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Ghost Hunter (Adults)

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A collection of 12 different ghosts means there are plenty to capture
A collection of 12 different ghosts means there are plenty to capture

Ghost Hunter

Exploring the paranormal and hunting down ghosts is just the ticket for your serious X-Files Fan Sim, and Thanks to some ghostly endowed bits of furnishing that, when placed in a Sim's home can spawn the occasional ghost Event - an event you will know is there due to the flashing lights and spooky sound effects - why then you simply need only tap on the haunted furnishing and order your Sim to start hunting ghosts!

Once the ghost has been "found" you are prompted to quickly tap on it three times before it gets away so that your Sim can capture and collect it!

While you can use any of the Haunted Objects as the starting point, I decided to choose the "Books of the Dead" bookcase as the example for this part - but whichever you choose, be sure that you place it in your Sim's home so that you can tap it and select the following:

  • Search for Ghosts (3m 30s / 7 XP)

As they Hunt Ghosts they will unlock the following six levels:


2.Doomsday Sayer

3.Spook Seeker

4.Ghost Aficionado

5.Paranormal Investigator

6.Peter Venksim

Completing the collection for the first time scores you an awesome Ghost Storage Unit!
Completing the collection for the first time scores you an awesome Ghost Storage Unit!

The Ghost Hunting Collection

  • Set 1: Pumpernickel Scaresalot + Mr. Flapsworth + Nanny Frightsmith = 750 XP

  • Set 2: Chewy Chewfinger + Warts Cauldron + Gruesome Gretchen = 1,000 XP

  • Set 3: Cousin Flapsworth + Huffenstuff + Cackles = 1,500 XP

  • Set 4: Hugo Argh + Flapsworth Jnr. + Hoodoo = 2,000 XP

  • Set 5: Horrible Helga + Ghoulio + Hack-O-Lantern = 3,000 XP

  • Set 6: Beetlegeist + Fright In Shining Armour + Lord of Flapsworth Manor = 5,000 XP

Collect all 18 ghosts types and unlock the Ghost Containment Tank! It's just like a Giant Lava Lamp, only it is HUGE and it contains all of the ghosts you have captured. Your Sims can interact with it as well, either looking at it or being hypnotized by it. Yeah, just like a Lava Lamp!

Special Ghost Hunting Event

When your Sim detects a ghost you will see a red Ghost Icon - and tapping that causes the ghost to appear in their home. After that you need to tap the ghost three times in order to capture it.

Improving Ghost Hunting Results

While most of the hobbies tend to be a long grind when it comes to crafting the special Items that are required in order to complete their collection Event, that is not really the case with Ghost Hunting, largely due to how the Hobby works.

Basically the "trigger" for the haunting and so the Ghosts that are found focus upon the "Haunted Items" with which the "Ghost House" is furnished. The more of the items you have present in the house and on its lot, the better the results you get.

In addition the more Sims you have on the property actively hunting for Ghosts the better results, which is something to keep in mind. Another factor you may wish to consider is that the rewards in XP and Cash seem to be better and come faster the more people you have actively hunting ghosts on the same property and at the same time...

Mashing those pesky ghosts with a finger is the point to the capture game
Mashing those pesky ghosts with a finger is the point to the capture game

Haunted Facilitation

The following Items make up the Haunted Objects Collection that can be used in decorating your Ghost Hunter's home - the result being to increase the outcome of your haunted hunting:

  • Bedroom: Coffin Bed (3-Star / 6 LP)

  • Bedroom: Coffin Dresser (2013-Star / $1300)

  • Living Room: Coffin Bookcase (1-Star / $200)

  • Living Room: Haunted Fireplace (2013-Star / 7 LP)

  • Living Room: Haunted Coffee Table (2013-Star / $200)

  • Decorations: Haunted Painting, Girl (2013-Star / 1 LP)

  • Decorations: Haunted Painting, Scene (2013-Sar / 1 LP)

  • Decorations: Haunted Painting, Gourds (2013-Star / 1 LP)

  • Decorations: Haunted Painting, Cat (2013-Star / 1 LP)

  • Decorations: Haunted Wall Ring with Manacles (2013-Star / $180)

  • Decorations: Haunted Candle Planter (2013-Star / $10,000)

  • Decorations: Haunted Skeleton Statue (2013-Star / 60 LP)

  • Lighting: Haunted Jack-O-Lantern (2013-Star / $1000)

  • Lighting: Haunted Skeleton Lamp (2013-Star / 4 LP)

  • House > Windows Tab: Haunted Window (2013-Star / $850

  • House > Door Tab: Haunted Door (2013-Star / $1500)

  • Outdoor Decorations: Haunted Scarecrow (2013-Star / $7500)

  • Trees, Plants & Flowers: Haunted Black Rose Planter (2013-Star / $1000)

The more haunted Items you have the better the results and, according to the rumor, the more likely you are to find a rare ghost to capture!

