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Life Dreams & Legacy (Major) Quest

WARNING: Once you start and complete this specific mission and its quests you have passed the point of no return, having added the finite lifespan to the game.

At this point, once this mission is completed, all of your Sims now have hidden timers that are ticking away each time that you use them to complete an action - ANY action.

When the timer runs out, that stage of their life is over, they have their "Birthday" and move on to the next stage of life. The process is now automatic, does not require a Birthday Cake to be created, and will quickly catch you out of you are not prepared for it!

That being the case you may (and really we are saying you probably really seriously want to) STOP QUEST PROGRESS HERE.

The reason you want to do that is you will want to put in some serious time grinding the hobby collection to bank a decent amount of LP. You will also want to grind the Neighbor Town Quests to bank a decent amount of SP.

That way you have a cushion of SP and LP and you obtained that without burning up the precious hours on your Sim timers. Just saying, YMMV but we strongly suggest you take advantage of this while you still can.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Unofficial Pre-LD&L Mission Ticklist
The following tasks, missions, quests, and accomplishments must be completed prior to beginning this mission, because of their time-intensive natures. Failing to complete them prior to starting LD&L will only bring misery and sadness to your town as your Sims quite literally burn out their lives completing actions that should have been settled issues long before the Grim Reaper appeared in Simville.

So with that in mind, here is the ticklist of items you need to have completed BEFORE you start this life-altering mission and add death to the menu:

  1. Ballet Hobby: For Preteens - you need to have at least one Preteen fully master the Ballet Hobby. There is no collection for this one, your Preteen Sim just repeats the different moves until they level up, eventually mastering it. As there is no collection the game instead awards special decoration items for your Preteen's bedroom in place of the collection rewards.
  2. Bird Feeding Hobby: Select one of your Senior Sims and have them complete mastery of Bird Feeding.
  3. Bird Feeding Collection: Use your Bird Feeding Sim to fully complete the Bird Feeding Collection. That means completing all of the horizontal ranks and unlocking the Parrot in a Cage Pet in your game.
  4. Diving Hobby: Have at loeast 1 but preferably 4 of your Sims level up and Master this hobby.
  5. Diving Collection: Complete the full Diving Collection at least one time prior to reaching the point-of-no-return on the finite life spans.
  6. Fashion Design Hobby: Have at least 1 but preferably 2 Sims level and Master this hobby.
  7. Fashion Design Collection: Prior to TPoNR be sure to run your Fashion Design Sims through the collection as many times as it takes to obtain all of the special outfits and shift the collection to the LP reward level.
  8. Fishing Hobby: Have at least one Sim complete the mastery of this hobby to Level 8. This one is serious as it takes a massive amount of time and effort to level it up. The Fishing Hobby is widely thought to be the most difficult to master in the game in light of that.
  9. Fishing Collection: Have at least one Sim complete the full Fish Collection at least one time including the three new fish that were added by the mutant expansion (Gustavo Finn / Hank Scharker / Hi-Sim-Berg).
  10. Ghost Hunting Hobby: Have at least 1 but preferably 4 Sims level and Master the Ghost
  11. Hunting Hobby.
  12. Ghost Hunting Collection: Have your GH Sims complete the collection until you unlock the Ghost Containment Unit -- this is the penultimate reward for the full mastery of the hobby, and once unlocked and awarded it is found and purchased via the In-Game Store > Furniture > Decorations Menu and costs $8K (it is a 3-Star Object).
  13. Horse Show Jumping Hobby: At a bare minimum have at least 1 of your Teen Sims Master this. Preferably this should be Mastered by a minimum of two (2) Sims.
  14. Horse Tricks Hobby: At a bare minimum have at least 1 of your Teen Sims Master this. Preferably this should be Mastered by a minimum of two (2) Sims.
  15. Horse Vaulting Hobby: At a bare minimum have at least 1 of your Teen Sims Master this. Preferably this should be Mastered by a minimum of two (2) Sims.
  16. Karate Hobby: Again there is no collection for this, but you want to have a Preteen level up and Master this hobby prior to the point-of-no-return on finite lifespans. Like the Ballet Hobby, in place of collection rewards the game instead grants special bedroom decorations at various points throughout the leveling.
  17. Teen Idol Hobby: At a bare minimum have at least 1 of your Teen Sims Master this.
  18. Quilting Hobby: At a bare minimum have at least 1 of your Senior Sims Master this. Preferably this should be Mastered by a minimum of two (2) Sims.
  19. Woodworking Hobby: At a bare minimum have at least 1 of your Sims Master this. Preferably this should be Mastered by a minimum of two (2) Sims.

