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The Road to Fame Teen Quest

After completing the Higher Education Quest and giving one of your Preteens a birthday cake you will flag the limited-time quest The Road to Fame - during which your Teen can participate (and as long as you do it within the timer in the game you get some awesome prizes).

Your budding Teen Idol as they begin the long road towards stardom and proving themselves to themselves and the Sim Audience that will vote them into Stardom!
To complete this quest you need to complete the following goals:

  • Buy a Stack of Magazines
    Even if you already own a stack of magazines to complete this part of the quest you need to buy another...
  • Have your Teen read Teen Celebrity Magazine
    Simple enough - have your Teen "use" the Magazine Pile and select Teen Celebrity to read...
  • Make a Teenager watch Funny Cat Videos
    To accomplish this head to the nearest computer with your Teen and have 'em start saying Awww!
  • Send a Teenager to the Park
    A simple trip to the park...
  • Create a Plan to Become Famous
    Once your Teen arrives they need to use the board on the pier to devise their plan, after which they will have unlocked the Keyboard object at the store!
  • Buy a Keyboard from the Home Store
    You can find the Keyboards under the Teens tab - there are 1, 2 and 3 star versions - and you will get the best results (shortest times) from the 3-star just saying...
  • Write Music
    Once you have your Keyboard placed, have your Sim use it to Write Music!
  • Write 3 Pieces of Music
    Now that your Teen has started the Music Hobby they just need to continue it for three more music pieces for the keyboard this part of the quest to unlock the next instrument.
  • Write 6 Pieces of Music
    This does not mean 6 new pieces, it means 6 pieces total -- as in use the Bass Guitar to "write" the three additional pieces that make up the second set of pieces, in order to unlock the Drum Kits in the store. Once you do that you need to purchase a Drum Kit for the next challenge and set.
  • Write Nine Pieces of Music
    As with the previous task this is not 9 new pieces but rather the three new ones for the Drum Kit combined with the six you have already unlocked with the previous instruments. Spending LP is a good idea here as it really does reduce the time it takes for your Teen to play/write the music.
  • Write 12 Pieces of Music
    Now that you have completed another set of three songs you have unlocked the Electric Guitar, which you need for the next round of the contest and the unlocking of three more songs!
  • Write 15 Pieces of Music
    Again once you have unlocked the three songs that are in the 4th row you will have unlocked this step as well as the Microphones - so buy the best Mic you can afford and then polish off the last three songs for this set and unlock teh Magazine Photo-shoot as well as complete this massive segment of the quest!

If you can afford to spend the Life Points on better quality instruments it is a really good idea to do so, since a one-star instrument actually takes 2 hours or more to complete a song!

The path to being a Teen Idol rotates around the newest Hobby and its related collection, all of which has the writing of new songs as its focus.

The Sims Sign

Part of this quest series is the Sim Sign Quest - which requires you to have your town reach Level 25, and complete the Teen Idol Quest Series. With each element of the series completed, you will gain a piece of the sign, which can be found behind where the Real Estate Office is located on the top right side of the map!

Once you have completed the Fame Quest you can start building the Sim Sign -- which means repeating the Teen Fame-based hobby to collect their special resources. That basically means the following:

  • TV Show Cameo
  • Radio Interview
  • Magazine Photoshoot

Which if you did not realize it are the last three collection lines of the Teen Music Hobby.

The newest addition to the landscape is the very distinctive Simville Sign that can only be re-constructed via the hard work and creativity of your Sim Teen Idol!
In addition to repeating the Teen Idol hobby collection ("Teen Idol" is actually the proper name for the hobby) your Teen will obtain random Sign Resources (these are the TV Show Cameo, Radio Interview, and Magazine Photoshoot resources), through most of the normal tasks like washing their hands, eating, and the like.

That mechanism was previously established and demonstrated as part of the build and upgrade process for the four different Temples for the Bridge / Islands Expansion (for example the Pickaxe, Gold bars, and Granite that is required for the Riches of Terra collection).

Completing the Sims Sign has its own special benefits depending upon the level of completion you have managed to obtain. There are three possible levels to obtain and each of the levels brings with it a potential random bonus that can be obtained when harvesting XP and Money from the Town Buildings and Structures.The bonus system works out as follows:

  • Level 1: $200 Random Bonus
  • Level 2: $400 Random Bonus
  • Level 3: $600 Random Bonus

There does not appear to be a level higher than 3. The bonus amount in extra money is not finite - that is to say that you can obtain the bonus for your Sign Level randomly from each of the buildings or structures you harvest, so it is possible that the bonus could add up to a pleasantly tidy sum!

