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The Teen Expansions

This may very well be the most highly anticipated and desired expansion content in the game so far -- the ability to take your Preteen and mature them into a Teen!

The new content is part of the most recent update, so you will need to patch your game with that before you can participate in it. After you have patched the game the next time you load it up the new content will kick in, starting with the Petrifying Putting Green Challenge -- which the game will ask you whether you want to participate in -- and of course you do! Read the details below to learn what it is and why you want it!

The new update also adds new Quest Boxes to your Quest Box System - the Coming of Age Quests, and The Great Ghost Escape Challenge!

New FREE Items Added!

If any of your Sims still have the large (cheap) old style of TV in their houses well here is some really great news for them! Progressive Insurance is the advertiser of the month it seems, and the branded item that they have paid to have added to the game is a nice FREE Flat Screen TV. So hey, bonus! Replace all those nasty old CRT style TV sets with a new Flat Screen!

A second item of opportunity has been added in the form of the Progressive Car -- a Free sedan style racer that you can get for any Sims who do not yet have a car (assuming you have build the Car Dealership that is).

Sponsorships often result in new items and a free car is a great new item!

Coming of Age Quest (Level 23)

Once your town has reached to at least Level 23, you will flag the new Coming of Age quest from the Teen Expansion (assuming that you have properly patched your game). Not only do you get to morph your Preteens into Teens, but you can build the High School and have them embark upon a new path. Finally the Alien that previously landed in your town and then departed for their distant home is back -- not only that but that Alien whose name is Osiris -- is integral to the new Teen expansion and its quests!The “Coming of Age” Quest Series consists of:

  • Be Nice To Osiris
    To complete the first quest all that you need to do is have one of your Sims do the Be Nice Action with Osiris!
  • Bake Donuts
    Baking Donuts is one of those baking recipes that can go wrong and start a fire, so you want to be sure you hit the right spot on the spinner after the timer is up. Baking Donuts is an 8h task.
  • Be Nice To Osiris
    As before simply have one of your Sims complete the "Be Nice" Action with Osiris.
  • Read The Big Book Of Stuff
    You can find this book option on any of the standard bookshelf objects in your Sim's homes. This is a 16h Task. Once you complete reading it you get the next Task!
  • Watch A Movie Marathon
    Usually you can start something like this earlier than actually flagging it and you will still get it so you may want to have one of your Sims start the action while you are still working on part of the previous Task to split the time. If that does not work though, then you are out nothing but still have it to do!
  • Bake Chocolate Pudding
    This is a 2h task and any of your Sims should be able to manage it!
  • Talk to a Tree
    This is exactly what it sounds like - you simply tap on a tree in your Sim's yard and have them talk to it! It is a 12h event mind you, so keep that in mind!
  • Grow Potatoes
    This is a 2h Gardening Task. Once it is complete and you harvest the crop you have completed this stage in the quest.
  • Be Nice To Osiris
    As before simply have one of your Sims complete the "Be Nice" Action with Osiris.
  • Be Inconspicuous On A Park Bench
    Head to the Park and have a seat on a bench, selecting the Be Inconspicuous option.
  • Bake Birthday Cake
    By far the longest of the tasks in the quest line -- and in this instance you should do this with a Sim who has a Preteen in their family and in the house... The Cake will cost you 5 LP, and thanks to the modifications provided by Osiris will allow one of your Preteens to grow into being a Teen!

The new Teen form is almost adult-sized - here is mom and daughter for comparison
The Results
Once you complete the above quest lines, you will finally be able to mature your Preteen Sims into Teen Sims using the Birthday Cake object, and then begin to complete the quest to build the new High School and send them off to become popular and more useful members of your Sim Town!

Completing the first quest line above also has the effect of causing Osiris to once again get back into their spaceship and depart your town. No worries -- they will be back someday!

In addition to these new opportunities for a new age group the wizards behind the game have added some new purchases to the phones, specifically the Adopt a Preteen and Adopt a Teen options.

Soft options for gamers who do not want to follow the established path and have their couple build a relationship and marry, then have a kid, bake some cakes (each takes an entire real-world day to bake) and bring your kids up the usual way...

There are a number of paths that become available once you have the High School built and your Teens can start to explore the different semi-career paths that are currently available (there will likely be additional ones added to the game later).

