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Life Orbs and Their Uses

There are four types of Life Orb -- Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. They are obtained as your Sim dies, if they have successfully completed one of their Life Goals. Once you have completed the required missions to mature your game to the point at which life spans are active, the Life Orb process is active.

(a) Each Sim is now born with a Life Goal Meter that runs from 0% to 100% - you will know that the system has been fully enabled in your game when during the creation process your Sim is given a personality. The new personality system is an integral part of the Orb System.

Once the system is fully integrated into your game, the Sims that already existed will NOT have Life Goals - you will need to create a Life Goal for them. You accomplish this by using a Wardrobe: Opening the Wardrobe you will find an option to grant your Sim a personality when they lack that stat. Once they have obtained a personality, the Life Goal / Life Dream System is activated for that Sim.

You MUST do this for each of the Sims that do not have a personality individually before they can fully participate in that part of living!

(b) During each of the six stages of life your Sim will obtain a unique Life Goal / Life Dream. Fulfilling that Goal/Dream will add a fixed amount of percentage points to their Meter depending upon the complexity and the difficulty of that Goal/Dream. If your Sim dies without completely filling the Meter they will not receive an Orb of any type.

Your motivation is to get the meter to 100% prior to your Sim expiring. If you fill the meter, when your Sim passes away a Life Orb will spawn. When this happens you should open the Build/Buy menu, tap the Life Orb, and place it in your Inventory. You do this because a Life Orb can be used for several purposes - which we will now cover.

(c) The Life Orb and its Uses - There are three uses for Life Orbs that you have placed in your Inventory and saved at the present time...

1. Generating Income: A Life Orb can be sold from within your Inventory to create wealth. Think of that as the inheritance passed on from a Senior to their relations. It is strongly recommended that you NEVER do this. The money that you receive through selling a Life Orb is never worth the effort that went into its creation OR the potential good you can do with it by using it for one of the other two actions.

2. Life Orb Improvements: When your Sim dies and you place their Life Orb in Inventory, the next time a new Sim is born with that personality trait -- let's say that the Sim that dies had the Geeky personality and the Infant you have created also has the Geeky personality -- you can apply the Bronze Geeky Life Orb to the new Infant Geek Sim.

After they complete their life cycle if their Meter attains 100% instead of a Bronze Geeky Orb they will drop a Silver Geeky Orb. If the Orb you fused into them at birth was a Silver Geeky Orb and they attained 100% Meter they will drop a Gold Geeky Orb upon their death, and if it was a Gold Orb, they will drop a Platinum Geeky Orb. Simple enough.

Improving the Orbs that your Sims drop upon death is an incredibly crucial process - because in addition to having their life genuinely mean something when they die, it also enables the third option for Orb use as we will now detail!

3. Creating Building Orbs: Your Life Orbs can also be used to create Building Orbs, which are absolutely required if you want to construct the special structures or destinations - like the Beach on Mystery Island.

Creating Building Orbs is accomplished by combining different types of Life Orbs to create the Building Orb you need for the specific project. As you already know your Sims have personalities as well as Life Goals / Life Dreams. Two personalities are Geeky and Sporty. We detailed above the process for improving these Orbs, and now we will show you the recipes you can use on your Orbs in your Inventory to accomplish specific builds:

  • Arcade Building: Combine x1 Bronze Geeky Life Orb + x1 Silver Geeky Life Orb.
  • Beach Building: Combine x2 Bronze Sporty Life Orbs + x2 Sporty Silver Life Orbs.

By working towards improving the Life Orbs your Sims create, and then by combining them to the above recipe specification, you are subsequently able to construct new destinations that are key to the new Hobbies and, eventually, to new Jobs!

This is the legacy that you create through your Sim living their life.

Notes on Orb Creation

The first Sim you successfully bring through the Life Orb process will receive a Bronze Life Orb. This is the lowest type of Life Orb.

The Bronze Orb has several uses as discussed - it can be retained in your Inventory and sold for Simoleons; it can be used to create next gen Orbs; and it can be used for creating special Building Orb recipes for creating special buildings / destinations in your world, each of which has far-reaching consequences and advantages.

