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A Dance to Remember

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Official notification that there is a new mission for you to do!
Official notification that there is a new mission for you to do!

Welcome to the next Hobby and Special Mission Line - A Dance to Remember!

This Mission line will result in unlocking and making available the following in your game:

So to recap, this Mission line will unlock and add to your game TWO hobbies - Salsa and Break Dancing. It will add a new house style and build, and it will unlock new Objects and decorations! Just so you know.

Locating the Flagging Sims and learning the details for this new mission!
Locating the Flagging Sims and learning the details for this new mission!

Locating The Mission Flag Point

This Mission Line is flagged by having your Sim visit the Town Park, and heading to the far corner in which the "Thinker" Statue is located.

In this plaza area near by the Statue you will find two Sims doing a sexy Salsa Dance. THIS is where you will flag this new Mission line NOW. Simply Tap one of the Sims and you will get a pop-up to start flagging and doing the missions. Tap the BEGIN Quest button on this pop-up, and you will receive the Quest Notice Splash Page!

"A pair of fine Salsa Dancers has appeared near the Thinking Man Statue in the Park and have brought their passion for Dancing with them. Can your Sims Dance well enough to move to their beat?" Tap anywhere on the splash page to continue!

At this point you will generate the first Mission Pop-Up and you will officially start the Mission Timer...

That's pretty cool - TWO new Hobbies, a house, and some awesome objects!
That's pretty cool - TWO new Hobbies, a house, and some awesome objects!

A Dance to Remember: Watch the Dancing Couple

There are two Sims Dancing in the Park. They move with such grace and poise, your Sim has never seen anything like it! 'Watch' their mesmerizing display of dancing!

Complete the Quest within the time limit (7-Days) to unlock a set of lavish Rugs for your floors.

OK so first, pick the Sim you want to have this new Hobby - which means you either need to select a Sim that has NO hobby already, or you need to pick a Sim who you don't mind them forgetting their existing Hobby and flagging a new one..

Have your Sim walk over to where the dancers are near The Thinking Man Statue - when they are within sight of the Dancing Sims, tap the Dancing Sims and that will open the Action Menu and give you the only option for it, which is an Action called "Watch" that you need to do.

Watch (2m) 15XP

Completing this first part of the Mission results in the added award of $10 and 25 XP.

After the Action completes you can slap yourself on the back mates - you have completed the first step in a lengthy new Mission that will ultimately add a NEW Hobby to your game! Go you! Well done! Excellent!

Note: Starting this Mission Line will add it to your Active Tasks Menu on the bottom left-hand corner of your Game Play window!

As is traditionally the case for missions, completing this first step will blank out the Quest in the Active Tasks Menu - so you need to open that menu and tap the blank spot to spawn the next Mission and quest!

To lessen the hero worship danger why meet these dancing angels?
To lessen the hero worship danger why meet these dancing angels?

A Dance to Remember: Enthuse to a Sim About Dancers

The two Sims danced with such skill! Your Sim is enthralled and must tell another Sim about it immediately.

Have your Sim 'Enthuse' to another Sim about how amazing the dancers are!

To complete this stage of the Mission simply send the Sim you are using for the Dance Mission to find another Sim who is not involved ni the process and involve them by talking to them. When you tap on them and open their action menu there is a new action called Enthuse (12s) that delivers 7 XP when completed.

Enthuse (12s) 7 XP

When you complete the action you will also be awarded with $10 and 25 XP and open the next stage...

The Detailed Pop-Ups keep you well on track for the missions!
The Detailed Pop-Ups keep you well on track for the missions!

A Dance to Remember: Talk to the Dancers

Uh oh! It looks like your Sim is getting a little star struck by the two Dancing dynamos.

They should introduce themselves to cut the tension. Have your Sim talk to the dancers...

Have your Sim head back to the Park corner and The Thinking Man Statue where the dancers are, and then tap one of them to pop-up the Action Menu. and tap the following Action:

Talk to Dancers (15m) 135 XP

When you complete this stage of the Mission you will receive the award of $10 and 25 XP.

A Dance to Remember: Take the Car at the Park to the Villa

"The couple introduce themselves as Valentina and Eduardo Fantasia. They are flattered by your Sim's interest in their Dancing and have invited them to a party at their private villa.

"A private Car is waiting at the Park to take your Sims to the villa! Tap the car and choose 'Ride to the Villa' now."

Ride to the Villa (Instant / $5 / 10xp)

Warning: Complete ALL of the tasks and Quests that relate to the Villa BEFORE you leave it because once you leave after a certain point you CAN NOT RETURN!