Higher Education Quest Line

Now that your town actually has Teen Sims in it, the time has come to begin the quest to give it the ability to address their needs, which is actually a simple quest line that results in the building of a High School! To get started with that simply complete the following quest actions:

The “Higher Education” Quest Series consists of:

  • Watch the News
    Have one of your Sims sit down at the TV for this 4m task.
  • Call Mom
    Use the phone for the 30s Task to Call Mom.
  • Build the Town Hall
    Actually chances are you have already done that but if not, well, go do it!
  • Start a New Career at the Town Hall
    This one is a rub because even if you already have mastered that profession you will need to have a Sim start it there anew anyway for this quest bit...
  • Make a Speech at the Park
    Simply send one of your Politician Sims to the Park and have them make a speech on the soapbox!
  • Cook Double Smoked Pulled Pork on a BBQ
    That is a 17h Task and presumably you are doing it to host a gathering of concerned parents to use it as a bribe?
  • Bribe Ducks with Caviar
    Right so it seems that Ducks actually vote? Whether they do or not you need to shy down to the Park and bribe them with some caviar. You know? Like now? If you thought the BBQ was a pain at 17h considering that THIS task requires a full DAY to complete and now you know what Pain Is.
  • Be Inconspicuous on a Park Bench
    Seems there is nervous tension everywhere these days - so head over to the nearby bench and be inconspicuous!
  • Get Promoted to Level 2 at Town Hall
    Most of the time the requirements for a quest do not force you to do things that may disrupt the regular course of your Sim and their life, but in this case we just have to grin and take it... Just kidding! As long as you have a Politician who is Level 2 or higher this should be an instant complete.
  • Call the Mayor
    What if you are the Mayor? Doesn't matter! Head home, use the phone, call the Mayor! Well that was 3 minutes of your life you will never get back, but hey, when you are talking about your kids you are willing to do almost anything!
  • Bake Caramel Slice
    The recipe for Caramel Slice is not dangerous -- no risk of fire -- but it will take you 10 hours, so the folks back at work better appreciate your efforts!
  • Announce Grand Opening on Soapbox in the Park
    Time to head back to the Park and use the Soapbox again! Bear in mind that like a lot of the tasks for this quest series, this one is also time-intensive, with a 13 hour timer to it. Still it is all worth it in the end, and you are in the final 10% of the quest now!

The end of the second quest unlocks the High School building site
The Aftermath
After your 13-hour filibuster on the Soapbox in the Park you have managed to have your way -- congratulation! You have now unlocked the buildings site for the new Sim High School! The fighting Aliens sports team will be proud!

Building the High School requires you to have $200,000 Simoleons, 18 Sims resident in your town, and will take 36 hours to build. Once it is built and the game unlocks classes, you will be able to send your Teen Sims to school there!

Well done you!

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I completed my higher education quest but I can't send my teen to college, what should I do??

Added 20th Apr 2015, ID #545735

Do u have to pay for sim town high plz answer😀😀

Added 20th Mar 2015, ID #530731

yes u have to pay for a sim town high and it is 200,000 dollars SO SAFE UP!!!!!😀😀😀

Added 3rd Jun 2015, ID #565083

yes u have to pay for sim town high and it is 200,000 dollars😀

Added 3rd Jun 2015, ID #565079

I had to Deep Sleep instead of Bake Caramel Slice on the Build school quest part

Added 5th Mar 2015, ID #524639

Once you get them to best friend switch to romance tasks and that will take you into relationship territory.

Added 2nd Mar 2015, ID #523490

How do I get out of best friend mode?

Added 16th Feb 2015, ID #517017

You be nice or funny to them and it builds there relationship😀

Added 3rd Jun 2015, ID #565081

How you make preteen write in the dairy

Added 15th Feb 2015, ID #516515

you take the preteen and click the bed and it is going to be an option😀

Added 3rd Jun 2015, ID #565082

They will write the diary in bed

Added 17th May 2015, ID #557232

How do I start the new teenageR adventure quest



Added 13th Oct 2014, ID #458088

The High School - like ALL of the public buildings - has a designated building site that will ONLY appear once you have reached the correct minimum level AND you have completed the required prerequisite story missions.

You probably do not want to hear this, but what you need to do is keep doing the story missions until the building site is revealed - it will be located on the bottom to the right side of the town, near the other school.

Added 12th Oct 2014, ID #457859

I can't find where to build the high school and I'm already on level 32!

Added 4th Oct 2014, ID #454665

I am not sure if you already have one that the game will consider that. The quest requires you to make one so the question is, is the game looking for a cake and that is all, or is it looking for you to MAKE one after flagging the quest?

If it is the latter than the answer is yes, you have to make one.

Added 1st Oct 2014, ID #453779

I'm in the middle of the task to talk to a tree. Just wondering do you HAVE to make a birthday cake? (I've already prepared one and I can't afford a another!!)

Added 30th Sep 2014, ID #453426

Sorry this is part of the story campaign and you need to play through it.