    Career Notes: You should have at least two Sims master each so that the death of any one Sim will not cost you the entire skills set of the career even for the short term, since the Weekly Tasks and unlocking Keys for the Mystery Box Store may rely upon any of the career choices for its tasks...

    You will also naturally want to have a Sim or two available to send to the Competition Center should a career be called upon - after all you must defend the honor of YOUR Simville against the Simville of your mates. Just saying!
  20. Actor Career: Have at least two of your Sims Master this Career.
  21. Artist Career: Have at least two of your Sims Master this Career.
  22. Athlete Career: Have at least two of your Sims Master this Career.
  23. Firefighter Career: Have at least two of your Sims Master this Career.
  24. Musician Career: Have at least two of your Sims Master this Career.
  25. Politician Career: Have at least two of your Sims Master this Career.
  26. Real Estate Agent Career: Have at least two of your Sims Master this Career.
  27. Scientist Career: Have at least two of your Sims Master this Career.
  28. Teacher Career: Have at least two of your Sims Master this Career.
  29. Need for Steed Full Mission: Due to its time-intensive nature, complete the entire NfS Mission.
  30. Stable Horse Stalls: Complete rebuilding ALL SIX of the Horse Stalls in the Stables. In addition to a sizeable chunk of Simoleons (the in-game cash) this will also require you to spend 30 LP (one type of the in-game Premium Currency) for the final pair of Stalls. The final Stall takes 24h and costs 20 LP and no other construction project may be started while it is being rebuilt so plan your timing carefully.
  31. Purchase all three Horse Ranks: The Horse Hobbies require you to have at least one Horse for each of the three hobby sub-types and as far as we can tell you cannot sell them once you own them? Unless something changes in terms of that it means you have to be calculating in planning out your purchases since you only have six stalls and there are seven steeds counting the Unicorn... If you actually want the unicorn that means one of the ranks will only have a single mount. We suggest that you make that the 3-Star (Jumpers) since the Unicorn is ALSO a 3-Star jumper. Just saying.
  32. Social Points (SP) Bank: Obtain a safety margin and Bank of 100 SP before proceeding. You can accomplish this by constantly doing the SP Quests in your neighbors towns using a Sim that has already mastered both their profession and their hobby and thus have no other pressing business to complete prior to the LD&L phase of the game.
  33. Life Points (LP) Bank: Obtain a safety margin and Bank of 200 LP before proceeding. You can accomplish this by constantly doing the LP Grind - that is to say having your Sims complete the various hobby collections in order to grind out an easy to predict stream of LP.

  34. Household Pets: While the first pet is added to your town for free - that being the Dog that introduces the pet system to you - any additional pets must be paid for using LP and manually added to each of the households that you mean to have pets. That being the case - and considering the nature of the pets in the game and their ability to dig up or find treasure - it would be a very good idea to (at a bare minimum) see to it that you add at least one of each of the more expensive pets to your town.

    For practical purposes then that includes at least one pet from the ranked sets which include the following: 2-Star Dogs (German Shepard @ 18 LP / Labrador @ 20 LP / Golden Retriever @ 22 LP / Dalmatian @ 25 LP) -- 2-Star Cats (Maine Coon @ 18 LP / Siamese @ 22 LP / Toyger @ 25 LP / Black @ 30 LP) -- 3-Star Dogs (Husky @ 75 LP / Robo Dog 80 LP) -- 3-Star Cats (Bengal @ 75 LP / Bejeweled Blitz's Anchovy @ 75 LP / Robocat @ 80 LP).

    In addition to the above treasure-seeking and treasure-finding pets that are purchased exclusively via the Pet Shop, there are traditional non-treasure seeking/finding pets that are obtained via the in-game store accessed via the Furniture Menu via the Pets Tab that include pet Rabbits (1-Star @ 12 LP / 2-Star @ 20 LP / 3-Star @ 30 LP) and Fish (in tanks) that are FREE and include a very small 0-Star and a pair of very large 3-Star Tanks that are already populated either with what appear to be very colorful saltwater fish.

