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Game Reviews for The Sims FreePlay


Quick Reviews

Ruined the gameAdded 18 Apr 2014, ID #4068
I loved this game until ageing was forced upon my sims now I have no time to learn skills or do anything much, the lifestyle quest has ruined my game!

The Sims FreePlayAdded 17 Apr 2014, ID #4067
The Sims Free play is a great way to know all about what building a town is like, it makes you buy furniture, houses, workplaces and more. Even though it has some inappropriate features such as the blurred 'Woohoo' and use the toilet, it is still part of the realistic world, I have recommended this game to all of my friends and hope that some of you can enjoy the game too.

AceoSpadez Review =)Added 2 Mar 2014, ID #3602
Kudos to EA. One of the best games of it's kind. Sims FreePlay offers plenty of hours of fun. Yet at the same time, it can force you to not be able to do anything thanks to certain quest. But the only thing I would change about it is that there's not enough hairstyles.

No big whoopAdded 25 Feb 2014, ID #3536
Ive been a fan for years, but the computer version, not this free play. You have to spend way too much REAL money to advance, they do not have free will so you have to be on top of them all the time. Takes too long to complete task necessary to advance. I bored with it really. Think I'll stick to a game I pay ONE price for and don't have to babysit.

Brilliant!Added 30 Nov 2013, ID #3023
If you asked me a week ago my opinion would be the worst because the game crashed like all the time. Now it seems fixed. So yes the game is brilliant!

Angry Sims Player :(Added 16 Oct 2013, ID #2932
I LOVE the Sims, I have been playing since I was 12! I was so thrilled to finally have it on my iPhone, as I work and never have time to play! I have noticed a HUGE glitch that is throwing me the hell off. Ufff! Whenever I am in my game for some reason the app just closes itself out. The worst part about that is that everyone who is doing a task just stops and I have to start all over again!! :( I lost 5 lps and was in the middle of baking my teen a cake!!

Sims freeplayAdded 20 Aug 2013, ID #2782
It's an amazing fun game. You can play it for hours, I played it for 6 hours straight and when I was fish I still thought it was 5:pm but it was 11:pm,, love this game

AddictingAdded 7 Jun 2013, ID #2482
Only enjoyable when there are cheats for free simoleans and LPs and a cheat for speeding up time

I love sims freeplayAdded 30 Apr 2013, ID #2305
This game is so fun and I have had no glitches, just a few questions. If you are using the cheats you are more likely to have glitches because the game isn't made for the cheats. Overall the game is awesome and me and my friends love it.

Really fun!!!Added 28 Apr 2013, ID #2288
This game is really addicting and fun but should allow sims to grow up into adults.

AwesomeAdded 17 Apr 2013, ID #2226
BUY IT BUT IT. This game is a real experience of life . In this game you design people called sims. Basically their life, house, relationships and job is in your hands. This game in my opinion would be five stars!

ReviewAdded 12 Oct 2012, ID #1430
9/10 it is a nice game with nice graphics , sound , gameplay and it's fun to play graphics needs a little bit more improvement on the texture of the faces . I wish the developers make an update that you can have more selections of hairdos and more selections of furniture . I wish there was an option where the sims could talk to each other while sitting down and a option where you can teach you're toddler how to walk instead of when you have a birthday he could walk already...(thats creepy) anyways it is a good game 9/10

Great game, but suggest other phone optionsAdded 12 Sep 2012, ID #1284
I play SFP on my IPhone. I am on level 26 and I have 15 Sims, including 1 toddler. I wish that the options for phone calls included items like "hire cleaning service" and "order pizza" as options like in the original Sims game. Are there any plans to develop a robot for house chores or add "hire a cleaning service." The more sims you have, the harder it is to manage day to day things to maintain mood.

Tropical Island GetawayAdded 28 Feb 2017, ID #1300
Use the Stat points you earned from leveling up to quickly transform Hulk into the ultimate smashing machine as they will boost his Health, Damage, Stamina and Rage making him more powerful and destructive.

Sims FreeplayAdded 23 Oct 2015, ID #1087
The cards from Crazy Dave change randomly so if you do not like the ones he gives you just exit the game and restart to get new ones.

AwesomeAdded 1 Aug 2015, ID #997
When you do not use them your weapons will reload so switch out to keep firing.

Just a newbieAdded 19 May 2015, ID #859
This can be done by starting the song, locking it and then typing your pin etc. To get back in. If you now press lock again while the countdown is going the music will continue playing while locked.

Best game everAdded 23 Jul 2014, ID #514
Always finish the race even if you're going to lose. By finishing the race you can collect the bonus cash that everyone receives.

Sims FreeplayAdded 1 Jul 2013, ID #443
If you activated the advertisements that appear in Temple Run to get more coins, and now want to get rid of them, you can do so by going into Settings on the home screen, then General, then Date and Time, then set it years into the future (5 should do it).

The adverts are set to disappear eventually, and this will speed it up!

Sims Free Play - an amazing time-guzzlerAdded 18 Apr 2013, ID #414
I haven't been able to find a list of the costs of the various building costs at each level. So I wanted to submit at least this one, hopefully someone can compile a list! These are the costs at level 17.
Unfurnished studio 40,000
Furnished townhouse 50,000
Family home 70,000
Mansion 90,000
Empty lot 20,000
The LP point ones are still the same as they were at the start.
Cost for next business is 15,000 and 10 sims are needed to build it.
Hope that helps.

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