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Playing in the Park

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As was previously mentioned, there are different types of lots in the game - Housing, Business, industrial - and finally the sort that the Park is part of - Community Lots.

The Park is the first part of an expanding collection of Community Lot structures - there is a Skate Park as well and that should give you an idea of the point to these - but even though these are town-owned and funded, they do generate XP which is nice.

Each Community Lot building or destination has a series of Goals attached to it as well... How you complete many of those goals requires you to have your Sims visit the Park.

Considering all of the things you can do there, the Park should be an early build.
Considering all of the things you can do there, the Park should be an early build.

Visiting the Park is accomplished by going to the town menu and then selecting the Park, at which point you enter the Park and can then use the Sim Tracker to call your Sims to visit the Park. Once they are there, they can participate in the various Park-based Activities.

  • Barbeque: Placed strategically in the Park are some Bar-B-Q's that you can use -- Use BBQ (30m / 60 XP), Grill 'Em All (8h / 430 XP), or Double Smoked Pulled Pork (20h / 810 XP).

  • Chess Board: Located in the corner of the Park are some Chess Boards with outdoor pieces that you can play with! Play Chess (10m / 30 XP).

  • Lake Fishing: Basically clicking anywhere that there are no ducks offers you the chance to use the Lake itself, allowing your Sim to Go Fishing (4m / 10 XP), Unwind (1h / 100 XP), Settle In (9h / 300 XP), or have a 12 Hour Fishathon (1 Day / 600 XP).

  • Lake Ducks: Simply clicking on the lake where the ducks are Swimming presents the option to Feed the Ducks (15m / 40 XP). This activity also qualifies as a social Action, and will raise the Social Stat.

  • Lake RC Boats: Tapping on the Lake where the RC Boat course is located gives your Sim the option to Play with RC Boat (30m / 153 XP).

  • Park Bench: Sitting on a park bench and daydreaming is just the thing if you cannot decide on something else to do, and you have the option to Daydream (1m 30s / 10 XP), Rest Eyes (3m 20s / 25 XP), Have a Nap (1h 30m / 125 XP), or to Catch Some Z's (3h 30m / 265 XP).

  • Park Toilet: If your Sim is in need, no need to rush home! Use the Park Toilet (30s / 6 XP).

  • Soap Box: In the Park there is a soap box (seriously) that you can stand on to make a speech -- which will naturally increase your Sims skill in that skill. The options are Make a Speech (15m / 40 XP), Occupy Park (4h / 300 XP), End is Nigh (12h / 820 XP), and Warn Simanity (1 Day / 1200 XP).

  • Tai Chi in the Park: Practice Tai Chi (1 Hour / 100 XP) - or - Reach Nirvana (12 Hours / 570 XP) The ancient art of Tai Chi, practiced on a mat in the Park, among the flowers and trees and peaceful... Ah, well, it will earn you XP in the doing of it!

Even when you are not fulfilling Goals the Park is a great place to visit if you want to work on social actions or pick up some extra XP in a sunny and happy environment....

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Comments for Playing in the Park

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35 comments, latest first.
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Nov 19th 2015 Guest
How do I leave a park it's not letting me leave
ID #626536
Oct 21st 2015 Shanmackin
How do you hide near a bench from the purple monsters?
ID #618524
Oct 29th 2015 Guest
Click on the bench and select hide by bench and your sim will do the action😃
ID #620748
Oct 24th 2015 Guest
Just click on the bench..
ID #619375
Jan 26th 2015 Guest
To reach nirvana, go to the park then click your sim like u would to give an ultimate make over and it will give u the option to practice tai chi or reach nirvana
ID #507454
Dec 30th 2014 Guest
How do you get your Sim to go to the park?
ID #492928
Dec 14th 2014 Guest
Where is the fountain located in the park?
ID #484859
Dec 14th 2014 Guest
Where is the water fountain in the park?
ID #484818
May 22nd 2015 Guest
The fountain is in the middle of the park
ID #559606
Nov 17th 2014 Guest
To get sims in the park: go to the park, open the sim tracker and click the whistle next to the sim you want in the park. Do this for the # of sims you need in the park.
I am having a problem getting my preteen to nap on the park bench. When I click the bench, it says my sim must be an adult to use this object, but the weekly goal is to get a preteen to take a nap on a park bench! Idk. I don't have the lp to skip this task.
ID #472759
Sep 1st 2014 Guest
I don't know how to get five sims to the park
ID #443362
Aug 31st 2014 Guest
How do you move all 5 sims to the park for the wedding?

ID #443031
Aug 31st 2014 Bluetigers
I have to have a Sim reach nirvana in the park. I see the hint about using the mat in the park, but WHERE is the mat? I've been looking for days and I'm stuck:( Please help!!!!

ID #442892
Oct 20th 2015 Guest
Just select sim in park then click again an it will give you a mat
ID #618373
Jul 5th 2014 Guest
How do you get six sims to congregate in the park ?
ID #412794
Jun 29th 2014 Guest
How do you enter a neighbors park? It's a goal I have and there's not an option for me to enter the park.

ID #408961
May 17th 2014 Hummingbird928
To make a sim go to the park, go to the file where all the sims are and click on the whistle icon. Your sim will then appear in the park.
ID #385064
Apr 7th 2014 Snowy232337
I got 16 sims married in the park all in ounce what?
ID #372369
Mar 10th 2014 Guest
How do I get 6 sims to congregate with eachother?
ID #362862
Mar 9th 2014 Guest
My park is built, but I cannot acces it. I can, however, go to the neighbors park. Not being able to get to my park, I'm nott ablle achieve some goals. What did I do wrong??
ID #362495
Mar 5th 2014 Guest
Having a problem getting preteen to nap on a park bench
ID #361291
Mar 3rd 2014 Guest
I have a goal to "give a spech" in the park...but i do not yet have a park. I tried to do this in a neighbours park but it doesn't seem to reconise the I HAVE to build a park to complete this task.
ID #360635
Feb 16th 2014 Guest
Call a sims to the park ?

ID #355534
Jan 6th 2014 Guest
Is there a phone at the park or does my sim need to go home to complete the phone call at the park quest.

ID #340121
Dec 25th 2013 Guest
How much does it cost
ID #333876
Dec 21st 2013 Guest
How do I have a fashionathon in the park!
ID #332225
Dec 14th 2013 Guest
Where is the park?
I can't find it
ID #329273
Nov 27th 2013 Kevin Simonsen
No sims follow when i go to the park - so how do i 'do a spech in the park'
ID #322743
Nov 18th 2013 Guest
How do u get the dog into the park.
ID #320346
Nov 12th 2013 Guest
Is it possible for one of my sims to listen to the other sim giving a speech?
ID #319194
Nov 2nd 2013 Guest
Can you do anything with the statue in the park?
ID #317615
Oct 18th 2013 Guest
Make a somgo to the park, make him or her go to the gras an tap on the sim
ID #315139
Oct 15th 2013 Guest
i have to reach nirvana in a neighbors park but where is the mat to do it
ID #314738
Oct 14th 2013 Guest
You can either use a bench in the park or buy one from the home store. Either works for that goal.
ID #314637
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