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The Candlelit Fork Restaurant

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The Candlelit Fork Restaurant

"Tasty entrees and Romantic nights are both on the menu at The Candlelit Fork, Sim Town's latest taste sensation! Sample our spread from the kitchen, then sip a seductive cocktail from the Bar upstairs!

There are some pre-req's for this story Mission:

Sous Judgmental (Main Restaurant Quest)

There is a 7-day Timer that kicks in as soon as you begin this Quest. IF you complete the quest within the 7-days allotted time, the bonus prize is special Chef Outfits for your Sims. If it is not obvious to you yet, you will soon realize that they did not add this just to have a place to take your Sim wife on special occasions - this is the home base for the newest Career Option in the game - Chef.

Sous Judgement Quests

  1. Build the Restaurant (2d 18h)

  2. Call a Sim to the Restaurant (Instant)

  3. Be nice to Grouch (1m)

  4. Taste Grouch's Special Dish (1m 30s)

  5. Complain to Grouch (4m)

  6. Call the First Judge (8h)

  7. Take Wumples' Order (5m)

  8. Cook Dish for Wumple (Varies by Dish)

  9. Serve food to Wumple (4m)

  10. Call the Second Judge (8h)

  11. Take Santa's Order (15m)

  12. Cook Pizza for Santa (40m)

  13. Serve Food to Santa (10m)

  14. Call Final Judge (3mins)

  15. Take Grouch's Order (8.5h)

  16. Make Quiche for Grouch (4h) *

  17. Serve the Grouch (10m)

  18. Investigate what Grouch dropped (5 mins)

  19. Have a Sims Make Mud Pie (3.5h)

  20. Go to the Restaurant (Instant)

  21. Give Mud Pie to Grouch (4h 20mins)

  22. Open Front Door (1.5h + $25K)

* Note: Requires Cooking Hobby @ L4

Once the Restaurant has been fully unlocked by this Mission and its Quests you then have to repair and upgrade it along the same manner in which The Stables was rejuvenated. You get the same basic feel from this as that...

Although some players may be having some difficulty with the earlier tasks in this Quest, the first real problematic one is the Cook Pizza for Santa Task.

Cook Pizza For Santa

To complete this you will need quite a high level cook. One of our members has already answered the question on how to complete this and I will paste it here with a link back to the answer page:

'You need to have a stove or fridge. Then, instead of Baking select Cooking. Now, cooking is a Hobby so you will have to get your sim to a high enough level to be able to cook the pizza. After they are high enough, tap on the fridge or the oven and select cooking, then select pizza and they will cook a pizza. '

- Thanks Keyblade21!

Serve Santa

The task immediately following the cook pizza for Santa task, requires you to serve your dish to Santa... If Santa is not around, as was the case for me, and I could not find him, then you just need to restart your game and he should appear in your house! From there you can select you Adult sim character and there should be an option to serve Santa.

Serve Santa!
Serve Santa!

Make Quiche for the Grouch

After a couple more mundane tasks we now need to make some lovely quiche for the Grouch. Like the Pizza task, you'll need to use a Sim who has progressed sufficiently in the Cooking Hobby... If you don't have one... Then the only way to get through this is to keep cooking anything and level up your sim in the cooking hooby, until the quiche option is given to you.

Make Quiche for the Grouch
Make Quiche for the Grouch

Once you have made the quiche you'll need to serve it to The Grouch, to do this, make sure the Grouch is around then click a plate of food and select the option to Serve Grouch - It doesn't really matter if it's quiche or not!

Serve Grouch
Serve Grouch

Have a SIm Make Mud Pie

Originally the task was for a toddler to do this, but over the years, this task has changed any now any Adult Sim can do it to. To make the mud pie you need to go to a garden patch, select it, and there will be an option to make mud pie.

Make Mud Pie
Make Mud Pie

Next you just need to have a Sim head over to the Candlelit Fork Restaurant

In case you have forgotten where it is - Your restaurant is here!
In case you have forgotten where it is - Your restaurant is here!

Next, give The Grouch the Mud Pie and Open the Front Door - And there you have it The Candlelit Fork Restaurant is now open!

Ready for opening!
Ready for opening!
The Foyer
The Foyer

If you need any help with anything in this Quest, just drop us a comment and we'll be happy to help.

