ID #568783
Mar 21st 2015 Guest
Can your sims die?
ID #531291
May 30th 2015 Guest
Yes, but only when they have completed their time as a senior.
ID #563262
Mar 15th 2015 Jodyleane
How do I have a pre teen drink hot chocolate. It's a weekly task.
ID #529102
Mar 7th 2015 Guest
how do i make three sims speculate ?
ID #525168
May 6th 2015 Guest
You buy three sofa couches. Like the one seat ones and make all three sit at the same time and speculate for 12 minutes
ID #552682
Feb 4th 2015 Guest
How can I make my sim need food faster?
ID #511655
Jan 11th 2015 CMBF
Follow the instructions completely - if it says to play on a neighbor's PC do that, if it says to play on yours use the one in your house, etc.
ID #499698
Jan 3rd 2015 Guest
how can i get past playing the sims freeplay on my laptop? i cant pass this task?
ID #495328
Nov 1st 2014 Guest
If you need to make a Sim dirty quickly(to go to work with low hygiene for instance) you can keep one pool dirty(never clean it) and put your Sim in that. They will have a instant drop in hygiene. Take out the ladder if you need to have their hygiene at it's lowest.
ID #466030
Jul 11th 2014 Guest
How to do a quest
ID #416424
Jul 3rd 2014 Guest
How do I complete the task of creating fashion in another sims town? I've looked everywhere and I can't find anything
ID #411238
Jun 28th 2014 Guest
I think the reason for getting dirty in a pool is because you haven't cleaned the pool in a while. Sometimes the pool even changes color 0_0
ID #408378
May 27th 2014 Guest
Thank you
ID #389365
Apr 22nd 2014 Guest
Why do my sims stoop even though I inspired them?
ID #377636
Apr 20th 2014 Jordan13
I'm on level 8 and I'm wondering how to call a friend about the engagement. I can't find the phone anywhere.
ID #376799
Mar 27th 2014 Guest
The puddle of vomit is because you shook your phone while sims free play was open.
ID #368900
Sep 30th 2015 Guest
Buy a phone in the electronics tab
ID #612785
Mar 6th 2014 Shaman43
I am on level 12 but have found 3 puddles of vomit for some of my sims. Why?
ID #361489
Feb 15th 2014 Guest
How do I finish the party boat quest that says I have to practice making films at a neighbours sim town
ID #355321
Jan 15th 2014 Guest
how do i add neighbours?
ID #344174
Dec 15th 2013 Guest
Click in the dog and if the frisbee option is unavaliable, you can't.
As for future actions, as far as we all know, you can't.

I'm curious to see how long it takes ghosts to appear.
ID #329789
Nov 16th 2013 Guest
How do u assign a future sim action in free play?
ID #319742
Oct 19th 2013 Guest
How do you find the cheat bar on sims freeplay?
ID #315400
Sep 25th 2013 Guest
How to play fresbie with neighbors dog?

ID #311194
Sep 5th 2013 Nenesunshine
You get a job by building workplaces on the map

A I'm eying plant come when u plant something that has the monster symbol, there is. 50/50 chance you'll get money or the I'm eating plant
ID #308356
Sep 4th 2013 Guest
Where do I find the Sim eating plant
ID #308268
Sep 3rd 2013 Guest
How do u get a job!?!?!
ID #308127
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