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Radiant River Gorge

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Walkthrough and Guide by Aryafortis & Paul (vhayste)
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Radiant River Gorge

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When checking out the details of the Radiant River Gorge in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, you’ll see that it lists as Part 1 in the beginning. This means that it’s going to be a big dungeon similar to the Forest of Supplication where you’ll find a boss at the end. The Gorge won’t display the objectives until you complete them along the way, and you’ll need to unlock each part as well.

There are 5 parts of this dungeon and you’ll eventually reach the area with the Boss at the end. We have provided with the details below in terms of the enemy power, as well as the objectives that you’ll be able to find at Part 3 and the final boss. So, let’s check out what to expect from the Gorge.On this page we shall see the objectives that you'll need to clear, as well as Tips on how to finish them.

Unlock Requirements: Unlocks after Kaimaru and Tauemon go back Home

Dungeon Stats

Location Enemy Strength
Part 1 Day 14 / Night 31+
Part 2 Day 14 / Night 31+
Part 3 Day 15/ Night 32
Part 4 Day 15/ Night 32+
Part 5 Day 15/ Night 33
Kappa’s Mirror Day 16+ / Night 20

Exploration Objectives

Exploration Objective (s) Star Rating
Defeat Yellow Claws 1/1 1 Star
Defeat Yellow Claws (Night) 1/1 2 Stars
Defeat the gorge’s master 1/1 5 Stars

Radiant River Gorge -Part 1-

Upon entering the Radiant River Gorge, you’ll get to fight waves of enemies already. Using your Raiment skills, you can fling enemies towards each other for more damage. You’ll find another second wave of enemies to the right side as you go along the way and find some fishing resources there. Before continuing to the right, you should be able to jump on the rock platform above and get 3 pcs of Eradicating Remedy, as well as some resources from the bush below.

Defeat the enemies along the way and get the box above the platform

Continue to the right side and you’ll find more enemies in waves. The first part of the Radiant River Gorge isn’t big, so you’ll just need to defeat the waves of monsters you get to face. You’ll be fighting demon rabbits and turtles towards the end, so once you have finished them all, you can head to the next area and go the second part.

Radiant River Gorge -Part 2-

The second part of the gorge doesn’t have any objectives in this area, so you have free reign in terms of your exploration. You can defeat enemies you find along the way and gather resources if you wish. But the general direction that you’ll need to go to in order to exit to the next part is by heading to the upper right most area. You’re free to explore the lower areas if you want as well.

When starting out, you can move to the upper right and fight the first batch of enemies. There are resources on the platform above through bushes that you can gather items, but you’ll have to continue to the right side. Eventually you’ll end up in a cave where you can go up or down. Use your Raiment to reach the upper level, and you should find a box with a Magic Powder. You can then head down and continue your way to the right side until you reach a platform that has a blue mark which indicates you can ride a water bubble.

Get the Magic Powder the continue to the lower right

Once you reach the top of the bubble, you can make your way to the left most part and fight the enemies along the way. You’ll then have to climb up a series of platforms, and you’ll encounter Demon Sparrows there as well. You should find a box on the upper left that contains Health Powder.

Waves of enemies will wait near the exit

Make your way to the upper right side and you should find monsters nearby water that has a resource that has an exclamation mark. Defeating all enemies here will enable you to go to the next are by walking to the right side after. You should be able to finish the first and second part of the Gorge within one day.

Radiant River Gorge -Part 3-

Once you enter the third part, you’ll find yourself near a gate that can lead to the world map. Use this so you can go Home and get some rest and have dinner. It should already be nearing night time by then so it’s better to tend to your rice first and then get some buffs for the next day. Once you have done your chores and have enough energy, you can head back to this location.

Walking to the right side of the gate, you’ll get to encounter the mini-boss called Yellow Claws. There are two objectives that can be completed here which is to Defeat Yellow Claws in the day, as well as night. You can do the night portion later post-game, but for now focus on defeating the Yellow Claws normally in the day.

You can flip the turtle over to weaken it

Similar to other demon turtles, you can flip it over using Round Up once it hides in its shell. This will weaken its defenses which will let you defeat it faster. You can use the surrounding fish as well as projectiles by knocking them towards the mini-boss. Once you have defeated it, you can continue to the right side and move to the next area.

Radiant River Gorge -Part 4-

You’ll find a huge cliff in front of you that will require you to go up, you can use your Raiment or Swallow Slice in order to reach it fast. There will be some enemy clams and turtles waiting near the water and platforms, so clear them out. Once you have defeated all of them, you can climb on top of the platform and make your way up in order to reach a box with a Lucky Mask.

Climb the platforms after defeating the enemies

Continue your way to the right and you’ll ne riding some water bubbles to go across since there are sharp rocks at the bottom. Jump to the upper right and you’ll fight a series of clams up ahead. You can then stop once you’re in front of the Vortex. If you jump down to the lower left, you should find a box with an Indigo Scale.

Continue to the lower right after and take the path that zigzags upward

You can continue your way to the lower right side of the area and defeat the enemies along the way. You will then start climbing your way up a zig zag path until you reach the top to the upper right side. This will bring you to the next area on you reach the very edge.

Radiant River Gorge -Part 5-

Once you reach the fifth part, simply walk to the very right and you should go to the area below the surface that has some gathering spots for fish as well as a box with an Indigo Scale. You can head back up and make your way to the upper right side after from the hidden entrance.

Get the items below the surface

Make your way up to the platforms and you should find a mining spot there along the way and eventually a bush. There will be multiple platforms on your way up and demon sparrows can get in your way so be careful. Before heading to the upper right most side, you can use Swallow Slice to go to the right side beneath the platform and find a box there with a Medicinal Base if you want.

An item is hidden below the platform on the right

Getting back to the upper right most side of the area will provide you with enemies that you can finish off and this includes a giant deer. Once you have defeated all of them, you can continue to the next area by going to the right side.

Radiant River Gorge -Kappa’s Mirror-

You should find a gate that you can use here in order to go Home and rest up. Tend to your chores and then have some dinner before getting back to this location on the following day. Once you head to the right side, you’ll find yourself facing the next boss of the game which is the Demon Catfish.

There are multiple attacks that you can expect from the Demon Catfish. Once it roars and glows yellow, it can shake the earth and cause spikes to appear from the ground or call Ice to fall from the sky. Use your Raiment to avoid this by swinging across the catfish each time.

Avoid attacks during its roar

Occasionally, the Demon Catfish will jump to the water and strike you from the background and foreground. You can run to each side to avoid the attacks, then eventually the Catfish will land back and slam on the ground which will weaken it. Use this opportunity to take down its HP.

After you defeat the Demon Catfish, you’ll be completing the objective of defeating the gorge’s master. You can then watch the cutscene and find about the friends of the Kappa that was with Kaimaru. You can then go Home and take a rest for the next day, and you should be able to unlock Eventide Grotto and the Amageshi Shrine.

That concludes our dedicated guide for completing the Radiant River Gorge in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin. Please check out our other helpful pages for the game.

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