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Sources of Income: Simoleons

Sources of Income: Simoleons
No matter what your history is with the game series, even when you were an early adopter going all the way back to the original Sims, you played TSO (The Sims Online) and you own every expansion like, ever, the reality is that The Sims FreePlay is unlike any other version or game in the previous series and, more to the point, game play in real-time will very quickly have you whispering in your own ear that you really really could use some money....

Which is why, eventually and no matter how good you are at planning out and leveling your Sims, you (like everyone else who plays the game) will eventually find yourself looking for ways to boost the efficiency of your XP/LP/SP and Simoleon gathering tactics no matter what they are.

One lesson that playing this game reinforced is the truth in the observation that "There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch" - or TANSTAAFL (we prefer to pronounce it as "Tan-STAFF-All" but the long version works too...

KISS: Keep it Simple and Sweet
The path towards wealth in FreePlay is a predictable one - but the avenue towards wealth is narrow enough so that it can be mostly summed up in a single descriptive but very short paragraph:

"Wealth and XP from Jobs and Leveling, following your Puppy around your yard, Garden Crops, Cooking Recipes, and Hobby Flashmobs."

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.
The taxes you collect on each property are a consistent source of income


Gardening: the first method for earning Simoleons that you are introduced to as part of the tutorial play is also one of the easiest ways for you to continue to make money in the game -- especially as it allows you to set all of your Sims to work at predictable schedules. For instance, when you examine the various plants that you can grow, you will note that they all have different grow times, and different rewards:

Plant Name
Cost to Plant
Grow Time
Bell Peppers
Level 0
30 Seconds
$4 / 4 XP
Level 1
5 Minutes
$32 / 20 XP
Level 2
30 Minutes
$100 / 100 XP
Level 5
1 Day
$560 / 900 XP
Level 6
7 Hours
$800 / 600 XP
Level 7
9 Hours
$840 / 620 XP
Level 8
6 Hours
$2000 / 860 XP
Level 10
1 Hour
$172 / 120 XP
Level 12
2 Hour
$300 / 200 XP
Level 14
1 Life Point
1 Day
$5,800 / 2400 XP
Level 16
1 Day
$2,800 / 1400 XP
Level 18
4 Hours
$480 / 400 XP
Level 20
45 Minutes
$620 / 240 XP
24-carat Carrot
Level 21
2 Life Points
5 Hours
$2,200 / 100 XP
Level 22
8 Hours
$260 / 1300 XP
Level 24
18 Hours
$3,000 / 1600 XP
Chilli Pepper
Level 31
16 Hours
$200 / 1000 XP
Hamburger Plant
Level 36
12 Hours
$800 / 1860 XP

The Danger of Sim-eating Plants
As you work your way through the different seeds in the game you will notice that some of them appear to have a snarling plant icon on them - this indicates that this seed has the potential to grow a Sim-eating Plant!

When a Sim-eating Plant is grown, it triggers a spinning wheel event during which the player must tap to resolve the growth into either the desired plant, or a Sim-eating version. If the player ends up with the Sim-eating Plant, they can choose to "negotiate" with the Plant by tapping on it, in order to convince it that your garden may not be the best place for them to live... The negotiation is a 3m event in which your Sim basically wrestles sense into the monster plant.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to put your Sims to work in Gardening is to pick one house and place as many Garden Plots as you have Sims -- usually in a straight line along the back edge of the lot -- and then invite all of the Sims over who are not at work, and set them to work Gardening. The reason that this is efficient is in how the game interprets the active Sim at any given moment -- when you start with the top Sim in the Sim Tracker and assign them to a plot it automatically makes the next available Sim active.

What that means is you can go right down the line by tapping the Garden Plot itself rather than having to select a Sim, then pick the Seed, rinse and repeat until all of the Sims who are present are Gardening.

While the most profitable Seed would be Peppers (a 30 second crop) that will keep you so busy you will not have time to scratch your nose... Corn, which is a 30 minute crop, is a more convenient one for this sort of effort, since it allows you to do other things in real life and come back at convenient intervals, but YMMV.
Your dog or cat serves as an excellent treasure finding pal


Baking is another inside track to money and experience... The second most effective means to exchange time for Simoleons and XP is baking, which you will need to own an oven in order to do.