In short the Orb system functions as both a tangible means for assigning value to your Sim life and as a means for improving both your Sim Town and Society.

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56 comments, latest first.
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After the latest update, I can't find all my life orbs in the inventory to sell. Is it me having this problem or others as well, please fix, thank you.

Added 25th Oct 2015, ID #619578

I can't find them either!!!

Added 25th Oct 2015, ID #619667

i like the update i have no issues getting them getting the orbs. however at times it glitches and when i come back to see if my sims completed tasks they will all be stopped and i have to start over. i never had the issue prior to the update.just wish that would be fixed so i can enjoy.

Added 28th Sep 2015, ID #612321

You cant press the quit button u have to just go to your home screen without quitting the game i had the same issue but not anymore i press the home screen on my tablet all the time and my work is saved

Added 5th Oct 2015, ID #614195

I like the aging process. I do not get attached to sims. I think the game is now more fun.

Added 22nd Jul 2015, ID #588056

Guys stop complaining- don't like it, buy the proper sims on PC! All apps update and it's what they need to do to keep it fresh or else lots of old players will be bored, at first I hated the orbs thing but now I actually like it because it gives you something to work towards to! Actually give it a proper chance

Added 11th Jul 2015, ID #582855


Added 8th Jul 2015, ID #581734

Stop updating the sims game ,
Stupid life orbs , so stupid
Do you guys even check this comments ?
HELLO ! .?

Added 3rd Jun 2015, ID #565101

I really agree with everybody the update is horrible. I hate my sims update quick and it seems all of my first sims are dying quick and I can't pursue the hobbies because they're all dying way too fast.

Added 11th May 2015, ID #555047

I agree not happy with the update sims die to fast and it costs LP to stop them from meeting the reaper. And you lose all they have done. Just another way for the creators to get people to spent lots of money on the app

Added 6th Oct 2015, ID #614403

i just found out, although im not quite sure, but if you give a platinum orb to a sim they will be stopped from aging indefinitely.

Added 23rd May 2015, ID #559968

I hate the new updates , can't build anything I have a lot of life orbs .
Can you please stop changing everything , this game use to be fun . Now I'm frustrated with this .

Added 9th May 2015, ID #553750

Hate the new update! All my main sims are dying because they aree turning to seniors one by one! :(

Added 2nd May 2015, ID #550999

I have plenty of orbs to build things iat the fair. But it won't let me click the sliver orbs to build it...? Does anyone else have this problem? and if not how do I fix it?

Added 24th Apr 2015, ID #547398

Me to. but i have brons ones and cant use them

Added 29th Apr 2015, ID #549386

Next update idea for the EA genius: pets will die, so you keep on buying them. Houses will rot so you have to tear down and spend more money building again😡

Added 23rd Apr 2015, ID #546794

I HATE that Sims now age and die! Part of the appeal of this game to me was designing a beautiful world to escape to with gorgeous houses and beautiful, healthy young people.
Also - it is a bait and switch rip off to spend money on a cute toddler to later have it age. If I wanted something else I wouldn't have spent the money on a toddler! It feels like having a piece of my property- something I bought and paid for- stolen!
Whoever thought of this- it is a TERRIBLE idea! Everyone hates it!
This game used to be fun, peaceful and enjoyable. Not anymore. Now it is stressful.
So disappointing. I sure hope you listen to your game base!

Added 17th Apr 2015, ID #543984

We should boycott the sims freeplay: tell everybody to stop playing and stop buying so they can fix it. No more dying sims! No more auto aging!!!

Added 30th Mar 2015, ID #535410

Some people like this feature. Including me. Creating new sims and saying goodbye to the old keeps the game fresh.

Added 7th Jul 2015, ID #581054

How do you build new ones? I'm down to 11/32 and can't even create or buy a baby much less get orbs to build

Added 16th Aug 2015, ID #598835

How to purchase or build with the life orbs such as the carnival or the pet playground.

Added 21st Mar 2015, ID #531499

The last time I played was 2013 since they implying new system of aging and dying I stop looking at it
Yesterday I checked on it again coz I miss them so much I don't want them to die :'(
Put so much effort working on all of my sims and we are talking numbers here okay not just one
Why you have to turn the game so evil not fun to play anymore hate it!!

