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FAQs and Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

This section of the unofficial walkthrough/guide for The Sims: FreePlay is heavily influenced by the Web Media website and the very robust and active official Q&A section for the game.

The answers to these questions were written by the author or, where it is appropriate, by gamers responding via the site to the questions being asked.

When quoting original posts and questions from the site it may be necessary to edit the same in the interest of improved readability, to correct spelling errors, clear up phrasing, and where required minor corrections to improve the clarity of the question(s) being asked. Where known, the names (real or screen names) of the gamers involved have been used.

A: Game Play and Misc.

This section covers general Game Play and misc questions and their answers.

QA01: How do you get engaged?

AA01: Prior to the March 2012 major update to the game, your Adult Sims were unable to become engaged, marry, or have Children.

Following the March 2012 update, Adult Sims who are already in the stage characterized by the label "Partners" have the option to become engaged via the regular character actions menu which is accessed by selecting the character desired for marriage and using the radial menu to propose.

For characters who do not have an existing relationship, or between whom the existing relationship is less than the level of "Partner" the player must cause the pair of Adult Sims to engage in conversation and interact with each other using the "Be Nice" (1-minute) Action.

Once the level of "Best Friend" as been obtained the Be Nice Action will no longer effect Changes to the relationship Status of the pair. Beyond that point the player must use the "Be Romantic" (1-minute) Action,

or any other social action (such as Dancing, etc.) to improve the social bond between the designated Adult Sims.

Once the relationship level between the designated Adult Sims reaches the level of Partner the option to Propose is then added to the radial menu choices.

After the two Adult Sims have confirmed their changed Status of Engaged, further use of the positive relationship choices is required to unlock the marriage action in the radial menu, after which and assuming that the player used a ring of suitable value to the Sim being proposed to, the marriage can then be confirmed and completed.

This binding is required to unlock the choice to have Children together and start a family, which entails waiting the timed arrival of the new family member via the well-defined delivery system and service operated by the Stork network.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

QA02: It didn't show me the marriage button and they are partners and I am on level 11. How do I get them to marry now? How do you marry your Sims when the partner Bar is full?

AA02: In order to unlock the marriage selection following the confirmation of "Engaged" Status between two Adult Sims, the player must use Actions from the socialization menu that lead to positive romantic Changes in the relationship status between the designated Sims.

The most effective means for unlocking this selection tree includes the actions to be Romantic, Nice, Funny, and/or Dance. Continue to utilize these choices until the Marriage option unlocks.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

QA03: How do you upgrade to the new version of Sims free play?

AA03: From outside of the game (meaning that the game is not currently being actively played on your device) ensure that the game is fully closed. To do this you will need to hit the action button on your iOS device twice in quick succession to open the control panel strip, then hold down on the app until it shakes and the red minus sign appears, at which point tapping the app will close it completely.

With the app completely closed, from the desktop select the icon for "App Store" then inside that app you should select the menu options "Purchased > The Sims FreePlay > Update."

You will be asked to confirm that you want to update the app/game -- do so.

Page over to the screen that contains the icon for The Sims: FreePlay and you will note that as is usually the case when an app or game is updating, you will see the updating symbol and a Status Bar directly below the icon for the app/game.

When the update download is complete, the Status Bar will be filled. The next time you run the app/game the update is automatically applied prior to the app/game fully loading.

Note that as is the usual case with apps/games on the iOS platform, they do not automatically download and apply major updates -- the player must do this by selecting the update path as illustrated above in order to ensure that their app/game is properly updated to the newest version.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

QA04: My Sims live together, and 'woohoo' they are partners but I have seen no option for them to get married. I bought a cradle for the baby, but cannot have one because my Sims aren't married.

AA04: Sims can move in together once they have reached the Status of Partners, however in order to create a new family member they must (a) be married, and (b) unlock the selection to have a baby.

Emphasis should be placed upon the fact that the act of Woohoo and actually Woohooing is NOT a part of the process for creating a new family member/baby, as was the case with the other versions of The Sims.