Added 30th Sep 2014, ID #453292

is there a way i can skip the Get Promoted to Level 2 at Town Hall piece becouse i dont want to wait please help

Added 21st Sep 2014, ID #450255

Like most of the other public building projects, the High School only becomes available when you reach the required level.

Added 1st Sep 2014, ID #443229

I'm on level 28 and I've completed the Higher Education quest but I can't find the option to buy the high school, where is it?!?!?!

Added 28th Aug 2014, ID #441691

Im really confused I was past the level for Age quest at level 23 and completed everything (not in time but it was completed) im now on level 33 and if I click on an adult sim to have birthday it comes up with you must complete level 23.

I've updated and am on the latest download any help much appreciated!!

Added 25th Aug 2014, ID #440560

Please help ive been trying to complete the "Road to fame" for months now and I've been stuck at 83!

Added 8th Jul 2014, ID #414646

After doing this quest do you have to but the higher education to proceed? Or can you wait to buy it

Added 23rd Apr 2014, ID #378048

Have a toddler bribe the ducks and it only takes 5 min!

Added 23rd Apr 2014, ID #377878

Have a toddler bribe the ducks and it takes 5 min!

Added 23rd Apr 2014, ID #377874

Thank you for that helpful info

Added 4th Apr 2014, ID #371384

Where do I find the mgfreeplayer for the teens to play records

Added 30th Mar 2014, ID #369805

Where is osiris? I can't find him

Added 22nd Mar 2014, ID #367135

When I Go to the park bench .. I can't find be inconspicuous !! Please help<3

Added 22nd Mar 2014, ID #366804

I've sent 3 some to start new at the town hall, all have reached level
5 and still it's not saying I have completed that part. Please help in getting very frustrated that it won't work

Added 19th Mar 2014, ID #365929

I did all those things and the high school never opened up help

Added 28th Feb 2014, ID #359518

Im having trouble. I never got the "be inconspicuous", "bride the ducks", or "talk to a tree" options for this quest. Im now on level 30 and can't build the high school. What can I do??? What should I do???

Added 22nd Jan 2014, ID #346871

To all who can't talk to trees , be inconspicuous etc u should wait until Osiris actually asks u to do it then it will unlock. I had the same problem

Added 30th Dec 2013, ID #336189

I can't seem to find the "Be Inconspicious" button when I tap into a park bench in the park. How do I complete this?

Added 15th Dec 2013, ID #329820

Can you turn a teen into an adult

Added 10th Dec 2013, ID #327656

If you have a single sim but want her or him to adopt a teen can she or he do it or do they have to be a couple

Added 7th Dec 2013, ID #326007

Do you HAVE to have a park to do the speech?? Help?

Added 4th Dec 2013, ID #325153

How do you bribe the ducks with caviar

Added 30th Nov 2013, ID #323922

Try talking to a palm tree it worked for me. Just make sure it's a adult.

Added 30th Nov 2013, ID #323674

How do I bribe the darned ducks?

Added 25th Nov 2013, ID #321977

You click on the ducks and the option will be right there😀

Added 3rd Jun 2015, ID #565077

I clicked on the cherry blossom and it let me talk to that tree, try that one?

Added 18th Nov 2013, ID #320315

I'm on level 33! Unable to complete coming of age challenge or age kids to teens! Unable to complete higher education challenge to build the school because call mayor isn't an option, can't be inconspicuous on park bench, can't bribe ducks, can't talk to trees, can't make opening speech! Please can anybody help me???

Added 11th Nov 2013, ID #318919

When I have a sim use the phone I don't see a call the mayor tab????

Added 10th Nov 2013, ID #318799

I can't talk to the tree for some reason. I tapped it for a million times but no options ever came up.

Added 9th Nov 2013, ID #318576

The music hobby is part of the Teen Idol Quest Line - that is in the next section of the guide (and currently being worked on) - so check there.

As for the magazine - you need to purchase the magazine stack then have your Teen Sim use it and select the Teen Celebrity Magazine from it.

Added 4th Nov 2013, ID #317891

What are the new hobbies?

Added 3rd Nov 2013, ID #317804

I can't find the preteen celebrity magazine

Added 3rd Nov 2013, ID #317744

Right now the activities are fairly limited but that should improve. As for why they cannot keep their hobbies I suspect the reason has more to do with the set animation resources and the fact that it is easier to make new actions than to adapt new forms to old ones?

Added 29th Oct 2013, ID #316905

What activities are there for the teens to do

Added 28th Oct 2013, ID #316832

Why can't the teens continue their hobbies that they started as preteens. It doesn't make sense

Added 28th Oct 2013, ID #316828

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