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Life Orbs and Their Uses

There are four types of Life Orb -- Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. They are obtained as your Sim dies, if they have successfully completed one of their Life Goals. Once you have completed the required missions to mature your game to the point at which life spans are active, the Life Orb process is active.

(a) Each Sim is now born with a Life Goal Meter that runs from 0% to 100% - you will know that the system has been fully enabled in your game when during the creation process your Sim is given a personality. The new personality system is an integral part of the Orb System.

Once the system is fully integrated into your game, the Sims that already existed will NOT have Life Goals - you will need to create a Life Goal for them. You accomplish this by using a Wardrobe: Opening the Wardrobe you will find an option to grant your Sim a personality when they lack that stat. Once they have obtained a personality, the Life Goal / Life Dream System is activated for that Sim.

You MUST do this for each of the Sims that do not have a personality individually before they can fully participate in that part of living!

(b) During each of the six stages of life your Sim will obtain a unique Life Goal / Life Dream. Fulfilling that Goal/Dream will add a fixed amount of percentage points to their Meter depending upon the complexity and the difficulty of that Goal/Dream. If your Sim dies without completely filling the Meter they will not receive an Orb of any type.

Your motivation is to get the meter to 100% prior to your Sim expiring. If you fill the meter, when your Sim passes away a Life Orb will spawn. When this happens you should open the Build/Buy menu, tap the Life Orb, and place it in your Inventory. You do this because a Life Orb can be used for several purposes - which we will now cover.

(c) The Life Orb and its Uses - There are three uses for Life Orbs that you have placed in your Inventory and saved at the present time...

1. Generating Income: A Life Orb can be sold from within your Inventory to create wealth. Think of that as the inheritance passed on from a Senior to their relations. It is strongly recommended that you NEVER do this. The money that you receive through selling a Life Orb is never worth the effort that went into its creation OR the potential good you can do with it by using it for one of the other two actions.

2. Life Orb Improvements: When your Sim dies and you place their Life Orb in Inventory, the next time a new Sim is born with that personality trait -- let's say that the Sim that dies had the Geeky personality and the Infant you have created also has the Geeky personality -- you can apply the Bronze Geeky Life Orb to the new Infant Geek Sim.

After they complete their life cycle if their Meter attains 100% instead of a Bronze Geeky Orb they will drop a Silver Geeky Orb. If the Orb you fused into them at birth was a Silver Geeky Orb and they attained 100% Meter they will drop a Gold Geeky Orb upon their death, and if it was a Gold Orb, they will drop a Platinum Geeky Orb. Simple enough.

Improving the Orbs that your Sims drop upon death is an incredibly crucial process - because in addition to having their life genuinely mean something when they die, it also enables the third option for Orb use as we will now detail!

3. Creating Building Orbs: Your Life Orbs can also be used to create Building Orbs, which are absolutely required if you want to construct the special structures or destinations - like the Beach on Mystery Island.

Creating Building Orbs is accomplished by combining different types of Life Orbs to create the Building Orb you need for the specific project. As you already know your Sims have personalities as well as Life Goals / Life Dreams. Two personalities are Geeky and Sporty. We detailed above the process for improving these Orbs, and now we will show you the recipes you can use on your Orbs in your Inventory to accomplish specific builds:

  • Arcade Building: Combine x1 Bronze Geeky Life Orb + x1 Silver Geeky Life Orb.
  • Beach Building: Combine x2 Bronze Sporty Life Orbs + x2 Sporty Silver Life Orbs.

By working towards improving the Life Orbs your Sims create, and then by combining them to the above recipe specification, you are subsequently able to construct new destinations that are key to the new Hobbies and, eventually, to new Jobs!

This is the legacy that you create through your Sim living their life.

Notes on Orb Creation

The first Sim you successfully bring through the Life Orb process will receive a Bronze Life Orb. This is the lowest type of Life Orb.

The Bronze Orb has several uses as discussed - it can be retained in your Inventory and sold for Simoleons; it can be used to create next gen Orbs; and it can be used for creating special Building Orb recipes for creating special buildings / destinations in your world, each of which has far-reaching consequences and advantages.

In short the Orb system functions as both a tangible means for assigning value to your Sim life and as a means for improving both your Sim Town and Society.


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