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Sorcerous Supplies

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The Sorcerous Supplies

(bringing a little magic to FreePlay and Simville)

- - - - - - - - - - = = = = = @ @ = = = = = - - - - - - - - - -

Welcome to the future of a magical Simville... Or is it the past of a magical... Wait...

Right so here is the thing - even if you don't read the fan sites, or the official game site for FreePlay, you cannot help but Notice the news announcement that appeared in the game, or the presence of a new building site situated near the base of the Dam on the river, right? Right!

That new building site is an intimate little affair for the newest building and lifestyle in the world of The Sims: FreePlay. Not only that, but it also includes a new and exciting Hobby for Teens, and Adult Sims (Preteens and Senior Sims need not apply) that is called Broomstick Flying - and is exactly what it sounds like!

Considering how persuasive and invasive Harry Potter was to the world is it really all that much of a surprise that magic has made it into Simville? Really? Well, it has!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Sorcerous Supplies

When the new building site appeared in your game (it requires Level 8 and above) you will have spotted it situated at the foot of the dam on the north shore of the river, and when you tap on it you may be very pleased and shocked to see that unlike the other new buildings sites that have been added to the game over the past six months, this one has NO attachment to the Life Dreams & Legacy Quest at the outset.

What does that mean?

Well, if you are like us, and you are working very hard to complete all of the Career and Hobby Mastery prior to engaging and enabling the Sims Aging System, this is good news indeed. While we have been working diligently to accomplish all that can be accomplished in terms of Career and Hobby Mastery it is rather nice to have something new to add to the mixture, particularly something that offers a new hobby to you for your Sims that currently lack one.

With our town here at SuperCheats at Level 35 and thus our Sim Count for Population at 25/25 we cannot look to be adding a new Sim until we reach Level 36 - so having something new to help that process along is also a welcome Event!

A simple tap on the building site below the dam reveals lots of information:

Building Name: Sorcerous Supplies

Town Value Boost: + $300,000

Construction Timer: 2 Days, 18 Hours

Construction Costs: $350,000

Sim Population Required: 16 Sims

Build the Sorcerous Supplies store to gain access to:

So yeah, not one but TWO new hobbies! And how freaking cool is that?!

Very very very cool, that is how cool! Or as our French Simmers would say, Très cool! Our Spanish Simmers would say Muy cool! And our German Simmers would say: Wir denken, dies ist eigentlich sehr cool, aber wir dürfen nicht mehr als zu reagieren, denn das wäre peinlich gesehen werden. Aber wir denken, dass es sehr schön ist.

Darn those Germans!

Way back when we realized that there was likely to be a string of builds coming soon we started to save up our money, particularly9 the $45K daily we received via the mail box, and now we are glad that we did, sicne the cost of this building only dents our treasury. Of course now we have to wait out the 2 days and 18 hours of the build timer. Sigh.

- - - - - - - - - - = = = = = @ @ = = = = = - - - - - - - - - -

The Book of Spells Quest

Once you complete building the store you flag The Book of Spells Quest, which unlocks at Level 8 and after you have built the store. Completing that process (details below) will unlock the Spell Casting Hobby, and the next special quest...


Once you activate this Quest as long as you complete it within Seven (7) Days from its flagging and start, you get yourself a Pet Dragon. Very cool! Very cool indeed!

You have seven days to complete this Quest and thus get yourself a Pet dragon as part of the reward.

Don't worry though, even if you can't manage to get it done in the 7 days you are given you can still complete the Quest - you just don’t win the prize... Personally the prizes for this part of the game are actually (at least to us) worth having, so it is certainly worth making the effort.

The Quest - Part I

  • Buy a crystal ball ($5,000) from Sorcerous Supplies (Instant);

  • Place the Crystal Ball in one of your Sim Homes or perhaps your Ghost Hunter House? (Instant);

  • Gaze into your Crystal Ball (30s);

  • Gaze into your Crystal Ball (30s);

  • Pick up the Magic Wand (2s);

  • Unlock the door to the Wand Room (2h 30m) - follow the clues;

    What you need to do is explore the house, and tap different Objects - like the Painting - to search for clues. The clues will reveal the object that you need to look at / the choice you need to make. So search them :)

  • Gaze upon the designated object (3m 30s);

  • Take the Magic Want (30s);

  • Use the Crystal Ball to return home (1s);

  • Act Casual on a Couch (10h);

  • Place the Magic Wand Podium in your house.