Beyond the Sign - Completing the High School
Once you reach the point in this new event and quest chain at which you are working towards obtaining the resources for completing the Simville Sign, you have also reached the point at which your attention will turn back towards completing the rest of the build sites for the town resources.

Particularly you will want to focus upon obtaining the required prerequisites for building the High School, which at a minimum means advancing your town to Level 30 (the level that is required in order to have the population level that is actually required to build the High School).

As you work your way towards Level 30 some emphasis should be placed upon coordinating the various relationships that are required to expand the town population in terms of children - which means married couples (not necessarily male-female couples either mind you as FreePlay fully supports all types of relationships including same-sex marriage which, if you think about it, is pretty cool, just saying).

While single Sims can adopt via the phone that process requires you to spend real-world money. Bearing in mind that when you bring a child into a Sim family one of the adults will basically have to put their career on hold, since an adult must be present in the household around the clock in order for the Child / Preteen / Teen to complete many of their tasks...

Getting the first collection completed is just the beginning but as you work towards completing the Sim Sign by repeating the collection you will eventually cap-off the new Teen Idol Hobby and it will become a source for extra Life Points as well!

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Please help! I've been stuck writing the same drums and microphone notes and reading the magazine. I'm not getting any of the things I need to unlock teen idol mansion, all instruments are 3stars, I'm also on level 38 and I'm not getting anymore quest

Added 14th Oct 2015, ID #616447

My teen can't use the microphone.. what should I do? Please help.

Added 8th Sep 2015, ID #606659

I've been trying for over 2 weeks to write 3 pieces of music on the keyboard but I keep getting Ballad. I even tried buying a better keyboard, but still stuck!

Added 19th Aug 2015, ID #599977

I can't even buy the magazines . It's the only thing available from the home store but it won't let me actually place them any where . Help

Added 29th Jul 2015, ID #591007

Place it on top of a table.

Added 2nd Oct 2015, ID #613353

Place them on a table

Added 7th Sep 2015, ID #606406

Where do I find the microphone?

Added 8th Jun 2015, ID #567469

Its all on the teen bit

Added 13th Jun 2015, ID #569594

I dont have it in my homestore :(

Added 6th Sep 2015, ID #605905

I keep getting same notes want let me go any further in the quest
please help

Added 30th Mar 2015, ID #535495

I have the same problem as you

Added 6th Aug 2015, ID #594575

I completed all 15 peices of music but the last task won't say it's completed even though I have done won't move off my screen so I can't start a new task helpppp

Added 30th Mar 2015, ID #535359

I'm doing the quset right know but every time I leave my game for a bit I come back my teen sims clothes and hair is differnt WHY

Added 29th Mar 2015, ID #534691

I can't comple this quest it's taking forever can I skip this quest or cancel and do a new one

Added 22nd Mar 2015, ID #531741

After weeks I finally figured it out!!! The electric guitars are equivalent to the cheap guitar, standard guitar, and expensive guitar. Also I thought that I needed the microphone to compleye line 4 of the notes but I needed to complete line 4 of the notes to unlock the microphone.

Added 21st Mar 2015, ID #531540

I can't find the electric guitar please help me

Added 25th Feb 2015, ID #521089

It's in the teen selection

Added 11th Aug 2015, ID #596571

I completed all sets , do I have to start all over again to get the photo shoot thing ?

Added 22nd Feb 2015, ID #520043

I can't go on.... I can only buy magazines.... pleasure, help me!!!!!!

Added 17th Feb 2015, ID #517202

I'm at the part where it says write 12 pieces of music and I still don't have the electric guitar and it's not in the store for me to purchase

Added 14th Feb 2015, ID #515890

I cant wait to get something other thsn adults

Added 10th Feb 2015, ID #514233

I'm not at the level where I can do that quest but I wanted to know if I should save up and how much money or lps do I need for the sign quest

Added 31st Jan 2015, ID #509967

How do you get the teen to write a new note I have a 3 star guitar and keyboard and can't get past writing 6 pieces of music same ones keep popping up please help

Added 29th Jan 2015, ID #508753

I'm stuck I'm on the third instrument and keeps playing the same music not the last note

Added 26th Jan 2015, ID #507701

Please help , I just can't find an electric guitar anywhere

Added 13th Jan 2015, ID #501066

I am stuck and I can't buy anything else than magazines!