In FreePlay this process is strictly a matter of meeting the preset criteria and using the established Sim Actions from the radial menu. After the appropriate timer runs out the baby is fully delivered to the home via the Stork Network.

Mischief Managed!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

QA05: I Notice that my Pet dog / cat is really useful at finding Simolens / XP / LP / SP in my yard! How can I improve their success and the amounts they find?

AA05: In the guide the subject of Pets is covered extensively, but the quick answer to this question is a simple one: Praise.

Seriously, whenever your Pet finds and digs up a valuable, you should have one of the Sims who lives in that household rush over and quickly praise the pet for their action. Repeated praising and following them around being ready to praise them will result in an increase in both the speed at which they find Objects and the value / number of objects they find.

While this subject has not been addressed by the developers, it seems tat there is a hidden leveling system in place for Pets and, naturally, the entire hunt - dig - find - be praised process seems to have a point to it. It is difficult to judge when the leveling happens, though some players have come to believe that when your Pet finds a Life Point that represents achieving a level.

B: Home and Relocate

This section deals with questions related to Sim Homes and Relocating Sims...

QB01: How do you have a new Sim move into a house that another Sim has moved out of?

AB01: Follow these instructions: from your Sim's house make the following selections -- Town View Button > Vacant House / Relocate Sim Menu > Select Sim you want to Move In > Pay the $5000 charge > Visit Old House and backpack any furniture and Items you want to bring with you to the new house.

Basically the Sim you are moving from their old house to this new one needs to be generally available on the map, you need to have the license fee of $5000, and that pretty much is that.

In addition to using the Relocate Sim menu got the above steps you can also use it to Demolish an Abandoned House (to make room to build a new house by creating a Vacant Lot, or you can Add a New Sim instead of moving one or demolishing the house.

Note that while the March 2012 Update and Expansion adds Children to the game there is still a [del]16-Sim limitation[/del] now expanded 24 Sim Population limit on the Town population.

Considering that the PopCap was bumped up to 24 from 16 with the major Hobby and Social upgrades, it is within reason to expect that as additional features and expansions are added to the game, we can expect to see that PopCap raise as well.

C: Career and Work

This section deals with questions relating to Work and Sim Careers...

QC01: My next Goal is to grab a lab coat and make a Sim a Scientist. I have 6 Sims that work at the lab and 2 as scientist. Why won't this show as completed?

AC01: The Career-related Goals come in several variations from having X number of Sims employed in a specific Industry or Job, to having X number of Sims achieve the specific level of the specified industry or job. Note that these are Goals for your Town, and are different from the new Social Goals that apply to Neighbor Towns.

Bearing in mind that the Goal is simply requesting that X number of Sims be employed in that Industry, you can simply have some of your Sims quit their current Job and join the new Career and, once the specified number of Sims are simultaneously thereby employed the Goal unlocks -- your Sims are not actually required to go to work for this type of Goal.

For Goals in which a level/Job title is specifically specified, you must have the required number of Sims employed at the specified level.

The most common issue that gamers have with this type of Goal is that in the process of getting their newly joined Sims to the specified level/Job the Sims that are already part of that Career track have been promoted to a higher level/job, so even though the gamer has the required number of Sims employed in that career track, because of promotion they are no longer at the desired level/job specifically.

The easiest way to ensure that the required number of Sims are at the level/Job that is specified is to work on advancing the new Sims to that level/job while not allowing the Sims that are at or above the specified level/job to go to work.

In theory Sims who do not go to work for two or more days in a row while you are actively logged into the game during the period that they were supposed to leave for work but you chose not to have them do so, they should then lose a set percentage of their progress and, when a percentage significant enough to push them back to a previous level is reached, they are then demoted from their current level/Job to the next level/job below it.

If a Sim is at the entry position for that Career path, failure to go to work for two or more days will result in the Sim being fired and/or removed from that career path completely.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

QC02: What Business / Industry can I start?