    The ideal method for this is to maintain your grinding efforts using the following setup:
  • x4 Ghost Hunter Sims (in the Ghost Hunter Courtesy House);
  • x2 Woodworking Sims (in the Hobbies & Career Courtesy House);
  • x2 Fashion Design Sims (in the Hobbies & Career Courtesy House);
  • x2 Figure Skating Sims (at the Winter Sports Center);
  • x4 Diving Sims (at the Community Swim Center);
  • x1 Bird Feeding Sim (at the various Benches in Town)

Please bear in mind that the above list and tick list are the bare minimum - if you can think of anything else that we missed, add that to your personal list mates - you do not want to end up facing down Death because you failed to include some minor task or activity that later ends up prematurely killing off your Sims!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Notice: The Life Dreams Mission has some basic Pro and Con issues to it - because it adds the life section timers to the game and, ultimately, introduces Sim Death to the game many players have chosen to delay completing the quest or outright refuse to complete it because they cannot (or choose not to) face the issues relating to forced aging and Sim Death...

To help you understand the issues surrounding this pivotal and very important mission and its quests, and to help you come to terms with why it is a necessary next step in the evolution of the game we thought we would present to you the Pro (Good Bits) & Con (Bad Bits) issues as we understand them:

LD&L Cons:

  • Your Sims Die.
  • Each Life Segment of your Sims (Infant / Toddler / Preteen / Teen / Adult / Senior) has a finite number of in-game game play hours.
  • Once the timer has completed for that life stage, that Sim automatically has its Birthday Event.
  • When a Senior Sim Timer runs out, they die, and are thus removed from the game.
  • When your Senior Sim dies they take whatever skills and knowledge they have acquired from a lifetime with them.

LD&L Pros:

    Your Sims each become even more important to you as individuals.
    When a Sim lives through their complete Sim Life and dies they create a Life Orb.
    Completing the LD&L Quests almost doubles the number of hobbies available in the game.
    Completing the LD&L Quests opens up new destination locations in the game.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you begin this Mission and its Quest - or at least before you complete it - you need to make sure that you have TWO (2) population slots available and unused in your town because the process of completing this mission and its quest series requires you to create an Adult Sim who will die, and an Infant Sim who will experience the benefits of the natural Sim life cycle.

To verify that you have available the population slots, do the following:

  1. Log into the game and when at the game play screen tap the Population Cap Icon (this is the stick-figure button that is on the main stats display in the center-top of the screen. The Population Cap Icon is the 4th from the left on the bottom of the stats interface

  2. Tapping the Population Cap Button will pop-up the Population Information Screen - this shows you the following information, from the top down: Sim Town Count (the population number in the form of xx/xx or the number of Sims you have and the maximum number you CAN have) / The Level that unlocks the next Population Cap Increase - for instance if your town is presently at Level 32 or 33, it will indicate that the next Population Cap Increase will take place at Level 34.

  3. This information will help you to understand what you need to do... If your population is already at the maximum, you may need to work on leveling your town up several (or more) levels in order to create two free slots in the Population Cap. Remember you need to have two (2) available slots in order to properly complete the Life Dreams & Legacies Mission and its Quests.

  4. To determine your present status in terms of Town Level look at the top of the stats bar and menu interface - it will show you your town's current Level and percentage completed towards the next Level. For example my town is currently Level 33, and I have 21% completed towards the next Level, which will be Level 34.

The Life Dreams & Legacy Quest is a major part of the Life Dreams Update

Once the Quest Starts you are on a very tight Timer - you have just 1 week (7 Days) to complete it, so do not doddle around! Also please be aware that this quest introduces you to the End-of-Life Phase for a Sim - so if your Simmer is a child or preteen, you may want to sit down and discuss that with them, and explain that in the world of The Sims -- just like in the real world -- Death is a part of Life.

Whatever your religion, whatever you choose to call it -- I like to call it the Circle of Life -- either way this quest forces you to deal with the issue as well as sets up the elements of contributing an Adult Sims "Legacy" into the Community -- but we delve deeper into that in the appropriate specific sections of the WTG, just saying....


Basic Requirements

(And the Sacrifice You Will Make)

It would be an idea to be mentally and emotionally prepared for the events that are to unfold with this quest, and specifically with respect to the "resource" you are going to need available for the doing of it. Specifically we are talking about the person you will be life-cycling here... But you get the idea.

