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Stables Part II

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This bit is not really all that complicated - basically it covers all of the parts of completing the Stable area once you have actually completed rehabbing the Stables proper.

So basically what that means is you want to complete the following actions by section, in whatever order works for you (bearing in mind that during the repair phase you can only have ONE repair action active at any given time)...


Helpful Hints & Tips

We are not going to lie to you or play this off as if it is a trivial detour - this part of Game Play and the process of advancing your town and its maturity is anything but simple or easy!

In fact it is pretty fair to present this as a combination of a lot of work that requires considerable patience, while at the same time resulting in progress that is both personally satisfying and intensely evident in the visual improvements that it delivers.

Due to the combination of intense effort, a measure of discipline that requires (and therefore we should be encouraging) regular and consistent play via multiple sessions per day, and a slight alteration of both your regular play style and approach, there are some hints and Tips that are particularly useful at this juncture in Game Play...

1. Nail Down Your Play Schedule.

While the ordinary Game Play and scheduled log in / session play process is a key aspect of any strategy for completing Hobby Collections, in this case that is a critical consideration.

The reason for this is simple enough - completing each of the Horse-based hobbies is a key element in progressing the game to the next critical Event.

That being so, while at various points throughout the past few years of Game Play you were permitted the luxury of a rather care-free game play schedule, at this point finding and maintaining a military-style of precision and discipline for game play is necessary.

2. Remembering to Expand

That may sound funny, but keeping your eye on the ball and maintaining a forward-looking approach to the process of constant expansion of your capabilities in game is now the most important aspect of play.

You may only maintain one (1) single repair action at any one time - and therefore it is very important that you remember to constantly have the repair action in play regardless of whatever else you are doing in the game.

When you are not repairing a Gate or a Fence, you should be repairing one of the Stalls. When you are not repairing one of the Stalls, you should be repairing a gate or one of the fences.

3. A Questing Eye

It is very easy to forget that the process of repairing an revitalizing the Stables and all that goes along with it is just a part of the overall strategy - there is also the issues of Missions and Quests and advancing the hobbies of each of the Sims in your community as well as their Jobs and families.

While in the process of repairing the Stables you should try to remember that you also need to continue advance the other elements and aspects of your Sims and their households along the way.

4. Finally ALWAYS Remember that the End is Nearly Near...

With each success in repairing and rehabilitating the different destinations and buildings, as well as each of the Missions, Quests, and individual Tasks that you complete for your Sims, you grow ever-closer to the day when the timers for each of your Sims will start to tick down.

When the finite lifespans begin to take effect your Sims and the choices that you make for them in terms of how they live their lives and specifically what they do with those lives and their free will gets more and more important.

With that in mind it is very important that you make use of this free-period before the finite lifespan really becomes an active measure of the day-to-day reality for your Sims. Focus hard upon the following short-term and immediate Goals:

(a) Banking Life Points - or LP - for the future.

Creating a nest egg of LP is really very important - more important than we can begin to hint at in flippant and sarcastic terms!

While you still can you should focus upon and work hard at building your totals for LP in the game by grinding out your Hobby Collections.

(b) Banking social Points - or SP - for the future.

In exactly the same manner as you do in terms of LP, grinding out the Tasks that you can use to obtain the much more limited and more difficult to obtain social Points is all that much more important.

You accomplish that by being sure to stay on top of the social Tasks available to you (found in the third tab of the Active Tasks Menu located at the bottom-right-side of the play screen. Labeled SOCIAL TASKS these comprise the various Tasks and Quests that you dispatch your Sims to complete in yoru Neighbor Towns.

That Purple Globe will, once the finite and limited lifespans become a reality, has the potential to morph into a serious source of regret later. Don't allow that to happen!

(c) Increase is your Goal...

At the center of the stat display along the top of the Game Play screen is the total of your bank account (the number in the left-corner of the top-center stat display) that indicates the Simoleons you have on deposit in your game. It may not be in-your-face-obvious, but having a large supply of Simoleons in reserve is a critical element to your success!

