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The Sims FreePlay Cheats for Android

Cheats and Tips for The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay Guide
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The Sims FreePlay is a strategic life simulation game that allows you to create your town with endless possibilities. We have a large collection of The Sims FreePlay cheats and tips for Android that you will find useful as you progress in the game. The game itself involves designing dream homes or getting fully furnished houses for your Sims, giving your Sims careers so they can earn Simoleaons to improve their situations, and completing goals for Lifestyle Points which can then be spent on various items.

The Sims FreePlay Cheats and Tips for Android

We have some great cheats and tips that can be used in 2020 that will definately improve your experience in the game. The How to get Simoleans Fast cheat in particular comes in useful as it will open the game up for you considerably.

How to get Simoleans Fast
The How to get Simoleans Fast cheat is handy as it enables you to get a lot of the game's currency fast and having it at your disposal will increase the options available to you.

Party Boat Unlimited Gift Cheats
In The Sims Freeplay the Party Boat is a place where you can connect with friends. Check out our Party Boat Unlimited Gift Cheats page to get free stuff in 2020.

How to Earn LP Fast without Cheats
Lifestyle Points (LP) is a currency used in The Sims FreePlay for Android for buying premium items and to speed up actions. It can be earned, dug up, bought in the store for real money, or by watching videos and 'viewing offers'. Check out our How to Earn Quick LP without Cheats page to find out how you can get LP quickly legitimately.

How to get Free Objects and Items
Nearly everything in the game costs something to acquire, whether it's Simoleons, Life Points, social Points, or time itself. However there are some things that are free. Check out our Free Items and Objects page to find out what these are and how to get them.

Free Objects and Items

How to get New Buildings
In The Sims FreePlay for Android the only way in which you can access new buildings is by leveling up your town. Check out our Town Levels and Leveling page to find out everything you need to know.

Make Sims Sick
I don't know the purpose of why this was added to the game but if you shake your android device you will make you Sim be sick. Remember though if you decide to try this out you will have to get your Sim to clean to clean up the mess after.

Game Guide

Check out our The Sims FreePlay Guide to get help in the different aspects of the game, these include quests, hobbies, professions, and events.

Check out our collection of Questions and Answers for The Sims FreePlay on Android if you need additional help.

More The Sims FreePlay Cheats and Tips

We have 39 cheats and tips on Android.If you have any cheats or tips for The Sims FreePlay please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : iPhone/iPad : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our The Sims FreePlay Questions & Answers page.

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How to get your sims throw up/sick

This is how to get your sims sick/throw up now what you need to do is get all your sims at one house and shake your divice and wait 5/4 seconds and if this doesn't work try to do it again it'll work

Unlimited money and simoleons cheat

I want a lot of money and simoleons for my sims

Party Boat Unlimited Gift

Very simple.
1. Wait for your gift to cool-down *24hrs* & click it to get into the party boat.
2. Gifts will appear for you to collect, redeem it.
3. Don't press back button, instead you press the home button (leaving the game still running).
4. Go to settings > time & date > set 1 day ahead.
5. Go back to game & there will be new gifts for you to claim again (you can do this as many times you want.)
NOTE: Once you press the back button you will need to wait for another 24hrs.
Oh, there are LP included in the gift too, depending on your luck.


This isnt that much of cheat, but if you want your sims to vomit, just shake your device for 2-5 seconds. If they just wobble around, shake it for longer! This does work and it's super gross but cool

Fast Simoleons, Genuinely works.

1. Log into the party boat part.
2. Go out then back into the party boat so that you get your NBRs, you will see them at the top by your simoleons.
3. Go to a house or an empty lot.
4. Go to the store and select I think the third tab along, the one with the NBR picture on.
5. Depending on the amount of neighbours you have, select the object you can buy. For example if you have three, you get the swing.
6. Repetitively buy the object and place them down on the property.
7. Pick them up and put them in your inventory.
8. Log out of Facebook through the sims.
9. Go to a property, place them down and sell them.
This actually works. I get quite a lot from them but it takes sometime.
Hope this helps!