The following recipes are available:

Cost to Make
Cooking Time
Level 0
1 Minute
$2 / 10 XP
Hot Cross Buns
Level 2
2 Minutes
$4 / 20 XP
Level 3
10 Minutes
$12 / 60 XP
Heart Shaped Chocolate
Level 4
12 Minutes
$18 / 90 XP
Apple Pie
Level 5
40 Minutes
$36 / 100 XP
Choc Pudding
Level 6
2 Hours
$60 / 300 XP
Level 7
18 Hours
$220 / 1,150 XP
Birthday Cake
Level 8
5 LP
1 Day
999 XP
Rocky Road
Level 9
12 Hours
$500 / 1000 XP
Banana Bread
Level 10
20 Hours
$480 / 2400 XP
Level 11
8 Hours
$240 / 1200 XP
Caramel Slice
Level 15
10 Hours
$140 / 700 XP
Gingerbread Sims
Level 17
6 Hours
$100 / 500 XP
Level 19
5 Minutes
$16 / 80 XP
Level 21
1 Day
$300 / 1,500 XP
Level 23
4 Hours
$80 / 400 XP
Level 26
45 Minutes
$60 / 300 XP
Level 28
30 Minutes
$25 / 120 XP
Level 32
1 Life Point
4 Hours
$400 / 400 XP
Wedding Cake
Level 35
2 Life Points
22 Hours
$2,500 / 1700 XP

The seeds/recipes are unlocked as you progress in gaining levels, and as you can see from the list, they offer you a variety of choices for exchanging time for either Simoleons or Life Points.
Probably the biggest single source of income will be your Sim Jobs

Ghostbuster Flashmob

This may sound a bit unlikely but... You can actually do pretty well in terms of money, LP, and XP by ding what we call a Ghostbuster Flashmob - which is basically where you create a designated Ghost House and then gather a decent-sized group of Sims to do a group Ghost Busting Session.

There are a few preparation concerns you will want to observe, but that is mostly a one-time setup process so it will be mostly painless. Just sort out the following:Step 1: Have your designated Master Ghost Hunter take up the hobby and master it, leveling it to 6 and collect all 12 of the items. That last bit is important because you need to be able to reset the collection and the only way you can do that is to have completed it once already.

Step 2: Create a Ghost House. Technically this is optional - but there are benefits to doing it... And besides, it looks really cool. Just saying. So, now that you have decided to make a Ghost House, do the following:

(1) Pick the house you are going to use - preferably it is a house you have unlocked/built that no Sim lives in.

(2) Strip the lot clean, backpacking all of its items. You can always sell what you do not need or want, but you may want to use the garden and yard stuff to decorate the houses of your other Sims. And you never can tell when an extra fridge or couch might come in handy!

(3) Create a basic L-shaped house with a bathroom at one end, and a large living area and bedroom on the main end. You do not want to have too many rooms and you do not want too much clutter because you don't want things getting in the way of the capture process.

(4) Decorate the house as you like - I prefer dark colors for my Ghost House (see the illustrations). Once you have the house, walls and floor the way you want, you want it is time to ghostify the place!

(5) Add Haunted Items and Objects: The rule of thumb here is that you are going to need ONE haunted object for every ONE Ghost Hunting Sim. The reason for that is that when a Sim taps and activates the Ghost Hunting Action on the object, that object is locked to that Sim until the ghost is either caught or escapes.

Ten (10) Haunted Items and/or Objects is the target number since 10 Sims is the limit you can have on a single property. So pick your 10 objects - you can go the cheap route and just buy the lowest price items, or you can go whole-hog and decorate the heck out of your Ghost House. Or you can go middle-of-the-road and compromise

Step 3: Have a Ghost Hunting Flashmob Event: Now that you have everything set up, have your master hunter visit the Ghost House and then whistle up the rest of your team of Ghost Hunters. Once all are present, reset the collection (be sure that you do that, it is important) begin the hunt!

The Flashmob Experience: While filling the collection again and again is the primary objective, remember that you can also pick up XP, money, and LP from the act of catching the duplicates. Not as much as the original bounty to be sure, but every point, every dollar, and every LP counts!

Benefits Review - or - What you Gain: When you do a Ghost Busting Flashmob you have the potential to earn really good XP and a pile of LP, but not so much in the way of money.


