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Welcome to The Sims FreePlay Unofficial SuperCheats Guide!


You are reading the most comprehensive guide to the mobile app The Sims FreePlay that is available online (a fact that was true at the time of writing and with the recent update continues to be true!), representing well over 200 hours of game play and counting, and encompassing the careful analysis and application of its variety of game play options, providing a comprehensive guide to play that continues to grow in both depth and quality as the game expands and a deeper understanding of its nuances through play is obtained.

While this guide started out as a brief overview based upon the first hundred hours of play -- a process that underscores the significant differences between The Sims: FreePlay and all of the other games that are part of The Sims empire due to its reliance on a real-time-clock and the inability of players to "speed-up" time, an option that is available in all of the other series and versions of The Sims but is not available in this version -- gamers can consider the information and guidance contained herein to be both hard-won and worthwhile!

As befits the rather simplistic nature of the game, despite the fact that this guide is packed with information that you will find useful as you embark upon building the simulated lives that are under your control in this sandbox-style God game, it will also provide you with the special insight that is absolutely necessary due to the nature of this game -- and in so doing presents (and encourages) the sort of well-founded guidance towards developing patience and self-discipline that is required to progress in the game without spending real-world money in the process.

That alone makes this an invaluable source of information for most players, but especially those who desire the pleasure of progress within the game world without having to pay for it...

Before you jump right in, I strongly urge you to read this entire guide, from start to finish, because there are pitfalls in this game as well as tips and tricks that will make your life in it ever so much easier (and cheaper) if you know about them.

The Slow Process of Adding Details and the facts behind "TBA"
Due to the lengthy nature of the play process, which is very time-intensive and time-relative, you will notice that there are some bits of the game that are marked with the tag "TBA" -- this stands for "To Be Added" and represents information that, at publication time, was simply not available due to the fact that we have not yet arrived at the point in which we have completed the related action, activities, or builds that will provide that information.

We ask that you bear with us with respect to patience for that information to be provided; at no point in the play process as we researched and prepared this guide did we choose the expedient option of purchasing either Simoleons (money) or Life Points, because this is a guide that is intended to provide you, the gamer, with the information and strategies that you need to do precisely the same thing: play the game and not spend real-world money!

A Long and Arduous Journey
We have been playing The Sims series since it first was published (the team behind the game play that has gone into creating this guide is just that, a team effort involving the author and his family who have worked together to share the play schedule in order to complete the processes efficiently), and we started playing Little Computer People back in the bad old days when our PC was made by Atari -- and then moved on to Sim City until, finally, The Sims appeared and it got more interesting. With all that in mind we thought that we should begin with a brief look at the history of simulated people gaming...

The Sims is an incredibly successful game franchise that was created by game designer Will Wright, whose previous ventures into the world of computer simulation gaming includes the also very popular Sim City series -- but it was The Sims that caught the imagination of gamers and that has logged an incalculable number of game hours over the past 14 years, running through three series versions (The Sims 3 is currently the most recent revision), with each new version adding to the reality presented to gamers.

Each new version of the series adds something new to the world of The Sims -- the first series began with the base game, The Sims, and then added the expansion packs The Sims: Livin' Large, The Sims: House Party, The Sims: Hot Date, The Sims: Vacation, The Sims: Unleashed, The Sims: Superstar, The Sims: Makin' Magic creating an epic game play experience that most gamers thought would be a challenge to top.

The release of The Sims 2 was met with frank and open confusion -- players who already owned the full set of the original series wondered why they would want to pay for what amounted to a new base game that supported none of the expansions previously purchased -- it was like stepping backwards in the series... But the pre-release videos and PR information made it clear why they would want to make the change to The Sims 2 -- as some of the expanded content from the first series was now part of the new series and, perhaps more important, the graphical environment and the experience of playing your Sims was exponentially better.
The Sims 2 set the pattern for the versions that followed

The Sims 2 Expanded the Graphical Capability
Among the significant differences was the fact that the Sims were now rendered in 3D, and supported fully customizable facial features, widely expanded animations, and now had a well-defined life-span that factored into game play with great significance. Collections were added to the game and other small and seemingly disconnected elements that together changed the game experience for most players. Careers were expanded and more interesting, and the building system of the game was also widely expanded. Gamer participation in creating objects was a feature and it worked well!

