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The Sims FreePlay iPhone/iPad Cheats and Tips

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The Sims FreePlay is a strategic life simulation game where you can create up to 16 different Sims, personalising each one of their features and modifying their appearance to your liking and then either put them in an already designed house to live or create one yourself. We have a large collection of The Sims FreePlay cheats and tips for iPhone that will help your progression in the game. In Sims FreePlay for iPhone you can also select tasks for your Sims, complete goals for Lifestyle Poins (LP), or send them to work to earn Simoleaons.

How to Get Money Fast in The Sims FreePlay

Money is literally to oil that greases the gears and allows you to get anything done in this game. Without a steady flow of Simoleans, you will be stuck pretty soon, fortunately for you we know a few good tricks to get money fast in The Sims FreePlay in 2020. Here are a few ideas:

1. The Japanese Real Estate Trick.

Suitable only if you are starting a new game, this trick involves purchasing the Japanese House as your first or second house in the game, and the selling all of the individual items in it, including the rooms, so literally you have nothing left, you will make so many Simoleans doing this. Delete the lot, then you can just do it over and over again, but it's only good if you are starting a new game.

2. Gardening

Grow some veg, have your Sims all gardening at the same time and with a plant you'll go back to as soon as it is ready. It's a bit of a grind, but if you need cash quick in the Sims Freeplay, this is not a bad way to get some cash quick.

3. Get a Job

Starting a career is a great way to start bringing in some more cash on a regular basis. At the start you won't be earning too much, but as your career progresses so will your salary. The amount you earn will depend on your chosen career path.

The Sims FreePlay Cheats and Tips for iPhone

We have various cheats and tips for this popular strategic life simulation game that can still be used in 2020, many of which will make sure you are on the right path to having a successful life.

Get Money by not Demolishing your House

When you have moved a Sim to another house, do not demolish the house the Sim used to live in. Check out our Get Money by not Demolishing your House page to find out how you can get Simoleons from it.

How to get Free Objects and Items

You will find that almost everything in the game costs something to acquire, this can be Simoleons, Life Points, social Points, or time itself. There are though some things that are free and you can find what these are by going to our Free Items and Objects page.

Make Sims Sick

If you are inclined to make your Sims sick, or you just need to do this to complete a task, you can shake your iphone to have them spewing up in no time at all. Funny right? Well yeah until you realise you still have to clean up the mess!

Getting Married and Having Babies

The best ring to get married with and most affordable is the mood ring, it’s cheap and it only takes 2 or 3 times for the person to say yes, never use the vending machine ring because the person will always say no. Check out our Getting Married and Having Babies page to find out everything you need to know.

Courtesy Houses/Lots

Courtesy houses are created by players to keep all of the objects they need for social goals. Check out our Courtesy Houses/Lots page to find out exactly what they are and why it is beneficial to have them.

Courtesy House


The Sims FreePlay for iPhone is all about quests and there are plenty of them in the game. Check out our Quests page to find out what is involved in each of them.

How to get New Buildings

The only way in which you can access new buildings in The Sims FreePlay for iPhone is by leveling up your town. Our Town Levels and Leveling page will help you with this.

Game Guide

We've got so much more information about The Sims FreePlay over on our guide pages, our Sims FreePlay guide has loads of information about how to complete quests, some tricks to get more Simoleans and info on how to grind LifePoints.

We also has a huge number of questions added to our site from visitors, maybe there is a filter so you can easily find topics you are interested in, you may also want to test your knowledge of The Sims FreePlay, and answer a few... The Sims FreePlay Questions.

More The Sims FreePlay iPhone/iPad Cheats and Tips

We have 298 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for The Sims FreePlay please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Android : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our The Sims FreePlay Questions & Answers page.

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Make your Sims Sick

If you shake your device fo 3-4 seconds your Sims will vomit. If the Sims only show nausea just give your device another 2-3 seconds shake and they will definitely be sick.

Making Sims Sick

Shake device to make Sims be sick. You will have to get them to clean it up after though.

How to have a baby

First you wait until you are in the tenth level then you get the option to marry the two sims. Next you buy a bed for the baby. All you have to do is just click on the bed and your sims will try for a baby. Thanks this was written by DahliaJohnson

Getting married + having babies

So the last hint I posted, I was recieving questions about marriage and babies. I can finally say I have passed that stage

Whoop, Whoop!