Construction takes time but each building adds to the town income

Town Income: while this is not as obvious (or as lucrative) as active earning, it must be pointed out that the game includes a passive sort of income that comes from the properties that exist in the city. Each has its own timer, with the timers based upon the order of placement, so you can collect on the following schedule:


  • Residence 01 -- $5 every 1 Minute
  • Residence 02 -- $10 every 5 Minutes
  • Residence 03 -- $15 every 30 Minutes
  • Residence 04 -- $20 every 1 Hour
  • Residence 05 -- $30 every 2 Hours
  • Residence 06 -- $50 every 4 Hours
  • Residence 07 -- $75 every 8 Hours
  • Residence 08 -- $100 every 12 Hours
  • Residence 09 -- $125 every 16 hours
  • Residence 10 -- $150 every 20 hours
  • Residence 11 -- $175 every 24 hours
  • Residence 12 -- TBA
  • Residence 13 -- TBA
  • Residence 14 -- TBA
  • Residence 15 -- TBA
  • Residence 16 -- TBA


  • Industry 01 -- $5 / 15 XP every 1 Hour
  • Industry 02 -- $10 / 25 XP every 4 Hours
  • Industry 03 -- $20 / 50 XP every 8 Hours
  • Industry 04 - $50 / 100 XP every 16 Hours
  • Industry 05 -- $25 / 75 XP every 1 Day
  • Industry 06 -- $30 / 100 XP every 1 Day


  • Business 01 -- 25 XP every 2 Hours
  • Business 02 -- 50 XP every 4 Hours
  • Business 03 -- 100 XP every 8 Hours
  • Business 04 -- 150 XP every 12 Hours
  • Business 05 - 200 XP every 16 Hours
  • Business 06 -- 300 XP every 1 Day

When passive income is available for collection the Town Icon will flash with the Simoleon sign -- you simply need to select the Town view and then each of the flashing Simoleon icons over the properties to collect the funds due and reset their timers.


The Pleasure and Gains of Pet Ownership... Your first pet is free, the rest require Life Points to purchase...

Random Income from Pets: believe it or not the income that you can take in by remembering to click on the dig icon for your pet, which can easily net you $100 or even the odd Life Point, which certainly makes that worth doing.

On average your dog earns more per hour than you can!

An example of pet income over the course of a real-life hour of game play shows the value that they present, especially when this is combined with having one or more Sim Garden at the same time. Here is a sampling for the first pet provided to your original Sim for one hour of play:

  • 7:00 -- 1 Life Point
  • 7:01 -- $50
  • 7:02 -- $5 ($55)
  • 7:02 -- 1 Life Point (2 LP)
  • 7:03 -- $1 ($56)
  • 7:04 -- $10 ($66)
  • 7:05 -- $10 ($76)
  • 7:06 -- $15 ($91)
  • 7:07 -- $50 ($141)
  • 7:07 -- $15 ($156)
  • 7:08 -- $5 ($161)
  • 7:10 -- $10 ($171)
  • 7:10 -- $10 ($181)
  • 7:11 -- $50 ($231)
  • 7:12 -- $5 ($236)
  • 7:13 -- $10 ($246)
  • 7:14 -- $20 ($266)
  • 7:14 -- $5 ($271)
  • 7:15 -- $15 ($286)
  • 7:16 -- $100 ($386)
  • 7:17 -- $15 ($401)
  • 7:18 -- $15 ($416)
  • 7:19 -- $10 ($431)
  • 7:20 -- $5 ($436)
  • 7:21 -- $15 ($451)
  • 7:22 -- $5 ($456)
  • 7:23 -- $1 ($457)
  • 7:23 -- $5 ($462)
  • 7:24 -- $5 ($467)
  • 7:26 -- $25 ($492)
  • 7:27 -- $100 ($592)
  • 7:28 -- $15 ($607)
  • 7:31 -- $15 ($622)
  • 7:32 -- $15 ($637)
  • 7:33 -- $10 ($647)
  • 7:34 -- $10 ($657)
  • 7:35 -- $5 ($662)
  • 7:36 -- $15 ($677)
  • 7:37 -- $10 ($687)
  • 7:38 -- $10 ($697)
  • 7:40 -- $10 ($707)
  • 7:40 -- $15 ($722)
  • 7:41 -- $100 ($822)
  • 7:42 -- $20 ($842)
  • 7:43 -- $20 ($862)
  • 7:45 -- $15 ($877)
  • 7:46 -- $20 ($897)
  • 7:48 -- $15 ($912)
  • 7:50 -- $10 ($922)
  • 7:51 -- $15 ($937)
  • 7:53 -- $25 ($962)
  • 7:55 -- $25 ($987)
  • 7:55 -- $10 ($997)
  • 7:56 -- $5 ($1002)
  • 7:57 -- $5 ($1007)
  • 7:58 -- $10 ($1017)
  • 7:59 -- $25 ($1042)

When you average out the $1000 Simoleons an hour that your dog pulls down in income and compare that to the pittance that your Sim earns for an 8-hour workday, you have to start wondering where to focus your time and attention, right?