Added 10th Jan 2015, ID #498921

I wanted to know how many resources you get when you go up. Like I know level:1 is 5 each. And then level:2 is 10 each. I don't know If level:3 is 15.

Added 7th Jan 2015, ID #497664

I have just started and before lv8 they did a bonus quest that i could get married i complete it but do i still have to do the same one again ❓. From Chase

Added 30th Dec 2014, ID #492591

How do you [color=red][/color] get the todler quest?

Added 20th Dec 2014, ID #487505

Anyone know how to get effective lp?

Added 19th Dec 2014, ID #486878

Watch those videos

Added 15th May 2015, ID #556482

Same here. I've been writing music every hour for 5-6 days and still can not move on to the next quest. I have made hundreds of notes. Getting frustrated. Help pls!!!

Added 11th Dec 2014, ID #483230

I ran out of time and I cant find a microphone how do I complete road to fame quest

Added 10th Dec 2014, ID #482904

I have all 12 music's then the quest for seniors started but I haven't become a teen idol and how do you build the sign

Added 7th Dec 2014, ID #482002

Its said buy a stack of magazine and i had buy it.but still not working the other shop list doesnt exist please help

Added 6th Dec 2014, ID #481097

I can't find the electric guitar? I've been stuck for months it's nowhere to be seen?!

Added 25th Nov 2014, ID #476031

I've finished the teen idol quest.
And now when I am onto my next quest I am only alowed to buy a stack of magazines.
Why is that?

Added 16th Nov 2014, ID #472646

I don't want to restart it again please help by the way i'm using cheat.

Dark Werewolf
Added 15th Nov 2014, ID #471708

I buyed the stacks of magazines and they won't let me buy anything exept magazines HELP!

Dark Werewolf
Added 15th Nov 2014, ID #471700


Added 27th Oct 2014, ID #463869

I need friends ppl add me

Added 22nd Oct 2014, ID #461748

This takes forever but is cool

Added 18th Oct 2014, ID #460041

I cant buy anything becauae of the stock of magazine

Added 18th Oct 2014, ID #459943

Same here

Added 26th Jul 2015, ID #589586

How do you change your aim back into a teenager ?

Added 21st Sep 2014, ID #450550

Can't find the microphones !!

Added 8th Aug 2014, ID #432918

What are some things I can do to get the special resources?

Added 26th Jul 2014, ID #425684

I have been trying to get past this teen idol section for 5 months. I've written all the songs on the keyboard then the drums and I've been playing the 3star bass guitar forever. Nothing! I've emailed EA and never have they returned my emails. I'm ready to delete this game.

Added 20th Jul 2014, ID #422349

What do they mean there could only be on teen idol but can there live all your teens?

Added 15th Jul 2014, ID #418978


For those who are stuck in making music for the Teen Idol, after completing your first three sets of music/notes, you have to buy and use the next instrument, which you can find at the TEEN section of your home store. The same applies when you complete your 6 sets, 9 sets, and 12 sets.


Added 7th Jul 2014, ID #413817

I wrote 70,000000 pieces of music and It won't let me go out from the 'write three pieces of music' goal

Added 2nd Jul 2014, ID #410670

Hi can someone help please, I am having to do 12 pieces of music I have been on it for weeks now how do I get past this been playing instruments for weeks thanks

Added 25th Jun 2014, ID #406149

I wrote all 6 and it wont let me go to the next one why and how do I get it to go to the next quest

Added 17th Jun 2014, ID #401342

Getting the notes collection completed IS how you complete that quest. So yeah, you have to get the notes in the collection.

Added 2nd Jun 2014, ID #392592

I'm on the pat where you have to write nine pieces of music but now I'm way over time and I'm sure I've written over nine pieces. Do I have to get nine notes?

Added 31st May 2014, ID #391518

My sim is living in the teen idol mansion but it says I havenʻt completed the quest...
Help me!

Added 25th May 2014, ID #388261

I completed the teen idol quest (Road to Fame) I completed it before the time ran out so i earnt three star Keyboard,Drum set,Guitar, Eletric guitar, and microphone. Also does anyone know of some easy ways to collect LP (Life Points) I could really do with your help, thank you

Added 8th May 2014, ID #382378

Please help. I have unlocked electric guitar and i am Playing all the time. But i cant find one note.please help me

Added 27th Apr 2014, ID #379241

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