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37 comments, latest first.
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Nov 27th 2015 Guest
No one wants to serve wumpples. How do I get them to do it
ID #628872
Feb 12th 2016 Team SuperCheats
Have you tried selecting a plate of feed to complete this task.
ID #634738
Oct 20th 2015 Guest
How do u get the resturant to a 5 star? Right now I have 3 stars.
ID #618259
Aug 31st 2015 MelbaS
I cannot find the type of equipment to make pizza for step number 12. Santa is waiting for the pizza and it is creepy to see him hanging around. Anyone know the answer?
ID #604211
Aug 11th 2015 Guest
How do you get your boy sim to give the girl sim the rose when having a romantic meal in the candlelit fork restaraunt I can't get it to work?!
ID #596742
Mar 19th 2015 Guest
Help i dont have a toddler i have a preteen ...
ID #530542
Mar 19th 2015 Guest
how my toddler make mud pie if. I already have preteens.
ID #530499
Feb 12th 2016 Team SuperCheats
Yes, you may need a microwave, but you definitely need to have a level 4 cook! Keep cooking until the option to cook pizza is available.
ID #634740
Mar 6th 2015 Guest
Do i really need to have senior sim to complete the group needed to make mud pie?? Pls help me asap thanks
ID #524794
Mar 3rd 2015 Guest
What if you are supposed to make a mud pie with a toddler and you don't have a toddler how do u make the mud pie
ID #523794
Feb 1st 2015 Guest
Where's wummbles ?
ID #510216
Jan 25th 2015 Guest
How do you make your toddler make mud pie in sims freeplay
ID #507289
Jan 16th 2015 Guest
How to I get a toddler to make a mud pie when I aready have preteens only please help
ID #502367
Jan 16th 2015 Nureenmanja848
Which garden I supposed to sent my toddler to make mud pie? Help
ID #502260
Jan 15th 2015 Juraidahjjd848
Which garden I supposed to sent my toddler to make mud pie.?
ID #502197
Jan 15th 2015 Guest
Which garden am I supposed to send my toddler for make a mud pie...?
ID #502192
Jan 12th 2015 Guest
Is it a career to be a chef?
ID #500662
Jan 7th 2015 Guest
Any garden plot that is available.
ID #497870
Jan 4th 2015 Guest
Which garden am i supposed to send my toddler?answer plz
ID #495822
Dec 26th 2014 Guest
Help!!! I need to make a mud pie but I've already aged up my toddler to pre-teen...there's no 'skip task' either...HELP HELP HELP!!!!!
ID #490313
Dec 22nd 2014 Guest
i am trying to take Wumples' order but cant find him. Does anyone know where he is?
ID #488439
Dec 20th 2014 Guest
How much does the restaurant cost as I am on the preteens quest and trying to save up for the restaurant. How many simoleons does it cost???
ID #487062
Dec 16th 2014 CMBF
Awesome - thanks for sharing the Mud Pie recipe mate. Thanks loads!
ID #485411
Dec 6th 2014 Guest
Dear other guest:
You make a mud pie by sending a todler to the garden like you would an adult. It should give the option to make a mud pie.
ID #481377
Nov 24th 2014 Guest
How do I make a mud pie? Please help me:(
ID #475525
Nov 22nd 2014 Guest
Building the restaurant takes an astonishing amount of time and money, and seems to give very little reward. Am I missing something? How do you get a sim to take a chef career? Is it worth it?
ID #474963
Nov 10th 2014 Ashton_Giant
So the judges all take 3 mins 12 seconds to call, the Grouch's order takes 8 hours - that's where I'm up to at present
ID #469841
Nov 10th 2014 Ashton_Giant
Second judge 3mins 12 secs - I think the timing might be less, the higher level you are at. I'm level 28. As regards to the player who keeps getting the error message, you have to have completely cleared the 3 training areas in the horse stables so that they are ready to use. I am still teaching horse tricks and have 2 stables open and 1 horse !

If you want to add me I'm Paprikamax in Game Centre
ID #469832
Nov 10th 2014 Ashton_Giant
9) Serve food to Wumples - I served Cheese & Tomato on toast (1 min cook) as the bunny said it would eat anything and it took 10 minutes NOT 4 minutes to eat it !
ID #469821
Nov 10th 2014 Ashton_Giant
My first judge was 3.5 minutes not 8 hours !
ID #469814
Nov 3rd 2014 CMBF
If it is giving you that notice it means you have not completed the stable - you have to unlock all of the stalls for it to be complete.

ID #466746
Oct 22nd 2014 Guest
How do I make a mud pie
ID #461830
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