Following the release of The Sims 2 base game the anticipated expansion packs released at a regular pace, adding The Sims 2 University, The Sims 2 Nightlife, The Sims 2 Open for Business, The Sims 2 Pets, The Sims 2 Seasons, The Sims 2 Bon Voyage, The Sims 2 Free Time, and The Sims 2 Apartment Life which was, taken together, simply amazing content creating a huge and complex game world in which it felt impossible to do everything, and to experience everything that the games had to offer -- but that was not the end of it all.

In addition to the to-be-expected Expansion Packs, EA also presented gamers with a new content pack, called Stuff Packs, whose function was to add new items to the game (usually in groups of around 60) that gamers could use to further customize and make their world unique. The Stuff Packs released for The Sims 2 included the Holiday Party Pack, Family Fun Stuff, Glamour Life Stuff, Happy Holiday Stuff, Celebration! Stuff, H&M Fashion Stuff, Teen Style Stuff, Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff, IKEA Home Stuff, and the Mansion & Garden Stuff, offering gamers with an incredible variety of.. Well... Stuff!

When The Sims 3 was finally launched gamers were anticipating a major improvement to their Sim Lives -- and they got it. The June 2009 release for Windows PC and Mac OSX was followed by the release of versions for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, Nintendo DS, and Wii, offering gamers a newly updated graphical world in which what your Sims do outside their homes actually matters as much as what they do inside their homes.

The game world was tweaked in several ways, with the most obvious being the replacement of the previous goal-based system with the new Wish-based one. An expansion of the skills and career tree top-off the new game play model, and the series of expansions that quickly followed the release of the base game, World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, and Showtime quickly expand play to exceed that of the previous generation.
Little Computer People was an early form of video game like The Sims

Little Computer People Influence
Before we move on to The Sims FreePlay we need to jump into the Wayback machine and take a quick look at the game that most veteran gamers believe served as inspiration for The Sims series: Little Computer People.

Developer and published by Activision, and designed by David Crane and Rich Gold, Little Computer People -- also called House-on-a-Disk -- was a life simulation game/god game released in 1985 for the Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, and ZX Spectrum, with a version for Amiga following in 1987.

Each copy of the game generates its own unique character -- so no two copies play exactly the same -- and this little person who lived in your computer would move into the three-story house which appeared as a cut-away on the screen, doing everyday things like walking around, eating, sleeping, reading the paper, and playing games with the gamer, who can interact with the little computer person in a number of ways. Every now and then the little person living in your computer will write you a letter telling you how they feel, adding to the interactivity in the game.

While nobody is saying that The Sims are based upon Little Computer People, and the two games are very different in their approach and their style of play, Will Wright himself has said that he played Little Computer People prior to creating The Sims, and even received what he considered valuable feedback on The Sims from its lead designer, Rich Gold -- so any serious Sim fan will want to take a look at this game just for the fun of it!

The process of creating this guide turned out to be a mixture of persistence, patience, self-discipline, and the acknowledgment that creating a useful guide for you, the gamer, was our most powerful motivation. We are committed to staying the course as the game expands and is refined by the studio, so that you have a constantly updated and useful source of game play information, tips, tricks, and perhaps more important than that, a go-to source for answers to the questions that will invariably crop up as you discover the joy of playing God in this newest mobile incarnation of The Sims.

Now that we have come full-circle, it is time to take a look at The Sims FreePlay...

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Can you add me in sims freeplay with a podium Lilbi7 61 thanks

Lilbi7 61
Added 22nd Jan 2016, ID #633516

I need a neighbor who had an auction podium for so. Add me please. Erica Long on face book

Added 11th Jan 2016, ID #633347

We have a who's playing list here on SuperCheats -

Team SuperCheats
Added 15th Jan 2016, ID #633404

I need neighbors! I have a Windows phone, my gamer tag is tinigirl92 Add me please and thank you!

