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Trophy Guide

Mafia III Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Trophy Guide

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There are 56 Trophies to be unlocked in the game. Most of them are story related which makes the majority of them quite easy to unlock just by playing the game. Over 12 of these are missable. All of these trophies are obtainable offline. This will require at least two playthroughs since one trophy will require you to save all racket bosses or kill them.

Tip: Since the game has an auto-save feature, you can’t make mistakes if you’re aiming for the platinum trophy. Always backup your game save regularly (via USB or cloud) so in case you mess something up, you can restore your backup save.

Let the Good Times Roll (Platinum)
Obtained All Mafia III Trophies

Sure Thing, Boss (Bronze)
Unlocked all Associates

IRA Don't Ask (Bronze)
Completed all of Burke's side-missions
(Missable) Optional missions from your underbosses has five instances: 1 instance by default, 2 instances unlocked by assigning him his second district, and the last 2 after giving him the third district. You can complete all Underboss optional missions if you divide the nine districts to them underbosses equally.

I Need a Favor (Bronze)
Completed all of Vito's side-missions
(Missable) See the details in “ IRA Don't Ask (Bronze)”

.45 in My Hand (Bronze)
Completed all of Cassandra's side-missions
(Missable) See the details in “ IRA Don't Ask (Bronze)”

Cash in Hand (Bronze)
Saved $150,000 between your wallet and the bank
See the details of “Baby, You're a Rich Man (Bronze)” trophy

Baby, You're a Rich Man (Bronze)
Earned $500,000
This can be earned naturally by playing the game and being frugal with your expenses. Your main source of income are kickbacks and stolen cash from racket objectives. Sparing the lives of informants and racket bosses boosts the earn of the underboss where you’ll assign a district to. Racket objectives also have bags of cash that when stolen, the amount goes directly to your wallet and damages the racket.

Racketeer (Bronze)
Got the maximum earn from one of your Rackets
After taking over a racket, you’ll immediately notice that they’re not maxed out yet. Doing the repeatable optional missions from the underboss lieutenants should max out the racket’s earn.

Hole in Your Pocket (Bronze)
Spent at least $500,000

Big Earner (Bronze)
Received $10,000 in earn from one Underboss
(Missable) This is only possible by focusing only on one underboss and giving him/her most of the districts. (Which in turn will force you to kill the other underbosses) This is missable if you finish the game by playing as the “good guy” and keeping them alive in the end which will cap their earn at around $360,000 ($7200 kickback).

The New Boss (Bronze)
Flipped 16 Racket Bosses
(Missable) There are 18 racket bosses in total but two of them will be killed automatically as part of the story. The other 16 can be spared if you wiretapped the district where they run the racket. Otherwise, Lincoln will kill them automatically. If any of them are killed deliberately or accidentally, you’ll lose the chance to earn this trophy.
  • Merle Jackson -Prostitution Racket, Delray Hollow
  • Chester Moreau - Southern Union Racket, Frisco Fields.

Live Another Day (Bronze)
Recruited 15 Racket Informants
Same with racket bosses, you have the option to spare or kill informants after interrogating them. Take note that you can’t kill informants unless you have subdued them so it’s fine to throw grenades at them or shoot them directly before interrogating them since fatal wounds will just disable them and prevent them from escaping.

Each racket has around 2-3 informants at a time. Sometimes you only need to interrogate one or two of them before the other informant markers in the map disappears. Don’t worry about this since it’s the way the game’s objectives are designed.

No Loose Ends (Bronze)
Killed all of the Racket Bosses
(Missable) There are 18 racket bosses in total but two of them will be killed automatically as part of the story. The other 16 will have the option for you to spare or kill them if you wiretapped the district where they run the racket. Otherwise, Lincoln will kill them automatically. If any of them were spared deliberately or accidentally, you’ll lose the chance to earn this trophy.

