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A Sim Town Thanksgiving

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If it seemed like this one would never come well, it is here now - the FreePlay official Holiday Event! Oddly enough this Event also comes with a ticking timer, as did the last event... So FP'ers will have to get busy to get the loot at the end of this adventure!

(1) Get Three Sims in a House

For this Goal - which you find in the Holiday Goal section on the Goal Bar bottom left of your play screen, you simply need to get 3 Sims present in a house.

If you already have a household with three or more Sims resident you simply need to visit that household to unlock this goal. Easey-peasey!

(2) Be Nice to a Sim

To complete this goal simply have a Sim use the Be Nice chat action on another Sim!

(3) Bake a Pumpkin Pie

To complete this stage in the Holiday Quest have your best Baking Sim do the 10h Task of Baking a Pumpkin Pie on the best oven you have!

(4) Have Three Sims Watch Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV.

Sounds simple enough - just sit three Sims down to watch TV and choose the Parade. Watching the TV instantly unlocks this and unlocks the Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat which can be found in the Create-A-Sim Menu!

(5) Be Funny to a Sim.

This one just requires you to use the Be Funny Action with a Sim.

(6) Cook the Turkey in the Oven

This is a 4h Task so pick your best cook and get to it! Completing this Task awards you with the Thanksgiving Table decoration.

(7) Have 3 Sims Eat a Thanksgiving Meal.

To complete this part of the Event you need to purchase the Thanksgiving Table from the Home Section of the in-game store and then have your three Sims eat the meal.

(8) Have 3 Sims Listen to a Stereo.

For this Task all that you need to do is have one Sim start listening to the Stereo and then have two others join in. Completing this Task completes the Quest and unlocks the Turkey Beanbag and the Turkey Hat! Well done you!

This nicely wraps up the Holiday Event - you should easily be able to obtain the full run and its prizes without having to spend LP but, if the timer is running short, you may want to spend a few LP to get through the Cooking bits.

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21 comments, latest first.
Dec 15th 2014 wakanasakai
According to the game's makers, turkey beanbags are in "Home > preteens" (if you beat this quest in time).
ID #485059
Nov 26th 2014 wakanasakai
One other thing that beating the time limit unlocks are "Turkey hats" & "Pilgrim hats". They're in the "Create-a-sim" menu (read = new sims) & the "Ultimate makeover" menu (click on a sim & use 12 LP's). I looked everywhere, but I did NOT find the "Turkey beanbags" though.
ID #476752
Nov 26th 2014 wakanasakai
A Sims Town Thanksgiving (2014 version) - Part 5

17) Ask Ms Pennyworth if the turkey can stay in (your) sim town.
Time = 5 minutes
Choose a sim, click on Ms Pennyworth (she's at your Thanksgiving house), & "Ask if turkey can stay".

That's it. Ms Pennyworth & Mr Snoody will both still leave, but if you finished the quest in time, you can buy a "Thanksgiving banquet" (3-*** table) & your own pet turkey(s).

Go into any sim's house that has either zero or one pet, go into "Buy" > furniture > pets (the "Pets" tab is between the "Dining room" tab & the "Decorations" tab), & you'll be able to buy a 3-*** pet turkey for 20 LP's. He's slightly strange for a pet.
His name is "Turkey" & you can't CHANGE his name.
He doesn't have a happiness meter.
He stays in a small outdoor turkey pen.
I haven't seen him find any money, LP's, or SP's.
If you look at the house that you give him to (on the map), he isn't counted as one of that house's pets.
ID #476632
Nov 26th 2014 wakanasakai
A Sims Town Thanksgiving (2014 version) - Part 4

12) Order pizza on a phone.
Time = 30 minutes
Click on a phone & "Order a pizza". (After you finish the call, there'll be a stack of pizza boxes near the turkey.)

13) Give attention to the turkey.
Time = 4 hours & 30 minutes
Choose a sim, click on the turkey, & "Scratch behind neck".

14) Have 4 or more sims at the same house.
Use the sim manager to find 3 (or more) OTHER sims that aren't busy & click on their whistles to invite them to visit your Thanksgiving house.
(Sim manager = Gray tab in screen's bottom-left corner.)

15) Have 4 sims eating take away pizza.
Time = 5 minutes
Choose a sim, click on the pizza boxes that are near the turkey, choose "Eat pizza", & then do this 3 other sims (before any of them finizhes eating some pizza).

16) Tell the turkey a story.
Time = 4 hours & 30 minutes
Choose a sim, click on the turkey, & choose "Tell a funny story". After the story is finished, Ms Pennyworth will come back.
ID #476630
Nov 26th 2014 wakanasakai
A Sims Town Thanksgiving (2014 version) - Part 3

5) Introduce a sim to the turkey.
Time = 4 hours & 30 minutes
Ms Pennyworth needs somebody (insert your name here) to look after Mr Snoody Von Wattles (the turkey) while Ms Pennyworth is out of (her) town. (The turkey is in front of your Thanksgiving house.) Choose a sim, click on the turkey, & "Introduce yourself".

6) Feed the turkey.