Make Sims throw up

Shake you're device vigorously (phone, tablet, iPod, etc), until your Sims get wobbly. Shake more to throw up. If Sims are sitting down they won't throw up but the ones that are standing up doing nothing will puke all at the same time. U can take a pic of it using the white camera icon usually located at the top right corner of the screen. This cheat is for fun

Fast simoleons !!

I guarantee you this WORKS!!
You just need to be connected with Facebook and have neighbors.
Ok, first thing you do:
1. Make sure you're connected to Facebook
2. Go to one of your sims houses, or an empty lot. Empty lot will work better.
3. Go to the shop and go to the NBR section. Depending on how many neighbors you have, select the item that can be bought with most NBR. For example if you have 3 NBR, you choose the swing.
4. You should go to an empty lot and place as many as possible swings (or whatever item) there.
5. Now store all of them in your inventory.
6. Log out on Facebook through sims freeplay
7. Go back to your empty lot and go to your inventory. Click the swing (or any other item you chose) and sell them! You will now get m..

Get simolieons without exiting ( got this cheat from this site)

If you have neighbors, get a bunch of the neighbor items and store them in your backpack. Go to the main menu and log out of facebook. Go back to any house and you can sell those items for simoleions. Then, log back into facebook and click on party boat to reload neighbors. Repeat!

When you miss work or to work again the same day

change the time in settings on your phone to about one minute to the time you start work and load up the game should tell you to get ready for work ect... As well make sure your automatic time is off

How to earn quick LP without cheats

If you can't get any of the cheats to work for you (and I never have) I've found the best way to earn LP quickly is to do ghosthunting.
Gather as many sims as you can together in one house, and then place a couple of haunted items around the house. Then get all of your sims searching for ghosts (by clicking on your haunted items).
For an added chance of finding LP relocate pets to the same house so they can find treasure while your sims hunt.
When you catch a ghost you'll get simoleons or XP as a reward, occasionally it'll be LP. When you get the 4th set you'll get 3 LP, and when you get the full set you'll get 500,000 town value (which automatically gives you 5 LP). The more sims you have ghosthunting, the quicker you'll be able to complete the set. As ..

How to move in Sims for cheaper

After moving in 4 Sims, it costs 5,000 to move another one in. Instead of spending 5,000, you can get two sims (I used male/female couples, I don't know if you can have a romantic relationship between the same sex) to move in with each other. You have to get their relationship status to partner, then you can move them in. Once you do this, go to the house of the other sim and sell all their rooms. (You will have to go under "construction" to sell the room). It will ask if you want to sell and add all the items to your inventory. If you don't want to add items to inventory, then cancel and sell items, then you can sell the room. After you do this, demolish the house. Then you can add a new sim to a house for cheaper.

How to get a pool

Most people say you have to be level 20 to get a pool. Well, you don't I believe you can be as low as level 13 depending on how many quest you have completed. So don't try to level up,just pay attention to your quest and you will have a pool in no time

Level up by gardening in a high level neighbors garden to get their monument bonus.

I have submitted this in a forum but I thought I would submit this as a hint too because it has become very useful to me.
OK. I am on level 25 now and everyday for the past week I have been able to go up a level by doing these things, without cheating>>
1. Growing peppers in a high level neighbors garden patch.THIS IS THE MAIN THING EVERYONE SHOULD DO!
Get a neighbor that is on a very high level (50+) and find a garden patch. Then grow bell peppers or tomatoes for 30secs and keep doing that. The neighbor should have all the monuments completed that give bonuses and everytime you harvest a crop and get rewarded ( which is like 25-50% of the time) you will get 575xp and 675simoleons bonus! This so far is THE BEST TRICK I have found without resetting dates and dow..

How to get Social Tasks completed...easy

Lol...found this little hack while playing Sims Free play. This hack works best if you have ALL hobbies, items, and places required to finish the Social Tasks. I have ALL hobbies, pet items, etc in my town but could never find the stuff in my friends towns.
1: Have two Facebook accounts (like yours and your kids or spouse)
2: Log in to one of the accounts
3: Log in to Sims Free play on that Facebook account
4: Go to the party boat and see friends list.
5: Exit Sims Freeplay
6: Log out of Facebook and log into other account
7: Enter Sims Freeplay, and Log out of the Facebook link, then log back in to the Facebook link using other account.
8: Go to friends list via Party Boat and you'll see your first Facebook account as a friend.
9: Go to th..