But then you factor in the 2 Life Points per hour, which is what the pet averages, that boosts the attractiveness immensely... The thing is of course you earn no XP for this, so really it should be viewed as a side-activity that happens to be profitable and beneficial rather than a primary activity because FreePlay revolves around XP.

You can tell by the sound what your dog has found when digging -- a cash register sound is money, a high-note ding is Life Points, and a regular ding is XP.

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I am not getting money or xp from my stadium. What's up?

Added 14th Aug 2015, ID #598069

Guys can u just stop asking for cheats? Ea constantly monitors the forum, so you lose the cheats as fast as you discover them. Plus, this game isn't for lazy people who just want to work of others discoveries. If you want a ton of simolions and lps go buy them or earn them the regular way! I'm sick of looking up tips and finding a million people asking for cheats.

Added 21st Jul 2015, ID #587348

Before you continue make sure your sims are all inspired.
Potatoes-I have 9 sims(ones a baby) with 8 sims planting potatoes whilst inspired gets you 3,584 in two hours. If you repeat this procedure 3 times (6 hours) then you will receive 10,752 in 6 hours.
To me this is very helpful.
Hope this tip helped all of you guys! Good luck!

Added 26th May 2015, ID #561537

Shame there is no freeplay version of "rosebudklapaucious" from back in the P.C days on The Sims.....mind u I wish there WAS a P.C version of The Sims:Freeplay

Added 15th May 2015, ID #556499

Always take a deep breath, and plan. Who can you send to work or to plant something? When buying something, always ave at least 1000 more than the cost, to keep a steady balance. Sometimes, you can just make them do things that take a while, and then just walk away for that time, like reading or playing a game. Spend the stuff you have wisely.

Added 13th Apr 2015, ID #542326

i need to build the castle but and its 200,000 and i only have 157,837 plz plz help me

Added 3rd Apr 2015, ID #537027

Do a god freakin damn cheat that actually works not like how to make sims puke cause no 1 wants dat we want easy cheats for hundreds of thousands of dollars and ea put down prices of buildings like stables,they're 100,000 dollars come on you are idiotic [img][/img]

Added 26th Mar 2015, ID #533214

Does anybody know how to fix my semioline growing plant it is not listed when it press the gardening patch

Added 21st Mar 2015, ID #531284

Help. Am at level 13 and I have a loctus plant of lp but I don't know how to use the cheat for it (if there's I need 200 hundred thousand to build the mall and pet store the plant say 0.79

Added 14th Mar 2015, ID #528507

Help. Am at level 13 and I have a loctus plant of lp but I don't know how to use the cheat for it (if there's I need 200 hundred thousand to build the mall and pet store

Added 14th Mar 2015, ID #528506

I want real cheats I only have 523 dollers 😞 please I need money

Added 9th Mar 2015, ID #526601

In sims free play if you buy something with your sp and then sell it do you get them back

Added 4th Mar 2015, ID #524240


Added 4th Aug 2015, ID #593746

Fantastic details. Thank you. A few days into playing freeplay I purchased the currency bundle which gave me hundreds of thousands of simonleons and great deal of LPs. I've been able to easily maintain my $$ by doing much of what you've explained here, and that's with doing A LOT of purchasing & building. And I will certainly be taking your advice on planting & baking more often. Of course I burned through the LPs pretty quickly, but that's due to my lack of self control. Lol Thanks for all the tips!

Added 4th Mar 2015, ID #524217

Make it easier plz [b][/b]

Added 4th Feb 2015, ID #511642

Yeah it didn't help me

Added 13th Jan 2015, ID #501222

I have a problem I don't have money how I want to get money

Added 7th Jan 2015, ID #497513

Does the lp gardening cheat work anymore

Added 30th Dec 2014, ID #492696

I planted strawberries and was supposed to get more than 2 thousand coins and I did not get them I am really mad. Please email me at

Added 14th Dec 2014, ID #484821

Please help me get LP And money Cheats and stuff . can it be on Nokia Lumia

Added 6th Dec 2014, ID #480996

There is a cheat - I have about 500 LP from it and over 100k (could've gotten more but I was too tired to do it)

LP cheat is now disabled. They used to give you LP when your town reaches a certain value... so I would get really close (say 1000), get to about 950. Buy a light for 250. They give you LP, then sell lamp, exit game, rebuy new lamp, pass the 1000 threshold and they give you LP again.. rinse and repeat. I believe this cheat has been disabled though.