Can't Trust a Rat (Bronze)
Killed 15 Racket Informants
(Missable) See details for “Live Another Day (Bronze)”

Custom 358 (Bronze)
Drove at 120 mph or faster for 20 seconds
This is obtainable late in the game after getting the full upgrades and using the DeLeo Traviata. There are other fast cars in the game, most of them are DeLeo (Stilleto, Stratia) brands as well but if you’re not in a rush to collect this trophy, your upgraded sportscar available in the Vehicle Delivery service should do the trick. The best place to do this also is the long straight stretch of road for example from the western side of the city from Barclay Mills cutting through Delray Hollow then down the Bayou. The distance and the light traffic should allow you to maintain over 120mph speed for 20 seconds.

Testing the Shocks (Bronze)
While driving, performed a 50-meter jump and landed on your wheels
There are ramps scattered in the city which you can use to drive and fly. You need a high-end sportscar (the upgraded DeLeo Travita from the Vehicle Delivery service should suffice) and you should have built up speed (at least 100 mph) to launch your vehicle in a really nice height and distance.

New Bordeaux Drifter (Bronze)
While driving, drifted for at least 5 seconds
The winding roads of Frisco Fields or the dirt roads in the Bayou are good places to start to try drifting your vehicle. It’s easier to do with a fast car in an offroad road since the tires won’t have complete tracking, allowing you to maintain a proper drift angle and speed. Make sure you don’t hit anything while doing this.

One Good Turn (Bronze)
Made a 180 degree turn at high speed without hitting anything
To do this, hit the hand brakes then steer to the left or right without hitting anything. Do this on any wide street with very little to no traffic if possible

Wrecker (Bronze)
Executed 10 Vehicle Takedowns
You have to shoot the tires of enemy vehicles to flip them and disable/destroy them, especially in high speed chases. If you can’t get enough chases, deliberately kill or attack police officers to trigger a police chase.

Combat Specialist (Bronze)
Killed 300 enemies via Takedowns
Takedowns done to enemies and police officers count towards this trophy. You can do any of the following:

  • Combat take down - When you approach the enemy up front and perform the takedown before he can enter combat mode
  • Stealth takedown - When you execute opponents from cover or while stalking them.
  • Brutal takedown - This is executed while in combat mode by holding the melee button and release it as the round gauge fills up and reaches the “spot” to trigger the brutal takedown.

These are cumulative so whatever type of takedown you do, this trophy will unlock once you execute a total of 300 successful takedowns.

Shh, shh (Bronze)
Performed 100 Stealth Takedowns on enemies
Details related to “Combat Specialist (Bronze)” trophy

Closed Casket (Bronze)
Performed 50 Brutal Takedowns
Details related to “Combat Specialist (Bronze)” trophy

Softened 'Em Up (Bronze)
Completely weakened a racket by killing all of its Enforcers

I'm Goin' In! (Bronze)
Attacked a Racket without killing any Enforcers
Keep damaging a racket but don’t complete the objectives where you have to kill the enforcers. After dealing enough damage to the racket and talking to your contact, attack the hideout to confront the boss. The enforcers you didn’t kill should be there defending the racket boss.

Standard Communication Grid (Bronze)
Wiretapped the Delray Hollow Smack Racket

Recruited to 5th SFG (Bronze)
Performed 5 headshots in 5 seconds
This is easier done after purchasing the accuracy and stability upgrades for your weapons and a silenced weapon since it won’t alert nearby enemies and prompt them to seek cover. This can also be done to the police by luring them with a Screaming Zemi then when they’re tightly packed near each other, begin the shootout.

Bon Appétit! (Bronze)
Fed a body to an alligator
This is probably the first trophy you can unlock. At the start of the game, simply pick up the body on the floor and throw it in the pond. Otherwise, head to the bayou near the river and spot the areas where there are gators. Kill an enemy or knock out a civilian and throw his/her body in the water. Wait for the gator to eat the body and you’ll unlock this trophy.

Next Time Swim Faster (Bronze)
Got eaten by an alligator
Deliberately swim in gator-infested waters and stay there until you get eaten.