To be able to have children and get married;

I'll explain how I done this;

*Note, do not move sims together without them getting married, you'll have a hard time getting the sims engaged/married, i'll explain about this in a bit*

Basically, get two sims and make their relationship status to the max basically, until you can't go further for now

*Oh I just receently realised that you can fast foward a task, anywho*

After reaching level 10 (Forgot why you need to be in level 10 anyways :S), anywho, carry on doing the tasks that are given to you, hmm..

Most lucrative vegetables for Simoleans

I did the math. I made a whole chart showing how much you make for planting each veggie, NET, per hour. Wish I could post it here but the format doesn't work.

Of course you pay less for seeds at the grocery store. And your Sims make significantly more money when inspired - try to make sure your Sims are inspired before starting their gardening, always.

Peppers and Carrots make you most money per hour, but are labor-intensive. But good when you need some quick cash. Peppers nets an inspired Sim $480 an hour.

Corn is the next most lucrative veggie, netting an inspired Sim $276 an hour. But still pretty labor-intensive. What about when you need a few hours?

Well then, Lettuce, Watermelons, Potatoes and Zucchini are all reasonable choices. The sh..

Cheat Hour

Are you want to play the sims at midnight but in real life is still morning...?

1.Play The Sims Free Play

2.Open Option

3.Click Date and Time

4.if in the real life is for example : 06.00 change into 20.00

5.Open The Sims Free Play

6.See what happen...

If you want to plant "Beans" that waste 12 hour.if you don't want it happen try this:

1. Open The Sims Free Play

2. Open option

3. Click Date & Time

4. Change the date for example you plant the beans at 5 Maret 2012 change to 6 Maret 2012

5. Open The Sims Free Play

6. Your beans was Growth fast

Easy thousands of simoleons

This cheat is to get a lot of money in a few steps

1) Go to a sim's house

2) In the store select the social button

3) "buy" for free any thing and put it in any free space in the house a lot of times until you full it

4) Go to settings (...), press the blue button, is like a key hole

5) Log out from facebook and game center

6) Go again to that sim's house

7) Open the store and choose the move and sell button

8) Sell all the things that you got for free and you will get a lot of money for each object you sell

**Like if it worked for you**

Fast money & XP!!

1st- Have your sim doing something. Planting, at a job, watching a movie,etc.

2nd- once you have that, press the home button once, then press it twice

3rd- find the red dash button and press it(it won't delete the app)

4th- go to settings and change the date(by years not the days) and time(by hours not minutes)

5th- go to sims app and press the home button

6th- go to date and time and change it to the present date and time.

7th- go back to the sims app and you should get $$ and XP.

8th- repeat!

It worked for me and hopefully works for you! I did these tasks on the iPod touch. I don't know if It works on iPad/iPhone

Get money by not demolishing your house...

When you've moved a sim to another house, do not demolish the house the sim used to live in. Instead sell the rooms by going to the build mode and pressing the 'Rooms' button, press the room you want to sell and, well, just sell it. Sell every room.

You'll still get 'rent' by doing that

Planting makes you very rich by going back to 2011 :D

If you already read this, and didnt understand or didnt work, I suggest you read this and try again... ;D

Well, I don't actually know if this works on iphone since I'm using an iPad 2.

Well first gather your sims in a house. Make them inspired, then let them plant (all of them) [i would recommend a higher payback, like beans] then close the app, double press the home button then press and hold the game icon, then when the red minus sign is out, press it. Go to your settings, remove the set automatically, then set the date to year 2011

E.g. May 5, 2012

Change it to May 5, 2011

Then go back to the game. Then press the home button twice and go to the settings now change the time

For example,/

5:00 Pm

Becomes 5..

5k money and inspired sims cheat WORKS EVERYTIME AND SIMPLE!

All the other 5-10k cheats have stopped working for me so I decided to experiment and found this one that works for me all the time even after the xmas update.

1. Go to sims freeplay

2. Exit the app and go to settings

3.change the time so it's off automatic and change the year to 2000

4. Exit settings double click for that bar to come up, delete sims freeplay from it by holding the app down (with your finger!) and click the minus (this does not affect or delete your sims!)

5. Go back to your sims and make them all do an action, such as have a meal or socialise.

6. Exit sims freeplay AGAIN

7. Go back to settings and scroll back up to 2013, then click set automatic.

8. Go back to sims freeplay and BOOM 5K has just appeared and all your sims are inspi..

Money Plants

When you reach Level 7 you will unlock the 'Money Grows on Trees' quest which once completed will enable you to grow the Simeleon Sprout by tapping on a garden patch and select the 'Simoleon Sprout' option. Then just spin the wheel and see how much money you win.