AC02: When the game emerged from Beta there were five Industries with associated Career paths included - and following the two major expansions to the game along with several theme-based Special Events, an additional four have been added for a total of nine career paths and nine Industries. These are:

Businesses (at which Sims can purchase related goods and services or perform Activities) in the game presently (as of August 2013) include:

While these are not part of the Business or Industry sectors, your Sim Town also includes the following Community Lot structures that you can build and that have a decided impact upon both your Sims and life in your Sim Town, including issues of quality of life and recreation:

There are still open spaces within the active primary game environment in which additional industries / businesses and community lots may be placed, so it is reasonable to presume that at some point in the future the above lists will be expanded to include new offerings.

Note that while the primary play environment (generally referred to as the Town Alpha Screen) is presently the only accessible play screen, it is widely understood that the size of the town can (and ultimately will) be expanded.

Whichever structure(s) you choose to build, be aware that with each new structure the cost of building and the requirements in terms of Population and town level, and in the case of socially related structures like The Nightclub, the number of NBR or SP, will also increase at a regular rate.

D: Babies, Children, and Care-Giving

This section covers questions relating to family expansion, and addressing the needs of those newest citizens of your town...

QD01: How do I change the baby and bathe it?

AD01: After you have added the new family member to the family they will occupy the static position of the Crib Object that you placed in the home in order to qualify for adding a baby to the household.

Interaction with the baby can be completed in a number of ways, including (a) interacting with the Crib Object that contains a baby directly; (b) interacting with the individual character icon in the Sim Tracker as an Adult Sim; (c) making the baby the active focus and selecting an adult that it wants to care for it; and finally (d) interacting with the Goals Menu and Goal Prompts as appropriate.

Like Adult Sims each Baby Sim character has the same set number of "Needs" that must be maintained, including Hunger, Toilet, Hygiene, Socialization, Happiness, and Sleep.

The difference is that save for Sleep -- which can be initiated through the individual Baby character icon, the Crib Object, or by interacting with the same with the Adult -- the majority of the ongoing needs for the Baby must be completed by their designated "Care-Giver" which can include any adult Sim on good terms with the parents who is allowed to access and be present in the home.

E: Bugs and Technical

This section addresses questions relating to bugs and technical issues in the game...

QE01: How can I get the Sims FreePlay to download on my iPhone 4; it's been a month and it still hasn’t downloaded completely. It's still stuck on the half way...

AE01: There are known bugs that can block the process of downloading the game and game patches for the iPhone version of the game.

While most of these issues have been corrected as of the March 2012 major update for the game, gamers who encountered the errors prior to that update may still be effected by the bugs/errors.

The simple fix for this issue is to remove the game from your iPhone using the regular delete program function of the device, and then perform a soft-reset of the iPhone in order to clear the cache and memory of the installation.

Once those steps have been accomplished, simply re-connect to the server (either via the iTunes Store Server through its icon on your iPhone, or via iTunes when using your PC / Mac) to obtain and install the game and select the game from the menu, verifying that you do indeed wish to download and install it.

That is the known solution to this issue.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

QE02: How come my science building and my government building don't earn income any more?

AE02: While this is a fairly common bug for the current version of the game, it appears to be nearly self-correcting -- that is to say that often it fixes itself though the reason it happens.

Basically if you observe the loss of the countdown timer on any of the buildings, that indicates that it will not be flagged to offer Simoleaons / XP like it usually would when the timer expired.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

QE03: I turned off the automatic time and date option for my device and set the date forward to speed up the completion of a building / action, but now that I have put the date back to the present my buildings or actions have very large hours remaining before they are ready or can be used again - how do I fix this?

AE03: The quick answer is you don't. Messing with the date and time in this manner is known to corrupt the save file and, once that happens, it cannot be fixed. According to the powers that be the only true fix is to delete your saves and start over.

Read the pre-guide section titled "Time Skip Warning" at the top of the Table of Contents for more detailed information about this issue.

Ongoing Coverage

As important or high-traffic questions appear on SuperCheats they and their answers will be added to this page!