Wow!  They really can dance!  They should do that on TV, right?
Wow! They really can dance! They should do that on TV, right?

A Dance to Remember: Explore the Villa

"The villa looks incredible! Your Sim feels another bout of gushing coming on! Best they get it out of their system before the other guests arrive.

"Have your Sim explore the villa. Tap anywhere on the building or on any object and choose 'Explore Villa'.

Explore Villa (8h 30m)

A Dance to Remember: -Have 5 Sims at the Villa

It is time for your Sim to share their discovery with the rest of the town. After all when a Sim discovers a couple who can Dance with the sort of emotional release that is worthy of being defined as high art? Well of course they have to share that discovery!

"The Fantasia's party has generated a lot of buzz in Sim Town, and Sims are starting to arrive from all over!

"Have at least 5 Sims at the Villa. The more the merrier!"

Completing this Quest will cause the Salsa Dancing Hobby to be made available to your Sims...

A Dance to Remember: -Eat Hors D'oeuvres

"The guests have arrived, but no Sim likes to socialize on an empty stomach. Enjoy some of the Hors d'oeuvre's that the Fantasia's have laid out.

"Have Sims 'Eat Hors d'oeurvres.' They're on the table in the middle of the villa."

A Dance to Remember: Have 5 Sims Cheer On the Fantasias

"Much Better! The Fantasia's are ready for their guests to watch their Dance performance! Have 5 Sims cheering them on!

"Tap on the Salsa Jukebox, located i the ballroom at the villa and choose 'Cheer On'. More than one Sims can cheer at once so make sure five Sims are involved!"

This may seem like a lot of work to add the Salsa Hobby but hey, it is what it is - and hopefully you have held back a pair of Sims to take up this Hobby so you can get started on it straight away after you complete this Mission series!

Note: As previously mentioned make sure that you complete ALL of the different tasks, Mission Quests, and/or optional actions and Activities BEFORE you depart the Villa because once you leave you cannot return.

A Dance to Remember: Have 2 Sims Chat

Now that the main Event is over at the Villa it is time for two of your Sims to discuss what has happened and how it might change their Sim lives!

Have two pairs of Sims Chat...

A Dance to Remember: Thank the Fantazias

Their wonderful Dancing has set the town on fire - and now it is time to thank them!

1. Have a Sim go to the Park.

2. Have the Sim take the Car at the Park to the Villa.

3. Thank the Fantazias

A Dance to Remember: Have all Sims Leave the Villa

Now that they have been thanked good and proper it is time to leave...

Have all Sims Leave the Villa.

A Dance to Remember: Have a Sim Hibernate

With your Sim home now, have them Hibernate in Bed...

Hibernate in Bed (that is a 19h Task)

A Dance to Remember: Salsa Dance to Stereo

Waking up inspired, your Sim dreamt of majestically Dancing with the same poise and grace that they saw at the villa. It's time to try their hand at Salsa Dancing!

Tap on a stereo and choose 'Salsa'

A Dance to Remember: Read "Spicy Salsa" froma Bookshelf

Well, that didn't go so well. Perhaps your Sim needs to study Dancing more thoroughly before trying again.

Read "Spicy Salsa" from a bookshelf.

Completing this Quest offers the standard reward of $25 and 100 XP.

A Dance to Remember: Place an Ad from a Computer

The next step on your Dancing adventure is a simple one - Place an Ad from a Computer to find yourself a Dance Partner!

"The book on Salsa Dancing has a lot of useful Tips in it including the most important of all: having a DANCING PARTNER!

"Use a computer and 'Place an Ad' for a Dancing partner."

Place an Ad (via Computer)

Completing this Task awards you $125 and 25 XP.

A Dance to Remember: Grow Pumpkins

We suppose that this might seem like a rather odd next step in this epic Quest to discover if not the most romantic Hobby ever, than pretty close to it... So hey, a little oddness here and there when you are talking about romantic gestures? Totally understandable!

"Perfect! Now that the ad is placed, the only thing to do is wait until a reply arrives. While your Sim waits, distract them with some gardening.

"Have Sim grow some pumpkins."

Grow Pumpkins (24h Task)

Completing this Task awards you $25 and 25 XP.

A Dance to Remember: Check Email

"Those are some smashing pumpkins your Sim has grown. Perhaps someone has replied to the ad for a Dancing partner.

"Go to a computer and 'Check Email'."

Check Email (36s Task)

Completing this Task awards you $50 and 50 XP.