Watch the video

10k money, instant action finishes and inspired

1. You go on the game

2. Then on it, tap the purple cart, and while it's loading ( should say connecting to store) CLOSE the app (home button)

3. Go to general > date and time and change the year to 2000

4. Double press the home button so you get the history of the apps you've been to, and then hold sim freeplay and tap the minus

(Wont delete the app)

5. Go to freeplay, and then go to the purple cart again and then when it loads, it should say, server timed out, please try again. Press the tick green button .

6. Go back to time and date, and put it to the date you were before. In my case, 2012 because it's not 2013 yet.


This cheat is not mine, I saw this cheat on YouTube, and it worked for me, and the c..

MONEY CHEAT!!!!!!!! Pool update sims

2.exit sims and go to settings

3.change date to December 26

4.exit settings and double tap home button

5. Minus sims freeplay

6.go into sims freeplay

7. Money

The amount of money you get will depend on your xp level every five levels it increases by five thousand

Free simoleons- no time cheat needed!

This is a pretty easy cheat that doesn't involve changing the time on your phone! I've tried time cheats and while some have worked, they've messed up my party boat and I have to wait 1000 more hours before my next gift :/ so I discovered this one and it gets you a ton of money without a risk of messing up your game!

Here's what you do:

-go on the sims and make sure you are connected to Facebook via the party boat. It should show how many neighbors you have on the top bad of your game.

-go to any house. I've emptied several of my houses so they are nothing but empty rooms, as it makes this cheat much easier.

-go to the "social" section of the home store. It will allow you to buy items based on however many neighbors you have.

-buy items, as many as you want! They..

Finally figured out getting married and having babies!!! This wi

Ok guys I have finally figured all of this out! I have all my sims married and 2 babies that have grown into toddlers. If you do everything I tell you then you should not have any problems.

First off you do not need to have your sims living separate to get married it's perfectly fine if they already live together.

Second make sure your sims have the highest relationship possible(I think it's partner) and I know it completely sucks but you have to wait until you receive the task to make your sims get married. Until you receive the task you WILL NOT have the option to get married. So it's very important to complete your task because then the sooner the marriage task will come. Don't get discouraged it will eventually come(I believe I was on level 16 or 17 before it finally came)..

Money!!! Works all time

Make sure your SET AUTOMATICALLY is on before you start

go to sims

2 hit home button

3 go to settings

4 turn automatically is OFF

5change date year to 2000

6 hit home button

7 double tap home button and hold you sim free play app until a little red minus pops up then hit the red minus (won't delete the app from hard drive)

8 then go back on to sims but this time make all sims do something ex dace to music ( have Simone do something with the baby if you have one)

8 hit home button

9 go back to settings

10 change date year back to your year (2013)

11 turn automatic back ON

12 go back to your Sims

13 look at your money and wait Smile

Fast money, $10,000 each time.

Warning: This cheat works on iPad 2, don't know if it for iPhone. I'll put in in dot puts so its easy to understand Smile

Video is being uploaded as you do this cheat .. Link up soon.

This is a cheat for Halloween update,

*Go to settings and change year to 1970 (earliest time you can go to)

*Double click home button and hold the Sims freeplay icon till it vibrates, when it does that a red and white - will come up press this to close.

*Go back to the app after changing the time.

*Then exit out of the app again after it loads.

*Change the year back to where it was before (just turn auto time and date on again).

*Go back to a..

Free Money

First, make sure your sims freeplay is off (double click home button, hold down app and tap minus), then go into settings > general > time&date > turn off automatic > then change to Dec 26 2013, then click home screen and open sims. Free Money Smile but then go back to settings and turn automatic back on, then go back into sims, let it load completely. Then repeat cheat!! Should work!

However I have found it more successful at night around 11pm. I don't know why!

Sims freeplay cheat!!

1.Get all your sims that are not doing any thing into one house. 2. Count the amount of sims there is, and get that much gardening patches and make them all garden the most expensive one (depending on level) 3. Go off the app and go into settings. General. Date and time. And set the date to December the 19th 2013(if it's already 2013 keep it like that) double click the home button and hold the sims and click the minus sign. Go back on and ta the all your sims have finished.

Time Cheat (Katy Perry update)

1:Have your sims planting (beans work best)

2: Exit the app and press the home button twice until recent apps come up. Hold the sims until a little red circle comes up and press that.

3: go to settings and change the year to as far forward as it can go. (Right now it 2038)

4: go back to your sims. They should be done planting.