Added 26th Dec 2015, ID #633004

I need neighbors! Plz add me through FaceBook my Name: Jin-a DHK
Just please let me know that you are adding for sims freeplay or I will not add. Thanks guys!

Added 22nd Dec 2015, ID #632942

Do you have a painting easel if so add me Melissa stinchcomb on Facebook icon is a gothic tinkerer thanks

Added 16th Jan 2016, ID #633445

How do I research the wildlife challenge do I go on the computer or read a book can't figure out how to do it

Added 8th Dec 2015, ID #631885

It says to star gaze at another neighbors house and none of my neighbors have telescopes what do I do?

Added 27th Nov 2015, ID #628961

Go to the social part of it, one of the other towns may have one

Added 3rd Dec 2015, ID #630704

Can someone please tell me how to complete a quest? I go to the task and see that I have 6 quest in que but when I click on them it only tells me what the quest is

Added 21st Nov 2015, ID #627093


Added 2nd Dec 2015, ID #630379

Here's the thing you have to complete the previous task before you can get to the next quest in your queue but however , if you do not have a quest already then you must level up to the levels that the next quest requires . Hope this was useful!!

- Town mouse 101

Added 25th Nov 2015, ID #628442

I have not completed all the tasks, can you go back and do them without getting the prizes. I need to cook on the stove but havent done the baking quest

Added 12th Nov 2015, ID #624650

I need a cheat for infinite money.

Added 12th Nov 2015, ID #624639

Me to tell me if you find anything

Added 30th Nov 2015, ID #630034

I bought a dog to try to get it to dig at my neighbors but it won't follow me... Please help I don't have a Facebook so I only have one neighborhood in which none had a dog to help complete the quest.

Added 6th Nov 2015, ID #622844

A dog cannot follow you to your neighbors

Added 27th Nov 2015, ID #629055

On monet tree quest im trying to make espresso but it keeps saying 6 in queue

Added 6th Nov 2015, ID #622764

How do I hug a neighbors cat

Added 30th Oct 2015, ID #620833

How do i design fashion in another sim town?

Added 24th Oct 2015, ID #619366

You need to see if they have the fashion machine to make fashion on

Added 17th Nov 2015, ID #625935

Well I had the exact same question. I seriously couldn't figure it out so I just waited to get LP and skipped it

Added 8th Nov 2015, ID #623571

Please add me im in need of friends my fb name is Melissa Fought

Added 19th Oct 2015, ID #618130

Come to me... My Facebook I fb name is qasim Ali

Added 20th Oct 2015, ID #618296

How do I get my baby potty green? I keep changing diapers but it's not working.

Added 3rd Oct 2015, ID #613377

Same here!

Added 23rd Nov 2015, ID #627863

I am having the same problem!

Added 7th Oct 2015, ID #614575

How can you get a globe for a 1000 not 1000[size=1000]

Added 2nd Oct 2015, ID #613267

How do I build the sim town sign

Added 27th Sep 2015, ID #612110

How do I finish the party boat quest 'cloud gaze from a neighbors telescope' one sims free play

Added 27th Sep 2015, ID #611906

You find the one friend online that actually has one. Higher level players will have them. I'm open for anyone to add me. I am Zephlar Minence on Facebook. I don't message or anything. I only play games.

Added 17th Oct 2015, ID #617325

how do you go to the park??

Added 27th Sep 2015, ID #611875

How do you make a sim get married in sims freeplay

Added 26th Sep 2015, ID #611828

You have to get to the quest love is in the air. Then, follow what each task tells you to do. Basically, have two sims be constantly romantic, follow what each task tells you, and finally they will be in a budding romance, next is date, next is engaged, then more be romantic buy two roses and um have one sim calling on the phone for 4 hrs or you can spend lip and skip it.... More romantic and woohoo and have 3 sims in the same room then married and it opens the wedding clothes after your married. Then the next quest is two n a half sims to make a baby. Hope this helps

Added 15th Nov 2015, ID #625529

You have to be romantic to the sim you want to marry. Just continue until it gets to engagement

Added 1st Oct 2015, ID #612936

How to complete love on air quest?