A Dance to Remember: Send a Sim to the Park

"Not one, but THREE potential Dancing partners have responded and will be waiting in the Park.

"Send a Sim to the Park now."

Summon a Sim at the Park (Instant Task)

Completing this Task awards you $5 and 5 XP.

A Dance to Remember: Wait Excitedly on a Bench

:"In your Sim's eagerness to meet the Dancing partners, they arrived too quickly. Not to worry! They can wait on a nearby bench for now.

"Tap on a bench and choose 'Wait Excitedly'."

Wait Excitedly (8h 30m Task)

Completing this Task awards you $50 and 50 XP.

A Dance to Remember: Assess Dancers

Now that your potential partners have arrived at the Park it is time to put them through the paces and see what is what?

Assess Dancer (5s Task x3)

This Quest awards you $5 and 125 XP.

A Dance to Remember: Have 2 Sims at the Park

Okay well that was interesting... And the results were not... What... I... Expected.

"Oh dear! These applicants aren't right for Salsa Dancing at all! Although, that mummy had some pretty fresh break dancing moves. All of the commotion has attracted the attention of another Sim.

"Have 2 Sims at the Park."

Have 2 Sims at the Park

So here is the deal - you want to pick the other Sim that will be doing the Hobby and have them come to the Park for the next stage of the Mission...

A Dance to Remember: Be Hilarious to Another Sim

"The Sim who was assessing dancers in the Park looks a little deflated. Perhaps the could use a laugh!

"'Be Hilarious' to another Sim."

Be Hilarious (4h 30m Task)

A Dance to Remember: Dance with Another Sim

"Hmmm... That joke required fancy footwork and was no laughing matter. Dancing might be in their blood!

"Try to Salsa Dance with them."

Dance with Another Sim (3s Task)

This task awards $30 and 50 XP.

A Dance to Remember: Have 2 Sims Watch a Movie Marathon

"This Dance-phobic Sim might need a little coaching before they're ready to cut up any rugs. Perhaps they need to become more familiar with their new Dancing partner.

"Have two Sims watch a 'Movie Marathon' on a TV together."

Movie Marathon (9h Task)

This task awards $30 and 50 XP.

A Dance to Remember: Have 2 Sims Play a Long Chess Game

"It's working! Your Sims are growing closer and enjoying their time together.

"Have them play a 'Long Chess Game' together to keep things going."

Long Chess Game (2h 30m Task)

A Dance to Remember: Have 2 Sims Dance to a Stereo

"The next Dance at the Villa is soon, so there's no time to waste for the partners to move their feet!

"Have 2 Sims Dance to any music on a stereo. With a little luck, they will have so much fun that they won't even Notice that they're Dancing until it's too late!"

Have 2 Sims Dance to a Stereo

Basically you just head on home, pick a music type and once the first Sim is Dancing to it, you have the second Sim join in. A few minutes later and you have fulfilled the requirement!

A Dance to Remember: Practice Salsa Together

"It worked! Your Sims are ready to practice Salsa together now.

"Choose 'Practice Salsa' with another Sim."

Practice Salsa (1h 30m Task)

For this part you do not tap on the Stereo but rather on the other Sim you want to practice with. I chose to do this with a married couple - two very talented and pretty women - because girls Dance better than boys. YMMV.

This task awards $50 and 50 XP.

A Dance to Remember: Have a Sim Hibernate

"Perfect! Convincing them to Dance was exhausting work! Before going back to the Villa, your Sims need another rest.

"Have a Sim 'Hibernate' in a bed."

Hibernate (19h Task)

A Dance to Remember: Send a Sim to the Park

"Excellent! Your Sim is excited about Dancing with the Fantasias. It's time to return to the Villa, and the Car must be waiting at the Park by now.

"Send a Sim to the Park."

Send a Sim to the Park (Instant Task)

A Dance to Remember: Investigate Meowing

"Wonderful! The Car is ready for a trip to the Villa, but a strange noise can be heard. It sounds like there is meowing coming from under the Park Bridge!

"Investigate the Bridge at the Park. Look for the Alert Bubble!"

Investigate the Bridge (5m Task)

A Dance to Remember: Rescue Cat from Under Bridge

"A cat has found a feast of discarded food underneath the Bridge, but got itself stuck. The poor little thing! Dancing will have to wait!

"Rescue the Cat."

Rescue the Cat (10h 30m Task)

This Quest rewards you with $100 and 50 XP as well as the satisfaction of rescuing a cat! Well, that and it brings this Mission line to 88% Completion - so yeah, we are nearing the end and there really is light at the end of the tunnel!

