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The Pet Shop

Dogs and Cats are pets, friends, and a source of treasure - that's win-win!
The introduction of the Pet Shop provides an opportunity for each of your Sims to own a pet - whereas the introduction of pets in the game took the form of a stray dog that your very first Sim meets and befriends on their new home lot.

Pets in the game do more than serve as companions - they also serve as a potential source of Simoleons as well as Life Points thanks to their habit of finding and digging up the odd treasure.

The following pets are presently available in the game:


  • Greyhound - 1-Star - Cost = 5 LP
  • German Shepherd - 2-Stars - Cost = 18 L
  • Labrador - 2-Stars - Cost = 20 LP
  • Golden Retriever - 2-Stars - Cost = 22 LP
  • Dalmatian - 2-Stars - Cost = 25 LP
  • Husky - 3-Stars - Cost = 75 LP
  • Robo Dog - 3-Stars - Cost = 80 LP


  • British Shorthair - 1-Star - Cost = 6 LP
  • Maine Coon - 2-Stars - Cost = 18 LP
  • Siamese - 2-Stars - Cost = 22 LP
  • Toyger - 2-Stars - Cost = 25 LP
  • Black - 2-Stars - Cost = 30 LP
  • Bengal - 3-Stars - Cost = 75 LP
  • Bejeweled Blitz's Anchovy - 3-Stars - Cost = 75 LP
  • Robocat - 3-Stars - Cost = 80 LP


In addition to the above pets you can also purchase Rabbits via the Pets Section of the in-game store.


Pet Accessories including Dog Houses, feeding bowls, and toys can be purchased in the Pets Section of the in-game store.

Which pet you buy really depends on which you can afford and which you think is best. With respect to the Star ratings, while it is not officially stated, the higher the star-rating it seems that the more likely the pet is to find good items.

Managing Pets

Once your pet is placed when you tap on them you will find two options - Rename and Relocate.

The Rename command allows you to name the pet any name you like.

The Relocate command allows you to put your pet up for Adoption - but be careful in selecting that as it is the game's way of DELETING the pet. Once you put it up for adoption it is not possible to get it back.

The second option is to have another Sim family take over ownership of the pet. You can select the family via the Relocation command.


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