Added 24th Sep 2015, ID #611053

Uhm ? What Am I going to do, If I am new in this app? How to build or create my new character?

(Anong gagawin ko kapag bago lng ako sa Sims ? Paano ako magtatayo ng bahay o gagawa ng mga tao ? )

Answer please.

Added 23rd Sep 2015, ID #610768

How do you put stuff on auction

Added 22nd Sep 2015, ID #610503

How do I auction stuff off

Added 30th Oct 2015, ID #621062

For the finger painting quest, I bought the finger paint easel, used it once and as soon as my toddler was done painting it just disappeared. It's not in my inventory and it won't let me buy another one. I don't know what to do?!?

Added 16th Sep 2015, ID #608974

I'm sorry but how do you get to the quest?

Added 29th Sep 2015, ID #612611

When I try to buy baby store it says, sorcerers supplies is already under construction in Sim Town, but I have no idea what that is??

Added 14th Sep 2015, ID #608258

You can not build two buildings and or houses at the same time

Added 1st Oct 2015, ID #613093

It's means your already building something else in your town and you can only build one thing at a time

Added 16th Sep 2015, ID #608900

[b][/b] Why can't I cross the street there isn't even any cars and how do I compete quests this game is COMPLACATED!!!πŸ˜“πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜πŸ˜΅πŸ˜‘πŸ˜±

Added 11th Sep 2015, ID #607335

Why can't I cross the street there isn't even any cars and how do I compete quests this game is COMPLACATED!!!πŸ˜“πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜πŸ˜΅πŸ˜‘πŸ˜±

Added 11th Sep 2015, ID #607333

How do I reach nirvana in a neighbours park?

Added 10th Sep 2015, ID #606957

Have yout sim Go to the park fountain and click on your sim and select reach nirvana.

Added 23rd Sep 2015, ID #610961

I pass level 7 still don't have love is in the air yet
And level 8 also now i m at level but still not able to date any one....??help

How do you make a sim be romantic to each other ?😩

Added 9th Sep 2015, ID #606766

Just keep being nice to the other sim till a different tab spears, and the sim can be romantic

Added 9th Sep 2015, ID #606788

Help.!!m at Level 9 now as you said be nice...still that different tab is not coming

Added 9th Sep 2015, ID #606798

How do you get past Best Friends in sims freeplay?

Added 7th Sep 2015, ID #606123

I think best friends is the last stage of friendship. If you want to make a different relationship you simply use actions in a different colour. For example the romantic actions are pink

Added 23rd Sep 2015, ID #610794

I don't know that's exact same as me

Added 20th Sep 2015, ID #609876

I need neighbors. Please add me on Facebook.
Yvee Therese on fb

Added 5th Sep 2015, ID #605630

I would but I don't know how

Added 30th Nov 2015, ID #630036

I have tried to add Neighbors to my boat it never works and no one in my family can add me. My daughter is the only one who has neighbors she has 24 but can't add me or any other family member. I have made 3 birthday cakes it shows I only have one but it used my LP points every time. I can't do quest in neighbors town they don't have thing I can use to do the quest. I send my Sims to work but when I come back later I haven't received any money for their work and they are at home.

Added 3rd Sep 2015, ID #604890

if you want a neighbor . im here add jorgen Andersson at fb

Added 5th Sep 2015, ID #605783

Jorgen , there are a LOT of Jorgen Anderssons, to my surprise. Can you friend me? Jasmine Schaeffer, from Kauai.

Added 9th Oct 2015, ID #614950

Add me to Sims free play Trevor Calliste

Added 17th Oct 2015, ID #617260

How I can practice soccer in a neighbor town?!

Added 2nd Sep 2015, ID #604804

How do I get a dog or cat on sims free play?

Added 30th Aug 2015, ID #603872

You have to complite a certiant quest and then by the pet shop.