So in simple terms you are going to need the following:
x1 Adult Sim to mature into an Senior Sim.
x1 Senior Sim to make the Journey into the Great Unknown.
x1 (at least) Breeding Sims to replace any you sacrifice.
x1 Open Population Cap Slot (once you have the Adult you will sacrifice) for the Infant you need to create in order to complete the final stage of this Mission and its Quests Line.

Bear in mind that the "Orbs" you collect from a Sim making the trip to the Afterlife are actually used in the game for specific tasks and requirements -- for example you will be using Sporty Orbs to build and open the Public Beach (a Sport Orb requires Bronze + Silver Orbs) and once you actually begin that process the whole thing gets really obvious, really quickly.

Note that with the activation of the Life Dreams & Legacy System in the game aging is no longer an elective it is mandatory -- you can use LP to delay it, but you cannot stop it altogether -- sorry mates! FreePlay has now caught up with the Main Game Series in that regard...

The Main Quest Sequence

One thing mates - you are about to embark upon a quest that effectively changes the very nature of the game and its basic function in terms of life and the new finite lifespan... You should be aware that those Sims you have gotten to know and maybe even care about? Well with the completion of this Major Quest they transition from "Your Sims" to "The First Generation of Your Sims" and that is a very significant distinction! We are just saying....

Completing this Quest within the allotted 7-day Timer will unlock the very special item called the Singing Salmon -- an object that will Inspire Your Sims.

Remember this is a POINT OF NO RETURN QUEST! Completing the Quest Goal to "Advance an Adult Sim's Age" will activate the automatic aging mechanism in the game -- and that means that from that point onward your Sims will age and die automatically and, save for delaying that process by spending LP (why do you think they call them Life Points anyway??) from this point onward it is a whole new ballgame!

Please be aware that some of the actions, goals, and quest items rely upon pre-quest actions that you may not have completed, so your path to this quest may be slightly different than mine, or even contain goals mine did not... In the long-run we all get to the same point at about the same time, and that is really all that matters, right?

Also note that depending upon the object quality for specific key objects the timers may not be the same for you as they were for me - so treat that with a grain of salt won't you?

The Waiting is Over? The Quest Begins...

A rather large African American gentleman with just the touch of a Jersey accent guides you into a room off of the main atrium that you had not noticed before now...

Inside and in the very center of the room stands a pair of aged but serviceable red leather arm chairs from a different era entirely....

The man takes a seat, waving to the still vacant chair across from him, and he speaks so softly you must work hard at paying close attention just to hear what he says...

"Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world" he ponders?

"How do you define real?" he wonders, and then holds out his hand, in which sit two small neon-colored pills...

"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back," he warns you. Behind him you see a form in flowing black robes has suddenly appeared -- in its bone hands he clutches a scythe -- but that is not possible! You tell yourself this over and over.

"You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe birthday cakes are a reality of physics -- no cake, no birthday!

You take the red pill - that birthday cake is replaced by a stopwatch - and you get to meet that Greek fellow behind you and his three mistresses," the man adds..

As your finger touches the red pill you catch an instant but very strong whiff of cordite, parchment, and ink...

In a flash the hooded and robed form on the far side of the room is suddenly far more familiar to you; you recall that his name is Thanatos, and he is indeed Greek.

Three women appear behind him, the first is ancient, the second middle-aged but attractive, and the third is a comely young maiden of incredible beaty. You are startled to realize you know them as well!

"That is Clotho" the man reveals.

"She combs the wool and spins the thread of life; beside her is Lachesis who determines the length of the thread, and beside her is Atropos, who cuts the thread, and together they weave all of the threads into the never-ending tapestry of life" he explains.

"Together we find the measure of a man -- literally -- they give his life a starting point, the measure of its length, and an ending point, and then I arrive to collect the soul," Death explains.

"So what do you say?" your companion asks from the chair opposite you.

Holding the hand with the pills out again, he smiles. "Take it and I show you just how deep the rabbit-hole goes?"

