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The Community Center

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Previously known as the “Sports Center” and now known as the Community Center, this building is one of the Community Lot Class of structures.

Located on the northwest corner of the Town in the midst of the primary residential district - directly to the west and a bit north from your Starting Home, the CC is a multi-story building that contains limited-use comfort facilities - pretty much just a pair of bathrooms really...

In a rear partly-covered patio can be found a Children play area with a sandbox and a Java Joe coin-operated beverage machine.

The ground floor is fitted with a marital arts training area on the left and a Ballet studio on the right, the former having a pair of training dummies and a pair of board-breaking stands, while the latter includes a record player for musical encouragement of the dancers, adequate barre space along two walls for stretching exercise and a large open Dance area in the center for, well, Dancing.

The first floor is reached via a set of centrally-located stairs and has been fitted with a state-of-the-art Wood Crafts classroom and facilities.

Karate, Ballet, and Woodworking are found at the Community Center
Karate, Ballet, and Woodworking are found at the Community Center

Among the crafting kit are three proper crafting benches on the right side of the floor, with proper and adequate storage for supplies and the like along the outer walls. A full Class-A First Aid and Emergency Medical Treatment station has been installed.

The large white wall-mounted First Aid Station box is visibly marked with a comforting large red cross symbol and the worlds "DON'T PANIC" -- and in addition to a plentiful supply of the very best type of coagulant-laced pressure bandages and arterial clamps, also sports a military-grade defibrillator and a one-touch button that will summon an ambulance in just a few minutes!

Inside the First Aid Station in its own small compartment is the booklet "What Should I do if Someone cuts off their hand?" both in printed and ebook format - to download it to your iOS, Android, or Kindle device simply slam the device into the box repeatedly until the janitor pops in and helps you set up the WiFi.

A plentiful supply of chemical ice bags are also available (just squeeze it to pop the packet inside and you get instant cold!) as well as convenient selection of hand-sized storage bags that will hold two ice-packs and... Umm... A hand.

All this is necessary due to the presence (on the left side of the floor) of a full-capability wicked sharp bandsaw and cutting table. Yay sharp Objects! Really...

There is even a state-of-the-art vacuum-based sawdust removal system upon whose duct work you can, as often as needed, chase down and capture little wooden and metal boys you create on the benches in order to ensure that they are properly enslaved and made to entertain small Children throughout the world.

What is a Community Center Anyway?

While it was clearly initially intended to be a community sports center, the development of hobbies as well as theme-based activities ended up causing the focus for the building to change ever so slightly so as to morph it into a community services structure better described by the name "Community Center" and well done you!

To put this in perspective for you, many small to medium sized Towns in Australia, Canada, England, and the United States - basically all of the countries that are well-stocked with good food, excellent net access, and pretty girls - just saying - consider having a Community Center to be a minimum requirement in order to qualify as a developed society.

Back on point here, in those wonderful nations a Community Center is a public building in which every opportunity is made to provide the community with a wide variety of services -- hence the name “Community Center” -- among which are, traditionally, a minding service for latchkey kids, a desk with a person capable of answering questions on any number of topics related to the community, and more.

The town we live near has, well... Okay, you know, the place we keep our game systems and stuff in that large box-shaped thing in that room with the huge blue ceiling? Yeah, it is in a village near the town where they have a Community Center and we use it sometimes just you know, to say we did...

That CC has a proper outdoor playground, an auditorium, a gymnasium with basketball courts inside and out, proper locker rooms with actual showers, meeting rooms of the sort you can hold meetings in after you finish playing D&D (though really the ones at the town library are nicer and they have free coffee and tea there), a TV Room that has PS3's and Xbox 360's, and a well run seasonal athletic and club program, including Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Youth Nights.

So there you have it... In the Sim world what we have is very similar really, except for all the stuff I named above, which the Community Center in Simville does not actually have...

General Actions

  • Beverage To GoGo Machine: Espresso (30s / 9 XP)

  • Beverage To GoGo Machine: Double Shot (1m / 12XP)

  • Beverage To GoGo Machine: Fancy Coffee (5m / 15 XP)

  • Beverage To GoGo Machine: Triple-Fudge Hot Chocolate (9m / 45 XP)

  • Chair: Ponder (3m / 15 XP)

  • Chair: Reflect (6m / 30 XP)

  • Chair: Speculate (12m 60 XP)

  • Sandpit: Play in Sandpit (7m / 34 XP)

  • Sandpit: Build Sandcastles (1h / 150 XP)

  • Sandpit: Befriend the Sandworm (8h / 553 XP)

  • Toilet: Use the Toilet (30s / 12 XP)

  • Trophy Case: Appreciate (4s / 7 XP)

CC Hobby Actions

The following Hobby Actions are available in the Community Center for Ballet, Karate, and Woodworking:

  • Ballet Barre: Stretch (30s / 9 XP)

  • Ballet Record Player: One Pirouette (4m / 15 XP)

  • Ballet Record Player: Quick Pirouette (1h / 150 XP)

  • Ballet Record Player: Pirouettes (9h / 450 XP)

  • Ballet Record Player: Extensive Pirouettes (1d / 900 XP)

  • Karate Sparring Dummy: One Punch (4m / 15 XP)

  • Karate Sparring Dummy: Quick Duel (1h / 150 XP

  • Karate Sparring Dummy: Karate Practice (9h / 450 XP)

  • Karate Sparring Dummy: Lengthy Battle (1d / 900 XP)

  • Wooden Karate Board: Karate Chop! (1m 30s / 9 XP)

  • Wooden Karate Board: Extended Session (20m / 69 XP)

  • Woodworking Bench: Quick Practice (4m / 15 XP)

  • Woodworking Bench: Sharpen Skills (1h / 150 XP)

  • Woodworking Bench: Carve Magnum Opus (9h / 450 XP)

  • Woodworking Bench: Extensive Practice: (1d / 900 XP)

For more details on each of the Hobbies and thier associated collections and challenges please consult our Hobbies pages as you will find just loads and heaps of useful information there.