Improve all your Sims work at once!

Okay, so this isn't exactly a cheat, but I've come up with a really cool way to make all of your Sims go to work at once, therefore levelling up together and earning you money faster. These instructions are for the Kindle Fire HD, but you can simply adapt them for your Android device.
1) Check what time each of your Sims is supposed to start work. Quite often a few jobs will start at the same time.
2) Find the earliest start time (I think it's the Athlete, but I'm not 100% sure Smile )
3) Go to the town map, then drag down the little tab at the top of your screen. Then go to 'More'
4) From here, select 'Device' and then 'Date and Time'. Now, on the Kindle Fire HD, you cann..

Earn Money Quickly

Hello, while playing The Sims FreePlay , I realized money was often required in big amounts and usually, with limited in time quests, it can become rather challenging to have that money in time.
Of course paying for simoleons could be an option but if you don't want to spend money on a video game, which I understand, I found a few tricks that aren't cheats and are pre-programmed in the game.
I'll list every action and elements of the game that make the player gain money for a low level player and their advantages/inconvenients:
-Daily Rewards (though since it's only once a day it can be pretty useless for quests but it was still worth mentioning)
-Sending your Sims to work (takes less time than daily Rewards but still is not the best solution..

2000 Experience in an hour!

I bought the tan couch for $1800 and when you have a teen sim "take a nap" you get tons of XP, over 2000 when they are inspired, a little less when they are not. Only works with teen sims! Get 3 at a time to do this and you get over 3000xp in one nap session!

(Please Read) Smart way to make money!!!

Okay so mathematically speaking harvesting corn is much faster than planting onions or whatever. Cuz it takes I think 7 hours to harvest one crop of onions. Where if you pay attention to your notification sims gives you. You can plant an maks the same amount of money off corn in only 3 hours because it it pays 100 bucks every 20 minutes. So do the math an harvest corn an in 7 hours you will have twice the amount of money than harvestin onions. Your welcome lol.

Grim Reaper Tips

The Grim Reaper shows up to "stalk" senior sims with timers that are at least one fourth full. If seniors are ready to die at a different location, the Reaper will come there to take the Sim. He likes to grill and may occupy a BBQ.

Adulthood quest

When I have my SIM stare vacsntly into the park fountain, I get the bubble with footsteps above my sim's head and can't do the task.

How to buy a car

You just get to a certain level and when you do you will see a car option on the town map then you buy it and build it and then you can buy one

Another Sim Town Immortality

If your Sim knows a Sim from the default Party Boat town, Another Sim Town, and you want the game generated Sim to know your Sim's future grandchild or something, do not worry. The game's makers made their Sims immortal. They are somehow unaffected by the Life Dreams and Legacies update. For example, my old Sim, Andras, loved a lady in the town. Andras died a very long time ago and his lover is still an adult!

Some tips for the Construct-O-Coins mission

To start the CC mission, you need the latest sims update.
The best way to get CCs is to get your sims to do woodworking as a hobby. To do this, you need the community centre (top corner, the logo is a green circle with orange centre, with three people on it).
Every woodworking task the sims complete, they will get some number of CCs for the finished product. The sims can build all products unlocked by the level of the most skilled sim. So the best strategy is to focus on building up at least one sim's skill level to 6/6. Then, get three sims to do a "quick practice" every 4 mins for lots of CCs!
Items your sims produce are worth between 1 and 10 CCs (for the level 6 items). You also get bonus CCs for completing sets of items: this goes up to 250CCs if you..

How to.find the Villa

I need to get three friends to the Villa but how do I get there?

Sims Freeplay

Hi Guys.I'm going to tell you how to make money on sims freeplay.First you get all the free things out of the shop don't put them out.In like a month the free things are not for free anymore so sell them and you get money.Once before I got a BBQ for free then next month It got put on for 4,000 money.Please try this tip

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