The Life Dreams & Legacy Quest Run

  1. Phone a Friend (3m)
  2. Send Computer Invitations (4h/48m)
  3. Send 5 Sims to Snow Park
  4. Bartend @ the Snow Park (20m varies)
  5. Order a Cocktail at the Snow Park (30s)
  6. Ask Osiris about New Inventions (14h/20m)
  7. Access Age Controller
  8. Advance an Adult Sims Age to Senior**
  9. Send a Sim for a BBQ at the Town Park
  10. Examine Glowing Orb (1d)
  11. Give Senior Sim the Orb
  12. Access Life Dreams System
  13. Choose a Life Dream
  14. Fulfill a Life Dream (Time varies)
  15. Ask Osiris for Help for a Senior Sim (5m)
  16. Tap on the Beach, Carnival, Pet Park or Arcade on Mystery Island
  17. Ask Osiris to Help a Senior Sim (20s)
  18. Complete Life Dream (6h/24m)
  19. Scientific Breakthrough in the Bath (Time depends on quality of tub)
  20. Debunk Theory of Relatively while Drinking Tea (10h/40m)
  21. Have a Senior Grow Watermelons
  22. Bake Gingerbread Sims (6h)
  23. Complete the Cycle of Life
  24. Have 4 Sims in One House
  25. Be Nice Gesture to a Sim (1m)
  26. Have a Baby (1d)

The decision as to whether or not you should activate this major quest and proceed from here forward is v personal and significant one - as long as you are aware of the consequences and remember that there is no turning back from it....

** Completing this 8th Quest in the Mission Quest Lines is the POINT OF NO RETURN! Once you complete this part of the mission every one of your Sims gets a life stage timer, and begins to age from this point onwards, so you want to have completed ALL of the LP and SP Grinding you intended to do BEFORE you reach and complete this point!!

How Long do They Have?

One of the questions that I have been bombarded with via email is how long do your Sims have left on their life? When will they die? When will they be forced to move to the next life stage?

Look mates, I don't like this any more than you do. Please don't shoot the messenger okay? I did not create this update and I really REALLY don't like it either. I just had one of my original Sims move on - a woman and grandmum who got great joy in life from quilting. Her husband likes to feed birds.

Now she is gone, he is alone and I just want to sit and cry.

How long do your Sims have? If you open the Sim Tracker or the Hobby/Work/whatever menu you will notice that your Sims now have a ring around their heads. THAT is the timer for how long before they reach the next stage. As you do things that use time, that ring slowly fills. That is how long.

Sorry - this expansion really has me depressedl

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Its a perfect way for them to cheat us out of money. And a scam I will be finding someone to contact about this quest.

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Omg I'm only level 11 (fail I know) but there's one sim who I love and the thought of her DYING....Oh God I think I might just stay off of this quest.
Thanks for the heads up about the once you do number 8 there's no turning back
Really appreciated.

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To be honest, EA doesn't design games soleley for 6 year olds. It's not their fault if he chooses to play it, and death is a thing that cannot be helped in real life.

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We should report this to EA so we can get a new update that stops this it bother me now I can't do as many a actions as I want if they don't change it we shouldn't play an unsatisfying game

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I do not like this quest. The game is being runned by others and not me now. I will let them all die and end this game.

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Do your pets die when you do the quest and complete it?

Added 4th Jan 2015, ID #495813

No, they stay at the house that adopted them
at least EA didn't try to kill our pets that cost LP!
Now that would be bad

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I'm Not at the quest yet is it really that bad? How long do you have with the timer?

Added 18th Dec 2014, ID #486431

This is a very bad update. Thankfully I read this before starting with the legacy tasks. It almost kills me to think that my sims will die. I'm just so (theoretically) attached with them, all of them. I don't want any of them to die! The death part should be removed, I'm sure no sim lovers like the idea of their sims just vanishing. It's not fair..

Added 17th Dec 2014, ID #485779

As long as you did not complete that 8th quest you should be OK...

Added 25th Nov 2014, ID #475964

Im now at 8, and thou I have the "age control" timer but i did not "advance an adult sim's age"..does it mean I am still safe?
Also, I notice my sim's pic at"sims tracker" has a fine round..some as a little green over it...does it mean my sims age is clocked? coz only some sims have green on the round...pls advise!!!

Added 18th Nov 2014, ID #473440

The green means your sims have started aging. They dont age on how long they live, but on how many tasks you have them do. So the less they do the longer they live.

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I am nine and I just read this no need

Sorry mate I am not sure that there is a question here - or if there is, what it is - can you please re-state your question with more details? There is no need to try to use the colour coding - just ask your question mate...

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Added 12th Nov 2014, ID #470516

OK you need to understand that we are not doing this to you. The game was changed and we have no control over that. You can limit the activities of your well-trained elder sims to JUST actions required for quests to stretch out their use. That is the best we can say.