Note: The rumor is that additional activities are planned for this space, including some outdoors use of the lot but we shall see... It would be terrific if they were to put in a sports field out behind the CC with a Cricket Pitch, just saying...

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28 comments, latest first.
Feb 9th 2016 Guest
Can't build the community center. It says I need to do multi story renovations quest. I can't do the multi story quest because the first step is to build the community center!
ID #634027
Oct 21st 2015 Guest
I need some neighbours plz add me on fb...Euphemia Willsia William Charles
ID #618425
Nov 7th 2015 Mpgsandeep
Add me as sandeep raghuwanshi on fb ,search location meerut india, play level 26 now
ID #622982
Sep 29th 2015 Guest
How do I build the community center? It says I need to complete the multi renovations quest but I don't know how to do that. Help please I'm level 33
ID #612563
Aug 1st 2015 Guest
How much does it cost?
ID #592501
Jul 25th 2015 Guest
I built it before the renovation quest. I know it's impossible because you have to build it in the quest, i also dont know why they let me built it so i cant even start the quest. How can i solve it?
ID #589057
Jul 24th 2015 Guest
Bree is in the park telling me to finish the multi story quest. I don't know what to do next n I cannot build the community center
ID #588889
Jul 22nd 2015 TTTSSS
Call a teen to the community center???? Help me
ID #587751
Apr 18th 2015 Guest
guys, add me on Xbox, I play the Sims Freeplay almost everyday! Smile Player 563374454
ID #544521
Jun 15th 2015 Guest
Krazy21211 on Xbox
ID #570771
Mar 2nd 2015 CMBF
Unless the build site for the building you want appears in the game you have not leveled your town high enough yet. Best advice is to keep playing and doing the missions, level your town until you get the building site then build it!
ID #523492
Feb 24th 2015 Guest
Community centre is 250,000$
ID #520877
Feb 24th 2015 Guest
Im on level 32 i already passed level 17 so how can i build the comunity centre?
ID #520671
Feb 24th 2015 Guest
Im on level 32 i passed level 17 already so how can i build the community center?
ID #520668
Feb 17th 2015 Guest
How do i build the comunity centre? I am level 32 with 2 preteens but it still says to complete the multi storey renovations quest! Please help!
ID #517109
Jun 1st 2015 Guest
I am having the same problem. I am on level 26 but I cannot build the community center until I complete the Multi Story Renovations Quest which I did everything to complete but still nothing:(
ID #564164
Jan 11th 2015 CMBF
See the problem here is that nobody can tell you how much the Community Center will cost YOU because the cost is based on the number of OTHER buildings you have already built in that class.

Each new building in a class increases the cost for the next building in that class, so it really does depend on how many others in the class you have already built.
ID #499704
Jan 2nd 2015 Guest
Could someone please tell me how much the community centre costs because I am trying to save even though I'm not up to that point yet.Plz🙏[color=red][/color]
ID #494564
Oct 25th 2014 Guest
If I can't finish this quests before the timer expires. Can I still build evalators and escalators ?
ID #463085
Aug 31st 2014 CMBF
You do not have to participate in the events like those of the Community Competition Center - you can just ignore it.

As for the game not recognizing that you have built the Competition Center - that is a bug and you will need to file an official help request for that.
ID #443135
Aug 31st 2014 CMBF
To get upstairs tap the floor icon in the top right to change floor view.
ID #443134
Aug 8th 2014 Guest
are you able to cancel/ opt out of the competition in the community centre?
ID #432823
May 28th 2014 Guest
Everytime I try to get my sim to do an activity they just shake their heads no
ID #390144
Jun 4th 2015 Guest
They need to have all of their levels higher (food, sleep, toilet, et all) in order to get them to do the task you're having trouble with.
ID #565687
May 9th 2014 Squirtracer
I am on the multi story quest and it says I need to build the community centre for the 1at bit bit I already have and it's not recognising it and going onto next bit. What so I do?
ID #382667
Mar 1st 2014 Guest
I want to know how to make a fashion studio in the sims free play fpr having a live style point as a reward.

ID #360025
Feb 22nd 2014 Guest
Did you mean to say words instead of worlds? I am having trouble getting upstairs with my sim. I know how to use the stairs, but when my sim walks up, they disappear while I am on the first floor and I can't get upstairs with them . Can anyone help me with this.
ID #357718
Nov 30th 2013 Guest
[color=red][color=red]they should definitely give out more options like a football field or a soccer field. They could also include gymnastics or baseball. love how they gave a 30 second practice session for ballet but it doesn't make since that u get more xp and better talent improvement than the 4 min actions.
ID #323830
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