For money... Set your clock back about 3 years...
you can plant the a high revenue plant, then close game (fully close it), set your clock forward by 24 hours, all the plants will be ready. Reap rewards then plant again, set forward your clock, and reap. Rinse and repeat.

Added 28th Sep 2014, ID #452444

When will you all get it. There are no cheats none, zero, zilch for sims freeplay. Just hard work if you want to progress, there are occasionally. Some glitches but you have to be lucky to get them. And EA will soon work out what they are and fix them. End of story.

Added 14th Sep 2014, ID #447577

Ok i have a problem... Right now I'm still waiting for the baby to come but still have to wait 22h or something. AND the mission finishes in like 2mins.... And I only have ONE LP so I can't use that to finish faster.... I would need 22LP and FAST.... How do I do that??????

Added 28th Aug 2014, ID #441650

Just wondering, I'm on sims freeplay Toddlers, (just got the game) and to build the pet store is 100,000 dollars! 😑 I want to get the dressing up chest for toddlers but only have about 10,000! 😭can someone help me and fast only have 3 days left!!!! Thanks!~chicken girl (p.s.) If you want money quick use the time cheat. First plant beans or whatever. Then click the home button once, go into settings click general turn off set auto, put whatever time, then quickly turn off set airplane double click home button and go to sims freeplay and collect your money without using lp. Hope it helps!

Added 14th Aug 2014, ID #436497

Just wondering, I'm on sims freeplay Toddlers, (just got the game) and to build the pet store is 100,000 dollars! 😑 I want to get the dressing up chest for toddlers but only have about 10,000! 😭can someone help me and fast only have 3 days left!!!! Thanks!~chicken girl πŸ”

Added 14th Aug 2014, ID #436494

How too grow a opinion? Help tell me

Added 1st Aug 2014, ID #429074

How bob was this

Added 19th Jul 2014, ID #421480

For the watermelon question, the total profit adds all four melons together. This means it seems like you aren't getting full price for the melons but each one separately costs less and all four together is the number on the profits. And per hour the bell peppers are most profitable however you don't really get to take a break. Dogs are useful to have while gardening obviously as they bring I'm extra income.

Added 17th Jul 2014, ID #420499

When my sims garden, it is not giving me the right about of money, even when all the needs bars are filled up. For example, watermelons only give me 64$ When it should be 172. This is for every plant. Does anyone know what the problem is?

Added 8th Jul 2014, ID #414569

Try to save up some money. Your pet can also help you scrape some money together. Just be patient and you will be able to buy whatever you want to buy! :3

Added 2nd Jul 2014, ID #410992

Help o need to get the park but its 7500

Added 1st Jul 2014, ID #410108

OK so this is what I do in case of emergency - I'm in a dire need of a huge lump of money. First is to have the Supermarket. Not only they have discounted gardening goods, if you buy them, you don't plant them immediately - They go to your storage so when you want to plant them, you'll do so for free because you paid for them earlier. )

So now whenever I'm broke, I know I can just click on my garden plot and plant beans because I always have at least 5 of them on my storage

lol, Sims Freeplay taught me a lot about earning, spending and investing money. fav game <3

Added 29th Jun 2014, ID #408668

This did not help I want actual cheats!!!

Added 31st May 2014, ID #391561

HELP PLEASE i need to build the community centre and I'm well off because its 200,000 simoleons and I'm on 106,899 please help me

Added 25th May 2014, ID #388217

Absolute fastest way to make money!!! Set up as many garden plots as possible and have each sim plant carrots (I calculated it they make the most per hour coming in at a whopping $540 an hour.) Just keep planting the carrots add a dog to the plot and go to your map in between and you can bank a lot of money!!! Keeps your fingers constantly moving but its worth it!!!

Added 26th Apr 2014, ID #379007

Please I need a cheat that really works for all update

Added 12th Dec 2013, ID #328449

I did the math. Factoring in the purchase cost, and based on the discounted store price and extra reward XP's (which most forget to do):
- Onions earn more simoleans , per hr.
- Garlic earns the most XP , per hr.
Beans are not the most profitable , in either category.

Added 9th Nov 2013, ID #318665

Now if you have the progressive car if you send a sim on a drive you can follow them and behind them there will be music notes you that if you tap them give you simoleons

Added 12th Oct 2013, ID #314175

What activities will get me to earn gold for the riches of terra quest?

Added 1st Oct 2013, ID #311988

That did not help men.

Added 29th Sep 2013, ID #311752

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