Added 3rd Nov 2014, ID #466760

How i complete the task in the sims play free -fulfill a life dream ?

Added 31st Oct 2014, ID #465501

I've completed the quest, and now all my sims are ageing and dying. I don't have enough time to do the other stuff. I've now lost 6 sims. Although I've replaced a few. This is rubbish. I would like to age my sims when I'm ready, not when you say times up!

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How do I (#7) access age controller?

Added 20th Oct 2014, ID #460867

I realized that I could "recreate" the Sim I was so attached to after he/she dies. Gave the same name, same clothes. I lost the relationships and skills, kind of like amnesia, lol. But that didnt take too long to build back up.

Added 19th Oct 2014, ID #460209

I missed the quest, and I'm kind of glad I did. It's just now I'm missing a whole bunch of fun buildings like the beach and pet salon :c

Added 12th Oct 2014, ID #457708

When the timer runs out the Senior Sim will die. Death will claim them.

Added 30th Sep 2014, ID #453261

How di send my sim(s) to their after life?

Added 29th Sep 2014, ID #453052

God, I loathe this. I aged one of my favorite Sims to Senior, and I can't get him back to Adult! I was hoping to get him to start a family, but nope!

Now I have to stop doing the quest and just do what I can to make sure my Sims don't die on me. Really crappy idea, Sims Freeplay. Worse than when you make the preteens skip for no apparent reason.

Added 17th Sep 2014, ID #448829

You don't stop quest progress as such you simply stop doing the quests. You can ignore them until you feel your game is in the state you want it in before you progress. As long as you have not reached the 7th stage of the aging missions you should be OK.

Added 1st Sep 2014, ID #443124

This quest is scary

Added 13th Aug 2014, ID #435912

I know!! It's so scary I don't like the idea of my little sims dying!! 😭 bad idea EA

Added 4th Jul 2015, ID #579845

Hi I need help with a life dreams quests
The quests is "I want to practice using a computer to train my computer video sports skills and teach those whippersnappers a lesson!"
I keep making my sim use the computer but the % is staying the same
What do I need 2 do ???
Please help

Added 9th Aug 2014, ID #433392

If you pass the orb to a sim you cannot use it for the builds. Sorry.

Added 6th Aug 2014, ID #431953

This was a great game. Loved the quest, the sims and making them families, decorating the homes and each level reached we get new stuff to buy. they made it better by keeping the sims busy when you are doing something else. I enjoyed making the money the life points and the diamonds. I was doing things I enjoy that I will never do in real life. Then death comes and now we have a game that no one seems to enjoy any more. I'm have sims 3, but I do not enjoy it as much as I have this game. If I have to finally do the death task...well I guess all my sims will drink the cool-aid.

Added 6th Aug 2014, ID #431590

So, if I don't complete the quest before the 7 days are over, and don't recieve the special reward at the end, will I not get the timer? Will I be able to continue the game as it normally is and use birthday cakes to age my sims?

Added 4th Aug 2014, ID #430877

How can I stop and cancel this quest. Please let there be an update to make it optional and still get benefits. And creator of the game should remove the death timer.

Added 29th Jul 2014, ID #427083

Yeah, it supposed to be like this: after seniors timer reached zero, it will pass a life orb and reborn as a baby again. REBORN! Now that's gonna be cool

Added 22nd Jul 2015, ID #587658

I can't get my sim to drink the debunk tea.

Added 14th Jul 2014, ID #418343

I do not like the Life Dreams & Legacies update...wish I'd have realized the full consequences of completing this quest before I did it. You never have enough time to earn simoleons LPs or SPs cause you have to spend most of your time fulfilling each Sims life dreams before time runs out and they die. Once you fulfill this quest you can only temporarily postpone it by using lps. You have no control over the loss of your sims. I hate this update and hope they will enable it to be reversed or at least give you the option of which Sims will progress to aging & death. I liked being able to have my Sims stay at certain ages before this prevents you from having any permanent control over it.

Added 21st Jun 2014, ID #404011

I've completed the quest and 2 of my senior sims died. I received a bronze life orb and passed it on to another sim, but it shows 0 orbs to build the carnival games. How exactly do I obtain the orbs available to build the carnival games?

Added 21st Jun 2014, ID #403987

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