Works for me, hope it does for you Smile

Christmas Update $$ cheat $10-15k


-completely close sims freeplay (dbl tap home and close there too)

-go to - settings-general-date&time- change current year to 2010

-open sims freeplay and let it completely load

-dbl tap home and go back to settings and change year back to current year

-dbl tap home and go back into sims freeplay

- it will reconnect servers and give you $$$

I got

$15k on ipad2

$10k on iPhone 4

*note* I also did it when my mailbox showed a daily $$ drop off. I collected 7k, did the cheat, collect 7k again plus 15k on my ipad2. I managed this loop 3 or 4 times before the cash in the mailbox stopped showing up. Works good for assigning lots of high XP tasks and once the cheat is done you get the completed XP. Have fun and..

Easy money tip!!

First, you need to have the children's store. (I'm not sure of the exact name but it's a kids store.) and if you go to the store and go to the pre-teen section, you will see a karate dummy thing. Now if you try to buy this item in your sim's home it says it costs 18 SP (social points) However, when you go to buy it in the Children's Store it is free! So, buy a ton of them for free in the store and then go home and sell them each for $900!! ****(Anything that costs social points at home is free in the store, but this karate thing is the one that is worth the most)***

Vomit to get more xp

Vomit helps tou get credits!!!!!!

1) go to sims freeplay

2) shake your apple device

3) you see it vomit

4) clean it up

Do this again & again to get more seeds,money,and other stuff


Here are the steps:

1. Plant stuff that will make the most money( A lot of sims working helps!) the home button.

3. Click the home button twice then hold sims until red delete button shows (this will not delete it!)

4. Go to settings and change your date to as far forward as you can!

5. Go on the sims game and BAM! Harvest and collect your revenue!!!!!!

Sorry if this didn't work for the ANDROID, I have an IPOD! It might not work on the first time, on the second it will!!!! For step 1: Beans are reccommened! Smile Hope this helps!

How to make your sims throw up on sims freeplay.

Shanke your screen 2-4 seconds if it doesn't work shake another 2-4 seconds you should share to see them start getting kinda sick.

Easy level up/experience, Lifestyle Points, and 1000 or more mon

1.Make the time be automatic.

2.Get into the game and make them do a long time thing like hibernating or making a birthday cake.

3.Get out of the game, double tap home button, hold on to simsfreeplay app until it wiggles, then press the red minus sign in the corner.

4.Set time to December 31, 2013 at 12:00 AM

5.Get back into the game and money will see your action is finished, money is added you could've leveled up and got 1 Lp.

Works every time!I actually found this out myself when I was doing the 10 lp and finishing jobs earlier cheat.

Plant and get money and xp instantly

Make your sims plant anything.Plant beans for more money.Go out of the app double tap the home button and press the sims icon long and press the red minus.Then go to settings to general and press set date and time.Change the year to 2011 since this year is 2012.Go back to your sims game until it loads.Go out of the app again and double tap the home button and press the red minus to turn it off.Go to settings again and change the year back to 2012.Go to your sims and collect your beans and xp.Your sims will still be planting but it shows 100% so,double tap the home button and hold long on the icon and press the red minus.Your sims will be normal.

Earn 10,000 Simoleans & Inspired Sims

1. Open Freeplay

2. After completly loading press the home button.

3. Go to Settings App

4. Turn Wi-Fi off

5. Go to General and scroll down to Date & Time

4. Select Date &Time and turn Set Automatically to off

5. After this choose Set Date &Time

6. Set the DATE to and date as long as it is the PAST (I suggest setting it back on year)

7. Now go back to Freeplay

8. An error will then pop up telling you there is no Internet connection and you need to retry.

9. Now go back to Settings

10. Turn the Wi-Fi (Don't set the date back to normal)

11. Wait to get a connect and then go back to Freeplay

12. Press Retry

13. Now, while it's loading (Trying to reconnect), wait just a few seconds and quickly go back to settings


Add a new sim early

Hi everyone, I found out that when you have a sim out in a neighbors town, your sim count goes down by one, making it possible to create a new sim regardless of your sim level cap. I'm level 30 with 18 sims.

NOTE: you will notice you will have to wait extra levels to get your next sim created...not true, just put one of your sims at a neighbors town and then you'll still be able to create another sim. Hope this helps, having an extra sim will bring you a bit more money. Good luck.

Make your sims sick

If you shake your device fo 3-4 seconds your Sims will vomit. If the Sims only show nausea just give your device another 2-3 seconds shake and they will definitely be sick.