7) Ask Ms Pennyworth about Mr Snoody.
Choose a sim, click on Ms Pennyworth, & "Ask about Mr Snoody".

8) Grow a pumpkin.
Time = 24 hours
After the pumpkins are finished growing, Ms Pennyworth will leave your town.

9) Prepare food for the turkey.
Time = 4 hours & 30 minutes
Go into your Thanksgiving house's, click on a kitchen sink, & "Smash pumpkins".

10) Feed turkey
Time = 4 hours & 30 minutes
Choose a sim, click on the turkey, & "Hand feed turkey".

11) Ask the turkey what to make.
Time = 8 minutes
Choose a sim, click on the turkey, & "Ask what to make for dinner".
ID #476629
Nov 26th 2014 wakanasakai
A Sims Town Thanksgiving (2014 version) - Part 2

2) Buy a balloon basket.
Go into "Buy" > furniture > decorations, & buy a "Balloon basket". It's next to the festive banner.

3) Call guests on a phone.
Time = 10 minutes
Go to the house that you want to be this year's Thanksgiving house. Use a phone (if that house doesn't have one, 'borrow' one from another house) & choose "Call guests".
(Your "Thanksgiving house" will have a blinking turkey on it's symbol until you either complete this quest, or until this quest's time limit is over.)

4) Be nice to the mysterious sim.
Ms Pennyworth (a woman in a black business suit & a black pilgrim hat) & a turkey (Mr Snoody Von Wattles) have come to your Thanksgiving house. "Be nice" to Ms Pennyworth.
(Even if you become "best friends" with her, your only interaction choices with her will be "Be funny" & "Be nice", except when a goal gives you another interaction with her.)
ID #476625
Nov 26th 2014 wakanasakai
A Sims Town Thanksgiving (2014 version) - Part 1

* Is there a time limit? = Yes, 60 hours (to unlock the prizes). The time limit might be less if you don't play the game within 2 calender days before the real-world Thanksgiving.
* When does it start? = The quest starts 2 days before Thanksgiving (the real-world Thanksgiving).
* What triggers it? = If you start the game 2 calender days before the real-world Thanksgiving, the quest (& the timer) will start automatically.
* Prizes (if you finish the quest in time)
Buy (inside house) > furniture > dining room = Thanksgiving banquet (3-*** table)
Buy (inside house) > furniture > pets = 3-*** pet turkey
1) Buy a festive banner.
Go into "Buy" > furniture > decorations, & buy a "Festive banner". The decorations tab has a statue of a woman without arms on it (Venus de Milo). The festive banner is between the stack of pizza boxes & a balloon basket.
ID #476623
Nov 26th 2014 Guest
How do I give the turkey attention
ID #476462
Nov 25th 2014 Guest
After ms penny shows up tap on her choose be nice then the turkey shows up in the front yard tap on it choose introduce be aware it requires several hours. Then tap again to feed it. Then you have to grow pumpkins this takes a full day. The banner and balloons are free in the section of the store where you find the Knicks knacks and oddities. The thanksgiving table is in the table and chair section. When it's time to cook the turkey tap the stove the turkey will be there in the list of things to cook just tap on it to choose it. Hope this was helpful, now for my question. Does anyone know how to play soccer in a neighbors town or put their things up for auction?
ID #476289
Nov 25th 2014 Amelitis
Is this the 2014 quest? What about being nice to Ms. Penny
ID #476285
Nov 25th 2014 Guest
Where do I introduce the sim to the turkey
ID #476116
Nov 25th 2014 Guest
Can so one help me on the thanksgiving quest where u have to buy a banner it says its in the decorationn at the home sore but there is nothing there when I go to look
ID #476103
Nov 25th 2014 Guest
How do I be nice to mysterious sim
ID #476054
Nov 25th 2014 Guest
How Do you feed the turkey?
ID #476035
Nov 24th 2014 Guest
Whoop I love the sims[color=red][strike][video][/video] [/strike] [/color]
ID #475769
Oct 30th 2014 Guest

I'm posting this on October 30, 2014. Here's a few questions.
1) What day does this start on?
2) For #4 (the parade on TV goal), how long does that take? (REAL thanksgiving day parades are at least a few hours).
3) For #6 (cook the turkey in the oven), do you have to buy it from the sim town grocery store, or where do you find/buy it?
4) For #8 (listen to the stereo), how long does that take?
ID #465113
Sep 1st 2014 Guest
Gross game

ID #443478
Sep 1st 2014 CMBF
That event is over.

Cleaning the pool requires you to have an adult sim available to do that - just tap on the dirty pool and have them do the clean action.
ID #443225
Aug 22nd 2014 Guest
That didn't show us how to use this thing. Every time I place it, I tell my sims to use it and they always have a chair in a bubble over their heads.
ID #439591
Dec 7th 2013 Guest
My pool is dirty. How do I clean it
ID #326389
Nov 27th 2013 Guest
I finished this update in one day! Within the time limit.... But used up a lot of lp. But the pilgrim hats, thanksgiving table, turkey hat, and turkey beanbag chair are awesome!! Smile And this is the first comment!
ID #322748
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