The complete collection - if you are interested - will cost you 81 Life Points and $22,880 Simoleons, that is assuming that you only buy one of each item... Yeah, the Haunted Jack-O-Lantern almost begs you to have at least six, right?

Completing the Ghost Collection again and again rewards you with Life Points!
Completing the Ghost Collection again and again rewards you with Life Points!

Collecting Your Ghost Hunter Reward

Now that you have captured one of each type of Ghost (well done by the way) you have unlocked the Ghost Containment System - which any fan of Ghostbusters knows is the big glowing thingy into which you place all of the ghosts that you have captured so that they can no longer terrorize the world.

That worthwhile prize can be found in the Decorations Tab of the in-game store, at the way back and it will cost you just $8,000 Simoleons! Bearing in mind that it is a very high quality item (3-Stars don't you know?) it is probably worth that $8K - just saying.

So go claim that puppy and then place it in your newly crowned Master Ghost Hunter's home as the rightful trophy that it is!

After you have unlocked the special prize for completing the collection, each time you complete the collection in the future you will receive 5LP as your reward in its place.

Post-Death Ghost Hunting

The Introduction of Finite Life Spans and Death in the game has changed the way that the game is playing, and has had significant impact on the hobbies as well as other Activities in the game.

While most of the hobbies have been impacted in a negative way, with players choosing to be more careful about how they use them, Ghost Hunting is the rare exception for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it is still the easiest and in terms of time the cheapest Hobby to use for LP farming.

That was true prior to the Introduction of Death and Finite Life Spans, and it remains true today. Having four dedicated Ghost Hunting Sims who have each mastered the Hobby is the fastest most efficient method for farming LP via a hobby collection. If we ever devise a better method we will, of course, share that with you, but for now this remains the go-to method for LP farming.

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14 comments, latest first.
Aug 31st 2015 Guest
I keep getting the same ghosts everytime and its frustrating. How long does it take to get them all and is there a certain way to do it?
ID #604260
Jun 23rd 2015 Guest
Thanks. I'm so excited I'm only 5 levels away. Thank you!!!!!!!!😁
ID #574250
Mar 6th 2015 Guest
Does anyone have any haunted items that I could add has a neighbour? Need to complete a quest.
ID #524940
Feb 22nd 2015 Guest
when i got the skeleton lantern/light it was 60LP and now its only 4LP but you unlock it at level 52... im mad yet not mad because on only around the mid 20 levels...
ID #520057
Feb 11th 2015 Guest
How do i find the quest?? Help????!! please.
ID #514747
Jan 23rd 2015 Guest
I still need to wait for the quest!?!? Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!
ID #505737
Nov 1st 2014 Guest
[spoiler][/spoiler]when you get the wardrobe you can get costumes
ID #465769
Oct 28th 2014 Guest
Sorry but does anyone know cheats that actually work
ID #464302
Oct 26th 2014 Guest
I was given a free coffin dresser and jack-o-lantern as halloween 2014 gifts
ID #463351
Oct 26th 2014 Guest
I am only at level 16 and have received two haunted items for free. Why is this?
ID #463254
Oct 25th 2014 Guest
I got a parcel with a vampire chest dresser thing in it, if you get it, go to the home store and click bedroom items, keep looking for it in that menu, it should say free.
With this item, you can't ghost hunt, but it does highten your chances of getting a high-level ghost.
You will need to buy another haunted item in order to get a ghost to hunt.
Hope this helped!
If you need more information about this, or any other sims-related topic, e-mail me at
[email protected]
Thanks Smile
ID #462773
Oct 25th 2014 Guest
I've got a vampire chest with a ghost sign on it but it is a wardrobe that you see the clothes you where and its the same cloths as the other wardrobe
ID #462619
Oct 18th 2014 Guest
The haunted items do not appear until you have started the ghost hunting quest.
ID #459921
Oct 3rd 2014 Guest
I'm on the adulthood quest and ghost hunting is coming
Up next.but I haven't seen any ghost objects in the home
ID #454312
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