Grow Crops in Seconds

Go to your first Sim's house and call over all of the sims. You must have garden patches for all of them, if not, most of them. You can move other garden patches from other houses to that house. Make them grow a crop such as onions (10 hours and $800). Exit out of the Sims Freeplay and go to settings, general, date & time and change "set automatically" to OFF. Click "Set Date & Time" and change the year to 1970. Double click the home button and close Sims Freeplay (tap the X). Open Sims Freeplay. After it has loaded exit it again and close it. Go back to setting and change "Set Automatically" to ON this time.

Go back to your sims. They should be done growing their crops and might be sick.

How to get $ and inspire instantly

For this to work you need to follow each instruction:

1. Get all you sims to plant, bake, sleep (whatever gets you xp)

2. Double click the home button and hold down the sims game and press the little red minus button (it wont delete your game, I promse!)

3. Go to settings -> general --> date and time --> turn off 'set automatically' --> set date and time --> click on the year and change it a few years ahead

4. Go back to your game and let it load, you should have recieved 5 - 10,000 simoleans and your sims shouldbe fully inspired!

5. They will probably be glitchy (easily fixed) just go back to date and time, change back to 2012 and just like that they will be fine!

** this also works if your building something and it does not give you lp only $**

Finish birthday cake quicker

As you may know it takes 24 hours to make a birthday cake, but if you want to finish it instantly all you have to do is;

1; Start baking the cake (obviously)

2; Open your iPad/iPhone settings

3; Change the date to 1st of July 1985

4; Delete Sims from your history

5; Open it from your home page

6; Once it has loaded go back to settings and change the date back to todays

7; Open sims up again and you're done!

It's basically the gardening cheat but for the cakes

Easy 150,000 dollars

This is a super easy trick to tons of cash!

1. Spend 60CC on the cheapest fire pole

2. Now select it and sell it for 150,000!

I have done it twice Smile hope it helps

Fast money, finish actions instantly, and XP (works after pool update)

1. Have all your sims planting.

2. Exit out of game and go to settings.

3. Change date to 12/23/13 and set time a few hours past.

4. Next double click on home screen and delete app history.

5. Return to game and all your plants should be done.

6. Collect money/XP then exit game, go to date & time and press set automatically.

If your party boat says over 7000+ hours keep on changing the date, for ex. Dec 22, 23, 24 until you see the hours on the party boat go down.

You can do this as many times as you'd like :-)

Only works for iPhone/iPad


Ok so first, I have a rant. Do EA honestly think we have nothing else to do, but sit there all day and play their stupid game? I was level 65, and I got the teens update, only to discover, that it reset my game. I was soooo pissed. Come on EA, we know your better than this!

Cheat time! So while I was collecting my revenue (XP and simolieons off the map) I accidentaly tapped twice on the money. Surprisingly, it game me 2x the money! So the little 5 came up, then it came up again! If you tap your money/XP up to 3 time, you get more! Sometimes this dosent work, and you go into the sims house Smile

This is the last working cheat for the sims freeplay that is known of :( I seriously hope EA gets the..

Easy Money

This might have been mentioned quite often, but I thought i'd make some things clear.

*Most of the cheats up here don't work anymore due to the recent update, but I personally think the hints have come in great handy*

Anywho, I was in need of simcash stuffy, however I don't really use this, anyways *oh btw, the time shift thingy doesnt work on getting money, but really does help on making your sim inspired and it workrs every time*

Basically, it's pretty clear that no one actually plays this game at night, so basically, I got all my sims to plant garden patchs, with the most paying ones but with the latest amount of time needed, (I.e onions and beans are really good)so I get my rest and my sims are working their asses off, and when I check out the app later on ..


My bar is maxed out my sims are partners they were living together but I moved him out hoping I could marry them faster. I'm on level 15 and keep choosing "be romantic" but I don't get the propose or buy a ring option. I'm getting discouraged. I have a iPhone

Unlimited Money + XP Through Planting

This is a perfected version of the time glitch.

Step 1: Get two people to live together by making them partners. Do this by constantly making them "be romantic". Once they are partners you can have one of them ask to live with the other. (This is just so that the person who doesn't actually live there won't leave)

Step 2: Have two plants ready.

Step 3: Go into your IPhone/IPad settings. Go to General > Date & Time. Change it to not be automatic. Change it to the earliest date you can possibly bring it to.

Step 4: Have the two people that live with each other each start planting. Choose the plant that will get you the most money (Don't worry about time). A good one to start with is the bean.

Step 5: Click the button that wi..

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