Sending A Message (Bronze)
Chained together 3 or more Brutal Takedowns
You can do this against police officers or any enemy. You only need to do three brutal takedowns in a row. That means running towards an enemy while taking shots. As long as you don’t pull out your gun, the “chain” will be retained and your brutal takedowns will be counted as consecutive.

Code 112 (Bronze)
Stole a Police car
One of Cassandra’s tasks in her optional mission is stealing a police van containing some weapons. Otherwise, find a police car (stopped or parked) then steal it. The trophy will pop as soon as you get in so it doesn’t matter if you get killed by the cops.

Insurance Risk (Bronze)
Escaped a Police Zone after being chased for 2 minutes
While in the red zone, the police will be aggressively searching for you/ chasing you and you’ll also be shot on sight. It’s better to do this while on a vehicle. Start a chase and drive around town while keeping yourself in the police’s line of sight to maintain the red zone. (it will become a blue zone if they lose visual contact)

Never Saw it Coming (Bronze)
Killed an enemy within 2 seconds of kicking open a door
I got this trophy right after shooting Olivia Marcano and it’s succeeding cutscene. Kick the door open and fire at the enemy to unlock this trophy.

Flambé (Bronze)
Made 10 enemies kill themselves with their own Molotovs
(Missable) This trophy needs to be farmed which will require restarting from checkpoint. The first time you’ll encounter enemies carrying molotovs is during the story mission after killing Baka. This requires proper timing since you have to shoot the enemy who’s about to throw the molotov at you. If you shoot the enemy (but didn’t kill him), he’ll drop the molotov, burning himself. If you didn’t farm for this, you won’t be able to get this very late in the game or post-game since no enemies will be using molotovs by then.

Secret Trophies
Before They Bury You (Gold)
Decided Lincoln's fate

Pray on the Way Up (Bronze)
You hung Ritchie Doucet from a Ferris wheel

It's a Brave New World (Bronze)
You turned the Butcher over to Burke

Fish Gotta Eat (Bronze)
You helped Vito capture Michael Grecco

Everyone Will Notice (Bronze)
You tossed Derazio out his penthouse window

My Name is Lincoln Clay (Bronze)
You jammed a knife through Santangelo's head

Little Late for That (Bronze)
You helped Enzo escape

The Poor Sumb**** (Bronze)
You killed Judge Holden

Burn Like Napalm (Silver)
Tommy Marcano was burned beyond recognition

Certainly Was Exciting (Silver)
You left Olivia Marcano to her fate

Yet Here We Are (Silver)
You have avenged Sammy and Ellis

Somethin' I've Gotta Do (Bronze)
You collected your things from Sammy's

For Old Time's Sake (Bronze)
Cassandra agreed to help you kill Marcano

Cut & Run (Bronze)
Burke agreed to help you kill Marcano

We Partners Now (Bronze)
Vito agreed to help you kill Marcano

We're in This Together (Bronze)
Kept all Underbosses alive until "Yet Here We Are"
(Missable) To keep all three underbosses alive, equally give them 3 districts each by the end of the game. Due to conflicting requirements, you can’t get this trophy at the same time as “Just You and Me”

Just You and Me (Bronze)
(Missable) Kept only one Underboss alive until "Yet Here We Are"
Choose the underboss you want to keep and focus on giving him/her all the districts. The other two will be very unhappy of course and you’ll get the mission to kill them.

Trust (Bronze)
Reached the Loyal state with one Underboss
(Missable) See the details of “Family (Bronze)” trophy

Family (Bronze)
Reached the Loyal state with all three Underbosses
(Missable) For your underbosses to reach the loyal state, you have meet the following requirements:
  • All three underbosses must be alive before the story mission “Yet Here We Are”
  • Complete all 5 instances of their individual optional missions.

Real Nice Time (Silver)
You gutted Lou Marcano like a catfish

The Connection to Cuba (Bronze)
You chased down and killed Frank Pagani

There's a War Goin' On (Bronze)
You burned Remy Duvall on a cross

Jesuit in New Mexico (Bronze)
You helped Alvarez escape

Additional credits: Member Combatting for the Trophy Guidemap
PowerPyx for the very helpful trophy unlock videos

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