Added 4th Mar 2015, ID #523897

I hate the aging update, because I had to use LPs to keep them from turning into seniors. Seriously, wtf.

But what I did to make it seem less horrible is that I created 4 sims not based on my own family and friends, whose sole purpose is to create and improve orbs. This way, I won't care if what they do all they long is fulfill their life dreams. When they die I just create more useless sims and pass on their orbs.

It's a lot of work but so far after a week or so, I got 2 platinum orbs out of it which I gave to my character and that of my husband. Made us immortal again!

I'm very close to obtaining 2 more platinum orbs so I'm slowly getting back to the way the game used to be: endless fun.

Added 2nd Mar 2015, ID #523483

I am now spending more time on trying to up the life orbs and completing them that there is no time left to give the sims hobbies or spend time doing much else. Hate how the sims life span is so quick. I hardly know who each sim is anymore.

Added 25th Feb 2015, ID #520927

Why did they make this update? I haven't gotten to the life dreams and legacies quest yet (I'm on the bird feeding quest. So I have to just do that and the quilt making quest before it) but I don't want to do that quest. At the same time, I really would like the public beach, carnival, etc. I have become attached to my sims and I don't want to lose them...

Added 12th Feb 2015, ID #515071

The game is really bad not the orbs are there everything takes to long and had just made it to boring for me you go through so many sims as they keep dieing which makes you loose interest I'm going to stop playing just to boring for me now.

Added 27th Jan 2015, ID #508045

It takes to long to complete the goals . If I wasn't retired I would not be able to complete the goals to earn the orbs. I to do not like that my sims have to die. You have us to make families, even though this is a game, you become attached. I think it is barbaric and vulgar that you require them to die and we have to watch. The continueous dieing of my sims has began to desensitize my feelings towards the sims. The game is not as much fun and I find myself not wanting to play it as much.

Added 25th Jan 2015, ID #507338

new update sims not nice n so bad. my sims keep dying. and i dont know how to earn silver life orb.

Added 24th Jan 2015, ID #506248

My poor sims are dying 💔 I've been playing this game for 2 years and all my original sims are dying. Some of their children and becoming seniors before them. I hate it!

Added 17th Jan 2015, ID #502732

I really liked this game until my sims started dying off now just waiting for all to die and start again with the other sims I have to build just making sims plant and make money don't really like the new up grade they can't go to night club or restaurant because they work on orbs all the time

Added 24th Nov 2014, ID #475903

This game used to be's become too complicated, too much going on to concentrate on or grasp concepts! I've found myself not playing it hardly at all

Added 24th Nov 2014, ID #475892

So mad Simsfreeplay just did some dumb time laps a 13hr goal I was doing I have to do again but did it stop the goal clock NO I think it speed it up early this morning it was at 5days to 4days at bedtime

Added 20th Nov 2014, ID #473828

So mad Simsfreeplay just did some dumb time laps a 13hr goal I was doing I have to do again but did it stop the goal clock NO I think it speed it up early this morning it was at 5days to 4days at bedtime WTF....

Added 20th Nov 2014, ID #473827

I think it is important to mention that 1 platinum orb will give 1 sim immortality. Personally, I would have no interest in this game if I could not keep sims I have grown attached to. A revolving door of sims is not appealing, but I am willing to deal with it AS LONG AS I can keep a few (or in my case, my 1st 8 lol) sims in the adult stage. It's going to take some time to get 8 platinum orbs but I am up for the challenge. Until then, I am using LP's to keep them young. And those things don't come easy!

Added 17th Nov 2014, ID #472864

I would like the beach and stuff, but I really don't want my sim to die. The only way I think I should stop the prosses is to just not update.... That although would be terrible... I know it's just a game,but it kinda matters to me.

Added 15th Nov 2014, ID #472018

Gutted they kill of my sims paid in excess of £200 on this game total rip off. RUINED!