Dancing at the Latin Villa
Dancing at the Latin Villa

A Dance to Remember: Have Two Sims at the Villa

"At last! The cat is saved, and there's no time to lose! Have two Sims go to the Villa before they miss the Dance altogether!"

Remember, you can get to the Villa by using the Car at The Town Park, or by calling a Sim to teh Villa by using the Sim Tracker once a Sim is already there.

You knew you would need the two Sims you decided to pair up for Dancing rright? Because they are going to end up being your designated Dancing Hobby Sims mates! That being so it would be a good idea to pick a pair that have already mastered their profession - just saying...

Have Two Sims at the Villa (Instant Task)

A Dance to Remember: Apologize for Being Late

"Finally arrived, and the Fantasias are still waiting. Fantastic!

"Have a Sim 'Apologize' for being late. It's only polite."

Apologize (12s Task)

A Dance to Remember: Dance at the Villa

"The Fantasias appreciate the gesture, but there's no time for apologies now... only time to Dance!

"With a Sim selected, tap on the Jukebox at the Villa and choose 'Wait for Partner'. While one is waiting, select a different Sim. Then tap the Jukebox again and choose 'Dance with Partner'."

Wait for Partner (5h Task)

Dance with Partner (4h 30m Task)

Your Sims automagically change into appropriate Dancing costume - how cool is that? And hey! They Dance very well! Skilled even!?

Completing this phase of the Mission will result in the award of 1 LP and 100 XP - and LP rewards are always a welcome Event!

A Dance to Remember: Have all Sims Leave the Villa

"Valentina and Eduardo Fantasia are impressed with your Sims' enthusiasm for Dance. It's time to say goodbye for now.

"Have all your Sims leave the Villa."

Note that at the start of this part of the Mission you are at a Mission Completion Rate of 97% and this will be the last and final time you get to visit the Villa under these conditions. If you plan to take pics or explore now is the time to do so!

All Sims Leave the Villa (Instant Task)

With your Sims' departure that completes the Special Hobbies Expansion Mission 'A Dance to Remember' and enables the Dance Hobby in your game!

You can purchase a Salsa Jukebox from The Promotions R' Us Hobby Store, place that either in your home or in a Courtesy House, and get started on this most rewarding of hobbies!


As you complete the Dance Missions you will be notified via pop-up that you have triggered a Seven (7) Day Limited Time Event called SALSA Dancing.

To complete this Event you will need to build a Latin Villa by obtaining all 12 trophies (for the Dance Hobby) before the timer runs out. You have just Seven (7) Days to do this.

Completing the challenge inside of the week provided is what earns you the Villa by the way - so you should get Dancing!

We have covered the Salsa Dancing Event here.


Once you have completed the Salsa Dancing collection you unlock the Break Dance Hobby and another 7-day Event in which, if you complete the Break Dancing collection within the timer, you will unlock and receive the special item: Home DJ Booth!

So what are you waiting for?! Get Breaking!

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If you made your sims go back to their homes without thanking the fantasias you can go back to the park and the car will be there to take you back. So yes you can go back even if you didn't finish all tasks.
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Sep 3rd 2015 Mimi1989
I just purchased my salsa jukebox from the promotions r us store but now i cant find it anywhere. Where did thry place the jukebox i purchased?
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Sep 3rd 2015 Guest
I purchased my salsa jukebox from the promotions r us store but now i cant find it anywhere
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It's in ur inventory
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May 10th 2015 Guest
I have been in the villa and sent my sims home but I forgot to thank the salsa dancers what do I do?
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Go to the park and click "take taxi to villa" which you can see near one of the park exits
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May 6th 2015 Guest
I can't I don't know why I have tried so many times
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May 3rd 2015 Guest
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I can't talk to the fantasias coz wen i click them a speech bubble appears and my sim say uh ah and it keeps doin it plz help ;-(
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Apr 7th 2015 ghealach123
The task is apologize to the fantasias but there is no one at the villa. I'm stuck. Please help.
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I can't talk to the Fantastics . They are always stuck,can't apologize.😡😤😡
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That happened to my friend I think you can't go back
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The quest is to send a sim to the park where three potential dance partners will be waiting but when I go to the park, no one is there. What do I do?
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Jul 21st 2015 Guest
I think you click on a bench and "wait excitedly" might pop up but I'm not there yet so I don't know but that's probely how you do it (sorry for bad Spelling)[i]
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How do I get back to the Villa if all my sims are there? I clicked on the red car but I can't do anything, all I have left are two babies
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