Your predictable sources for income to increase the levels on deposit in the game include the daily reward cheque you receive via the mail box outside your home every morning, as well as the rewards for the

(d) Abandon Sentiment

While there are many weak-links in the process of strategic play the most damaging over the long-term is an unwillingness to break the established patterns that the average player adopts as part of their over-all Game Play strategy.

Specifically these entail the assigned positions of each Sim - their Job, their Hobby, and the usual Tasks that the player is comfortable with. In fact the term "Comfort Zone" is probably the most practical and exact label to use to describe that.

The thing is, no matter how well that system works for you once the momentum really begins to flow it gets harder and harder not to deviate from your established pattern of play even when you should want to.

We are not advocating change for the sake of change, but keeping an eye out for instances where you resist change and addressing them is the first element of creating and maintaining Situational Awareness - and are a necessary part of successful strategic Game Play.

Hobbies and Hobby Collections - one aspect of the process of abandoning sentiment comes to the skirts of refusing to abandon well-established patterns such as hobby assignments.

When you visit the Ghost Hunting Courtesy House in your town you have five designated Ghost Hunters who are almost always present and who are actively and effectively engaged in the Hobby. They regularly deliver to you a reliable supply of LP, and as a result you have the process of revealing and capturing Ghosts down to a predictable if automatic art form.

The thing is eventually - and that day will probably come sooner rather than latter - the moment will arrive when you need to re-assign that Sim to another Hobby or activity. When that moment arrives be sure you actually do it rather than put off the decision. That is what is meant by the heading idea of abandoning sentiment.

In conclusion, from here on out the issues that you will be facing are pretty straight-forward - start playing, keep playing, and embrace success!


Part 1. Horse Stalls and Horses

There are a total of six Horse Stalls inside the Stables that are in need of repair. The cost for repairing them is measured in a mix of Simoleons for the first four Stalls, then LP for the last two.

You need to repair each Stall in order to add a Horse to your Stables - one horse per Stall. Something to bear in mind - there are six different types of horse in the game spanning three star levels, and there is the Unicorn. As you can only have six Horses - or five horses and a unicorn - well, six horse-sized animals in any Event, you will want to bear that in mind.

Horse Types and Levels: the game has three horse levels, with two Horses in each level. These are:

  • Level 1-1: Dappled Grey (1-Star) Cost = $15K

  • Level 1-2: Patched Brown (1-Star) Cost = 10 SP

  • Level 2-1: Spotted Grey (2-Star) Cost = $30K (Need to complete Tricks Hobby to Unlock)

  • Level 2-2: Brown (2-Star) Cost = 20 LP (Need to complete Tricks Hobby to Unlock)

  • Level 3-1: Light Bay (3-Star) Cost = $50K (Need to complete Vaulting Hobby to Unlock)

  • Level 3-2: Black (3-Star) Cost = 50 LP (Need to complete Vaulting Hobby to Unlock)

  • Level 4-1: Unicorn (3-Star) Cost = 100 LP (Need to complete Show Jumping Hobby to Unlock)

BEFORE you can actually access the full complement of the Horses and the unicorn above though, there are some other chores you need to complete, and then the small matter of mastering the related hobbies, so let us cover that now...

Suffice it to say though that you are expected at a minimum to do the following first: Repair two (2) of the Horse Stalls, and purchase any two (2) of the 1-Star Horses for use in leveling the Tricks Hobby and thus completing the requirements to unlock the next phase but hey, we are getting there...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Part 2. Fully Rehab the Tricks and Vaulting Rings.

To do this you will first pay to repair the respective gates - remember you can only do one repair task at a time and that includes repairing the stalls, so get her done mates!

(A) The Tricks Ring

After you have repaired two Stalls, and added at least one (but preferably two) 1-Star Horses to your game, you will repair the gate for the Tricks Ring that is just outside of the Stables.