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Nov 15th 2023 zFPWdwPk
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    ID #781507
    Sep 10th 2015 Guest
    I keep changing the baby but the toilet bar is creeping to the left, how do I fix is?
    ID #607090
    Sep 14th 2015 Guest
    The toilet bar indicates how full baby's diaper is so when you change it, it goes down. When the bar creeps towards the right/fills up, it means that his/her diaper is filling up and its time for a fresh one.
    ID #608470
    Jul 27th 2015 Guest
    My sims are best friends but it doesn't seem to be going any further what should I do?
    ID #589994
    Mar 7th 2016 caffeinedependent
    you can't be more than best friends in the Sims Freeplay. If you wanted them to be a couple, try "be romantic" instead.
    ID #639107
    Jun 17th 2015 Guest
    How do i get my baby to have a birthday. Im at level 14 and havent seen the quest for toddlers yet?
    ID #571746
    Mar 7th 2016 caffeinedependent
    you probably have another ongoing quest. complete that quest first and the quest for toddlers should appear.
    ID #639108
    Dec 4th 2014 Guest
    My sims cant go to work. Nothing is wrong with their mood, all green bars. But the suitcase remains grey! Help!! How to resolve?
    ID #480211
    Nov 15th 2015 Guest
    Sims can only go to work once a day.
    ID #625477
    Sep 4th 2014 Guest
    I am stuck in one task which is to make sims make cloths and u need to buy a fashion studio how can I do dat
    ID #444464
    Mar 7th 2016 caffeinedependent
    the fashion studio is in the "Promotions R Us" store. If you don't have it built, you need to build it first.
    ID #639109
    Jul 15th 2014 Guest
    How can I dance my future self
    ID #418806
    Jun 19th 2014 Guest
    Actually I changed my device time but sim free play game didn't effect now what to do ... it is to be noted that I play the game an android device changing the time on device the game time also changes but don't effect on tasks doing by sim such as planting
    ID #402815
    Jun 19th 2014 Guest
    My sim isn't interacting with the baby, she just says 'uh-uh' and has the little footprint thing above her head.
    ID #402263
    Jul 10th 2015 Guest
    You need to move the crib where the sim can clearly reach it.
    ID #582753
    May 30th 2014 kdaddy23
    Why do I keep changing the baby but their bathroom need isn't being noted? I keep changing the diaper and the toilet icon keep creeping to the left!
    ID #391175
    Mar 7th 2016 caffeinedependent
    babies can't go to the toilet, when their diaper is full, the toilet icon will reset and you will need to fill up their hygiene bar instead.
    ID #639106
    Apr 5th 2014 ddanielle
    How do I get my sim to "dance with future sim" as one of the seniors goals?
    ID #371795
    Apr 5th 2014 ddanielle
    For one of the goals in the new update, how do I get my sim so "dance with future self"?
    ID #371791
    Jan 15th 2014 Guest
    How do I tell one of my sim that the other two are engaged?
    ID #344179
    Mar 7th 2016 caffeinedependent
    you have to use a phone to tell people about the engagement.
    ID #639110
    Jan 6th 2014 Guest
    How do I get my teen to do a tv cameo? Or go to the recording studio?
    ID #340559
    Dec 26th 2013 Guest
    My baby is stuck at the edge of the swimming pool, even when I bring the parents back home, he stays there. What do I do to fix this?
    ID #334383
    Dec 13th 2013 blendseasy
    I opened my game and it said there was an update and needed to download it, but it also states old content will be removed. Does this mean it is going to reset my game back to the start? and if so is there a way to retrieve my old data?
    ID #328666
    Dec 5th 2013 Guest
    How do you complete quests? I received my first quest Money Grows On Trees? & don't know what to do?
    ID #325277
    Oct 16th 2013 Guest
    I'm at level 44 and have 30 sims, I have a bridge logo but i cant open it to build a bridge, can someone help please, Thank You
    ID #314914
    Oct 7th 2013 Guest
    What I really don't like and understand is, that if i ask a neighbor sim to move in with me, their last name changes. Why? We didn't get married. just moving in shouldn't suggest a name change especially if they are just room-mates!
    ID #313180
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