After the Magic Want Podium is placed in your House

The Quest - Part II

  • Cast a random spell with the Wand Podium (13h 30m);

  • Talk to a Sim about Magic Wands (8m);

  • Cast a random spell with the Wand Podium (13h 30m);

  • Watch the Emergency Broadcast (2h 30m);

  • Visit the Park (Instant);

  • Call a Sim to the Park (Instant);

  • Formulate a Plan & click on the Mummy (6h 10m);

  • Search for Mummy Removal Spell on the Internet (13h 30m);

  • Perform Mummy Removal Spell using the Magic Wand Podium (7m);

  • Use the Crystal Ball to visit the Wizard House (Instant);

  • Read Weird World of Wands at the Wizard House (22h 30m);

  • Explain to the Wizard (8h 12m);

  • Use the Crystal Ball to return home (Instant);

  • Call a Sim to the Park (Instant);

  • Talk to the Wizard (1m 40s);

  • Distract a Mummy (16h 30m);

  • Talk to Wizard about Magic Spells (3m);

  • Distract a Mummy (16h 30m);

  • Joke around with the Wizard (10s);

  • Distract a Mummy (16h 30m);

  • Pack up the Magic Wand Podium (30s);

  • Talk to the Wizard (3h 10m)

Complete within the slotted timer and you win a Pet Dragon! The pet Dragon is found in the Pet Store (naturally) and is available for different prices depending on Dragon quality...

  • 1-Star Dragon- ($50,000)

  • 1-Star Dragon (25 SP)

  • 2-Star Dragon ($250,000)

  • 2-Star Dragon (25 LP)

  • 3-Star Dragon (50 LP)

  • 3-Star Dragon (100 LP)

I don’t know if it is really worth it to buy the more expensive ones - that is really your call... I mean a Dragon is a Dragon, right? And how do you put a price on Dragon friendship?!

Note that when you buy a Dragon from The Pet Shop it is the same situation that Hagrid faced when he obtained his Dragon from a bloke at the Three Broomsticks - that is to say you get a Dragon Egg, not an actual Dragon. So you get an Egg and you need to hatch it. Depending upon the stars the timer can be long...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spell Casting Hobby Collection Quest

As is consistent with the basic Game Play mechanics for FreePlay, new and added content is added to the game with the opportunity for you to earn special Pets or Objects - as long as you get her done within the time limit...

LIMITED TIME: Get Yourself an Imperial Barn Owl!

If you finish it within the Seven (7) Days from its flagging and start, you get yourself an Imperial Barn Owl!

You have seven days to complete this Quest and get yourself a Pet dragon as part of the reward. Don't worry though, even if you can't manage to get it done in the 7 days you are given you can still complete the quest - you just don’t win the prize...

Strategy-wise this works pretty much the same as the other hobbies in that you are best served using the shortest timer for it. For most of the other hobbies that is like a 10m timer, but for Spell Casting the short cast is actually the "Quick Spell" task, which takes 2h 30m to complete - so for this stage in the game and for this Quest you are going to need to play in two-and-a-half or three hour gaps.

Also remember that you will certainly have to repeat that spell over and over - and over - to get a new object for the collection once you get to the higher level ones - and of course you must GET to a higher level in order to unlock and obtain them. Hey, no joke, this is a lot of hard work!

The Collection consists of four lines of three Objects in each line, each of which pays an increasing reward. The objects are, by level:

  • Level 1: Tasteless Apple / Odious Toadstool

  • Level 2: Clouded Crystal / Strange Toadstool

  • Level 3: Common Apple / Blind Eye

  • Level 4: Animal Eye / Jade Crystal

  • Level 5: Carnelian Crystal

  • Level 6: Luminous Toadstool / Beholder Eye / Golden Apple

The actual collection structure is in four lines, with increasing rewards consisting of the following:

  • Line 1: Tasteless Apple / Odious Toadstool / Clouded Crystal -- 750 XP

  • Line 2: Strange Toadstool / Common Apple / Blind Eye -- 1,000 XP

  • Line 3: Animal Eye / Jade Crystal / Carnelian Crystal -- 1,500 XP

  • Line 4: Luminous Toadstool / Beholder Eye / Golden Apple -- 2,000 XP

If you complete this Quest in the time allotted you win a free Imperial Barn Owl, which normally costs you 15 LP. Note that unlike the Dragon, which you know, is a major Pet, the Imperial Barn Owl is more like a fish or a rabbit, so you will find them in the pet section of the buy and build store at home. Just saying...

- - - - - - - - - - = = = = = @ @ = = = = = - - - - - - - - - -

New Hobbies

Oddly while the Broomstick Flying Hobby does already appear in the hobbies list (when you tap on the Hobby Tab and then an individual hobby on the right-hand pop-up menu you see Broomstick Flying listed under the Teenager and Adult Tabs, but not the Spell Casting Collection.

We know that there IS a Spell Casting Collection - it is a major element of the special Quests above - but it is strange that it actually has to be unlocked to add it to the catalog when the Broomstick one does not...

Broomstick Flying - the Hobby Collection

As with most of the Hobby collections, Broomstick Flying has twelve (12) collectible Objects spread over four lines with three objects in each line.

The short task is called "Quick Broomstick Flight" and takes 4h 30m so you are likely to only get three or four goes in an average day....