Added 31st Oct 2014, ID #465333

I think what people have to remember when playing the Sims, is that it is trying to teach us all something - how to care for one another. It might only be a game, but the basic systems that are in place - going to the toilet, for example, state this isn't an ordinary one ! I think the Life Orbs are a good thing, and it will hopefully teach players young and old that a life is a precious thing and that we should cherish our own and of others around us !

Added 22nd Oct 2014, ID #461705

Hi bought toddler gave it platinum orb still aged to preteen activated orb but now it wants to age to teenager used lp to buy time to get answer, can any one help ?

Added 8th Oct 2014, ID #456262

I have a bronze orb which is just hovering where the sim died! I don't want to pass it on, I want to add it to a building but there is nowhere to so this. How so I store this until, I want to use it, please?

Added 25th Sep 2014, ID #451638

Help bought toddler gave it a platinum life orb thought it would stay that age now says age or 3lps help,

Added 25th Sep 2014, ID #451587

Can i give a silver life orb to a toddler?

Added 25th Sep 2014, ID #451506

I need to figure out how to engineer trains using a train set for an orb goal

Added 24th Sep 2014, ID #451278

I really don't like that my sims have to die for these orbs. Attach to personally being complete. This sucks. I will stop playing it was fun..

Added 20th Sep 2014, ID #449844

I am attached to my sims, now your letting them die.... Oh my!!!

Added 18th Sep 2014, ID #448982

Hate it when my sim get old and die! To earn orbs a sim has to die..... What?????!!!!! Arggg!!!,!

Added 18th Sep 2014, ID #448981

Obtaining Life Orbs

The Life Orbs are obtained by completing the related quests that become part of the game once the timers kick in (at quest 7 or 8 in the Life Dreams & Legacies Expansion).

Once we have our game squared away and begin that part of the campaign we will be providing detailed instructions, hints, tips, and where possible, ways to cheat the game out of time.

Added 16th Sep 2014, ID #448587

Using Life Orbs

It is our understanding that to use the life orbs the sim does actually need to die. We have not yet reached that stage in the game because, when the LD&L Expansion was added and we fully grasped what it meant we froze all forward progress in our game at the first quest in the LD&L Expansion.

We did this so that we could complete ALL of the previous content fully without having to worry about our Sims dying. We also intend to use the hobby collections system to bank a huge about of LP and SP since, after the timers are added to the game, that will no longer be an option since grinding LP/SP is not worth killing a Sim over...

Added 16th Sep 2014, ID #448585

Letting Sims Die?

It is not so much that you want them to die as it is that death has been made one of the mechanics in the game, having each life stage get timers.

Clearly the wizards behind this game misunderstood the nature of player attachment to their Sims - that is clear because they thought nobody would mind this horrible part of game play!

On the other hand it is the only way to earn Life Orbs, and those are needed to build key buildings and destinations (like the beach) in the game, so...

Added 16th Sep 2014, ID #448584

My life orbs are showing up when I try to build somthing but won't let me click on them to use them do my old sims have to die first or what to use the life orb?

Added 14th Sep 2014, ID #447656

After we make our sims into seniors they are instantly aging? & why would we want to let them die?

Added 7th Sep 2014, ID #445630

my question is how do i get a new life orb? i need one more bronze orb to build the carnival and every time i create a new infant it gives me previous orbs for them to use instead of giving them a new one.. does anyone know how to do that?

Added 7th Sep 2014, ID #445610

Right now we are deficient in that area because we are working towards getting all of the labor-intensive stuff done including maxing out the horse related hobbies BEFORE we trigger the finite lifespan timers.

So you will have to be patient while we catch up to that point - we need to get the other stuff done first and it is time-sucking :(

Added 1st Sep 2014, ID #443222

Where do I find the orb inventory????

Added 30th Aug 2014, ID #442340

Put it in your inventory.

Added 14th Jul 2014, ID #418579

May I know how to save the orb instead of passing or use

Added 13th Jun 2014, ID #398837

If you give a platinum orb to a sim as their personality does it pause their aging? Or do you have to specifically press pause age and use the orb for that. If its the latter can you still give them a personality?

Added 2nd Jun 2014, ID #392676

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