Added 9th Sep 2015, ID #606880

Do you know were the quests are and if you do could you tell me pleaseβ€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜“πŸ˜₯πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜©πŸ‘¬πŸ‘«πŸŽ½πŸ‘—πŸ˜‚πŸ˜±πŸ‘™πŸ‘«πŸ˜˜πŸ‘¬πŸ˜πŸ˜‹β€οΈ

Added 2nd Sep 2015, ID #604644

you need to build a pet shop and then you can get the pet for all of your sims

Added 30th Aug 2015, ID #604068

How do I get the sims to dance in the park when I don't have a portable stereo?

Added 29th Aug 2015, ID #603568

When I told thw sims to get themselves some coffee, a sign with footprints just came above their head. Why?

Added 29th Aug 2015, ID #603411

Turn the pot around

Added 5th Sep 2015, ID #605727

the coffee machine is probably facing the wrong way.

Added 29th Aug 2015, ID #603674

I bought a baby rattle for three simolians and I don't have the baby rattle

Added 25th Aug 2015, ID #602271

It should be in your inventory.

Added 29th Aug 2015, ID #603673

Checked inventory, and its not there

Added 31st Aug 2015, ID #604333


Added 23rd Aug 2015, ID #601531

How to practice firefighting in a neighbor's town?? Add me please.. Facebook: Annyss Anisa

Added 21st Aug 2015, ID #600526

If you miss something like getting the salsa palace because you idn't compelte salsa speciality in time, do you ever get another chance?

Added 19th Aug 2015, ID #600106

How do I sneak in my neighbors house and spy

Added 17th Aug 2015, ID #599031

how do u have a party plz tell me : )

Added 14th Aug 2015, ID #597972

How can I add a personality to my sims? It doesn't give me the option and I'm stuck on debunking the theory of realitivity.

Added 11th Aug 2015, ID #596854

No neibor. Please add me. Zabir ali is username. Pic is tom cruise

Added 10th Aug 2015, ID #596320

Hi u want me to add u I'm on here too but no one helps me on the sims

Added 12th Aug 2015, ID #597378

How do you get the baby to play with there food

Added 9th Aug 2015, ID #596025

You need to purchase a highchair from the Promotions R Us store, place it in a house, then place baby in chair. Click on baby and select "Play with Food"

Added 14th Sep 2015, ID #608363

How do I call bree on da phone? It's nt showing it as n option wen I click on da phne!

Added 9th Aug 2015, ID #595996

go to phone and it's an option to call a cab and go to Bree''s house

Added 23rd Aug 2015, ID #601355

It says take a cab to DIY home. I already completed that quest

Added 20th Aug 2015, ID #600243

Im At the I Have To Have A Baby Point, I just need a crib but its so hard D:

Added 7th Aug 2015, ID #595240

How do you get a crib?

Added 24th Aug 2015, ID #601921

At the baby store

Added 5th Sep 2015, ID #605730

I actually have 2 questions .... Where do I find roses to buy .... And where do the sims play chess ????

Added 5th Aug 2015, ID #594022

The sims play chess in the park and you can buy roses in the garden section of the store

Added 18th Aug 2015, ID #599534

You buy the roses from the buy items section, the tree icon has all plants including the roses in a vase!
Secondly you can play chess in the park or you cand buy a chess table and put whatever chairs you like with it!

Added 15th Aug 2015, ID #598580

Chess in the park and roses in home store under outdoor

Added 14th Aug 2015, ID #598164

At the park

Added 8th Aug 2015, ID #595668

I pass level 7 still don't have love is in the air yet
And on level 8 and wondering can I still
Get the love is in the air later In the game

Added 4th Aug 2015, ID #593723

Yes you can all you have to do is keep being nice to the women or man and it will say that u are partners it takes a while but if you be patient then you can make a baby

Added 10th Aug 2015, ID #596286

Yes I just got it on level nine u must complete tasks

Added 7th Aug 2015, ID #595254

I want morΓ© money

Added 8th Aug 2015, ID #595588

How do I get the keyboard to come up so I can put it in

Added 14th Aug 2015, ID #598101

So do I 😫 none of the time cheats work

Added 8th Aug 2015, ID #595640

How do you ad a story to your house

Added 1st Aug 2015, ID #592139

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