These collection Objects are:

  • Line 1: Ruby Dashing Spiral / Jade Dashing Spiral / Sapphire Dashing Spiral -- 750 XP

  • Line 2: Ruby SuperSim / Jade SuperSim / Sapphire SuperSim -- 1,000 XP

  • Line 3: Ruby Loop / Jade Loop / Sapphire Loop -- 1,500 XP

  • Line 4: Ruby Corkscrew / Jade Corkscrew / Sapphire Dashing Spiral -- 2,000 XP

After the collection has been completed for the first time you can buy a Magic Broomstick Closet from the Sorcerous Supplies store. It costs $10,000 just so you know...

There are a number of prizes to be had for completing the above collection, from the Home Builder Kit to a magic mop that automagically cleans your home!

More to come....

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22 comments, latest first.
Nov 13th 2015 nathalie.ann.f
I accidentally deleted the magic wand podium, is there a way to get it back somehow, or restart the quest? I cannot complete it with out it!! Please please help
ID #624895
Nov 11th 2015 Guest
I am on level 11 and I've never spotted a "Dam" in the river. I never got the Book Of Spells quest and I think that may be a problem... I don't really think I kept track of things when I was level 8 but I really regret that cuz I want a dragon!! Where exactly is it in the river..?? HELP ME PLZ😫😫😫😫😟😟
ID #624400
Oct 30th 2015 Guest
How to complete to quest explain to the wizard what to I have to do? I go to the Wizards house well try and it says too many sims and idk what it's talking about because there isnt
ID #621056
Sep 3rd 2015 Guest
The book of spells quest has unlocked for me and I don't even have the sorcerous supplies store or enough aims to build it! Why has it unlocked already?
ID #604944
Aug 28th 2015 Guest
Is there any way that you can get the dragon after the timer. Please help me. I need to know the answer. You do not know how much this means to me! Please help me. PLEASE!!! 😢😥😭😩😜😎😄👿😈😇🔮😀😋
ID #603080
Oct 21st 2015 Guest
if the timer runs out, do we still get the dragon? im half way thru but im afraid i dont have enough time. please help me.
ID #618402
Jul 17th 2015 Guest
somebody add me please dopey1905. I need neighbors thanks
ID #585591
Jul 15th 2015 Guest
It is very hard work completing the spell casting, I have nearly all of them just 2 left but I only have 13 hours left which isn't a lot compared to how long it takes to get just one new object! Advice for other players about to start this hobby, regularly check the game and I mean like every 2 and a half hours because it's a very long process and the time they give you to complete it and get an owl isn't actually a lot so dont waste it Smile
ID #584571
May 3rd 2015 Guest
I have been trying for almost a month to get all the collectables for the spell casting hobby to unlock the broomstick flying hobby but I cannot get the last two collectables and I can't restart the collectables what do I do
ID #551347
Apr 18th 2015 Guest
Is there any way to unlock to Dragon after the time limit is up?
ID #544565
Mar 17th 2015 Guest
Easy peasy.
ID #529808
Mar 1st 2015 Guest
Omg it's so hard to finish this quest because you only have 7 days and most parts take the whole day to finish! I think its really unfair!😡😡😡😡😡😡😭 is there any way I can get free crystals to speed the process up! Please help very soon because I only have 2 more days to complete the quest thanks!
ID #522862
Feb 3rd 2015 Guest
If you miss the 7 day time limit can you still get an owl?
ID #511144
Feb 1st 2015 Guest
I deleted the house where my podium was and it is not in my inventory, store or wizards house. Can I find it to finish the mission? I really want to move on to the mall. Thank you
ID #510202
Jan 21st 2015 Alitarek
I can't cast a spell with the wand piom , when went back to the house
ID #505063
Jan 18th 2015 Guest
I can't find the crystal ball in the decorations inventory after purchasing it from the sorcery supply store...Is this a common glitch? How do I fix this?
ID #503748
Jan 17th 2015 Guest
Just watch tv
ID #503248
Jan 17th 2015 Guest
Where is the mummy?
ID #503242
Jan 16th 2015 Guest
How do I watch the emergency broadcast
ID #502309
Jan 11th 2015 Guest
I'm really struggling with this part of the sims, as I have gone and 'act casual' on a couch, and it's telling me I have to place the Magic Wand Podium? I've looked everywhere- it's not in my inventory or at the sorcerous supplies store! I'm really frustrated because I can't find it anywhere, but then when I go back to the Wizard's House it's still there! It won't let me interact with it or anything, so I am unsure what to do now?
ID #499736
Jan 11th 2015 CMBF
You need to keep doing the story missions until the one you need for the build unlocks mate.
ID #499703
Jan 2nd 2015 Guest
I need help with level 11 I have read everything about level 8 but I can build the child store because or sorcerous supplies in I really want to move on with this please help please
ID #494927
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