Once the gate is repaired, bring in six of your Sims and have them join together and clear away all of the trash, weeds, and garbage that has polluted the ring.

After you have fully cleared out the Tricks Ring, send five of your Sims back to doing whatever it was you called them away from to work here, then have the 6th Sim repair the Tricks Ring grounds - and once THAT has been repaired, finally have them repair the fence that surrounds the ring.

With the ring now cleared, the gate, ground, and fence repaired, the Tricks Ring has now been fully restored to the game, so move on to the next phase...

(B) The Vaulting Ring.

Basically you are going to rinse-and-repeat here by doing in the Vaulting Ring exactly what you did above in the Tricks Ring.

This is important as you need both rings restored to the game.

All the while by the way you should also be completing The Hidden Unicorn Mission -- but thankfully you can do that while doing the rest of this, no sweat!

With A + B Now Completed...

It is time to start making use of the two 1-Star Horses you purchased for your Stables.

Select any two (2) of your Sims that meet the following conditions:

1. They are a Teen or Adult Sim;

2. They do not have a Hobby already - OR - they have a hobby that is already well-covered by other Sims.

Have those two Sims take up the Horse Tricks Hobby. You will now work the Horse Tricks Hobby pretty much nonstop, with those two Sims dedicated to completing its collection, because you HAVE to do that in order to unlock the 2-Star Horses!

Once you have completed the Tricks Collection and unlocked the 2-Star Horses, buy any two 2-Star Horses, and then rinse-and-repeat with your Two Sims, now having them do the Vaulting Hobby to complete ITS collection!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Both Tricks and Vaulting Collections Completed

Now that you have completed both the Ticks and the Vaulting Hobby Collections - you need to focus on completing The Hidden Unicorn Mission (if you have not already completed it).

Once The Hidden Unicorn Mission is completed, and you have completed both the Tricks and Vaulting collections, you will now be able to clear away the trash from the Show Jumping Ring on the far side of the Stables!

Call in your six-Sim strong work crew and clear away all of the trash from the Show Jumping Ring.

Purchase any two 3-Star Horses or any one 3-Star Horse and the 3-Star Unicorn if that is what you want to have but, either way, using your 3-Star rides AND the Show Jumping Ring, send the extra Sims back to their previous Tasks and have your designated Horse Hobby Sims take up the Show Jumping Hobby using the new 30Star members of your Stable!

After you complete the Show Jumping Collection, you have pretty much completed everything that relates to this section of the Guide - so hey, well done you! Good on ya!

Now you can resume doing the LP / SP Grind until you have acquired all of the LP and SP you feel like you need (or can stand the grind for) and, once there, go ahead and commit to the Life dreams & Legacies Mission and its Quests in order to finally move the game forward to enabling the Orb System so you can then add the Beach and other destinations.

So again, well done you! Good going - pat yourself on the back - drink a preferred libation and toast yourself - toast me, and then toast Lily Allen and her very fine buttocks - because yeah, she is one attractive filly! Err, Lily!


FYI: The SuperCheats Horse Stable

We are happy to be able to announce that our Stable of Competition Horses has now grown to nearly hit the cap! You can compare your horses to ours - but ours are better!

Horse Name Stars Assigned Rider Trained Hobby
Buttercup 1 Todd Turner (Rider + Groom) Horse Tricks
Cape Biscuit 1 Ali Stradlin (Rider + Groom) Horse Tricks
Dancing Bostonian 2 Linda Brett (Rider + Groom) Horse Vaulting
Jesus Horsey 3 Lisa Dockendorf (Rider + Groom) Showjumping
Whinona Rider 2 Ben Powell (Groom) N/A


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How can I get back to incomplete tasks. I want to have my preteen go to a teen and I missed the task
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How do u give the horse water from the tub?
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To go for a drive you have to buy a car. Whan you have done that click on it and there will be 2 things to chose from ether
recolate or go for a drive.
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